Work provided, pre-configured, Linksys router

Couldn't figure out how to get the mac to work with my secure wifi network so we just opened it up. 9 months later, work provided me a mandatory router to use with my intel work laptop. Not real interested in using 2 routers at the house.
Here's the config that work provided on this router:
Configuration and profile contain the following:
Time Zone changed to “Central”
Router address changed to
Router password changed to h3lpd3sk
SSID name changed to LS54gJFG
SSID broadcasting: Disabled
WEP 128bit Encryption Enabled, Key 1: 661799CE0CD0CA8F8FAC40CD48
Passphrase SPEK4LS54gJFG
How do I configure this on the Mac. I tried the wizard and tried dumping the web and the passphrase into different fields but the DANG thing will not connect to the network. There are instructions for employee's to connect intel personal computers to this wifi device so it's not an issue of only allowing corp PC's to the router, but rather just need to know how to do this w/ a mac.

In as much as the SSID Broadcast has been disabled you will need to select "Other" in the drop down Airport status in the menu. Then type in " LS54gJFG". Then you will need to put in the password "661799CE0CD0CA8F8FAC40CD48". Sometimes a $ sign in front of the password may be required to get in. Your other option is to reconfigure the router. In a browser type in the router's address. You have the router password. Then open it up to what you want. Your other option is to reset the router to factory default by pressing in and holding the reset button.

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    Sorry to come here, but I have a linksys E1200 router connected to a modem Zyxel P600 Series, and I suffer every 24 hours exact connections with the modem connected only works perfect, but with the router every 24 hours Connection signal is lost no or limited so look for a guide aver if set correctly. Thank you in

    It could be that when the modem renews the connection, the new IP address issued does not register on the router hence the disconnections. If the Internet Connection Type on the router is set to PPPoE, ensure that the "Keep Alive" option is selected. If it's set to Automatic Configuration DHCP, enabling MAC Clone might help. Go to the MAC Address Clone subtab under Setup and click on "Clone my PC's MAC".
    Also ensure that the router and the modem are not in the same network. Check the Internet IP address under Status. If the IP shows 192.168.1.x, make sure your router's LOCAL IP is not the same network as the modem's. You can change the router's IP address under Setup. Use 192.168.X.1 where X can be any number except 1 (for example:

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    the WRT 54 is donated and we are trying to expand to cover more computers from our original 8 pport Linksys rouoter and add wireless. Plugged the WRT internet into a port from the original router and it shows the IP address as for each of the additional computers we hook up with ethernet and the wireless IP is also of that sequence for IP addressing. But we cannot get to the Internet. The WRT 54 as a stand alone router works just fine, ethernet and wireless Internet connections. Is there something we need to do to set up the WRT to work behind the other Linksys router.
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    see here.

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    I can't print to my hp photosmart 1315 with my airport connected to my linksys router. I can only print directly with USB. I had the airport express tested at the apple store and it worked fine with my printer, but now at home, on hte linksys wireless network, the green light is on but the printer doesn't print. I called the help line but they were no help...don't support linksys...
    Please help me!

    In this configuration, you just need to set up the AX as a bridge to allow you Linksys router to continue to provide the NAT & DHCP services for the entire network.
    To set up the AirPort Express Base Station (AX) as a bridge, either connect to the AX's wireless network or temporarily connect your computer directly (using an Ethernet cable) to the Ethernet port of the AX, and then, using the AirPort Admin Utility (located in the \Applications\Utilities folder), make these settings:
    Network tab
    - Distribute IP addresses (unchecked)
    - Apply the new setting.

  • Linksys router no longer works with Westell 6100 modem

    Hi all,
    I came back after a 3 month work absence (and many days power outages, according to the neighbors), to find that my system can no longer connect to the internet using the Verizon Westell 6100 modem to a Linksys wrt54G router to 2 PCs!
    I reset the Westell modem and directly connected the PC to it and THAT works okay, but put the router back in the mix (so I can connect my other PC) and nothing works!
    I have read on this forum about 'Bridgeing" the Westell modem but nothing about setting up the router.
    Can someone PLEASE give me explicit instructions on how to:
        1.)  set up the Westell modem in this "Bridge" mode,
        2.)  Set up the Linksys router to work with the modem again??
        3.)  Tell me why the old setup no longer works, did verizon change something for this modem?
    Thank you VERY much for your help in this matter!
    SUE  ;>)

