Withholding Tax Report  S_P00_07000134 not excluding vendor cash discount

Hi Gurus
I am running withholding tax report S_P00_07000134. The report output has gross endor payment. It is not excluding the cash discount amount in the output.
Can someone please help me as to how can we change the report S_P00_07000134 so that it displays amounts after excluding vendor cash discount?
I appreciate your help.

please refer the below notes
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Madhu M

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  • FBL1( VENDOR LEDGER REPORT)-  Withholding tax amount is not coming .

    Purchasing document number is not coming also.
    How these fields may appear in the above said report. Is any config missing ?
    Thanks in advance
    M K Agarwal

    TDS posted from MIRO will not reflect in line item report, i have taken opinion from SAP for the same issue few days back, SAP has given the following opinion.
    *With reference to the difference in behaviour as compared to the document posted for example from MIRO which is an MM transaction and FB60 which is a FI transaction please note the following:
    The withholding tax amount that you are using i.e. Field BSEG-QBSHB is designed to fill for the classic withholding tax. And extended withholding tax information is stored exclusive in table WITH_ITEM.
    Also note that MIRO does not give the user the control in case of Classical withholding tax. It only supports Extended withholding tax. Hence it does not populate BSEG fields in case of Extended WT.
    So in MIRO, the data for extended withholding tax are saved within the table WITH_ITEM and not within the table entry BSEG-QBSHB. The latter isnot updated during the procedure. Furthermore it is not possible to select data from table WITH_ITEM
    within the transaction FBL1N in a transparent and unique way, as FBL1N only reads BSEG / BSIK / BSAK tables.
    In your line layout,you define a field BSEG-QBSHB. But actually the field of vendor/customer line item is filled with zero from FI. Thus,it shows zero in line item display*
    Please review note 363309 for detailed explanation and explains the functionality which is valid even for your release.
    So it is not possible to display withholding tax information in the line item display transactions, since this information is not
    held in the BSEG / BSIK / BSAK tables, but is instead stored in the WITH_ITEM table.
    Please convey to your client, standard SAP will not show the TDS information in line item reports, documents posted from MIRO and refer  the note 363309.

  • Withholding tax report clarification: Witholding tax base not excluding VAT

    In witholding tax settings we have settings to to take NET amount as base.
    But for the entries where VAT is manually given Withhloding tax base is not excluding VAT?we are having an entry where we are inputting VAT manually using FB60.entry would be
    Cr Vendor.
    Where as it is taking net amount as base correctly for the cases where VAT is automatically calculated
    How is automatic calculated VAT is related to witholding tax base amt?

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    Therefore please update with more information or close thread.
    Thank you for your assistance.
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  • In fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing

    in fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing
    in sap note 363309 determines
    Remove the field which contains the withholding tax information (field BSEG-QSSHB) from your display
    If you want to display the withholding tax information, double-click on the document number and
    subsequently choose 'Withholding tax'.
    my doubt is we remove the field BSEG-QSSHB in layout how can show the withholding tax amount in FBLIN report
    how to remove from the layout
    please clarefy

    If you want to check amounts of withholding tax for the vendors, you have some options to view it. You can access the WITH_ITEM, LFC1 tables by SE16. You have too the S_P00_07000134 report. This report is developed for the Colombia but I already used for the another country with the ABAP development for this country.
    Also you can use table join BSIK and WITH_ITEM by SQVI for the open items and BSAK and WITH_ITEM for cleared items. It is more simple and fast.

  • S_P00_07000134 Generic Withholding Tax Reporting for US 1099

    Hi Every One!
    We are in the process of printing the 1099 forms for vendors. When we ran the report S_P00_07000134 for the vendors who exists in multiple companies, 1099 form is not summing-up the amounts for all the companies insted it is printing seperate forms for seperate companies with respective amounts.
    We wanted the form to sum-up all the company code amounts for a vendor and create only one form with accumilated amount of all the companies.
    Can you please help us in resolving this issue. This is very important for us to resolve immideatly.
    We are also seeing the message withholding tax reference number missing in the report, does this message has any significance with the actual problem.
    Your help is highly appreciated and rewarded.
    We are in ECC 6.0.
    Thank You,

    Did you get any fix for this issue. If so, can you please share.

