Windows 8 and MS Office Home and Student 2010 Compatibility...

I am looking at buying the HP P7-1414 desktop.  I currently own MS Office Home and Student 2010.  Will my MS be compatible with the Widows 8 on the P7?

Hello celliottii!
Welcome to the forum! That’s a great question. While I was pretty confident that Office 2010 would be compatible with Windows 8, I still wanted to make sure for you. I checked with Microsoft and verified that it indeed is compatible. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!
Thanks for posting!
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    I've a PC running W7 32-bit SP1 and Office Home and Business 2010. The issue is that iTunes last version (10.5.2) doesn't work with Outlook 2010 and vice versa. With iTunes installed Outlook 2010 doesn't open itself.
    No error message, but the program doesn't open.
    I tried the restore, but nothing even so.
    Either-or: or iTunes or Outlook. It's not possible. This is a seriou bug
    I've really tried  all suggestions found in this bolg, but in vain.
    Can someone from Apple help me to fix this bug please?

    Hi guys, thanks for your responses.
    What is this vboxnetflt for? Which modules are the essential modules for virtualbox? What I mean is: do those nice features like mouse point integration, full screen supportment etc... rely on vboxnetflt and vboxnetadp?
    What I have in my configuration file is:
    #MOD_BLACKLIST=() #deprecated
    MODULES=(vboxdrv vboxnetflt vboxnetadp)
    I think vboxnetadp is used for networkiing. and vboxnetflt sounds like network filtering stuff. Can someone please confirm me? I think the problem was the sequence of upgrading. Firstly it updated the kernel and then installed the new version of virtualbox. I think if it could install the new version of virtualbox first and then the kernel, it would go without any problem, just my opinion as I said.
    Let's keep tracked on this. Maybe someone will find a solution before virtualbox developers :-)

  • Windows 8.1, Office Home and Business 2013: This file can't be previewed because of an error in Microsoft ........... previewer

    Previewer for office files is not working from the same application: i.e. can't preview Excel files when attempting to open one from Excel, same with Word and PowerPoint. I can preview all files from Outlook, and, funny, I can preview files other than Excel
    from the Excel previewer, files other than Word from the Word previewer, etc.
    I can preview all files from Explorer.
    I've looked at previous threads and there are some with the same problem dating back to 2009, all UNSOLVED.
    This is a new lap top, new Windows 8.1 and just-installed Office 2013, and 8.1 and Office have these persistent glitches.
    Very frustrating to say the least.

    Hi CALQ59,
    Unfortunately, the article you were referred to, by Melon, is simply an article that is explaining a behaviour (some would say bug) in Windows and the Office previewer system. There appears to be a limitation that occurs whereby, if you have an instance
    of the Office application open, for which you would like to preview something in an Explorer window, it will not be able to preview the file. To be able to preview the file, this article states that you "must open another instance of the program to preview
    the document." So, either open another instance of the Office application in question or quit any instances of the Office application in question and then preview the file of that same type in your Explorer windows to your heart's content. That is of
    course until the next time you are working on an Office document of some sort and the previewer has a hissy fit!
    This is an incredibly lame bug/limitation that exists in Windows/Office. It's of no current commercial concern to Microsoft to fix it, so we just have to work around it until the problem bubbles to the surface of the development team's bug-fix to-do list,
    if ever.
    Unfortunately, the way software development is going these days it's all moving towards providing Minimum Viable Product (MVP - Yes, this is a term software developers use) for the same cost as a fully functional product. The bar on software QA is falling,
    but the price isn't.

  • How do i install microsoft office home and student 2010?

    i need help installing 2010 microsoftoffice on my macbook air

    rosie33 wrote:
    how do i install microsoft office home and student 2010?
    i need help installing 2010 microsoftoffice on my macbook air
    Just to be clear, Office 2010 is for Windows.  Office 2011 is for Mac.  If you actually are trying to install Office 2010, you'll need to have installed Windows on your Mac either through Boot Camp or in a virtual machine.

  • I just bought MS Office Home and Student 2010 to replace Starter version but I can't find it and Starter is still there.

    I have an HP Pavilion g7-1070us Notebook PC Running Windows 7. I came with Office Starter preloaded. Today I bought Office Home and Student 2010 and downloaded it online (or so I think). Now I can't find the 2010 version and the Starter version is still on my computer just as before. I contacted MicroSoft online and they suggested I either I install Internet Explored 9 or contact my browser (Foxfire) for help.

    I have an HP Pavilion g7-1070us Notebook PC Running Windows 7. I came with Office Starter preloaded. Today I bought Office Home and Student 2010 and downloaded it online (or so I think). Now I can't find the 2010 version and the Starter version is still on my computer just as before. I contacted MicroSoft online and they suggested I either I install Internet Explored 9 or contact my browser (Foxfire) for help.