    the router has two connections.  one is called a WAN and that is a wide area network, and it means the internet in your case.  and one is called a LAN, local area network.  
    what you saw means - that the way you connect to your internet is through PPPoE, a username and a password. 
    and then way your LAN connects is DHCP,  how all of your local computers connect.  This is important, because after you bridge the westell, you will be setting your Linksys up for PPPoE connection, and NOT DHCP.      if you don't do this step, then you will never connect.  
    that is fine, and normal.  if you follow the instructions at the link provided - you will be able to connect real easily.   
    you will want to bridge the westell just follow the instructions for "If your Westell uses the red and black Verizon firmware:"

  • How do I configure my Airport to work well with a Linksys WRT54G?

    I have DSL Extreme coming into my house in bridge mode. (Don't know the specifics, but they said that's how it has to work.) I had my Airport Extreme connected to the modem, sending out a nice wireless signal.
    I was given a Linksys WRT54G Ver. 6 wireless router, and I thought I'd use it as the main router connected the modem. I also want to use it as a wireless access point for one half the house for b/g devices AND I also want to set up the Airport Extreme as another wired access point for the other half of the house for n devices.
    So, I set up the Linksys as the main router sending out a wireless signal on channel 1 for b/g devices. I connected the WAN port of the Airport to one of the open LAN ports on the Linksys, changed the Airport to Bridge mode, and set up a new wirelss network to broadcast on a different channel. Unfortunately, this isn't working. Only the Linksys wireless is working properly, i.e. connected to the internet. The Airport broadcasts the wireless signal, but it isn't connecting to the internet.
    I've tried changing the IP address of the Airport to one that falls within the range of the Linksys (192.168.1.x) and making sure that the subnet of the Airport is identical to the Linksys. I've also added the DNS servers, although I'm not sure why the Airport Admin Utility asked for this. Regardless, nothing works. I'll get a green light, but there's no connectivity to the internet.
    I've also tried connecting to a LAN port and not the WAN port on the Airport. No joy there.
    I've read through numerous threads, and they all seem to indicate that my original set up should work. I've upgraded my Linksys firmware, to no avail. I don't want the Airport to be a repeater as there is a reduction in speed. I want to have two separate wireless access points.
    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    Ok, I got you. Prior to the introduction of the simultaneous dual-band routers, the only way to mimic them was exactly what you are trying to do. Connect two routers by Ethernet and create separate wireless networks to allow clients to connect to either as appropriate.
    You are also correct that the upstream router (Linksys) should have both NAT & DHCP enabled and that the downstream router (AirPort) be configured as a bridge. The only recommendation is to set the AirPort's static Private IP address to one just outside of the Linksys' DHCP server range instead of inside it to prevent the same IP address being handed out to multiple clients.
    You could do this a number of ways, but the simplest would be to use the Configure IPv4 = Manually option on the TCP/IP tab within the AirPort Utility. Use the LAN-side IP address of the Linksys for the Router Address, and the appropriate DNS server addresses (either your ISP's or a service like OpenDNS). The Domain Name field can be left blank.
    Since the AirPort is in bridge mode, it really doesn't matter which Ethernet port (WAN or LAN) you connect the Linksys to, but for consistency, I would recommend the WAN (circle-of-dots) port.

  • Best configuration for a LinkSys Router

    I've had the best wifi signal using a new LinkSys E3000 router, but it's varied depending on the band/channel. Can anyone else with a LinkSys router recommend settings that work best with an iPad?
    Here's mine:
    LinkSys E3000
    20MHz channels
    Static IP, using DHCP reservation
    36-48 channels
    SSID broadcast enabled

    Let me know the distance between wrt54gs router and the access point...
    If the distance is 60 to 70 feet you may try this...Though AP Client will only work with another WAP54G you may still try this...This set up will not work if you try to communicate the WRT54GX2 router with WAP54G, so you need to configure the WRT54GS router with WAP54G...
    1) Connect the WRT54GS router to the modem and configure the WRT54GS router for internet access...Once you are done configure your Access Point in Access Point Client Mode...For this you need to log in to your wrt54gs router and go to status tab, click on Wireless subtab under Status...Note down the MAC Address...
    2) Now access the set-up page of your Access Point, click on AP Mode and select AP Client and in the Remote Access Point's LAN MAC Address field type the Wireless MAC Address you took note in Step1 and click Save Settings...
    3) Match the Wireless Settings and IP Address settings on both the devices(WRT54GS and WAP54G)...
    4) Connect the WAP54G on the LAN/ETHERNET Port of the WRT54GX2 router and disable it's DHCP...Change the Wireless Settings on the WRT54GX2 router and connect your wireless clients to the router...See if this works...

