Word property with multiple lines

Good Morning,
I have a Document Library with an Word template, I fill some properties of the library so I can put this properties in the template. I am trying to write a line break, Any idea?

According to your post, my understanding is that you want to use Word property with multiple lines.
Per my knowledge, you can remove two updates: KB2760769 and
The working version of office is 14.0.6129.5000.
Here is a similar thread for your reference:
More information:
Office 2010 Update KB2760758 Incorrectly Checks Multi-Line Columns
As this question is more relate to Word, I suggest you post it to the corresponding forum, you will get more help and confirmed answers from there.
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  • Property with multiple lines in a props file

    Hi All
    I am basically trying to create a property which should be seperated into multiple lines once displayed on the user screen/view.
    for e.g.
    displayToUserProperty=Hello mr user. How are you?
    And I want it to be displayed like:
    Hello every one.
    How are you?
    For this I have tried to insert both the <br> and
    tags between the 2 lines but both the tags were actually displayed on the screen as part of the text.
    For the time being i have created 2 properties but I would like it to be a single one.
    Any suggestions?
    many thanks in advance :)

    lucky_ali80 wrote:
    For this I have tried to insert both the <br> and
    tags between the 2 lines but both the tags were actually displayed on the screen as part of the text.You shouldn't escape them. Set the escape attribute of h:outputText to 'false'.

  • How to Restrict Single Delivery Date for PO with Multiple Line Items

    Dear Experts,
    How to Restrict Single Delivery Date for PO with Multiple Line Items.
    System needs to through Error Message if User Inputs Different Delivery Dates for PO with Multiple Line Items in ME21N Tcode.
    Can we achive this by Some Enhancement in SAP or Not ???
    If so how to do it.
    Any Inputs is highly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Selvakumar. M

    Hi Selvakumar,
    we can resrict the PO to have a single delivery date in all the line items by means of giving a error message or overwiting the delivery date keyed/determined in the line item.
    You can use the BADI -> ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST. In which you need to implement the method PROCESS_SCHEDULE.
    (for technical aid - This method will be called for each and every PO line item, From the imporing parameter im_schedule we can get all the details of current PO line, even we can change the data in the current PO line. )

  • Error Message with multiple line

    How to display a error message with multiple line?
         Goods movement not possible for material 101
         Goods movement not possible for material 102
         Goods movement not possible for material 103
    is it possible is ABAP? If so please advice me.
    Best Regards

    Hi Anoop,
    You can use same thing like this
    I suggest write ur message through this.
    First set the obecj.
    for local memory
                  OBJECT              = OBJECT
                  SUBOBJECT           = SUBOBJECT
                  MESSAGES            = MESSAGE_TABLE
                  OBJECT_NOT_FOUND    = 1
                  SUBOBJECT_NOT_FOUND = 2
                  OTHERS              = 3.
    the call for physical memory
    In this process you only need to provide the Itab with error messages.

  • Partial goods receipt for PO with multiple line items

    Hello All,
    While doing MIGO, for a PO with multiple line items, if one line item is having error, will we be able to go ahead with goods receipt? Or entire material document is blocked for doing MIGO?
    We will be doing a development - in case if there is problem in goods receipt (checking of any parameter, and if it is missing - we will be posting error message)...is it possible to ahead with next line item and still post the material document?
    If partial goods receipt if possible for PO with multiple line items, how do we do it?

    While doing MIGO, for a PO with multiple line items, if one line item is having error, will we be able to go ahead with goods receipt? Or entire material document is blocked for doing MIGO?
    No. You cannot post the MIGO, if even one of the PO line item is having problem or giving error.
    We will be doing a development - in case if there is problem in goods receipt (checking of any parameter, and if it is missing - we will be posting error message)...is it possible to ahead with next line item and still post the material document?
    If you skip a line irem and do GR with next line item, how will you match quantity & value with the vendor Invoice at LIV ?
    If partial goods receipt if possible for PO with multiple line items, how do we do it?
    Partial goods receipt is possible for PO line items. That means, if PO has 100 qty for line item 1 then you can do GR for 50 now and 50 later depending on the vendors delivery.
    Hope this is what you mean by "Partial Goods Receipt".
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  • Word document with multiple sections generates multiple pdf?

