Windows 8 and installation of wireless printer

Just purchased new laptop with Windows 8 and tried to install my wireless HP printer, Photosmart all in one D110.  Everything
indicates installation was success and test printed out.  When I try to print something the hpeprint box appears and says I need to  register my print driver and to enter a code provided by HP to me with an email.  I enter this 4 digit code and it tells me unable to register, recheck code and do again.  Have done this multiple times and no luck.  Any suggestions?

Hi STLlinda,
Welcome to the HP Support Forums.  I understand that you are having an issue trying to print from you Windows 8 computer to your Photosmart D110. 
To better assist you, would you please provide some further information:
How did you install the printer driver; did you use HP's Printer Install Wizard, downloaded driver from, or use an installation CD?
How is your printer connected (USB cable, ethernet, or wireless)?
Does the email from HP indicate what feature you need the 4-digit code for?  Was it for HP's ePrint Mobile app, HP's All-in-One Printer Remote Mobile app, or HP's Scan to Email printer app?
Thank you.
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I work on behalf of HP

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  • I have an airport extreme.  i am trying to connect a laptop with windows 7 to a wireless printer, with no luck.  any ideas?

    I have an airport extreme.  i am trying to connect a laptop with windows 7 to a wireless printer, with no luck.  any ideas?

    The problem is not the router.. the issue is the vpn has put your computer in a different IP range with a different gateway. When you turn off the vpn the computer returns to local lan and can print.
    Some vpn software allows you to set gateway to use local net instead of remote gateway or access to other webistes or local lan.
    Read up the issue. ows-vpn-connection/
    Cisco vpn client..
    I did not search much.. just grabbed the first article I could find that explains the issue.
    The whole point of the vpn is whilst it is connected your computer is NOT part of the Local Lan .. it is part of the Remote LAN via the vpn tunnel.
    It is also a security risk using split tunnelling so often it will not be allowed.
    Plug the printer directly into the computer via usb or whatever.. Local connection will work.. not local lan.

  • What is the best and least expensive wireless printer for ipad2?

    What is the best and least expensive wireless printer for ipad2?

    Do you mean a external cd/dvd drive that connects by usb port? If you do then any brand will work. It does not have to be a apple brand for it to work on your mac. Most go for around $30 in the usa.
    I use a asus brand that cost me just under $30. Works on any computer it is connect to.

  • There software for net gear PS121 usIsb print server? Just purchased Macbook pro and have Netgear wireless printer router

    Is there software download for net gear PS121 usb print server? Just purchased Macbook pro and have Netgear wireless printer router that has worked well for years on windowns. I have searched with minimal results

    Check with NetGear for Mac OS X Lion driver/software.

  • Mac Address Filtering Issue with DI-624 router and HP D110 Wireless Printer

    Just got the D110 Wireless Printer and cannot connect to the wireless router. 
    I have a D-Link DI-624 Air Plus Xtreme G 2.4GHz Wireless Router.
    The error message that I'm recieving from the printer is that "Mac address filtering may be enabled on your wireless router. This  can prevent your HP printer from connecting to your wireless network during setup....etc."
    The D-Link is setup using WPA-PSK security. If I turn off all security than the wireless printer is able to connect. With WPA-PSK or even WEP enabled I cannot connect the printer to the wireless router. There is no connection to hardwire the printer and the router.
    I've logged on to the router's admin and have confirmed several times that Mac filtering is turned off by going to Advanced > Filters > Mac Filters > and choosing Disabled Mac Filters. Where else is this setting? Why is the printer not able to connect?
    Further, I check the logs on the router and it shows "Wireless PC Connected" and "Authentication Success" with a note that has the Mac Hardware Address matching the printer's mac hardware address on the Wireless Network Test Report. It would appear that the router is letting the Print in but that the printer is not able to communicate for some reason. It even shows under status > wireless that the printer is connected.
    When i spoke to HP, they said to contact the router company and that they could not help. When I called D-Link they said tech support is no longer available for the model. I'm stuck, can anybody help?
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    Windows XP, tried both the front of the printer as well as connecting via USB and using the software.
    After a few hours on the phone with both D-Link and HP, the issue has been resolved.
    Apparently eventhough Mac Filtering was disabled (set to Disabled MAC Filters), the Mac address had to be entered into the router to allow it while keeping the setting to Disabled Mac Filters. To me it appeared counter intuitive to enter the Mac address while it's set to Disabled Mac Filters so I did not try that before getting on the phone with HP. Further on this, the problem did not go away right after adding the mac address but rather after restarting the router as the mac address addition did not take effect without a reboot of the device. 
    HP was much more helpful than D-Link on this one though it would be nice for HP to add to their instructions and Wireless Network Test Report to add the Mac address just in case. I would have tried that step if it was stated that it's okay to add the mac address and keep mac filters disabled.

