Windows media Player suddenly can't read some of my MP3, and only with one user account !!!

here is my problem:
I have a lot of MP3 in my W7 personnal computer at home. I read MP3 everyday with WMP and all was working fine, until some days ago. Some of my MP3 can't be read by WMP. I've looked at their properties, but there is nothing wrong, compared to others
MP3 that I can read.
The "unreadable" files are correctly read by VLC. So they are not corrupted.
When I swtich to an other user, the same MP3 are read correctly with WMP. (Both usersd are admins)
My MP3 are présents on two computers at home. When I connect from my second computer with a
\\computername\c$, I can read these files. So the files are definitivly OK. But when I connect from my first computer to the second one, I can't read the MPS that have the same name! it's absolutely strange!
I've tried to uninstall WMP, to delete all files related to WMP in my Appdata folder, I have even tried the FixIt from Microsoft, but any of these steps were helpful.
I've copied the "unreadable" files from the Music folder to my desktop, allways the same issue.
I've disabled my Antivirus, but without any results. I've tried the system restore, idem.
My computer is running W7 32 bits, SP1, all updates installed regularly.
Please help me, I want to understand what has happened!!! :)

Hi Yolanda,
the error message is inside a popup: (French trnaslation) "Windows media Player encountered an error and will close." I have the choice beetween "CLOSE" and "HELP ON THE WEB".
Of course the "help" is totally useless....
I don't see any troublshooter related to "media player". The only troubleshooter where I can choose Media player is for the "compatibility mode", so it's not helpful. On the "audio and devices" troubleshooter I see "read
a DVD with Windows Media Player", but that's not my case.
I've already done the last step. I copy the MP3 from my second computer to the "problematic" one, and I can't read my file. But, on the second computer, i can read this MP3 so the issue is ONLY when I try to read this file with my Windows session.
(in the same computer, with the administrator session, I can read all the files).
To put it in a nutshell:
on computer A logged as CEDRIC i can not read the mp3 called SUPERSONG (it's an example lol)
on computer A logged as administrator, I can read the SUPERSONG
on computer B logged as CEDRIC (other local account but same name) I can read the SUPERSONG mp3 that is present in the music Library (that is not the same file, but it's a file with the same name, and of crouse this is the same song). (all my MP3 are copied
from computer A to computer B in case of failure on one of the computers)
on computer A logged as CEDRIC, if I do a
\\computerB\c$\...\SUPERSONG I can not read it.
I know this is complicated to explain, but if I ask to the Microsoft community that is because I don't know what to do ;) ;) ;) 

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    Don't know if that helps but I hope it does.

    Hi thatNoseyParker,
    Thanks for Posting!
    It seems that there are files being read right off from the HDD
    Can you try running a Storage test. See if it will return an Error or a failure on the Drive
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    Ditch WMP and try the free Flip4Mac WM QuickTime plugin from
    Otherwise, post your question on the Microsoft Mac discussion boards:

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