Hello All,
When I am trying to forward workflow item using SWIA , I am getting the message like " WS is not a valid object type for a task".
It's in statuts "STARTED" and AGENT is "SAP WORKFLOW".
How can I forward this item to user as workflow administrator.

Please follow the below steps........
1. If you have the workflow instance number
Oepn table SWWWIHEAD through tcode se11/se12/se16
Enter the instance number in field TOP_WI_ID and execute.
You will find there are multiple woritem there.
Get the workitem whrere WI_TYPE is 'W'.
That is the dialog workitem of that workflow. ( There may be the multiple dialog workitem as per the workflow design )
Now forward the dialog workitem through SWIA
2. If you hav woritem number which is not wokflow instance number
Open table SWWWIHEAD through tcode se11/se12/se16
Enter the instance number in field WI_ID and execute.
You will get the worklow instance number in field TOP_WI_ID.
Now get the top wokitem id adn open table SWWWIHEAD through tcode se11/se12/se16
Enter the instance number in field TOP_WI_ID and execute.
You will find there are multiple woritem there.
Get the workitem whrere WI_TYPE is 'W'.
That is the dialog workitem of that workflow. ( There may be the multiple dialog workitem as per the workflow design )
Now forward the dialog workitem through SWIA
Hoping that this will help you to fix your problem.
Thanks and regards,

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  • Work item forward when dead line reached

    Hi Every one,
    I got change request to deploy the dead line monitoring for the purchase requisition workflow.
    The workflow existing start with the agent determination step which will determines the approver and after that it has a custom user decision step( Dead line monitoring must be implemented for this task ) which will call the ME53N and if we say back it will give a pop-up with 3 options which are 'Approve' ,'Reject','Cancel'.The user will select one of the option and after that there is multiple decision step which have 3 branches will select one of the branch according to the user selected option and the flow continues so on.
    Business Requirement:
    If level 1  does not release requisition in one day, then it must go to Level 2.If level 2 does not release that requisition within three days then it must go to Level 3, escalation stops at level 3 and the work item must stay until unless level 3 make the action on the work item.
    The work item forward must be happen when escalation takes place not the notification.
    Please let me know the information aforesaid is not clear at any point.
    Edited by: bhupathyraju rajasekhar on Jul 9, 2010 1:06 PM
    Edited by: bhupathyraju rajasekhar on Jul 9, 2010 1:23 PM

    You can do this in many ways. This is one of them:
    - Create a loop that goes around for the number of approval levels (so, 3-level approval means loop 3 times)
    - Inside the loop, create a 2-branch fork with only one mandatory branch to complete: one for approval and the other waiting for "expired" event
    - Set up modeled deadline monitoring for the approval step. Once the deadline is reached, you need to fire the "expired" event which will process the other fork branch.
    - After the expiration branch is executed, you can add any tasks to change the status, etc.
    Hope this helps,

  • Enhanced Notifications(SWNCONFIG) Vs Work-item Forward Program (RSWUWFML2)

    Is there an easy way to find out the advantages of using Enhanced Notifications SWNCONFIG configurations over scheduling the work-item forward program RSWUWFML2? We are on Ep 7.0/ECC 6.0 and configuring UWL for work-item execution and receiving notifications. For occasional users, we are planning to send email notifications to the Outlook email addresses using RSWUWFML2 and the the SCOT internet Send programs. Are there any added advatnages of configuring Advanced notifications?
    Appreciate any ideas.

    Yes, there are several advantages, but you may not need all of them. It takes a little extra effort to set it up, but that's a one-time effort and we are not talking weeks or days.
    However, the primary argument is that this is the standard solution for work item notification. So you are recommended to use the enhanced notification solution whether you need the advantages or not.
    One advantage is additional flexibility in which work items should be checked. You can choose to send notifications to people who don't have new work items, but have not yet completed the work items they (probably) have been notified about before.
    Another advantage is additional flexibility in message contents and the number of messages sent to the user. RSWUWFML2 lets you choose between one message and one message per work item. In the new solution you can also send one message per category, although I am not sure what a category is.
    Further advantages:
    - Multiple schedules can be set up, so you don't have to use SM37 to get an overview of your notification schedules and you can send notifications every hour from 09 to 15 and every 4 hours the rest of the day if you wish. There is a time zone field in the schedule configuration. Whether it is used just to make sure the job runs at the desired time or is even more amazingly advanced (only notifying users when their own time zone shows the same time) I don't know.
    - There's more, but since I have never set it up myself I have not read all of the <a href="">documentation from SAP</a> which includes typical scenarios to help you with configuration.
    After opening the link, expand the hierarchy as follows: Reference documentation => Workflow system administration => Extended notifications for SAP Business Workflow.