  • Linksys router wrt54g works with pc laptop but not mac desktop

    i have a linksys router wrt54g. using my pc laptop i configured the router with a wep password. my pc laptop asked for the wep once and has no problems connecting everytime i turn it on. my older(powermac2,1) desktop (mac os x) asked for a wep password i entered one of the four given me by the router and it worked. on later attempts to access the router i have been unsucessful. i am asked for a wep password and when i enter it i am told the password is not correct. when i reset the router, airport has no problem connecting but i have no security. also i can't access the router online like i can with the pc laptop.
    can anyone help???
      Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    try a "$" before your password

  • Linksys router configuration

    OK, first off, I swear I'm not an idiot. I had my linksys router working fine and for reasons that will go undisclosed (because they may fly in the face of my "I'm not an idiot" statement) I reset my router and modem and needed to set everything up again. I got the modem (DSL) reconfigured and functional but I cannot for the life of me get the router functioning again. (I called linksys and they said they couldn't talk to me unless I paid them $45 to buy a support program)
    I know for sure that I have the cables connected properly (DSL to modem, modem to 'internet' port on router, router port1 out to computer)
    I have gone to and configured the router several times based on two or three different websites. This has included setting the router name and setting the SSID and saving settings within the configuration module any time I did anything.
    I've also gone into System Prefs/Network and done some stuff in there. The current settings are:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    DNS Server:,
    Under "Advanced" I've got the TCP/IP tab with:
    Configure IPv4 Using DHCP (grey out pulled down menu)
    IPv4 Address
    Subnet Mask:
    Last night when I was working with directions from the linksys website I had the router address set to also.
    I would be THRILLLLEDD if anyone could help me.
    Thanks so much.
    Peter Booth

    what about the settings between the modem and the router?
    If your modem is a router (and it is not in bridge mode) then you will have to set the IP address
    accordingly. Say the modem IP is (on the lan side, then your settings on the router
    (on the wan side) would be something like for IP, DNS, Gateway, mask
    If your modem is not a router (or is stuck in bridge mode), then your router (on the wan side)
    will be your IP's settings. You will have to use DHCP unless you have a static IP.
    I had the same problem a while back, and what happened was my modem/router got hung in
    bridge mode after I reset it trying to get it to work (via my IP's tech support instructions) when
    I upgraded my DSL speed. My tech guy told me to return the modem and exchange it because
    once the thing gets stuck in bridge mode the only way to get it out is to send it back to the factory
    repair shop. I sent it back because I like running the dual firewall arrangement (my firewall/router
    and the modem firewall/router).
    Make sure the modem/router is not using the same IP address range (on the lan side) as your
    router uses (on its lan side), other wise you could have conflicting IP addresses between the two.

  • Linksys router no longer working

    I have had NO problem swith my linksys router unti I installed the model Westell 6100F.  After having to perform a hard reset on the dsl modem to get it to work. I tried to reconnect my router to my network and it will not connect.  I can connect to the net directly through the dsl modem but NOT through  the router. My router worked for years until Installed this new dsl modem.  I am using dhcp with all factory defaults for the router. - has anyone had this problem ?
    My router is a Linksys BEFSR41.
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    Thank Provider 7.  The next day I noticed that my router and the new dsl modem were using the same address. Off I changed the address of the router and everything worked just fine.   For those of you who had the same problem go to the Linksys website and search the FAQ at
    Although I could have done it by myself there were step by stpe instructions - always nice to make sure you cover all the bases. So everything is working fine. I hope this post helps someone else !

  • HELP PLEASE !!! Can't get Linksys router to work.