  • Trouble installing Microsoft Office home and student 2010

    I'm new to Apple, i'm trying to insatl Microsoft office home and student 2010 onto my mac but it keeps saying "you can't open the application "setup.exe" because microsoft windows does not support the application"
    could anyone help?
    Kind regards

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    It looks like you are trying to install Office 2010 on OS X. That's not possible because that version is for Windows, so you have to install Windows on your Mac. As you are going to use it only for Microsoft Office, download Parallels, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox, and install Windows on a virtual machine.
    Another option is to purchase Office for Mac >

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010

    I bought the family pack of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 and every time I try to install it on my computer it cancels and goes to this message saying "Setup has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will
    close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I also already have word installed on my computer and every time I click the desktop icon it goes to the windows installer and prepares to install , but then it say fatal error during installation. 
    Can anyone help with this problem?

    Open Control Panel --> Programs and Features, remove any Office program you find. If you have problem when remove these programs, you can use the Fix-it Utility in the following support artcile:
    How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites 
    After that, try run setup again.
    Max Meng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Office Home and Student 2010 Install problems with a Key Code Err..

    I had to install a new hard drive, lost everything..So I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional ..
    I own a the 2010 Home and Student CD bought at the Microsoft store...Doesn't come with Outlook...
    So I ordered the Home and Business 2010 disc with Service Pack 1 Included, this has 2010 outlook ...It loaded and worked fine up to the point I had to replace my Drive with New Windows 7 Pro...
    Everything loaded find, but every time I try and use it, its acts like it is caught in some kind of loop...It keep trying install and configure, then ask for my Key Code every time, sort of like a OLMAP132.Dll err...I did manage to make it work once, I even
    got back the test email from Microsoft after setting up Outlook....Then when I rebooted the system, this same loop action started ...
    I have uninstalled this at least 4 times, searched for anything with ties to Microsoft office, and uninstalled it..Then did a New Clean Install...Still getting this key Code question every time I open up a Office program....So, I am saying without a doubt,
    2010 Office Home and Student and Business WILL NOT RUN on Windows 7 professional ......If you have any idea how to fix this..Please respond with facts on how to repair this please....

    Greta,,,After down loading ( Off Cat ) tools...I saved that program...However, there is another major problem with Your Instructions I ran into...It seems I'm not the trusted source to change files such as the Mapi32.dll files..So I was unable to attempt
    your repair ...However I have found instructions for the task, but it seems very complicated for sure.. Here are the instructions, and I  would like for you and maybe a co-worker to check these.. before I make any changes in system..
    How to Change the Trusted Installer name...
    1. Right Click on the File Or directory.
    2.Click On properties, on the Right Click menu.
    3.Click On "" Security "" tab
    4.Click On " Advanced" Button on the bottom.
    5.In the advance Security Dialog Window, Click on "" Owner "" tab
    6.Here you will able to see the Current Owner ( ie: Trusted Installed )
    7. To take owner ship of the object, click on the Edit button, Give permission to UAC , the highlight the user name in the " Change Owner To" box that you want to assign as the owner for the object. Then Click " OK " to finish the process.
    8.Back in the Advanced Security Settings Window , You will see the current owner has changed to the user you just selected.
    9.Click the ""OK "" and exit this window.
    10. Click "'OK"" again, to exit completely from the Properties window..
    11. Repeat Step 1 to 4 to open the object's Properties Window again...
    12.Back in Object's Properties window, click on the edit button , and confirm the UAC elevation request.
    13. Highlight the Administrators in the " group of users names"" box. If the user ID or group that you want to manage the permissions for the object doesn't exist, Click on.."" Add"" button, and type in the user name or
    group name desired into the "" Enter Object names to select ( can use Everyone as user Name)" box and finish off by clicking on the "" OK""
    14. In the permissions for Administrators box below ( or any other user name or group name you choose). click on ""Full Control"" under the ""Allow"" column to assign full access rights control permission to Administrator's
    http// opening-files-or-folders.

  • I have trouble connecting to internet explorer and with my office home and student 2010

    I cannot connect to my internet explorer and I have trouble with my microsoft office home and student 2010 and when I look for a site with https at the beginning it won't connect

    Hello popoos:
               Have you tried restoring your Inernet Explorer? Ooen open your internet Explorer click on tools tab and then click on Internet Options click on delete let it delete ever thing. This will delete temporary files. After that click on Advance tab and then click on reset. Close it out and then reopen it. Now goto Tools- tab then click managed add on in that list that appears enable the adobe software listed your anti virus software, Your printer if you use it on line Microsoft tool bars. I dissabled the search helpers because I personly don't want extra trash appairing on my screen. Also enable the replayer if you use it. I dissable all the the rest of toolbars you do not have to. I disable them because Because bing is safer. Now try Microsoft Office it should work now. Intetnet Explorer setting have been reset now.

  • Upgrading to Office home and student 2010

    I purchased Office home and student 2007 a few months ago....It was my understanding that I would be able to upgrade it to 2010 free when it became available.  How do I get the free upgrade?
    Go to Solution.

