Windows Phone app based on website

Hey, I want to make windows phone app and don't know where to start. Actually, I don't need help with how to make wp app, but how to get data from website. My app should look something similar to the Microsoft Facebook app (except that it will not be Facebook).
Let me try to explain it a bit. In facebook app you click a button (for example "news") and magic happens - content from facebook appears. My question is, how? What do I have to do to "communicate" with website, to get content or even trigger
website functions. So far I've been only able to work with websites that I have access to database. I assume "magic" is going on using GET and POST functions, but I don't think that are the only two functions to do awesome app such as Facebook
(developed by Microsoft)...

You would have to add a webservice on the web site you can call to get the data.  I would recommend using the web api for this.
If your website has an rss feed you can use that to get data from the website also

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    Hi Bernard, thanks for your reply.
    I tested the data using a release package of the Windows Phone app deployed directly to my phone from Visual Studio and the data appeared after around 10 minutes. However, once I published the exact same package to the Windows Phone Store and started using
    the version downloaded from the store, no usage data has been uploaded even after several days of waiting.
    I am using SDK 0.7.1 and Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio v1.3.2. The app is built for WP 8.0 and running on WP 8.1.
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    Thanks for your time and help, I really appreciate it.

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    you could try to uninstall the windowsphone app from your laptop and reinstall it to see if maybe it wasn't connecting and loading the drivers correctly.

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    I downloaded the new OS X Yosemite.
    Not sure what you mean by new, since Yosemite was released about 9 months ago.
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    iPhoto version 9.6.1 is the latest version of iPhoto that is compatible with Yosemite. If you're just now updating to Yosemite from an older version of OS X, then you may have missed your window of opportunity to upgrade iPhoto to the latest version.
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    I would recommend that you use Photos.

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    Are Windows Phone applications supposed to installed on Windows 8.1 Pro?   The 8.1 Start menu includes the Store application, but most of the apps I need to install refuse to install and insist that they need a Windows Phone account.

    Each device processor has it's own architecture (a set of instructions that is supported by a processor), referred by a unique name. So, in the case of desktop, the architecture is x86 (or x86-64). In the case of phones, it's ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)
    architecture. Hence, the apps developed for Windows Phone will not be able to run in Windows desktop, and so you're seeing the error message.
    Hence, as britishdhez says, you can use the phone emulator. The emulator emulates the ARM architecture in the desktop PC, so Windows Phone apps will run on the emulator without any issues.
    Balaji Kundalam

  • My Server 2012 R2 Windows Phone App now available!

    Hi, All,
    Greetings!  I am very pleased to announce that the My Server 2012 R2 Windows Phone App
    has been published to
    Windows Phone Store. This version is targeted to work with the new released Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the Windows Server Essentials Experience server role in Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard & Datacenter. To
    try out the new version, search ‘My Server 2012 R2’ from your windows phone and install it. Let team know if you have any feedback on this app.
    Windows Server Essentials Team

    Great option guys! Now I can REALLY centralize my media without reliance on third party products.
    For Phone App, it's great to have it but it seems to be lacking in UX. i.e. there is no option to start slideshow or even go from one photo to next in the list. It's very inconvenient to go from one photo to next by backing out to the list and clicking on
    next photo.
    Another feature I would love to have is integration on Photo/Video/Music hub. That way I don't have to explicitly launch app to access my music/photo/videos.
    Keep up good work and I hope to see much more functionality and tighter integration in future updates.
    Bhargav Shukla | Director Product Research & Innovation | Exchange Server TechCenter | Microsoft
    Exchange Team Blog |
    My Threads | My Blog

  • Is it possible to Silent Push a Managed Windows Phone App from the Store?

    Is it possible to silent push a Windows Phone app from the Store? We have a requirement to install a couple of apps after enrollment. Some of those apps are in the Store some are Enterprise apps.
    Mark Monster
    Mark Monster Silverlight MVP

    No it is not currently possible, In Windows 10 a new business portal will be introduced that should solve this.
    -- My System Center blog -- Twitter

  • Pass values between Windows phone app and wpf

    i am creating a windows phone app where it is like a remote for desktop app which have timer start stop and break
    where start should activate the desktop applicaition timer like that.
    what are the possibility that i can control wpf(desktop) app with a windows phone app directly without any database sort of thing.
    thank you

    For help with the WPF side of this you'll be better off posting in the WPF forum.
    There isn't any remote control system built in, but you can use standard networking to implement your own. From the phone side take a look at the
    Connecting to networks and web services documentation. In particular, the
    Adding support for networking and
    Connecting with sockets sections are likely to get you on the right path.

