Windows 7 automated login

why doesn't BT produce a version of its BTWiFi app for Windows to allow automated login in the same way as for a phone?
The WISPr protocol is not hard to implement and I would have thought fairly straight-forward for BT's developers to do it.
I would rather have something self-contained on my laptop than have to put my home network credentials 'in the cloud' to use something like Easy WiFi.
It is so annoying having to log in again as you move from one hotspot to another.

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  • My MacBook Pro Retina's Bluetooth chipset unknown/odd login message on the login screen states Login Window Authentication Login window Name edit text has keyboard focus. In addition, the login screen is not remembering me

    I have been experiencing several issues with my MacBook Pro Retina mid 2012. My MBPR is scheduled to go into the depot. However, I am wondering if anyone may be able to shed light on a few issues as this is the third "official" time my MBPR is going back for service ("one depot" trip; "one authorized" dealer; several in-store visits).
    My Bluetooth is stating that the Bluetooth Chipset is Unknown (0). I also have had Bluetooth Preferences mysteriously change on me. In addition, while Bluetooth is off there are two serial modems turning on. I have turned them off, but they continue to pop up.
    In addition, when I log in, my MBPR is not remembering me and my login name is not appearing on the slate-gray screen. The name and password are blank and the following message appears in the lower left hand corner. "login window authentication login window Name edit text has keyboard focus."  As a side note, I am the only user. The login issue is a recent occurrence as we just totally wiped it again via a Command + R, and I don't believe I have an accessibility setting set to anything that would cause this, but wanted to check.
    Should I be concerned here? Has anyone else had issues like this? I don't want to worry if I don't have to. I have had so many issues over the course of nine months. 5-6 wipes. Airport card replaced and I am about to pull my hair out if my MBPR doesn't come back worldly like clock work this time. I just can't send my days trying to get a $2300 product to work for me any longer. No idea what is wrong with it, but it is driving me insane. Cross your fingers for me and any guidance you have or thoughts would be welcomed. Thank you. EMM

    A few more issues...
    In Console, the following is greyed out:
    User and Diagnostic reports
    *[user logs are accessible]
    My guest files are locked, but again I am the administrator of MBPR.
    I am worried about a keystroke logged or at least, trying to rule it out.
    Mdworker32(225) [and other mdworker numbers] are sandboxing; stating deny Mach-lookup, etc. long attachment with those files with version: ??? (???).
    Postinstall: removing applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft
    WARNINGS in Console include:
    [NSImage compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction:] is deprecated in MacOSX 19.8 and later. Please use -[NSImage drawAtPoint:fromRect:operation:fraction] instead.
    There are a ton of other warnings. Before I go through this again, can someone tell me if this is normal (all of it -- above too); or if these are symptoms is a keystroke logger or hardware issues? 
    I ask because originally, when my computer went in for diagnostics (more than once), Apple stated the hardware was fine (other than Airport Card -- finally). However, if I've done 5-6 total wipes; created new users; do not have sharing set-up; have not played around in Terminal; and am up-to-date with versions -- and various issues KEEP COMING BACK -- I am left wondering if a keystroke logger would be possible here?!? I thought maybe a faulty logic board, but why would diagnostics be okay, then? Not trying to be hyperbole, just desperate.
    Please help me rule keystroke logger out or at least, tell me so I know, so I can take appropriate action. If you think it could be the logic board with symptoms above, that would be a great too.
    All I want to do is use the computer as intended, but I can't seem to get a real answer, so after nine months -- I am turning to the communities to see if anyone -- anyone at all -- can help. The last thing I can do is have the MBPR come back from the depot and the same thing occur. Any guidance or advice would be so gratefully appreciated.

  • How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Screen When Forgot Admin Password

    When forgot Windows 7 administrator login password and be stuck at the login screen what can you do? Believe that many people have encountered such a situation where they are locked out of their own computer for forgotten Windows administrator password. So today I would like to talk about several tricks on how to bypass Windows 7 login screen when forgot administrator login password. Trick 1: Reset Windows 7 admin password with password reset diskIf you have ever created a Windows password reset disk for that administrator account before you forgot its password it is easy to use it to reset or remove its password. Just insert the disk into your locked Windows 7 computer and click ¡°Reset Password¡± link on the login screen. Then follow the password reset wizard to perform password reset. This is the easiest way to bypass a Windows login screen when forgot administrator password. Trick 2: Change Windows 7 admin password in Safe ModeIf you have no password reset disk you have to look for other tricks to bypass your Windows 7 administrator password. So if you have enabled the built-in administrator account you can enter Safe Mode by pressing F8 when your computer is booting. And access that built-in administrator account to change other user password. Trick 3: Bypass Windows 7 Login screen with Windows Password RescuerIf the forward 2 tricks don't work, it is necessary for you to use an effective Windows Password Recovery tool like Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer. Steps are as below.Step 1: Download and install Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer into another accessible computer.Step 2: Launch this tool and follow its instruction to burn it to a USB/CD/DVD flash drive.Step 3: Boot your locked Windows 7 computer from the flash drive.Step 4: Follow its instruction to reset/remove your Windows administrator password. Detailed video tutorial :How to Remove or Bypass Windows 7 Administrator Password - Forgot Windows 7 Administrator Password

    The methods above don't work at all. Eventually I used a paid tool - PCUnlocker Live CD, and it successfully bypassed my lost admin password. 

