Wireless Access to iMac DVD Drive from MacBook Air

Help please? Could access the IMac drive and DVDs from my MacBook Air until recently. Drive is no longer accessible. Have also lost ability to print remotely to printer attached to iMac (have tried re-setting permissions etc). Can also no longer access the HD on the iMac using wireless access from the MacBook Air. Also have a Mac Book (one of my offspring's) which has same problems. Tried re-pairing with Bluetooth etc. and checking sharing in sys prefs, but to no avail. Anyone got any ideas?!? Probably something dead simple, but I've been trying to get it going for so long - I give up!

Thank you. This one has very mixed feedback, that's why i thought i will ask. Have you used or heard about Asus BW-12D1S-U External Blu-ray Writer - Black? I am tempted to buy this one
thank you

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  • Usb dvd drive with macbook air?

    hi all!
    i have a macbook air.
    its a 13 inch core i5,4gb, 128gb ssd late 2011 model with uk specs.
    i need to get a dvd drive for it and am wondering if an ordinary usb dvd drive would work with it or not?
    i dont want to get the macbook superdrive for £60 if i can use a decent samsung dvd writer for £20 from ebay.
    please advise!
    many thanks !!

    There are probably very few that won't work. However, at the very least I would check out with the model specifications that there is OS X compatibility as stated by the manufacturer of the drive.
    I've tried a couple of drives that I have and both work just fine. But in my case it was a curiosity more than anything else, because I went ahead and bought a Superdrive (which by the way, I've only used a few times).
    I think we are approaching a time when these optical drives are really going to be as unneeded as a floppy.

  • Cisco Anytime Connect VPN working from iMac but not from MacBook Air with same settings and wifi network

    Hi guys,
    I'm having trouble connecting my new MacBook Air to Cisco Anytime Connect VPN.
    The same configuration works with my iMac, in the same network and same Mac OS Mountain Lion on both computers.
    After successfully connecting to VPN after a few seconds it gets disconnected and, what is worse, WIFI is not working any more in my macBook Air, I need to deactivate it and start again.
    With iMac with the same settings it doesn't happen.
    Any ideas?

    Did you power cycle the network? That's always the first thing you want to do if a device is "missing" or not connecting to your network correctly.
    If you have not already tried this a few times, power down the entire network...all devices, order is not important.
    Wait a few minutes and place the MBAir close to the TC
    Start the modem first and let it run a few moments by itself. Then start the TC if it is the device connected to the modem and let it run a few moments. Then start each device one at a time the same way.

  • Wireless use of pc DVD drive by MacBook pro

    Can you use the DVD player in your pc remotely from your MacBook pro please? I have read that this is possible somewhere but can't find out how.

    If you need an optical drive in your computer you can always go with a model that has them built in. Or if you go for a Retina-display model, you can always add an Apple external SuperDrive to your order ($79).
    It all depends on what you need.

  • Cannot print from Macbook Air to Lexmark x2650 on Windows XP via wireless network (Linksys e1550)

    Unable to print from recently purchased Macbook Air via wireless router (Linksys e1550) that is connected Windows XP which is connected to Lexmark x2650 printer.  Macbook Air is connected to wireless router and able to access internet.  Windows XP printer is set-up for sharing and I am able to see and add printer from Macbook Air.  I have installed Lexmark 2600 series driver on Macbook Air.  Macbook Air sends print job to print queue and print job is released from queue but does not print on Lexmark printer connected to XP.  Any suggestions?

    Hi Wade, and Welcome to the dicussions.
    I think it's how the PC is setup and interpreting the Mac's drivers, should just pass them on I think, but here's a way to get most any Mac to print to most any printer on an XP machine...

  • How to create dvd/cd image using super drive in MacBook Air

    I have MacBook Air and also Apple Supper drive for the same. can u help me to find dvd/cd burrning and copy software. and also guide me "how to create dvd/cd image using super drive in MacBook Air"

    First to create a video DVD you need to use DVD authoring software like iDVD.  You can purchase it from the online Apple Store while supplies last.
    For creating a disk image use Disk Utility.
    To burn items to a CD or data DVD just insert the disc in the optical drive and drag those items onto the disc icon on the Desktop.  Then drag the disc icon to the Trash icon in the Dock which changes to a Burn icon.

  • New imac 27(Intel based,bought 2013) slow wifi connection with my Verizon fios actiontec router. All other wireless devices in the house(ipad 3gen,MacBook Air ,hp laptop) have a much faster connection. Should I change router settings to G only,etc

    New imac 27(Intel based,bought 2013) slow wifi connection with my Verizon fios actiontec router. All other wireless devices in the house(ipad 3gen,MacBook Air ,hp laptop) have a much faster connection. Should I change router settings to G only,switch channel from auto to maybe 6,channel width to 20mhz? Already changed security settings to WPA2.  Currently router is running in mixed b and g mode.