  • Share Image,Link and Text to Social Networking App from My Windows Phone App

    I am developing windows phone 8.1 silverlight app where I want to share Images,Links and text to Social Networking App Like Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp and Instragram.
    In Share content contains A Image of App Icon, A Link of App website and I invitation Text.
    There are Five buttons
    Share by Email
    Share by Facebook
    Share by Twitter
    Share by Whatsapp
    Share by Instragram
    Problems which I faced
    I can not attached image to Email. How it is Possible.?
    I can only open whatsapp from my App. But can not share to this
    I have used Share task but in list of app there is no whatsapp and instragram app ( I know there is no official app for instragram but it is Instragram Beta app)
    Please guide me how can I share my content to all above app

    Please see this sample application:
    You cannot control what appears in the share UI.  The Share UI Will show all applications that have registered to receive the type of content you are sharing.  So if a particular application is not appearing, then it is not registered as a Share
    target for that content type.
    I would run the sample on your phone for the various content types.  it should give you a good idea of which apps are registered for which content type.
    Bret Bentzinger (MSFT) @awehellyeah

  • How to open a web browser from an windows phone app

    Hi everyone,
    I am pretty new to Windows Phone 7, and now what I am trying to do is to create a simple app. When a user click to start this app, a browser will open and show the content of a webpage from a specific address.
    I tried to use a webbrowser object, but it seems like that doesn't sport cookies. So I need my app to open a real web browser (maybe IE mobile) to do the job.
    Thank you.

    copying from stackoverflow: "If you want to embed a browser window inside your application then use  the WebBrowser control.  Add an instance of the WebBrowser control to  your form then you can reference it in code using the name you
    give  it.  (Default name is "webBrowser1")"
    Microsoft MVP J# 2004-2010, Borland Spirit of Delphi 2001

  • Windows Phone 8.1 can't install "Windows Phone App Studio certificate"

    I try to install the certificates from provided on
    choose "Open" device go to "Add workplace account"  I choose "add" 
    nothing happen
    and can't install my app in next step
    thank you

    I'm having the exact same issue. I've made the whole app, and received the email from Microsoft. After receiving & reading the email, I (on my Dev Preview Windows Phone 8.1) tapped on the "click here" to install the certificate for my phone. Upon tapping,
    I was given the screen "open" or "save. I've tried both now. Neither of them work, though. It's simply the AET.aetx file. I click on "tap to open", and yes, it does open just fine. However, it simply takes me to "add workplace account?" I have also tried both
    "add" or "cancel". Both simply return you to the IE page. Nothing seems to be going on, but I thought that perhaps it may be downloading in the background. So, I simply waited for a bit, and then tried downloading my actual app (from the email). However, it
    tells me that I need an app to open the file (App.Studio.WindowsPhone_1.0.0.0_AnyCPU.appx). This is where I am stuck at as of now. I'm sure I'm missing an obvious step, but I'm really just not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Disable the Copy and Paste option in keyboard [Textbox control] Windows phone App

    In Windows phone 8.1 WRT app, I want to disable the copy and paste option in the keyboard for the textbox control
    Please let me know if any possibilities and if you have the code snippets Please share it .

    Hi Ruthradevi,
    As I know we have no way to disable the copy and paste option in the keyboard.
    Why do you want to disable it, can you explain more about your scenario?  Let's see if we can make a similar function like you required.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Aktualisierung der Windows Phone App

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn die App von der WD My Cloud auf der Windows Phone Oberfläche mal eine Aktualisierung bekommt. Letztes Update war Ende 2013. Mit einem Android Smartphone war es ein Genuss mit der Netzwerkplatte zu arbeiten. Nun besitze ich ein Lumia 640 und man kann ja kaum bis gar nichts mit der App machen.Bin mir sicher das ich nicht alleine diesen Wunsch habe (Bewertung im Store). MfG

    Werde ein Feature Request hierfuer einreichen.

  • Skype for Business - Windows Phone app released

    The Skype team arepleased to announce the availability of the Skype for Business app for Windows Phone.
    Skype for Business - Windows Phone appWhat’s new—intuitive interface, more emoticons, improved server communicationsIf you are familiar with the Lync app for Windows Phone, you’ll notice a number of enhancements in the new app. The most noticeable differences right off the bat are the Skype for Business brand and UI, which is intuitive and familiar if you happen to use Skype in your personal communications. We’ve also revamped emoticons, which now offers over 100 emoticons to land your message visually.
    We have improved how the app and the server handle conversation notifications. Once you’re notified of a new conversation on your phone, the other clients you have logged in won’t be able to grab the conversation and prevent you from...
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    Thanks for the response, Ken.
    How can the total number of reviews of all cultures be displayed instead of one culture.  The web pages of our apps display the numbers for only one culture.

  • I recently purchased a Nokia Lumia 1020 and I am unable to instal the Windows phone App.

    I keep getting this error message when I try to install the Windows App: Windows phone can't be installed on Mac HD becasue Mac OS X Version 10.7 or later is required. Under the About this Mac section it says it is: MAC OS X 10.6.8 but there there are no updates available. Any assisitance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    10.6.8 is Snow Leopard. 10.7.x is Lion. You need to upgrade, at least, to Lion (or the current release, Mountain Lion) in order to use the software.
    You can purchase Lion (10.7.x) by calling Apple and getting a redemption code for the Mac App Store. If you want to upgrade to Mountain Lion, make sure that your MacBook Pro meets the minimum requirements -> and, if so, you can purchase and download it directly from the Mac App Store.
    Good luck,

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