WLC software version for "N"

Greetings -
I have a WLC4402 currently running software version With 802.11n just getting officially ratified I was wondering what is the "Cisco-recommended" software version for 802.11n? Should I stay at or move up to 5.x/6.x? I have 1252 access points that are using 3560-E switches for ePoE (20w for powering both the 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz radios).
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thx for the reply.
I wanted to stay at version 4.2 if I could. Reason being is that 4.2.x has been very stable and reliable for me while I cannot say I have had the same experience with 5.x. If 4.2.x will support 802.11n then I will continue to use it. Being that the ratification was just announced a couple of weeks ago I didn't know if Cisco had version of software that they recommended for 802.11n deployments.
Thx again for your input.

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       1. Loaded from JIRA release numbers - maybe auto-generated for reference by LabVIEW when building the application
       2. Part of a custom build launcher
             >> This would be a custom interface that runs functions like those in Application Builder palette while also sending version info
             >> Perhaps it could prompt the user for version info or read from something auto-generated.
    - Builds should automatically make version numbers visible within the application (for example, LabVIEW has the Help>>About window)
    - Build numbers should be programmatically/dynamically accessible without having to install an additional .NET framework that isn't listed in 'Additional Installers'
    Curious if there are any tools that support these kinds of things. I am aware of Deploy by Wirebird Labs and Proligent by Averna, although I am lacking in knowledge about specific features.
    Dan Richards
    Certified LabVIEW Developer

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