    Hello everyone,
    I'm a new and happy Mac user, but not fully able to use this. I hope you can help.
    I have a Word document, with multiple sections that I want to convert into pdf. When I used to do this with the PC, I didn't have problems. I used to use Click to Convert and I normally used to get one single pdf file.
    Now, using the pdf button wit the Mac, I get separate pdf files, one for each section. Is there a way that I can create a single pdf, with all the sections in order? If not, how can I merge the pdf in one single pdf file?
    Thanks in advance.

    just to let you know I have sorted this.
    http://macintoshhowto.com/leopard/how-to-merge-pdf-files-with-preview-in-leopard .html

  • Create ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items

    Hi ,
    I want to create a ecatt script for one sales order creation with multiple line items. Preferably SAP GUI.
    This selection of data will be from an external file/ variants which will have only one row of data in it.
    Firstly: I have to sort the external file having same PO Numbers in an order.Group them together.
    Second: I have to create sales order for those many line items having same PO Number.
    Best Regard

    Hi Micky
    Firstl you should upload the Line items for a particular sales Order in an Internal table
    and then pass that internal table to your BAPI during your coding corresponding to a particu;lar sales order
    In case of any issues pls revert back
    Reward points if helpful

  • Unable to create PO with multiple line items through LSMW-BAPI method

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement of creating PO through LSMW. I can't use LSMW standard batch input program since there are some fileds not available and also it has many limitations. I'm using LSMW-BAPI method ( Business object BUS2012) which create IDOC and uses BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to ultimately post the PO in the system. I am trying to create PO from a single file which contains both Header and Item data.
    Now my problem is that everytime PO is being created with Single line item only. Everytime I am giving multiple item data in the source file LSMW is preparing multiple IDOCs for multiple line items. As per my understanding this is happenng since header and item is in the same hierarchy level of IDOC type PORDCR102 and the control record is inserted for every line item in the source file.
    It seems that through LSMW-BAPI  it is not possible to create PO with multiple line items. Can anybody provide some input regarding this? Thanks in advance.
    Atanu Mukherjee

    Solved by myself.
    Earlier the problem was that LSMW was not being able to recognize items under same header. It was creating new IDOCs every time it gets a new item. To enable this we need to create two structure HEADERDATA and ITEMDATA.  Two additional identifier fields with identifier value 'H' and 'I' should be added in these two structures respectively. Then we need one sequential file with the identifiers field followed by the header and Item data. Example:
    H~header data
    I~item data
    I~item data 
    This would help the standard program to understand what are the items under same header and ultimately create PO with multiple line items.
    Atanu Mukherjee

  • One order with multiple lines in OM is creating multiple invoices

    Application: Oracle 11i (11.5.3)
    Modules implemented: GL, OM, AR, AP, PO and CM
    Business Requirement:
    Our client would like to create Order consisting of multiple lines in Order Management.
    The Orders created in OM with multiple lines could be booked, picked, released and transferred
    over to Accounts Receivable. On transferring over the Orders from Order Management to Accounts
    Receivables using Auto Invoice process the Order should create ONE invoice with multiple lines.
    Moreover, for the multiple lines created on an invoice deferred revenue could be applied.
    ( eg. An order is placed for software and support. The support is to be invoiced all at once but revenue deferred to 1/12
    recognized each month as revenue is earned.)
    Right now we are getting two invoices. It is putting the deferred revenue item on a seperate invoice. Is this normal
    functionality? How can I get both on one invoice.

    Hello Monique,
    Well you can have one invoice generated for an order with multiple lines. This is possible by changing some rules in Account Receivables. Use the grouping rules under setups->autoinvoice in AR. You can club your invoices based on any of the columns of ra_interface_lines_all. Hope this works for you.

  • String Array declaration with multiple lines

    I have an array declaration with several indexes where it covers multiple lines.
    Please advise if this is the best way to declare an array declaration with multiple lines:
    String cityString = "San Diego, Oakland, London, New York, Dublin," +
    "Dallas, Milan";
    String city[] = cityString.split(",");

    String[] city = {"San Diego", "Oakland", "London",
    "New York", "Dublin", "Dallas", "Toronto"};You can use indentation and line breaks as you like, as usual in Java.

