Wireless Mighty Mouse Replacement

I dont know to whom I have to start begging, to actually get this done... But for the love of all that is good on this Earth, can Apple PLEASE replace my wireless mighty mouse, with a wired mighty mouse.
I've only owned my iMac for a few months, everything works fine, still covered under Apple Care, I just need to downgrade this mouse. The weight of this thing and how quickly it runs through batteries is becoming an issue for me. I'm a Tech Lead for a support call center, and regardless of policy I know this can be done if the right person gives the green light for it. You guys can keep the difference in cost, I'll provide whatever information is needed, I just really want to downgrade this mouse to the wired version...
Thank You,

Hi Charles
There is no one from Apple here, this is a user to user forum!
To contact [Apple|http://www.apple.com/support/contact>
You can buy a wired [Mighty Mouse|http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp;jsessionid=53ME3JZIH4IJZKC4D3PFAF Y?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&id=pcat17071&type=page&st=mighty+mouse&sc=abComputerSP& cp=1&nrp=15&sp=&qp=&list=n&iht=y&usc=Computers&ks=960] at Best Buy for $50.00
Or on line at [amazon|http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MA086LL-A-Mighty-Mouse/dp/B0007Y79E4] for a couple of dollars less.

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  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Pointer not moving

    Need some advice. My 7 month old IMAC wireless mighty mouse is scrolling fine but does not move the pointer...can someone help? Thanks!

    Hi Rich:
    That file is located in Macintosh HD>library>preferences. Sometimes (rare, but it happens) preference files become corrupted - causing all sorts of odd behavior.
    If that does not help, try resetting the PRAM:
    If that does not fix the problem, take the mouse to an Apple store or call Applecare and indicate you have a warranty issue. Apple does replace things under warranty at no cost (shipping paid both ways). I have had a mouse and keyboard replaced in the past and was pleased with the service.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse & No Bluetooth

    Some time back when my MacPro was still in warranty I complained to Apple that my Mighty Mouse wasn't working. They sent me a replacement - a wireless Mighty Mouse. I have no Bluetooth so I complained and they sent me a wired one.
    Now I've got to thinking there's times when I could do with getting that wireless mouse to run....
    Can anyone explain how to do this? Can I just buy a dongle or some such to stick in a USB port? Or is that not possible with this machine?
    Thanks in anticipation

    Hi Kappy - you're right in thinking my MacPro came without - it was a Refurb, so the basic model.
    Appreciate your point that some BT to USB adaptors may be better than others, and I'll google for suggestions which might be best for MacPro - had hoped someone here might have knowledge of what works and what doesn't.
    Meanwhile I'm 100 miles of Scottish highland roads from the nearest Apple retailer, so I'll see if anything emerges from websearches before I pack it up for the journey!!
    thanks for your help

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Looses Right Click Functionality

    I am using a new Wireless Mighty Mouse (about one month old) With new batteries.
    Since I started using it, the (secondary) right click would stop function after repeated use. After many frustrating trouble shooting attempts, I discovered that the Right Click will work again if the mouse is left idle for about 15 - 20 minutes.
    I will like to know if this is a defect that's inherent in the Mighty Mouse system, and if so, has anyone found a solution to this problem or is there a fix?
    Any input would be very much appreciated
    Mac G5. 2ghz DP   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    Mac G5. 2ghz DP   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Unfortunately my experience suggests no. I'm on my 5th (or is it 6th?) wireless Mighty Mouse now, and they've all behaved just as you described. The latest replacement was only a week ago. I suspect the only point in replacing it further times would be to demonstrate that you've tried all you can. As far as I can tell, my only recourse at this point is convincing Apple to refund me, which is a shame because I like the scroll ball design.
    I should note that I'm in Australia, in case stock has been slower to update here, but it shouldn't make a difference...
    I've noticed that the problem seems to occur a lot more frequently under hot conditions - room heater on, hot hands etc. Could it still think the left button is being touched because it's warm and/or sweatier than usual?

