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I am working with a graphic designer to make a website and wanted to learn of a good workflow for handling this. I wanted to use dreamweaver but the designer does a lot of text alterations like leading, kerning etc is there an easy way to import the text or layout or all so I can just add the links so forth? Thanks!

I am working with a graphic designer to make a website
If your graphic designer doesn't have web experience, I feel sorry for you.  You might want to do what I do and refuse to work with this person.
the designer does a lot of text alterations like leading, kerning etc
These are print concepts.  There is no way to translate these things to web pages unless you create one big fat image.  Unfortunately, images are not "readable" by search engines, translators, screen readers, etc... so this is not an acceptable solution.
I suggest you and your designer read some tutorials on web design.  Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics tool but it isn't a web page authoring program.  DW is a powerful web authoring program but to get the most out of it, you need to understand basic web design theory as well as X/HTML & CSS code.
Start with the following links
HTML & CSS Tutorials -
Learn CSS positioning in 10 Steps
Taking  a Fireworks (or Photoshop) comp to a CSS based layout in DW
Part 1 --
Part 2 --
Best of luck,
Nancy O.
Alt-Web Design & Publishing
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  • I'm working with Illustrator CS5 and am having trouble with basic graphics textures.

    I'm working with Illustrator CS5 and am having trouble with basic graphics textures. The illustrator drawings look fine with the pattern fills and when I bring the drawing into quark 9.1 they are still fine. When I print the quark file to lo res pdf drawing is still fine, but when I print to hi res pdf (press quality for print) the patterns disappear. I cannot figure out what the problem is.
    just a note. Other textures and artistic fills work fine. It seems to be just the basic ones. I'm wondering if for some reason they may not be saved completely in my libraries?

    Its just a drawing in black and white with some basic graphic texture to show “dirt”  The pattern consists of a bunch of small lines. I save the file as an eps. And bring it into quark.  When I print from quark I say print to pdf as press quality. I don’t think the problem has to do with acrobat because I’ve never encountered these problems before CS5. These drawings have been around for years and all of a sudden they don’t work.
    Does this help?
    Graphic Specialist
    [email protected] 905-403-8658 x297
    P Is it necessary to print this e-mail?

  • I purchased a file that advised it works with Illustrator intalled via extension manager and it only shows in my 'others products'? I cant even open the file in illustrator or in design? Help    =)

    I purchased a file that advised it works with Illustrator intalled via extension manager and it only shows in my 'others products'? I cant even open the file in illustrator or in design? Help    =)

    What's the product name please?

  • Does Kuler work with Illustrator CS3

    Does Kuler work with Illustrator CS3?  I have been trying to up load Kuler colors into Illustrator CS3, but this message comes up.
    Any suggestions?

    I’m afraid not, only CS5 and later

  • Unable to open AutoCAD dwg in 2010 file format with Illustrator 15/CS 5

    We are trying to open some dwg's with illustrator that are saved in the 2010 file format. We get an error "The file "XXXXX.dwg" is an unknown format and cannot be opened.", if we save the same file down to the 2007 format it opens as expected. Try to understand if that format just does not work with Illustrator 15 or if there is a template setting we did or what as it is all dwg's in that file format and as I said same file saved a format down works fine. The issue with tis solution is most of our illustrator users dont' have AutoCAD so this is creating a bottle neck.

    This is a workaround, but the Dassault Systems ( the company that sells SolidWorks and Catia ) has a free CAD program called DraftSight that will open a
    2010 DWG file. You could then do a SaveAs to an earilier DWG format that AI can work with. They have free versions for both Windows and Mac.
    I use the Windows version, and it works pretty good - but my background is more CAD than AI.
    Good Luck

  • Update Issue with Illustrator 9.0

    "Working with Illustrator 9.0 and would like to update to 9.0.2.  Illustrator was installed to my secondary E drive. I realize that I must update to 9.0.1 first.  The download allows me to browse for a location but E drive only shows folders for GoLive, Live Motion and PhotShop 7.  Took a chance on the default location and traced it to the 9.0.1 setup file.  The update pointed to e:\help then generated the message: error updating  ACE.DLL has failed... return value is 38.  This part is over my head. Seeking guidance

    What is the problem? Something with the ClassLoader of Tomcat 4.1?
    I will try with Tomcat 4.0 and post this thread to tomcat-users mailing list!