  • On bank web site opening a check shows in a new window and cannot access the print capability in Firefox

    When I open a check picture from my bank register it opens in a new window and I cannot print from that window. I want to be able to print to the pdf printer so that I can save a copy of my check to the hard drive. I do not have any access to any printers from this window that Firefox opens. It works fine in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Any ideas on how to resollve this?

    There are other things that need your attention.
    Your above posted system details show outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks that you should update.
    *Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32
    Update the Flash plugin to the latest version.

  • Help with PC and Powerbook G4 wireless printer sharing

    Help! I have two PC desktops, one PC laptop and one Powerbook G4. I have a Linksys wireless router, a cable modem, and a D-Link print server. All of the computers, including the mac are on a working home network. The Three PCs work great with print server, but I can not get the mac set up with the print server. I have talked to Apple, network magic (which I use both for the PC and mac) and D-Link. Can you tell me how I can set this up.

    I have a very similar problem. I have 4 pcs and a G5 hooked into my wireless router and cable modem. All of the computers are working however, I cannot see my G5 on the network. I do have a printer hooked directly to the G5, but want it to work on the PCs as well. I am assuming that I need to share the Mac with the rest of the network, however, I went to system preferences and I noticed that I do not have a sharing button at all on the list, I know that it is supposed to be under Internet & Network. I am brand new to the Mac world and have no idea of why it is not there. Is this something that I have to load from the software? Thanks for any help you may be able to share.

  • HT4356 Feeling dumb. Have an ipad2 and a compatible wireless printer. How do I get the iPad to recognize the printer?

    How do I get my iPad to recognize my compatible wireless printer?

  • Can I share my internet connection via wifi AND use my wireless printer at the same time?

    Not completely familiar with  wifi capabilities. I have this new setup in my office. I want to share my iMac internet connection via wifi so I can text and check emails using my iPhone (no cell service inside the building). Which works fine. However, I now cannot print wirelessly to my HP printer (LaserJet Pro 400 color). Once Internet sharing is off, I can print just fine. Any other wireless options, or just go get a long USB cable?

    It is not a multitasking printer, other devices may keep it therefore the best option in this case: connect it to your wireless router and all devices which are conntected to this router can sahre the printer.
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  • Time Capsule and Lexmark S605 Wireless Printing

    I have been a happy Mac user for years now and have convinced nearly all of my friends to make the switch. However, I recently a new MacBookPro which was bundled with a Lexmark S605 printer last week and have had nothing but issues...complete opposite of my previous experiences with Apple.
    I cannot get this Lexmark printer set up to work over the Wifi connection to my time capsule. Have just updated the time capsule firmware and I still receive the "unable to connect to router" error on the printer (although it does recognize the network in the network list on the printer, it just will not connect). The wifi indicator on the printer is blinking in orange.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help in getting this printer to work on my Wifi network would be much appreciated.

    Have you setup MAC Address access restrictions on your time capsule? If yes your lexmark mac-address can be found opening your printer.
    two recommendations:
    1) Although the s605 is wireless-n capable it works only on the 2.4 Ghz Band
    2) Don't install the Apple Lexmark Update (1 and 2) if you want to use it over wifi. Just install drivers and utilities from lexmark site.

  • Downloaded latest Reader for Mac and have had wireless printer problems.  Either can not printer or it is extremely slow.

    I downloaded the latest Adobe Reader for my Mach and I have a wireless Canon Printer.  I have not had any problems with my printer until now.  It will either not print or print really slow.  Can not print any pdf files at all.  Do I need to uninstall it or is there a fix?

    Uninstall Reader. Is your printing back to normal? What version of Reader did you install under what OS?

  • Maintenance Windows and Installation Deadline

    I know this has been discussed many times in the past, but I wanted to clarify in my mind what I think happens.
     I have a maintenance window on a collection that is daily between 3:30am and 5:30am.  I create a deployment for software updates with an available time at 2:00am.  I specify the installation deadline in the deployment for 3:00am.
    In the Deadline behavior (user experience) I do not have either option checked (Software updates installation and System restart). So, my MW will not be ignored.
    With these settings, the needed updates will be downloaded, but not installed until the start of the maintenance window at 3:30am. (in essence, the deadline should be "before" the MW if I want them to install at the next MW).