  • Wireless keyboard and Wireless Mighty Mouse failure

    I have just bought an iMac 20" with a wireless keyboard and wireless mighty mouse.
    Both the keyboard and mouse will not work properly.
    I followed the installation/setup instructions and paired first the keyboard and then mouse. Then the problems started.
    1. Mighty Mouse tracking is dreadful and very slow (even after adjusting mouse properties)
    2. Keyboard started to drop connection and then when awoke started repeating keys (as if key stuck)
    3. Keyboard then disconnected and will not be recognised when searching for Bluetooth devices nor can I pair it again.
    4. When both were working the Airport extreme wireless network would be lost (but I think that this is a red-herring and irrelevant)
    Interesting once keyboard stopped working the wireless mouse tracking improved.
    The only software I have installed since taking the iMac out of the box are (in order)
    - Running/installing all Apple updates (including firmware 1.1)
    - Installing Firefox 2.0
    - Installing Adobe Reader 8.0
    - Installing Stuffit Reader 11.0
    - Installing Canon Bubble Jet Printer driver
    - Installing latest version of Skype
    If I use a USB mouse or keyboard they work ok.
    This is the second replace imac within 2 weeks. The first had the same problem.
    Can anybody help please as I'm new to Mac's after switching from a PC and I do not want to have to chuck either the keyboard or mouse or have the pain of Apple supplying me with a 3rd replacement iMac
    iMac 20 Inch   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Congrats on the new Mac.
    Did you Repair Disk Permissions after the software updates and installs?
    Whether this solves this issue for you, it is something that you should always do. Go to Apps/Ut5ilities/Disk Utility and select your OS X HDD. Press Repair Permissions. Run Repair Permissions until no more repairs are reported.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Right Button does not work well

    Recently I bought in Online Apple Store a Wireless Mighty Mouse.
    I installed the drivers that came in the CD, and, I defined in the System Preferences the second button of the mouse (the Right Button) to function as the Secondary Button.
    But after the computer going to sleep and I wakes it up, or I stop a little to work with the Mouse, or then without none apparent reason, the Right Button behaves as the Left Button, like if it had one and only button in the Mouse.
    To solve the problem I have to disconnect the mouse and/or the bluetooth connection, so that the Right Button functions again as I defined it in the System Preferences like a Secondary Button. But I think that is not the solution for who needs a mouse to work.
    Therefore, I thank you a solution to solve this problem.
    The computers where I worked with this Wireless Mighty Mouse and where I had this problem was:
    - a PowerBook 12", 1.5GHz
    - and a MacBook Pro 15", 1.83GHz
    - both with MacOS 10.4.8
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    There are a few threads going describing this problem Discussions. (E.g., check out this one.)
    It appears that there's probably a hardware QC issue with some fraction of the wireless Mighty Mice. Replacing the bad mouse -- either at a local Apple Store or via AppleCare online -- is what I'd suggest. (That's what I ended up doing and the replacement mouse has been fine.)
    Intel Mini 1.66 GHz, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse won't work properly with MacBook/tech support stumped

    Hi. First post. Anyone heard of this problem? Appears to be location-sensitive. Problem described below, but first, short background...
    Just bought entire Mac system after decades in corporate world with PC. Believed the TV ads that it would be simple. Already have been back to Mac store 6 times and have spent roughly 7 hours on phone with help line. Mac store even replaced Macbook entirely in case it was faulty logic board/Bluetooth circuit -- didn't help. Also, problem doesn't happen in store. So, to get to the point:
    Wireless Mighty Mouse doesn't work properly when hooked up to Macbook -- herky-jerky, slow, unresponsive, sluggish, imprecise, intermittently better/worse. Went through a few Mighty Mouses and finally gave up; now using hardwire mouse and there's no problem. But before I return Mighty Mouse for refund, would like to see if there's a solution b/c I'd prefer wireless.
    System is the latest little souped-up Macbook, 23" HD Cinema external monitor, external wireless Apple keyboard (which works fine), wireless Mighty Mouse (the culprit), Airport Express, HP printer. All brand new from local Mac store (Fifth Avenue, New York)... where the Genius counter folks have given up. I'm not convinced they believe me because (a) the problem doesn't occur there, and (b) after a couple of new Mighty Mouses, they finally just gave me a new Macbook to make me go away... but after going through the whole system setup once again, same problem. Have tried many different mousepads, BTW.
    Tried all the stuff phone tech support suggested -- removing/installing/reinstalling software, etc. Airport works fine; using modem and printer connections there. Bluetooth works fine with keyboard. I've scouted around for intefering devices; even unplugged electrostatic loudspeakers and old tubed amps in living room (concrete wall separates rooms), unplugged hifi in same room, etc. On 40th floor of Manhattan hi-rise; concrete walls between neighbors. Have never had interference before with anything; previous PC system worked fine with Microsoft wireless (optical) mouse.
    This is no longer urgent because hardwired Apple mouse works well. It's just mysterious.
    Any thoughts?
    Other than that, I like the Mac environment so far. Fifth Avenue store is cool, also, because it's open 24/7.
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.16 Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 HHz DDRS SDRAM

    Hey, thanks! That was fast. I'm impressed by the Mac community.
    This program helped my hardwired mouse, actually, and did give me wider parameters on the wireless mouse, but it didn't correct the herky-jerky/sluggishness -- actually amplified those problems.