    For those of you who do not wish to follow several links to get to the page you need, here you go:
    And before you click the link, here are the instructions:
    Buy & validate
    Validate that you have purchased a qualifying Office 2007 product from Microsoft or an authorized reseller between March 5, 2010, and September 30, 2010. Note: Trial versions of Office 2007 are not eligible.
    See the eligibility requirements for more information.
    Install & activate
    To take advantage of Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee, you will need to:
    Install and activate your qualifying Office 2007 product by September 30, 2010.
    Provide your Product ID-it is required to redeem your Technology Guarantee Office 2010 upgrade.
    Retain your activated Office 2007 25-character Product Key.
    Download Office 2010
    Once you’ve purchased and activated Office 2007, you can redeem your Office 2010 upgrade online. You have the choice to download Office 2010 free or purchase a DVD for a fee.
    You must request your Office 2010 upgrade no later than October 31, 2010, and must meet all eligibility requirements.
    Note: Your Office 2010 upgrade may not have the same programs as your Office 2007 suite. See the FAQ for more information.
    I am a Bestbuy employee who volunteers on these boards on my own time. I am not paid for posting here, and you should understand that my opinions are exactly that - opinions. I do not represent Bestbuy in any way.
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  • Reinstalling Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 - OS 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium on Dell Inspiron

    To start at the, that's not fair, that goes all the way back to March 24th!
    My hard drive has been wiped clean twice now...First time was not by MY choice...the guy from India just talked me through it, with no warning of what was going to be the result.  What a nightmare! 
    This 2nd time when I have "retrieved" my files from my external hard documents are there....just can't open them!  
    Following messages when opening Word or Outlook:
    "Please wait...."etc. "Configuration in Progress Microsoft Office Home and Business".... which takes forever!
    "Your AutoCorrect file: c:\users\Tosi\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\MSO1033.acl, could not be saved.  the file may be read only, or you man not have permission to modify the file."
    "Word cannot open existing file (Normal)
    In tyring to open Outlook...
    Big Red cirlce with an X in it:  Could not install the custom actions.  The form Cache file c:\users\Tosi\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Forms\FRMCACHE>DAT is not valid.  Contact your administrator.
    The same message as Word  "Your AutoCorrcet....etc....MSO1033.acl ...etc. "
    I have tried to change luck.  How to I get FULL control over my own computer?  Please!
    When I do finally get Outlook open, nothing is in there.  I looked for my Outlook Data folder and I see that my .pst data file is in 5 places, yet it is not connecting with Outlook.  No mail, address or calendar are in there. (to back
    track...the first time I retrieved my stuff off the hard drive everything worked)
    Microsoft has promissed numerous times to assit me to resolve these problems through very lovely emails but no one has called to follow up and help me.  I really need help and I am running out of patience. 
    Soon I will be saying "Goodbye Microsoft!  Goodbye Dell!  Hello Apple!" 
    Help please! 
    Thank you,

    As per your description, seems the installation of Office have got completely corrupted. I would suggest you to completely remove Office 2010 from your computer and then reinstall it.
    For how to remove/uninstall Office from your computer, I would suggest you to use Microsoft Fix It tool:
    After uninstalling Office, please restart your computer then try a reinstallation. If you don't have the Office 2010 installation source or DVD, please go to this website to get Office 2010 installation package: (you might need to provide the product key of Office 2010)
    Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for your patience.
    Ethan Hua CHN
    TechNet Community Support

  • Office Home and Student 2010

    I purchased a new laptop and received a produce key for Office Home and Student.  During the trial version I had access to Outlook.  Once the trial version expired and I entered the product key I received when I purchased my laptop but no longer have access to Outlook. So, I guess I have to purchase Outlook and Publisher separately?? 

    True, I've heard of that. Unless you saved the email server side, the items are locked until you purchase. I suggest contact 1-800-Microsoft as that is a 'feature' of their specific software.
    Since importing your emails is important to you, for the future I would suggest using an IMAP compatible service. A free, well known one is This will allow you to keep a copy of your emails server-side in the event of a system crash or other event. Outlook is compatible with it.
    I am a Bestbuy employee who volunteers on these boards on my own time. I am not paid for posting here, and you should understand that my opinions are exactly that - opinions. I do not represent Bestbuy in any way.
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  • Why can't I download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 from my disk?

    I have recently purchased my new Imac and find that I can't download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 from my disk?  Why isn't this supported?

    Because it is a Windows version of MS Office. You will need a Mac version, such as listed below.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 trial

    5 days ago I purchased a Toshiba Satelilte 300 laptop, and have a 60 day trial for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 but am experiencing problems with installing it. I have obtained a Trial Activation Key and entered it when prompted; when the conversion process is complete I close all open Microsoft windows, as instructed, but when I re-open them I get a message telling me that the trial has expired!!
    PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how I can begin to enjoy my trial!
    Many thanks

    Maybe these help.
    Activate Your Microsoft Office System Trial Product
    How to troubleshoot problems that you may experience when you try to activate a 2007 Office product
    Request a trial activation key
    Which Satellite 300?

  • Can I download Microsoft office home and student 2007 on my mac mini

    Can I download microsft office home and student 2007 on my Mac mini

    Not without using Windows, CrossOver Mac, or WineSkin.

Maybe you are looking for

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