  • Withholding Tax Report for the Vendor

    Hi Friends,
    I want to use the report S_PL0_09000447 - Withholding Tax Report for the Vendor, in the selection paramaters the field "Country Variant" is mandatory but in this list i cannot find the relevent country code here.
    Could any one please let me know where to maintain this?

    Dear Sapref,
    the documentation for that report says:
    To use the report for additional countries, select an appropriate
    variant as reference; hide the country-specific heading by selecting the
    field Country not in heading and entering the required country in the
    field Additional heading.
    Please be kindly informed that You can use an existing country variant which may match the closest to
    your requirement.
    Aas far as I know there is no country validation between the company code's country and
    the country variant.
    Please be kindly informed that You can use the generic report: RFIDYYWT.
    I hope this can help You.

  • S_P00_07000134  - Generic Withholding Tax Report

    The issue is with the S_P00_0700134 – Generic withholding tax report. Two Vendor invoices have been reversed but the reverse is not affected in the report. The report just shows the origninal invoice amounts.
    Thanks & Rgds

    Hi Nidini,
    I am getting the same problem, if you have any solution, kindly do the needful to me.
    Looking forward for an early and positive reply.
    Thanks & Regards

  • 1099 - S_P00_07000134 - Generic Withholding Tax Reporting

    When I run S_P00_07000134 - Generic Withholding Tax Reporting to generate the 1099 output I get the following errors
    1. Company code 3000's witholding tax reference number is missing
    2. Unable to print form IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC
    I chose the following in the program
    Process group:  US_1099
    Output group: US1
    Am I missing any configuration or something else here?
    Would appreciate any kind of help.

    Please review the online documentation for report RFIDYYWT located via help -> application help here you see the following information;
    If you need to make the tax references or the EDI Identifier of your companies available for lists or files or forms processing, you have to define the parameter types, that you usually use, in withholding tax reporting customizing. ( this may be pre-customized )
    If these data are not already defined in the Additional company code details table, you need to maintain the following parameters for each of your company codes :
    WT_TAX: Tax Reference provided by Tax Authorities when set up for fiscal Scheme
    WT_EDI: 4 characters EDI ID provided by Tax authorities when set up for EDI.
    To do this, select Environment>Additional details within the company code global data option
    Please assign points if it useful.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • S_P00_07000134 Generic Withholding Tax Report help needed!!!

    We have made all the required settings for country Thailand & we are running the report S_P00_07000134 - Withholding Tax -> General -> Generic Withholding Tax Reporting.
    The process type is STD & Output group is CER.
    Process followed:
    1. Posted a Invoice with FB60.
    2. Made the payment with F-53. EWT deducted at time of payment automatically based on settings.
    Now when running the above report, i get the message, No records were selected Message no. 7Q702
    Plz suggest what can be the reason for same.
    Points will be rewarded.

    This report is extremly delicate.
    It has a field (WT_SC_TEST_RUN) if is not checked, there are a 7Q702 Message

  • Withholding Tax Report for vendors

    Hello All,
    I want to output a WT ceritificate from the 'Withholding Tax Report for Vendors' ( TX Code:  S_PL0_09000447 and Prog name: RFKQST00 ) . Where in the IMG i can give my customer prog (ZRFKQST00) and its related form  ??
    Can ppl guide me how is the standard prog related to diff country variants ?
    Big Help required. Thanks
    Shehryar Dahar

    Hi Sehryar,
    In SPRO please check Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global settings -> Extended witholding tax ->Reporting -> Assign forms for witholding taxes.
    hope this helps you

  • S_P00_07000134 Generic Withholding Tax Report, Sender Variant, Footer Text

    Hi Experts,
    I'm using the standard report form for withholding tax, our requirement is to display the names of the signatories in the form     IDWTCERT_PH_2307.  I'm exploring the "Sender Variant" in the selection parameters under "Forms" tab.  Would this solve our issue?  Is the form customizable using the sender variant?
    If this is so, kindly guide me on how to maintain or configure the text?  So far, I have found the menu path in FI => FI Global Settings => Withholding Tax => Extended Withholding Tax => Generic Withholding Tax Reporting => Printouts => Define Header and Footer Texts in Forms, but I'm lost on how to customize this, particularly on the Text part.
    Please help.  Thank you.