  • Download to excel with multiple lines in header

    Hi experts,
    Is there any Funtion module available to download an internal table contents into Local directory of PC with multiple lines in header.
    i.e.  let us say i hv internal table of 5 entries with 3 columns...
    i need to download this 5 entries into an excel file with some texts above the table contents...
    For eg : in the below format...
    Sample line 1
    sample line 2
    sample line 3
    colheader1     colheader2     colheader3
    Please help.
    Edited by: Lakshmiraj on Jul 15, 2010 3:26 AM

    There is another option of using OLE automation Please check the link below
    chek for the example program in Tcode DWDM ( OLE example )
    Use FM KCD_EXCEL_OLE_TO_INT_CONVERT ( Fm Uses the same OLE automation)
    Hope it helps

  • Creating SVG Chart with multiple lines

    Hi All,
    I want to create a chart with multiple lines.
    Ex: I have one emp table with empno, sal and deptno columns.
    I want to print deptno in x axis and no of employees on y axis.
    I want to print one line for employees with sal > 15000 and one more line for employee with sal =< 15000
    So one line will show no of employees with sal more than 15000 for each dept. Similar case for the other line and these 2 lines should be in different colors.
    For one line the query will go as
    select link, deptno, count(empno)
    from emp where sal > 15000 group by null, deptno
    Is this possible to draw this chart?

    I wasn't able to do something like what you describe, but I was able to do this:
    I defined column A of the table as a Header Row, selected the cells in the table, and chose this chart type (2D 2 Axis):
    Then I clicked the chart and in the pane at the right checked 'Axis Name' in the Axis tab and added the axis names.
    Maybe this can give you an idea of how you can illustrate the relationships that you want to show.

  • SQLPLUS: define variable with multiple lines

    Hi All,
    I need define a varaible with multiple lines as following:
    define schema_name = 'aaa',
    select * from tb_test where sName in &schema_name;
    However, it seems SQLPLUS dose not like the way I define the variable. What I want to do is to select * from tb_test where sName in ('aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc'). I would like to use multiple lines in the define.  Any suggestion?

    If the substitution variable contains special characters, such as spaces or single-quotes, then enclosed the whole value in double-quotes, like this:
    DEFINE  schema_list = "'aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc'"
    If you really need linefeeds in the value, then you might have to use COLUMN ... NEW_VALUE (or OLD_VALUE) to set the value.  For example:
    COLUMN schema_list_col NEW_VALUE schema_list
    SELECT  '''aaa'', ' || CHR (10)
         || '''bbb'', ' || CHR (10)
         || '''ccc'''     AS schema_list_col
    FROM    dual;

  • Printing PDFs with Multiple lines enabled

    Hi, I need some help with Designer. I have no clue how to really use it, I've been playing with it for a week, but some things I can't figure out.
    I have a text field that fits about 1 line of text on it. I enabled multiple lines in the field, because people are going to be typing a lot. However, when I print it, only 1 of the lines shows up. Is there any way that I can fix the settings so that the box expands as the text is typed, and that if it can expand, the entire page shrinks to keep it to the same amount of page numbers instead of bumping everything down the page? If someone out there knows, please help!!!

    Maybe this can help:
    1 - Save your form as a Dynamic Form
    2 - Place a subform with Flow content
    3 - Place a text box with multiple line in the sub form. Make it expand to fit (layout tab) and Data Format XHTML (binding tab)
    4 - Put the contents in the field
    5- Click outside the field and print it.

  • Text with multiple lines limit each line to 10 digits

    Im trying to create a Numeric Field with multiple lines and limit the character per line to 10
    ideally I want the users to be able to paste in a 10 digit number similar to this:
    I can set my pattern to num{zzzzzzzzzz} but not sure how to allow multiple lines
    Im using Adobe LC ES2 Verison 9.0

    better option is to use INCLUDE statement in SCRIPTS. its a script control command and you no need to use READ_TEXT and to loop it and send each line to script.
    if you use the above INCLUDE control command, SAP will take care of printing total text of that Object.
    here is the syntax :
    <b>/: INCLUDE name [OBJECT o] [ID i] [LANGUAGE l] [PARAGRAPH p] [NEW-PARAGRAPH np]</b>
    here /: indicates its an Control command.
    you have to use NAME, ID, LANGUAGE adn OBJECT here.
    if you give these details in the Text editor of script layout,automatically data will be printed on the screen.
    Hope you got the Idea.
    <b>here is brief help about INCLUDE:</b>
    Use INCLUDE to include the contents of another text into your text. The text to be included exists separately from yours and is only copied at the time of the output formatting. With INCLUDE, since the text is only read and inserted during the output formatting, the most current version of the required text is always available.
    and IF you are very specific about using READ_TEXT to display the contents,
    then you have to LOOP that table and call the WRITE_FORM to print the line on the layout.
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