Wont open my AIFF Files

I have some sound clips I would like to edit. They are AIFF, but it won't let me play the clips or add them to the timeline in soundtrack. Any suggestions?

The audio file is 44.100 khz, stereo, 16 bit. It was compressed with IMA 4:1. Are those settings wrong? I could possibly rerecord them with different settings.

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    I downloaded the new version of bridge and it wont open the raw files on my mac.

    hello and thank you for your suggestion. I have tried it and, when trying to open a program which I previously was able to, still get the following message:
    Remote XUL
    This page uses an unsupported technology that is no longer available by default in Firefox.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
    Seems unbelievable that I previously had no problem and now I do. Have you any suggestions to overcome this? Do you think I can go back further in Firefox history to get a version that will make it possible to access this. Many thanks! Lynn


    numbers wont open my downloaded file, of 2.2mb it says its too large? please help

    Taking Numbers at its word, you have no choice but to trim down that file before importing.
    If it's a financial printout, you could restrict the date range. If it came from a friend or colleague, you could ask that person to send it in parts.
    The problem probably isn't the overall size, but rather that it may have more than 256 Columns or more than 65,535 rows. Those limits are from memory, perhaps plus or minus 1.

  • I have just got a Nikon D810 but CC wont open my raw file, can anyone help me please?

    I have just got a Nikon D810 but CC wont open my raw file, can anyone help me please?

    Ah ok shall try that now, thank you very much for your help

  • Need help badly. project file wont open. saying damaged file or may contain outdated elements. please help

    project file wont open. damaged file or contains outdated elements message. i believe its an XML error but i dont know how to fix it. please help

    As a happy user of the Matrox RT.X2 for many years, and later an equally happy user of a Matrox MXO2, I can say from experience that it is highly unlikely that this problem has anything to do with the Matrox hardware!
    Can you open a new blank project, and save it?
    If you cannot import your faulty project into a new project, can you import the sequence from your faulty project?
    Have you tried clearing the Media Cache, clearing your preferences, etc. - all among the techniques used to resurrect a Premiere Pro project that has gone bad???

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    doiwnloaded new update, now itunes wont open saying files missing. help

    Try the following user tip:
    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates

  • Firefox4 just upgraded, wont open any localhost files or phpmyadmin

    Just upgraded to firefox4
    Now phpmyadmin wont open in firefox. localhost files wont open all go to a blank page. I can copy and paste the same address in google chrome and go to it.

    I have not heard of this problem before.  Have you tried a system permissions repair, and then de-activate your software (Help->Deactivate) and then run the Adobe - Adobe CS4 Clean Script before re-installing?

  • Maverick wont open 2007 keynote files

    I upgraded to Maverick and also updated keynote. Now I get the message that I cannot open my older (2007)  keynote files.
    Message says open them in 2009 which I no longer have. What do I do to open them?

    Does the Keynote icon you are using look like this?
    If so, my suggestion will not help.  But if not, read on:
    Control-click the old Keynote application in your dock and drag it off the dock.  Enjoy watching it go "poof" and disappearing with a puff of smoke.
    Open the Applications folder.  Find the Keynote version that looks like the icon above.  Drag it to your dock.  Then use it to open the old file.

  • Reader wont open a zip file

    When i try to open a zip file with adobe
    reader i get a message saying it is unable
    to open the file either because it is not a
    supported type or the file is corrupt

    Most programs, including Adobe Reader, cannot open documents that are compressed into a ZIP file.  You have to use a dedicated program (such as WinZip, or Windows) to extract the compressed file first, then open it with the target program.

  • Photoshop wont open .mp4 video file

    When i try to open an mp4 video photoshop prompts me that i need a quicktime version 7.1 or higher , i have 7.7.1
    I have photoshop CS5 extended which as far as i know should be able to open .mp4 files.
    Any ideas?
    This is what i get

    Can you actually open and run the file in Quicktime?
    Could you be missing a codec?

  • Wont open up mp3 files

    Is any one else having problems opening up new mp3 files with itunes 11.0?

    We need more details on what you mean by "problems".  They won't add?  They won't play?  Error messages?

  • Some pdf files wont open error "this file is damaged and could not be repaired"

    just recently this error has occured on a number of email pdf attachments
    "there was an error oping this document. the file is damaged and could not be reapiared"
    I am using Mozilla thunderbird and adobe reader 10.1.2.
    I have forwarded the attachments to other edress's and get the same error
    whn i download the attachment to my pc and check the properties
    the general tab gives the file size etc but the PDF tab is empty except for
    Fast Web View NO and Pdf version 0.0
    i am running winxp professional

    What can you see when you open the file with a text editor?

  • When i download files they wont open especially PDF files

    whenever i download documents it downloads then when i click to open them nothing happens

    Thanks Eric, Most files i download is from a  incident management application developed from my employer.  i use that all day long. I think you are partially correct, The application that i use may be creating these subfolders and using to put files into that.
    I will update this thread if i see that some other standard applications like safari / Mail are downloading into subfolders.
    Is some one else facing this issue??  

  • Excel 2008 wont open excel files from at WHS network share.

    hi all
    i have a strange problem here, i own a mac mini the 2.53ghz model bought a month ago, and a macbook (the white model) also bought a month ago, both running all the latest software updates, and office 2008 for mac, with all the latest updates
    on the mac mini, i can´t open any excel documents that are stored on a shared folder on my windows home server, it just says
    excel cannot open this file the file might have been damaged or modified from its original format
    but when i try to open the same document on the macbook, it opens just fine?
    i have tried to remove office 2008 and reinstall it on the mac mini, but that didnt help, and the strange thing is if i move the excel files, from my windows home server, to another windows home server, it opens just fine on the mac mini
    i then suspected that it was the WHS that was ****** up, and deleted the account on the WHS where the folders were stored, rebooted the whs, and added the account again, but with the same result, the mac mini wont open the excel files, it will open word files, from the same folder.
    and the macbook will still open both excel and word files, from the same folder?
    i´m really confused now, and cant seem to pinpoint the error, and hope that someone can give me some pointers of where to look?
    Carsten Larsen

    You're pobably better off posting your question on Microsoft's own forums for their Mac products, as it's their software you're having issue with:

  • Project file wont open

    I cant open my Premiere Pro project files. After renaming some of the source files now Premiere says 'file format not supported'  when I try to open.  The same computer and program generated these files. I know I have to relink the media but any ideas why it wont open  the project files?
    Premier Pro 7.0
    HP Pavilion Elite m9515y, PC

    Are these MPEG, or VOB's? If so, this Adobe KB Article might help.
    If they are M2t files, then this ARTICLE might help.
    If none of the above, please tell us the full details of your Assets and also you Project Presets.
    Good luck,

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