  • When working on Illustrator project, it generate many file AIVMFile, 16Mo per file for almost 7Go of disk space, and decrease performance.

    Illustrator is installed on a windows Laptop, Windows Seven, Illustator 16.0.3. (last update available).
    We tried to reinstall the application, but no effect.
    Is this nomral that Illustrator create so many file, hundreds in a few hours, and takes 3 to 7 GO space disk ?
    When I close Illustrator, all files are deleted.
    When working with illustrator the computer is slow.

    I am aware of the filesystem defragmentation, but most require offline operation and if you pre-write the disk space you need, then this is only going to be required if the file grows a lot further than you assumed.
    The myths about filesystems suchas ext3 and XFS being "good" at locality and never needing de-fragmentation are unfortunately all incorrect and based upon the average user's use of text files and other relatively small files. Other filesystems on UNIX are better or worse than these two. In a server environment with a 24 hour operation, there is no down time available to perform defrag, unless it is scheduled or you use an HA solution that allows it. By far the simplest solution is to pre-write the file as fast as possible.
    The effects of doing this are marked:
    1) Write your file
    2) defrag it;
    3) Copy the key/data pairs from the file to yet another file, but this time in key sorted order (traverse the original, write the new one);
    4) Defrag this new file and compress the keys etc
    Then measure the performance of file traversal. Here you will reap the benefit of allowing the underlying operating system/file system to manage the reads and writes as it will almost always perform track reads/writes.
    Of course if your database access is entirely random, then the benefit is reduced, but even so, the locality of allocation will reduce the disk dancing required until your data is in cache and the trickle deamon will be more efficient.
    Hence, the ability to hole fill is a trivial piece of code that is filesystem agnostic and entirely backward compatibile (as if you don't make a call to do it then it will just behave as it always has). Something as simple as DB->pre_alloc(DB, sizeinMb); would do it (little point in doing this for less than megabytes).

  • Will AI CS 2 work with OS X10.5

    I am currently working with Illustrator CS 2 and have OS X 10.3.9 operating system on my PowerPC G5, I am looking to upgrade the operating system to OS X 10.5 are there any problems I should look out for??? Help!

    Yes, I believe it runs under Rosetta emulation.  Other posts have reported no problems.  However, some people have written here that CS2 runs extremely well in OS10.4.11 ( Tiger ).  Personally, I believe that the performance matrix involves three factors: 1.) CPU; 2.) OS; and 3.) CS.  If you're running a G5 ( PowerPC ), according to Apple, your days ( as well as mine, I'm using a G4 ) are numbered.  Apple recently announced no more "Rosetta".  You may want to reconsider upgrading until it is necessary ( i.e., PowerPC dies ).  Sure, you can upgrade for your own personal reasons, but 10.5.whatever will be the last upgrade that will run CS2.

  • Problem with Illustrator 10, no handles on rectangles or text boxes.

    I wish I had newer version, but I don't. That being said, I now have no handles to scale with on rectangles or text boxes. I have been working with Illustrator for ten years and have never seen this. I do small time advertising but I really need to solve this. Has some setting changed that I am unaware of. Kindly respond to [email protected] if you would. Thanks

    Thanks does not quite cover what a bind you got me out of. Thanks again, God Bless.

  • Trying to load illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my ill cs doesn't work with it

    Trying to load a downloaded version of illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my illustrator cs doesn't work with it.  Do I need a new code or am I missing something?  Same goes for my Photoshop cs.

    you need your serial number.
    if you purchased from or registered with adobe check your account,