  • How to get the objects from a workflow item's container

    Dear all,<P/>
    We need to get the value of a variable in the container of a workflow item. I can get the workflow item list using function module <B>SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST</B>. Then how can I get the corresponding container elements' value?<P/>
    I tried function mofule <B>SAP_WAPI_GET_OBJECTS</B>, but the returned table <B>OBJECTS</B> and <B>OBJECTS_2</B> are both empty.<P/>
    Thanks + Best Regards<P/>

    Well, I think you will be getting the value as BORNAME:BORKEY. Get the KEYVALUE into your local variable. And use the <a href="">BOR Macros</a> to get the instance and desired contents.
    <i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>

  • GRC AC v10 SPM WF - Workflow Item not showing up in WF Inbox

    GRC AC v10 - SP12
    The outlook email notification for the Workflow Item goes out, but there is nothing in the NWBC Inbox for the WF Item. Subsitution is setup correctly.
    Any ideas?

    Hi John
    this is probably be a silly question but what substitution did you set up for ZFF_CTL_01? I assume the item is in that user's inbox. Which user is meant to be receiving?
    I also noticed this KB article (1589130) which mentions the delegated person needs GRAC_REQ authorisation. Have you checked if security access issue?
    There was also mention that the delegated approver does not appear in the MSMP instance runtime (your screen shot suggests same situation unless you have not set up the delegation). SP14 delivers the fix or refer to  1915928 - UAM: Delegated Approver is not visible in the Instance status
    Possibly have a look at both of them to see if they resolve your issue.

  • Delete Workflow items from workflow inbox.

    Hello All,
    We are using workflow in MSS for Compensation Management. As part of this an email will be sent to the managers when a compensation needs an approval. There are some workflow items under workflow inbox ( SBWP ) . How can I delete emails which I don't want to execute. I don't see any delete button. I can see delete buttons for the documents under inbox, but these emails that I want to delete are under workflow in Inbox.
    Thanks a lot for your help and points will be rewarded for any helpful solution.

    Thank You Suresh,
    You are refering to the emails in the inbox ( SBWP ) where I can delete my emails with the help of a delete button. But I am referring to the workflow items that are present under INBOX -> WORKFLOW. There is no delete button on these workflow items. If we execute these workflow items then they will be deleted automatically. I am looking for a solution by which I can delete (clean up) all the workflow items that are not executed from last year so that we can be ready for our compensation for this year.

  • Regarding workflow items

    Can any one suggest the solution to get the workflow items in the portal UWL.
    I had configured the UWL and I am able to get the mails of the documents in the inbox of SAP. But I am not able to get the workflow items. Even I had maintained the task in SWFVISU.

    The UWL has to be configured in the portal side also.Please refer the below link for the same.
    Smita Das.

  • CAN Workflow items in KM appear in the UWL

    We are looking the features of the Universal Worklist
    and have configured SAP Business Workflow to appear in the
    Can all your workflow items in KM (Document Management)
    be configured so that the end user and one place to see all workflow items
    If so How? Please advise.

    Just to get Clarity.
    KM Notifications appearing in the recent notifications
    small iview, will be incorporated only in stack 11.
    We are currently on EP6 SP9 Patch 1 software un-licensed
    from sdn.
    Hence there is no config to be done because the functionality does not exist at the current level that we are running.