    Okay, I am a new owner of an Alu-imac 2.4 ghz !!!!!!
    Installed Leopard last night and wanted to get my internet set up and ……. IT DIDN'T WORK !!!!!!!!
    The Diagnostic thing wouldn't recognize my internet.
    (Info for you):
    1) I have an Linksys wireless router that is right behind the computer. I have to have a router for my 360 and my PS3 across the room. So I had the cable internet modem hooked to the wireless router and then to the computer. (just like it was hooked up to my PC)
    2) I tried everything I could think of to get it to work. The diagnostic show that the Ethernet had a green light, but it would not let me online at all.
    3) So then I tried unplugging the modem and the router and still nothing. (It gets stuck on the page where it asks "do you use a cable modem, if so please restart it and then hit continue") And still nothing.
    4) So then I tried to just run the internet straight from the cable modem to the imac, and this didn't work either….. Then for some reason like a 1/2 later the network settings brought up the IP and everything and I had internet.
    5) *But I need my Linksys router to be used !!!!* Is there any advice any of you can give me !!! I can call Linksys if I need to when I get off work, but I thought maybe some of you could help me first. *I did have to call Linksys before I could get the router to work on my old PC as well*, so maybe it's something with them ????
    HELP PLEASE !!!! I want to love my Imac so much.

    fonz500, are you still having this issue or is this now a dead thread?
    Let us know if your still need help.

  • TS1398 Hi.. My internet and wifi are working on samsung phone and hp laptop but its not getting connected to iphone ipad, only skype is coming online rest all apps and safari show no internet connection. Got new linksys router WRT160NL , but situation sam

    Hi.. My internet and wifi are working on samsung phone and hp laptop but its not getting connected to iphone ipad, only skype is coming online rest all apps and safari show no internet connection. Got new linksys router WRT160NL , but situation same. Tried reboot, renew lease, forget network, reset network setting. Pls advice

    Have you tried a simple reset of your iPod to see if that helps?  To do this, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.
    Otherwise, have you tried any of the troubleshooting mentioned in this Apple support document?
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections

  • How do i configure my airport to work with my other wireless router

    how do i configure my airport to work with my other wireless router? I want to be able to listen to itunes through my speakers wirelessly.

    Please check out the following Apple Support article for details on the many methods to use an AirPort Express for iTunes streaming.

  • Need help to set wireless Linksys Router WRT150N to work with Nettalk Duo

    I have Linksys Router WRT150N , connect to it Nettalk Duo but there is no ring tone, the orange light is flashing trying to connect, then i have the green light blinking then go Red.
    I thied to call Nettalk but no answer to their phone, chat with customer support at last they said someone from technical support will call back, but that not happen since two weeks.
    I make several tickets to them but no reply, service is very bad.
    Please any help to configer inside the router to recognise Nettalk, i have cable internet they said there is no blockage from there side.

    Hey sam63. Based from what I've read, RED lights means the device has failed to connect to the network. I'd suggest that you perform a powercycle. Unplug the power of the NetTalk Duo and the router for 30 seconds. Once done, power on the NetTalk first then, the router. Also, make sure that it is properly connected to the router's Ethernet port and the router is working online. You may try using another Ethernet cord or plug it into another Ethernet port. 
    If that won't work still, I found a link that might help you. Here:
    Help, learn and share

  • Issue in Configuring Linksys RV042 router

    I am facing some issues in configuring the Linksys RV042 router with dual WAN configuration. We are having two internet connection and I want to perform the "Load balancing" between the two internet connections. I have followed the RV042 manual and configured the router.
    But while using the Linksys RV042 for load balancing the "Outlook 2007" and "MSN" are frequently disconnecting in the client machines. We could not use the Linksys RV042 router because of this issue.
    We are using the "Static IP" for the two internet connection and configured with manual. We are facing issue only in "Outlook" and "MSN" but I can browse the sites without any issues.
    Is there any configurtaions needed? Please help us to get the solution in this issue.
    If you need any more details please mail me @ [email protected]
    Thanks in Advance,
    R. Manikandan.

    R. Manikandan,
    Without knowing more about your configuration, and the reason for "Outlook" and "MSN" disconnecting.  I would suggest that you look at the following documentation for setting up "Dual WAN" on the RV042.
    It sounds like you may need to setup "Protocol Bindings" for your SMTP traffic to be directed out a specific WAN port.
    If you continue to have issues, please let us know.

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