  • Modifer keys do not work with mouse in Illustrator

    Below is a copy of a bug report I just submitted to Adobe. I don't suppose any users have run across this and found a solution or workaround?
    I found someone else with this problem in an archived topic thread, but the only response that poor fellow got was an accusation of not following instructions (His problem wasn't user error, BTW).
    Concise problem statement:
    Modifer keys do not work with mouse: For example, free transform or rotate behaviors that require "Click-Ctrl" .
    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1. select object
    2. select free transform tool
    3. left click (without releasing) a corner of the bounding box.
    4. start dragging
    5. press ctrl
    object behaves as though the ctrl key was not pressed. i.e. the cursor does not change shape and the object scales rather than distorts.
    Expected results: The cursor should change shape as the ctrl key is pressed and the object should distort rather than scale.
    Additional information: This behavior is intermittent. Occasionally Illustrator recognizes the "Click-Ctrl" combination and behaves exactly as the help file predicts it will. The cursor changes shape and the object distorts rather than scales. I can offer no rhyme or reason for when Illustrator will behave as advertised and when it will ignore the modifier keys.
    The example above involves the free transform tool, but the problem occurs just as often with other tool behaviors that require a modifier key + mouse combination.
    Primarily using Wacom Intuos3 tablet. (with latest drivers), but have also tried combinations with microsoft mouse or both mice installed.
    Also, immediately after an occurrence Illustrator bug, left AI open, went to a different app that uses mouse+modifier (Ctrl+Click). That different app recognizes Ctrl+Click with no problems whatsoever.

    Thanks Guys,
    Good to know it's working for you. I guess that's the nature of intermittent bugs. Of course, Adobe's bug report form has a field for version, which I, of course, filled in. Sorry I didn't add it to this post. I'm using the latest version CS3 v13.0.2.
    Sorry I was not more clear when I said, "For example, ...". I was talking about the modifier keys not working with several different tools. The Free Transform tool advertises functionality that is supposed to work with a "Click (down, but don't release)then hold down Ctrl" combination. The Rotate tool advertises a behavior that is supposed to work with an "Alt-Click" combination. These are just 2 examples of the modifier keys not working. I focused primarily on one example in the bug report(ctrl after and in addition to click in the free transform tool, not alt-click in the rotate tool).
    Here is what I expect(quoted from Adobe's CS3 help file)
    (From the "Distort Objects with the Free transform tool" help topic)
    "Select one or more objects.
    Select the Free Transform tool .
    Start dragging a corner handle on the bounding box (not a side handle), and then do one of the following:
    Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) until the selection is at the desired level of distortion.
    Hold down Shift+Alt+Ctrl (Windows) or Shift+Option+Command (Mac OS) to distort in perspective."
    (from the "Rotate an object by a specific angle" help topic:)
    You can control the exact angle of rotation with the Rotate command.
    Select one or more objects.
    "Do one of the following:
    To rotate around the center point, choose Object > Transform > Rotate, or double-click the Rotate tool.
    To rotate around a different reference point, select the Rotate tool. Then Alt‑click (Windows) or Option‑click (Mac OS) where you want the reference point to be in the document window.
    Enter the rotation angle in the Angle text box...."
    These Tool based mouse-key combinations do occasionally work as they are supposed to, so I know what the expected results are supposed to look like, but whether they work or not appears to depend on the phase of the moon, the day of the week, and the color of the president's underwear.
    Other non-tool based mouse-key combinations in Illustrator work consistently all the time - Ctrl-A for Select All as just one example that always works.
    Thanks Again

  • Opening files with Illustrator and photoshop doesn't work, i have to drag the files from finder in to the program. This problem appears after opening 4 a 5 files.

    Opening files with Illustrator and photoshop doesn't work, i have to drag the files from finder in to the program.
    This problem appears after opening 4 a 5 files, rebooting helps another 4 a 5 times and appears again.

    I'd recommend reposting in the Boot Camp forum, that is where the Boot Camp and Windows gurus hang out.
    Good luck.

  • Working with large Artboards/Files in Illustrator

    Hello all!
    I'm currently designing a full size film poster for a client. The dimensions of the poster are 27" x 40" (industry standard film poster).
    I am a little uncertain in working with large files in Illustrator, so I have several problems that have come up in several design projects using similar large formats.
    The file size is MASSIVE. This poster uses several large, high-res images that I've embedded. I didn't want them to pixelate, so I made sure they were high quality. After embedding all these images, along with the vector graphics, the entire .ai file is 500MB. How can I reduce this file size? Can I do something with the images to make the .ai file smaller?
    I made my artboard 27" x 40" - the final size of the poster. Is this standard practice? Or when designing for a large print format, are you supposed to make a smaller, more manageable artboard size, and then scale up after to avoid these massive file sizes?
    I need to upload my support files for the project, including .ai and .eps - so it won't work if they're 500MB. This would be good info to understand for all projects I think.
    Any help with this would be appreciated. I can't seem to find any coherent information pertaining to this problem that seems to address my particular issues. Thank you very much!