  • I was login a website ,and i have opened cookies , i want to open another window to login the same website use another account , and in the same windows can use the same account , how can i achieve it ? thinks

    i want to use firefox to login a website ,in the same window and different tags can user the same session
    but when i open other window and login the same website use different account .
    how can i achieve it ? thinks

    Your problem has nothing to do with the faults or limitations of a web browser.
    ''There can be only ONE active user logged in on a specific website during a whole Browsing Session. Even if you try to log-in using a new window it will sign-out the earlier User ID from that website. It will keep the most recent logged-in User ID active.''
    This is the general policy on which all websites are built. Even if you try to login the same website from another web browser, you won't be able to login from the second platform either. I just check it. Tried on Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

  • After system restore ,we are not able to activate the windows,while login to systems getting an error 0x800700B7

    after system restore ,we are not able to activate the windows, while login to systems getting an error 0x800700B7

    hi Jain,
    you may need to check the transfer structures,
    right click infosource and 'change', click 'comm.structure'/expand,
    click 'transfer', move the 0BASE_UOM from left to right side,
    or if you wont use the comm structure anymore, you can right click infosource and 'delete comm structure'
    hope this helps.

  • SSRS Windows Authentication Login

    Hi guys, I have been battling with this issue for the past 2 days. 
    I have deployed my ssrs reports to my test server. 
    Anytime I try to  access the report manager or reportserver url from another client pc, I am being prompted with a Windows Security Login. 
    My client user isn't an part of the domain, but I want to disable that Windows Security prompt
    Steps I have taken
    1. I changed the rsreportserver config authentication type to <RSWindowsNTLM> 
    2. I have added an execution account(Local administrator) in the Report Configuration Manager
    3. I have added the Credentials Stored Securely on the report server settings.
    After doing all this, I am still prompted with the Windows Security.
    Please What Do u thing I am missing here?
    Guys I am counting on you.

    Hi earlgood77,
    As the error message said, the issue occurs because the remote SMTP server requires authentication, however, the report server is configured to use Anonymous authentication. To address this issue, we can create a virtual SMTP server on the report
    server computer which has IIS and IIS Manager installed, and relay mail to the desired SMTP server. 
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Can I have multiple libraries under different Windows profiles/logins?

    My brother and I currently share the same Windows Vista computer. In a few months we'll separate as he moves on to an iMac, but for now if he wanted to setup under his own Windows profile/login another iTunes library can he? One obviously where he'd login under his own Apple Id and containing his own iTunes music library including only his purchases from the iTunes Store. Can this be done and done easily?

    Yes of course. If your HD has space, make a complete copy of the entire library under his new login. Then, you can each delete stuff you don't want. From that point on, you can manage your own libraries independently.
    When the time comes, he can copy "his" library to his new computer.

  • Very slow Windows domain login over IPSec VPN

    I'm experiencing very slow Windows domain logins over an IPSec VPN connection. The AD is in Site 1, some users are in Site 2. Two Cisco ASA firewalls connect both sites by an IPSec VPN over the Internet.
    I made some registery changes on the Windows XP client on site2 to let Kerberos communicate over TCP instead of UDP. Still the logins take extremely long (45 minutes). Profiles are very small, so there had to be a problem with Kerberos, MTU sizes or somethin like that. I already changed the clients MTU settings to 1000 byes, but login is still very slow. I made some sniffer logs...
    Does anybody know what the problem can be ?

    Hi Remco,
    The most common issue with slowness over VPN is going to be fragementation. In general below are the recommendations to avoid fragmentation
    1. For TCP traffic, use "ip tcp adjust-mss 1360" on the Internal LAN Interface on the Router. If you are using GRE then configure "ip mtu 1400" under the Tunnel Interface.
    If you are not using GRE then the value of "ip tcp adjust-mss" depends on the type of transform-set being used E.g. AES\3DES etc, so you can increase the value of TCP adjust command from 1360 to a higher value. Though I will start from 1360 first for testing.
    Also take a look at the below article for MTU Issues

  • How to get windows XP login name in SAP.