    Hi Expert,
    Just Do the below settings as mentioned below:
    Go To T-Code: SE71 and provide Form - J_1IEWT_CERT and copy this form to New Z Form and in that Z Form, Select Page Window Option from SE71 and Edit the Main Window and provide the New Signature and Save these Changes and Assign this Z-Form to the Company Code, Business Place and Withholding Tax Keys in T-Code: J1INCRT and Try the complete scenario.

  • Withholding Tax Report

    Hi Friends,
    scenario: Vendor invoice posted with withholding tax, entry recorded is
    Vendor                           Cr   900
    Withholding tax payable Cr   100
    Expense account           Dr 1000
    Where withholidng tax payable is a GL account where all withholding tax payabe is credited for all vendors subjected to withholding tax.
    In the system there are two standard reports available
    S_P00_07000134 - Generic Withholding Tax Reporting
    S_PL0_09000447 - Withholding Tax Report for the Vendor
    these two reports show all the recorded tax line item for selected period irrespective of whether tax is paid or not,
    I was looking a report where in i can be able to view only withholding tax wich is to be paid i.e., all the open items in the withhholding tax payable account.
    Any one please came across such requirement.

    Hi ,
    In case if you are using CIN country version then you can view the report J1INMIS .
    In case if you want to view the open item in the GL account , then usually taxation accounts are maintained as open item managed .
    Use report FBL3N or FAGLL03 to view the GL account details , put the tick on open items only .
    Hope this helps .
    Regards ,
    Dewang T.

  • US Withholding tax report for 1099M missing amount

    HI all,
      When i run the 1099M Listing using S_ALR_87012143 for year 2009 with clearing date of 1/1/09 to 12/31/09 for one vendor,
    it shows the cleared and open items TOTAL correctly.  This includes one document with posting date of 12/31/2008 and the clearing date is 1/6/2009.  The rest of the included documents are with 2009 posting dates and clearing dates.
       However, when i run the US: WIthholding tax report for 1099M for this vendor for 2009, although the clearing date is 1/1/09 to 12/31/09, it did not show the correct total.  It is missing the amount for one document with posting date of 12/31/2008 and clearing date of 1/6/2009.    Is there anyway i could get this missing amount to be included for the year 2009 ?
    The tax report is using:  S_PL0_09000314 ( RFW1099M ).
       Please advise.

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  • Generic withholding Tax Reporting -- Technical Help

    Transaction -- S_P00_07000134
    Program name - RFIDYYWT
      I have a requirement to add 3 fields in the layout of the Generic withholding Tax Report. I dont know how exactly to go about it. I need to add Reference Number - XBLNR, Profit Center - PRCTR and Entity Number - VERAK.
    I have done the debugging but im not able to understand where do i insert my logic as all the layout is created by an BADI.
    Please help.

    My requirement is to add 3 fields in the standard output that is displayed...
    But everything in the program is generated by function modules and BADI's.. I dont know where do i incorporate my logic..
    Please Help...
    Its very urgent...

  • Withholding tax amount exceeds the customer/vendor line item amount 001

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to release an invoice using VF02 transaction but I recieved the below error message:
    Message no. 7Q321
    Withholding tax amount exceeds the customer/vendor line item amount 001
    There are 2 SAP (718078 and 513201) notes regarding that but they are not applicable in ECC 6.0.
    How can I figure out this issue?
    Daniel Dorta

    This may happen because you have give base exemption and after that charge tax. In this case you have posted earlier invoice w/o wht and now you are posting the small amount of invoice on which wht is calculated including the earlier exempt amt. In this case the wht exceeds the base amt.
    In this case if possible you first post the invoice with sufficient amount which can deduct the WHT .
    If your scenario is different give details.
    Milind Sonalkar

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