    If you have one computer running on G they will all run on G. All ROUTERS are backward compatible, in otherwords if you have a group of computers and all of them are N compatible and one or two are G They will all work but the N computers will run at N and those that are G will run at G speed not N.
    It can get confusing but really it is simple. The newest is 802.11 AC and ic used with the newest Mac Computers made available in November 2013. So if you have the newest Airport Extreme that is 802.11ac and the newest computers that are AC compliant your speed will be 5 times faster than anything on the market right now.

  • Can I use my DVD Drive from my pc to load Tiger on my Mac

    Can I use my DVD Drive From my pc (compaq R4000)to load Tiger onto my Mac G3 Blue & White?

    The short answer is no
    long answer is maybe but if you manage to get a DVD drive from a Compaq into a G3 then install Tiger it will be so slow (Tiger on a G3 iMac) it'll bring tears to your eyes.
    What are talking about this sloww nonsense! I've been using Tiger since it came out on my Summer 01' 'Snow' iMac 500Mhz and it works quite nicely! Sure garageband is sssllooww but who needs it. Everything elese is good! Just bump up the ram and your good to go as long as the processor is 450Mhz or higher! Although after looking at your post, you were using OS 8.6 so I assume its a 233Mhz. So ya that would be slow...BUT I've found 10.2 Jaguar to work well with my Bondi 233Mhz with 192MB of Ram...

  • IMac dvd drive question.

    I was wondering if I could put a iMac dvd-rom from a iMac dv into my blueberry slot loading iMac? It only has a cd-rom drive and the drive is dead. Thank you.

    Yes - I believe all the slot-loading iMacs (and the Power Mac G4 Cube) use compatible optical drives.

  • How do I change the name of my new computer from "MacBook Air-2" to "iMac"?

    How do I change the name of my new computer from "MacBook Air-2" to "iMac"?

    Open the Sharing pane of System Preferences and change it.

  • HELP: how to copy all emails from MacBook air to iMac

    I lost all emails from my iMac. (issue with some account)
    All thoses mails are in duplicate on my MacBook air.
    Is there a easy way to copy all my mail from MacBook Air to iMac?
    I have many mailbox.
    Thank you,

    Mail/MailboxExport Mailbox, copy to the iMac, then Mail/File/Import Mailbox.
    You can try using Screen Sharing to do them actual transfer or use an external dive.

  • Swapping DVD drive from 667MHz Titanium PB to my 12" PB

    The DVD drive on my 12" 1GHz Powerbook has died. When I put in a CD or DVD, I get what a lot of other people have been describing. The disk goes in, I hear one set of clicks, and the disk gets ejected. I have a dead 667 MHz Titanium Powerbook. Does anybody know if the DVD drive from that PB will work in my 12" PB? The Titanium DVD drive is read only (will read and write CDs but only read DVDs), but I'm really only interested in burning and reading CDs and watching DVDs.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Powerbook G4 12-inch   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    I've looked into the Pioneer K05 and K06, but I've read that they don't seem to be "native" and have problems. Is it your experience that I should just be able to replace my Matshita UJ-816 with the K05 or K06 and just use it? Or is there something else I need to do as well?
    Powerbook G4 12"   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

  • HT5630 I am attempting to watch a DVD on my macbook air with the apple super drive but the dvd will not play.

    I am trying to watch a DVD on my Macbook Air using the Apple super drive but it will not play.  I can view CDs but not watch movies.  Can someone give me instructions on how to watch a DVD?

  • My imac dvd drive is not working

    my imac dvd drive is not working anytime I put a cd or dvd in and it tries to load for like one mintue and then just ejects

    My superdrive has always been sensitive to dirt and smudges. Memorex and other mfgs make a DVD cleaner disk that has little bristles on the DVD to brush the dust away. Vacuuming the slot can also clean out dust buildup. Also there are disk polishers that can repair scratched CDs and DVD if they become unreadable.

  • IMac DVD drive MATSHITA DVD-R   UJ-875, dont let CD come out

    Hi, my imac DVD drive MATSHITA DVD-R   UJ-875, dont let CD come out because the center pins that arrest the CD. Somebody can help me???

    i try everything!!! the mouse, the drutil and all the other things so i open my iMac and the superdrive to see what is apening and cause is the center pins that arrest the CD when i eject the CD that pins dont let the CD free to come out... sorry for my english.

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