  • Problem in displaying workflow Items in UWL

    Hi all,
    I am facing the following problems in displaying the workflow Items in UWL
    I am able to see the work flow items in SAP inbox but not in UWL.
    The following are my issues and questions
    1. what is the type of system to be created in portal.
    BI JDBC System
    BI ODBO-Compliant OLAP System
    KM Windows System
    Portal Tenant System
    SAP system using connection string
    SAP system using dedicated application server
    SAP system with load balancing
    Web Service System using WSDL URL
    2. what is the configuration need to be done in Universal Worklist & Workflow
    3. Any other configurations need to be done in WAS server and SAP server.
    Please anyone give me the solutions and it is urgent.
    Thanks in advance
    Ponnusamy P

    <b>1. What is the type of system to be created in portal ?</b>
    This depends on what type of a system are you trying to connect to. If it's an ECC system or R3 system, you may use SAP system using dedicated application server. Give an alias to it and check the permissions of that system.
    <b>2. What is the configuration need to be done in Universal Worklist & Workflow ?</b>
    You have register this system now. Go to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Universal Worklist Administration -> UWL Configuration -> Chose New -> Enter the Name, System Alias and select WebFlowConnector.
    In the System Administration -> System Configuration -> Universal Worklist Administration -> Registration for all types of Universal Worklist WebFlow, register item types by clicking "Register Item types for all systems". Alternatively, you can also click on "Register items types for new systems".
    <b>3. Any other configurations need to be done in WAS server and SAP server ?</b>
    The portal user should have corresponding user on the ECC or R3 system or whichever backend system you are trying to connect to. This user should be authorized to have RFC access to function group SWK1 and transaction SWK1.
    Please refer to this document which lists out all the steps. Please refer to minimal configuration section.

  • How to change the details ina BPS workflow item

    I'm working in a SAP BW 3.5 environment and I need to change some details in a BPS workflow item. Unfortunately I have never used BPS and am struggling to get to grips with it and also to resolve the issue.
    Can anyone advise on my issue and also offer any advice / documents that cover BW BPS in a 3.5 environment.

    I think I better change my question. Can anyone please provide link(s) / documents where I can quickly pick up the basics of BW 3.5 BPS so I can start looking into the issue I have.

  • How to create a workflow item?

    I want to create a workflow item. So that it shows up in the workflow folder of business workplace.

    Check this <a href="http://www.****************/Tutorials/Workflow/Workflow.htm">Workflow tutorial</a>

  • Mass deletion/ transfer of workflow items - Urgent

    Hi Experts,
    We have a situation where there are around 1.2 million open workflow items in work flow of employee due to wrong assignment of workflow agents in PPOM. Now we need to clear all these workflow items from user's inbox either through deleting them or through un assignining them from his workflow.
    It is not possible to process these workflow items individually from his inbox through transaction SBWP. I understand that we can delete maximum of 999 items at a time through transaction SWWL. This will not be of use for us.
    Can some onpe please suggest how do we go about this issue.

    Hello Santosh
    SAP note  49545 will give you useful information.
    Javier Reviriego

  • SWO1 approval in background does not clear manager workflow item

    I am trying to approve the shopping cart from a managers UWL in background through SWO1.
    But when I do the shopping cart is getting approved whereas the approval item is still pending with the manager of the shopping cart.
    How to  delete the workitem from the manager inbox once I push the shopping cart for approved status in SWO1 ?

    Awaiting approval is document status. You can find workflow status and workflow item number in BBP_PD.
    Please check workflow item detail in SWI1 transaction.
    I think debug the setReleased method is good way for finding the root cause. It might change only document status and does not change workitem side.
    If the SWO1 method does not fit your requirement, please check the class /SAPSRM/CL_OFFLINEAPP_INBOUND.
    (b) Check whether workitem is still in status 'READY'
    (d) Check procurement document
    (e) Lock procurement document
    (f) Append approval note as a long text of type NOTM to the
        procurement document => Update document
    (g) Execute the workitem
    (h) Unlock the document
    Export the processing results and errors out of the method

  • Trying to delete bpm workflow items using SWWL

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to delete workflow items of a BPM that is stuck. I'm  using SWWL for this.
    However, I get the following error:
    Work item 000000002255 locked by user WF-BATCH.
    (enqueue error)
    How do I delete this locked work item??
    I'm suspect that this is causing all my other BPM's to get stuck waiting forever. These other BPM's were working correctly earlier.

    Try completing it manually from SWIA. also check for SM58 (enter WF-batch for user in selection screen) and complete the LUW manually.
    alwo try SAP_WAPI_Workflow_resume or resume_workflow. pass the instance id of workflow (not workitem)

  • Workflow Items deletion

    Can anybody please let me know how to delete the Workflow items in ECC 6.0? What is the TC or any other process/ program?
    Your help and time will be really appreciate.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Niki Shah.

    If by ABAP you  have this FM SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_DELETE
    if want a tcode for that use tcode SWWL

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