    I want get windows XP login name in SAP,  which funcion module can  and How method can, thanks.

    GUI_GET_DESKTOP_INFO – Returns information about the end-users desktop
    TH_USER_INFO – Returns information about user
    Try this FM, not sure if it return windown user name....give it a try.
    Hope this helps, Do reward.
    Edited by: Runal Singh on Mar 27, 2008 4:16 PM

  • Capture a user's window 2000 login name

    How can I capture a Windows 2000 login name from within a JSP or an applet or, better still, from some other code running on the application server from which they're downloaded?

  • Capture a user's Windows 2000 login name

    How can I capture a Windows 2000 login name from within a JSP or an applet or, better still, from some other code running on the application server from which they're downloaded?

    mgulesian, you might want to query the system properties.
    System.getProperty("")Please note that this property is subject of security constraints (and there're good reasons for this, read the Java Tutorial, Trail: Essential Java Classes, Lesson: Accessing System Resources for details). For example, web applications running inside Tomcat are not allowed to query this property by default. Think twice before doing this, you have been warned!
    HTH, Markus

  • Hide server window at login?

    hey there everybody. So I have a network drive set to automount at login. I just dragged the volume into the account login items, which worked great. however, even when ticking the hide box, it still opens up the finder window at login (of the server). Is there anyway I can get it to hide? thanks.

    This is a problem that got introduced in 10.5.8 (was fine in previous 10.5.x versions). It is present in Snow Leopard (10.6.x) and so far Apple Technical support is not sure if it will be addressed. I personally map to 6 different network volumes so this is extremely irritating. Please send feedback to Apple asking that they fix this problem. The more people who do this, the more likely they are to fix it.

  • Please help ASAP! I downloaded an app to change the Windows 10 login screen & now the screen flashes

    I downloaded Windows 10 Login Background Changer and now when my laptop starts I can't even get to the login screen. After the Acer screen at startup, it says "Please Wait...." but then the screen just flashes continually. Please help ASAP! Thank you!

    I did the exact same thing and had a very similar issue (flashing lock screen and couldn't get past the lock screen). I tried a system restore, resetting my PC, doing a clean install of Win10, and both methods of booting in SafeMode -- none of these methods worked. Called Microsoft several times; Level 1 tech told me to do a USB installation of Win10 (couldn't get my laptop to restart the way the USB installation needed); Level 2 tech told me to do a USB installation of Win8.1 (again did not work because my laptop could not restart properly). Gave up with tech support. The only way i was able to fix this problem was by choosing the "restore PC to factory settings" option. All your files and programs will be lost, but all of mine were already lost anyway after I tried doing a clean install of Win10. My laptop (S7-392) restored to Win8; I updated all my drivers and then made a recovery drive; did a USB installation of Win8.1, updated drivers and made another recovery drive. I have since done a USB installation of Win10 and upgraded my drivers. IF the same issue happens again i'll just end up reverting back to Win8.1 for a while.

  • Reopen windows on Login, broken.

    There's something wrong with the "Reopen windows at Login" function on my mac.
    We're using Mac OS X server, with mobility sync; so files are synchronised with the server etc, etc.
    On login, TextMate, Spotify, and a broken Messages instance all open up. There's nothing in the login items, and I've tried clearing the saved application states locally, and on the server. But nothing will reset them. Even when I uncheck "reopen at login", they still reopen!
    Anyone got any ideas why?

    This is for Lion, but the suggestions should still be valid.
    Try setting up another admin user account to see if the same problem continues. If Back-to-My Mac is selected in System Preferences, the Guest account will not work. The intent is to see if it is specific to one account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.
    Isolating an issue by using another user account
    If the problem is still there, try booting into the Safe Mode using your normal account.  Disconnect all peripherals except those needed for the test. Shut down the computer and then power it back up. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the shift key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. The boot up is significantly slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a directory check, and disables all startup and login items, among other things. When you reboot normally, the initial reboot may be slower than normal. If the system operates normally, there may be 3rd party applications which are causing a problem. Try deleting/disabling the third party applications after a restart by using the application un-installer. For each disable/delete, you will need to restart if you don't do them all at once.
    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode - About

  • Converting Word To Pdf using Windows Automation Services

    I tried to convert word documents to pdf using "Windows automation Services" and followed below links to create event receiver but it is not converting to pdf, then I tried to debug code but I got an error "Unable to automatically
    step into the server.Unable to determine a stopping location.Verify symbols are loaded.The breakpoint has a filter conditions have not been satisfied".
    Can anybody help me to resolve this issue?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    i suggest if you are using SharePoint server 2013 and you have Office Web Apps available in your farm, then this feature will be there out-of-the-box without using any code.
    Ahmed Said Moussa SharePoint Consultant

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