  • Mighty mouse replacement

    I have an Intel iMac 20" in January, so it's still covered by the 1-year warranty, plus I already bought an AppleCare Service plan.
    So, I was just wondering, my Mighty Mouse works fine, except for the fact that the scroll ball doesn't always scroll, you have to push it a little harder than usual for it to scroll in any direction.
    Is this a good enough reason for Apple to replace it if I take it to the store or are they likely to just say no? Also, how can I request a replacement without taking it to the store?
    I tried looking for an open thread about this, I'm new to these forums, sorry if this is not the right place to ask.

    I would try get a replacement, its not fit for its intended purpose so you should be entitled to one. It's a fault with the product.
    I would suggest ringing technical support and talking to them. When I got mine replaced they sent me a new one and I sent the old one back.
    One think to know is that on the wireless mighty mouse, the serial number is under the batteries, on the wired one it is on the bottom near the back. The Apple tech I spoke to insisted the wireless one had the serial on the bottom, so don't always take there word for it.
    If it is easy for you, I'd take it to the store, if they say no then ask to speak to the manager, they generally just agree to get you off their backs. Keep insisting it's their fault and they must replace it. They rarely offer to repair might mouse's (plural of computer mouse's is in-fact mouse's, not mice!!).
    If they insist they won't at the store, then go home and ring up. Keep pushing them and take it further up the ladder to the highest manager until they say yes! Be polite but firm.
    Let us know how you get one.

  • Mysterious moving wireless mighty mouse...

    I've noticed that my wireless mighty mouse, although sitting quietly on the desk, appears to be moving the onscreen pointer around the screen. This has been interfering with my use of TextExpander which I use to expand text snippets, so suggests that there's something wrong with the way the wireless mighty mouse is responding to being at rest. I've gone over to using a wired mighty mouse and don't see this behaviour. Anyone else getting this?
    Should I just give the mouse to my cat? Or should I phone Apple?

    Try taking the battery out of the mouse and putting them back in. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the LED.
    Are you able to use your iMac with a regular wired mouse? In other words, if you use another mouse, does it function normally?
    Otherwise (if the above is not helpful), it seems likely that the mouse is defective. You should take it back (or to an Apple Store) for replacement under warranty.

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse "freezes", but ___

    I've had this a couple times with my previous 20", where the Bluetooth wireless mouse did nothing, yet my Wacom tablet / pen was fine.
    But this time, w/ my new 24" , it was one restart, then another. . and no change. But a shutdown snapped it out of it.
    I'm not at all versed in crashlogs & such, but I'm foolishly hoping it's a certain, concise symptom.
    More likely it could be any of a dozen things, right ?

    I had the same problem, though oddly enough, it affected only the non-administrator accounts on my iMac. Thinking the problem might be software related, or he result of transfering account information from my old iMac, I erased and reinstalled the operating system. When this did not solve the problem, I contacted Apple support, and they took me through the usual self-help step (e.g. clearing the NVRAM). Eventually, at Apple's suggestion, I took my iMac in to the local Apple store, where they ran some tests, but could not find a problem. They swapped out my wireless Mighty Mouse, but the problems continued. I contacted Apple again, and they arranged to send out a support person (to my home) to replace the Bluetooth module and logic board. After a day of considering this, I called Apple, and asked that they simply replace my iMac (it was but thirty days old), and they agreed to do so. My new iMac is enroute.
    I know Apple appears not to agree, but I think the problem is with Leopard. If it was a hardware problem, it should also have affected my administrator account.

  • Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mighty Mouse performing erratically

    I got the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mighty Mouse as soon as they were available and I haven't had any problems with them until a few days ago. Now, both devices will "disconnect" for a few moments (the screen will show the "Connection lost" icon) and immediately reconnect.
    The keyboard usually does it so quickly that it doesn't affect my typing. The Mighty Mouse, however, will sometimes slow down to a very erratic, choppy refresh rate - something like a dusty ball mouse cca. 1994. This usually lasts for about a minute and then fixes itself.
    This happens several times per hour. I've tried restarting the computer, restarting the devices (replacing the batteries), removing them as Bluetooth devices and pairing them again, turning Bluetooth on the computer on and off... nothing seems to fix this. Both devices have fresh rechargeable batteries in them, showing nearly-full charge in System Preferences.
    Is this a known or common issue? Who's to blame, the mouse and keyboard or the iMac? Has anyone found a reasonable fix?
    Message was edited by: Neven Mrgan