    Hi Asher,
    It's probably those high-res images you've embedded. Firstly, be sure your images are only as large as you need them Secondly, a solution would be to use linked images while you're working instead of embedding them into the file.
    Here is a link to a forum with a lot of great discussion about this issue, to get you started:
    And another:
    Here is a great list of tips that someone in the above forum gave:
    -Properly scale files.  Do not take a 6x6' file then use the scaling tool to make it a 2x2'  Instead scale it in photoshop to 2x2 and reimport it.  Make a rule like over 20%, bring it back in to photoshop for rescaling.
    -Check resolutions. 600dpi is not going to be necessary for such and such printer.
    -Delete unused art.  Sloppy artists may leave old unused images under another image.  The old one is not being used but it still takes up space, therefore unecessarily inflating your file.
    -Choose to link instead of embedd.  This is your choice.  Either way you still have to send a large file but many times linking is less total MB then embedding.  Also embedding works well with duplicated images. That way multiple uses link to one original, whereas embedding would make copies.
    -When you are done, using compression software like ZIP or SIT (stuffit)
    Compression can reduce file sizes alot, depending on the files.
    This business deals with alot of large files.  Generally people use FTP's to send large files, or plain old CD.  Another option is using segmented compression.  Something like winRAR/macRAR or dropsegment (peice of stuffit deluxe) compresses files, then breaks it up into smaller manageble pieces.   This way you can break up a 50mb file into say 10x 5mb pieces and send them 5mb at a time.
    *make sure your client knows how to uncompress those files.  You may want to link them to the site to download the software."
    Good luck!

  • PDF to complicated to work with in Illustrator CS5?

    I'm working with a land surveying company that has provided me with a PDF of one of the surveys they've done. I'm pretty sure this was done in a CAD program and saved as a PDF. The PDF is 5.5 MBs large. I'd like to use part of this image as a background effect for their website. Unfortunately, everytime I import it into Illustrator my Mac Pro with 6 GBs of memory literally chokes on the file—probably because it's very complicated. I tired optimizing the PDF with Acrobat Pro, but that didn't work. I can't rasterize it because I need the detail.
    Any other ideas?

    Which format do you want to use on the website?
    Most probably it will be a raster format anyway. So if nothing else works, open the file in Acrobat, take some screenshots and stitch them together n Photoshop.
    Did you re-launch Illutrator directly before opening the file in order to clear the cache?
    Place the file in a new file instead of opening it and then export only a part of it as a raster file?

  • Will Lightroom and Photoshop CC work with Indesign/Illustrator/etc from older versions of CS installed on my Mac?

    if I subscribe to the Photo plan, will Lightroom and Photoshop CC output work with Indesign/Illustrator/etc from older versions of CS installed on my Mac?

    I currently have premiere cs4 and cs5 installed and have had no problems. I have noted on the forums here that some people were reporting problems. So the only way to realy know is make the plunge. I'm running win 7 pro.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Deleting calendars in iCal

    Thanks to a app that will remain nameless I have 98 calendars on my computer.  iCloud shows the correct number of calendars.  Is there a way to restore the desktop iCal from the iCloud iCal?  The thought of one by one right clicking to delete them al

  • Slideshow showing up in preview but not online?

    Hello everybody I''m running Dreamweaver CS3. I am working on a shop website for racing products that you can see at As you can see on that page, there is a large white space under the orange bar titles Featured Products.

  • Problem with my isight

    Hi, i recently purchased a new macbook and have not had any problems with it whatsoever, except for the isight camera. at first it was working fine then about three days later the picture turned blurry, and the quality of the photos was horrible. Wha

  • My right click context menu flickers and is not viewable - Help? (Not due to addons, as I dont have any)

    Running the latest version, with Win7, all menus including right click contextual, and menu bars flicker and disappear. THe menu is still there, just not readable. Have read about possible Addon problems, but thats impossible, since I have zero Addon

  • How to install flash content in a site?

    I am unable to install flash content in my Blogger blog, OS busters. I don't know how to do this. Is there any coding? Please help!