    I did:
    <![LOG[New Service Window Policy notification received.]LOG]!><time="14:14:52.483+300" date="01-15-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="996" file="servicewindowmanager.cpp:217">
    <![LOG[CCM::ServiceWindowManager::CServiceWindowHandler::OnPolicyCreated - A policy change has occurred. New policy has been created.]LOG]!><time="14:14:52.483+300" date="01-15-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager"
    context="" type="1" thread="996" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:2044">
    <![LOG[    Populating instance of ServiceWindow with ID={3DE9CD79-CC8A-4CDD-AD75-74191AB07BFA}, ScheduleString=786F1B4010100008, Type=4]LOG]!><time="14:14:52.483+300" date="01-15-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager"
    context="" type="1" thread="996" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:104">
    <![LOG[        StartTime is 1/16/2015 3:30:00 AM]LOG]!><time="14:14:52.483+300" date="01-15-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1"
    thread="996" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:176">
    <![LOG[        Duration for the Service Window is Total days: 0, hours: 02, mins: 00, secs: 00]LOG]!><time="14:14:52.483+300" date="01-15-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager"
    context="" type="1" thread="996" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:106">
    <![LOG[    The Service Window={3DE9CD79-CC8A-4CDD-AD75-74191AB07BFA} has started at 1/16/2015 3:30:00 AM]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager"
    context="" type="1" thread="5032" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:1200">
    <![LOG[OnIsServiceWindowAvailable called with: Runtime:1, Type:4]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="5420"
    <![LOG[        Biggest Active Service Window has ID = {3DE9CD79-CC8A-4CDD-AD75-74191AB07BFA} having Starttime=1/16/2015 3:30:00 AM]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015"
    component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="5420" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:1336">
    Duration is 0 days, 02 hours, 00 mins, 00 secs]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="5420" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:1337">
    <![LOG[ActiveServiceWindow has 7200 seconds left]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="5420" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:1248">
    <![LOG[Program can run! Setting *canProgramRun to TRUE]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="5420" file="servicewindowhandler.cpp:1249">
    <![LOG[OnIsServiceWindowAvailable called with: Runtime:900, Type:2]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="4760"
    <![LOG[No Restricting Service Windows exist. It can therefore run...]LOG]!><time="03:30:00.071+300" date="01-16-2015" component="ServiceWindowManager" context="" type="1" thread="4760"

  • Installation of wireless printer

    I thought my lap tap was 32 bit but found out after I installed printer that it was 64.  Do I need to re-install and if so, why?  The printer seems to be working fine.
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        You should be fine, the software has a system check in it, so it would have reconized if your system was not compatible and would have told you so and would not install.
    I was an HP employee
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  • I have downloaded the os x10.9.2 and now my wireless printer will not connect even after doing all the things my brother printer said to do???

    any suggestions on where I may find info on update problems?
    suggestions on how to make my computer and printer begin talking to each other again....

    Rosemary ...
    Try resetting the print system >  OS X Mavericks: Reset the printing system

  • I can't add an older airport express to OS 10.7.5? Want to use for wireless printing and iTunes.

    I'm using an Airport Extreme model A 1301 for my home's wireless network. I have three of the older Airport Express model A1084, which I was using for remote speakers for iTunes and for a wireless printer set up, but discontinued using them at some point. I currently have OS 10.7.5, and I could have sworn I was using that OS the last time I used the A1084s, but maybe I updated to it afterwards, I can't remember. At any rate, I've plugged one of the units in, look for it in Airport Utility, and get a message "this version of airPort Utility doesn't support this base station. Use airPort Utility 5.6 to configure or manage this base station. AirPort Utility 5.6 is available at AirPort Service and Support." I go there, download the program, install it, and get a message "The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." Am I in a catch-22 here - am I not able to use the older A1084s because I need airPort Utility 5.6, but I can't use airPort Utility 5.6 because I have OS 10.7.5? Does this mean I may as well throw these older A1084s away?

    If you have not already done so, I suggest that your start over on the AirPort Expess "from scratch" by performing a Factory Default Reset and then attempt to configure it to join the network again.
    Resetting an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule FAQ
    If you have an older Express, make sure that you are not trying to configure it to connect to the 5 GHz network, as it is unable to do so.
    Assuming that the name of the wireless network, wireless security setting and password on the Express match up with the AirPort Extreme, the Express should "join" the network if it is working correctly.
    If you are still having problems, all that you really can do is try the default reset a few more times. If still no luck, the Express....which is at least 5-6 years old or older, may likely need to be replaced with a new model.

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