    Hi Neven:
    See my thread about IDENTICAL situation:
    The erratic behavior is identical, except that only my wireless keyboard is misbehaving. Unlike you, it has become a major hassle for me when I am typing and my keyboard disconnects mid-keystroke. Or, I'm reviewing a website or my work and the keyboard disconnects three/four times in two minutes. Last night, for instance, I was watching something on TV in the background and I saw in amazement as my keyboard just kept disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 seconds.
    Otherwise, it is same, same, same: fresh batteries, no other bluetooth devices, 18" distance from the iMAC.
    I noticed this began to happen AFTER I downloaded and installed last weeks' iMAC update.
    So I reiterate my comment from my own thread:
    There's a ghost in the machine.
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  • Connect Wireless Mighty Mouse to windows xp pro sp2 on bootcamp

    I recently installed windows xp pro sp2 on bootcamp i tried to hook up my Wireless Mighty Mouse and I got basically nowhere. I was able to get the computer to recognize it and i typed in the passkey "0000" and it knows that it is a bluetooth device and I changed the settings of the bluetooth to "always" be discoverable and still I have hit a dead end. I can still not seem to connect the wireless mouse in any way. What do I do???

    I FUIGURED IT OUT!!! omg im so happy right now. For anyone who might be wondering I'll tell you how to make it work it you had the same problem. Once you establish the mouse a device, highlight it in the devices menu, then click properties, then services, and once it is done searching check the box for the driver and click apply and your mouse should work.

  • Does Time Machine Backup irritate wireless Mighty Mouse?

    Hi there. I'm having a strange issue here. With an iMac that came with bluetooth mouse and keyboard, OS out of the box (no software updates installed because there's no internet connection), each time Time Machine is backuping files, the Mighty Mouse is acting weird. It actually feels like someone else is working with it. Even if I do not use it and leave it alone, the pointer goes wild on the screen. Trying to work during Time Machine backups is impossible, because I cannot use the Mouse properly.
    Does anyone of you have a similar, if not, the same issue? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance,
    later, Stephan

    I am having a similar problem with my IMac and Time Machine. During wireless Time Machine backups, the wireless mighty mouse and wireless keyboard disconnect. If the mighty mouse remains connected, it moves very slowly and is virtually unusable.
    So far I've thought of two potential problems to troubleshoot:
    1. I experience this problem when I connect to the Time Machine through the "802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)" wireless connection (set in the AirPort Utility), but I don't experience the same problem when I connect to the Time Machine through a wired ethernet connection. So it appears the b/g compatible setting is causing interference. I haven't tested to see if the "802.11n only" wireless connections causes this problem or not.
    2. I also wonder if the IMac does not have enough RAM to complete the wireless backup. My IMac has 2gigs of RAM, and during backups it maxes out. I plan to upgrade to 4 gigs to see if the problem continues. (Stephan, how much RAM to you have installed?)

  • Wireless Mighty Mouse Sputters During Network activity

    Has anyone figured this one out yet.
    I have a wireless mighty mouse that when you copy files to or from a computer off a network,
    it sputters and barely moves when trying to use it. If i plug in a usb mouse there is no problem at all.
    Was using a verizon wireless router and just bought an airport extreme. Guess what. Still does it. When I hard wire my computer to the router all works fine.
    I just cant think of what this could possibly be. Any help would be appreciated.

    There are a lot of people with this problem - mostly MacBook owners, but probably because they're more likely to have the wireless and BlueTooth running.
    I have the problem with a Logitech mouse on a Mac Mini -- cursor goes bonkers at random intervals, with terrible mouse lag, and I basically can't use the mouse when it's happening. It doesn't correlate with anything I can see in the Activity Monitor, but I can stop it if I turn off BOTH Airport and the router.
    Not likely to be RF interference with the signals, IMO, but some have reported that switching to an 802.11n router (or 802.11g with b compatibility disabled) solved the problem.

  • Bluetooth headset disconnects wireless Mighty Mouse

    I have a Jabra bluetooth pair of headphones (BT620S) that I use with my Intel iMac. They work great as headphones since they are connecting via A2DP. But they also have the option of being used as a headset, for example with softphones or similar. Only this is useless!
    Every time I connect as a headset, my mouse disconnects and the sound result I get is really bad. It's like an inch thick concrete wall is between the headset and the computer, even though I'm sitting immediately in front of it?!
    Any ideas? I've tried to unpair and pair both devices again. I also have a wireless Apple keyboard. Thanks!

    "can you tell my why it says that while 2 weeks ago my WIRELESS mighty mouse
    was working and that i was able to go into bluetooth icon and it was active???"
    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86496 Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Troubleshooting Connection Issues
    If the above Article is of no help and DaddyPaycheck does not have any more solutions then I suggest that you cross-post over in the Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Forums where the Bluethooth users hang out.

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