Would you do a major project in LR4 right now? (looking for feedback - I am not ranting)...

I have a major project this week where over 6 days I wil need to generate a couple of hundred keepers and produce slide show from them for an incentive trips awards banquet. I am not interested or concerned about using LR4 or LR3 for the slide show, I have a seperate workflow in FC7. The photos also upon my return to states are also posted to a photo sharing site for the members of the incentive trip to download for their personal use. This puts a premium of on metadata and keywording.
I am an enthusiast shooting Olympus E-5 and have used LR4 since the Beta to process some weekend projects. I have found that Process 2012 is, as promised is much better at dealing with highlights and shadows and prefer how the process deals with ORF files. Much truer colors with less tweaking. For whatever reason, Process 2010 never has dealt as well as my taste would like with the E-5's RAW files. Never hd this issue with my previous 4/3 Oly bodies. Needess to say LR 4 for my needs was/is a big hit with me so far.
My apprehension is if it is wise to create a 3000 plus image catalog over one week in LR4 Beta, betting that the catalogs will migrate to LR 4 1.0 when the Beta is over. And if there are bugs I have not encountered that would slow me down so much that the reduced work in tweaking RAWs in LR4 versus LR3 would not be worth it? (note- I have been doing redudant saves of the RAW files with my smaller projects but potentially losing as big a catalog as this project takes would be a pain even ifI had redudant original RAW. This is BTW work I am doing that while not "professionally" it is for my employer."
I am seeking opinions here because I am really on the fence. Be gentle those of you who are far more experienced in these matters than I am.
Thanks in advance for your help!

But, I'd give it a go, knowing the concequences.
I put small shoots through, my racehorses in training and some more basic shoots, I've run a couple of magazine shoots through LR4.
Rob Cole and others have commented that there may be issues getting whites to white for deep etching, so a product shoot against a white background may be an issue.
I have a complex workflow for my mainstream clients, so that still goes through LR3. To stack, set white balances and export to TIFF, to enblend bracketted images and import the resultant TIFFS back to LR3, make the web gallery courtesy of theturninggate and then present that to my clients
Their chosen images then have the meta data written to them, and are exported as a catalog to a separate hard drive - to maintain the same folder structure  so I can import them back into the catalog when LR4 final has imported my LR3 catalog. and these exported TIFFS are imported into LR4 and the meta data added, and all the edits done here.
As a professional I want to go back to the backup RAW images, but I do have frequent catalog backups, and I'm loving the LR4 improvements. I can get results far faster with the beta than with LR4, I am using the library, map, develop and web, I've never used the slideshow, I dont make books, and I've still not unpacked my fabulous Canon printer since I arrived in Cape Town 4 years ago.
However as most of the reviews of LR4 have indicated, there are very few changes to web and the library does not seem to do much more than it used to.
Yes I get crashes several times a day, but not once has LR4 told me it was having to "repair" the catalog, it just opens and I have to find the last catalog I was working on. The time taken for LR4 to apologise and contact Adobe is so little, that the time I save in editing 10 photos more than covers that crash 3 times.
However, I do back up my catalog several times a day.
Victoria, Hal, etc are correct, not a chance is the sensible option, as its a beta and with a new pipeline, process and prowess, and with bugs to iron out, and the beta catalog could crash and corrupt and you'd need to open a backup catalog, or it could even break the sidecars, or the metadata in the DNG files.
Re Hals comment that LR final may not read all the beta catalogs data correctly, that is an issue. But i've tweaked many images from LR3.x to LR4 already and 99% of my images go to clients and then can be thrown after they've received the final images. (Why should I store their photos? Its up to them to backup, I simply cant offer a storage service)
As for personal images, how many people go back to images 6 months to years later and fiddle a little? I do, so a tweak to make it LR4 final from LR4 beta is not an issue.
JUST SAY NO FOLKS, it may be nice, but its dangerous.

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    I downloaded the IOS7 and I recently started seeing that every tim I revived a message everyone would be able to see it, I tired looking for the I'm not sure what to call it in messages, where no one can read my messages unless I open my phone. Any help? I really don't want anyone ready what I get from other people, its emrassing, when I get a text from someone and it's personal, and someone could go look at my phone while its charging and read the message. Please help!!!! How do I disable it, If I can.

    Hello KenyaJohn,
    You may benefit from disabling Show on Lock Screen for Messages and Mail in Settings -> Notification Center -> Mail/Messages.
    You can disable Show on Lock Screen for a particular app in Settings > Notification Center > <app name>.
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    This simply means it is set to Automatically update and you should not have to do anything with it.
    When you put new music in iTunes , it will automatically go on the iPod next time you connect it.
    This is the default to make it very simple and very easy to use.
    If you want to do it all yourself, iTunes prefs -> iPod.
    Set to Manually manage songs and playlists.
    You have to drag songs to the iPod and delete them from the iPod.

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    What is 'Aastgl' ?
    If you mean activation lock : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4515
    then you will need to type in the account id and password that it's locked to, or remove it from your account (e.g. via http://icloud.com), or ask the person whose account it is to remove it from their account.
    If you mean your answers to your security questions, then the HT5312 page that you posted from has instructions for how to reset them i.e. if you have a rescue email address (which is not the same thing as an alternate email address) on your account then steps 1 to 5 half-way down that page should give you a reset link.
    If you don't have a rescue email address (you won't be able to add one until you can answer your questions) then you will need to contact Support in your country to get the questions reset : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5699

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    As the question is asked three times, I guess that you wish to marry three times.
    From my point of view, the best app to do this or that is the one with which we are comfortable.
    Every Word processor may be used to achieve your goal.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 20 janvier 2012
    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 12 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.2
    My Box account  is : http://www.box.com/s/00qnssoyeq2xvc22ra4k
    My iDisk is : http://public.me.com/koenigyvan

  • Are you happy with your Galaxy S5?  I'm looking for a new phone.

    Are you happy with you Galaxy S5?  I'm looking for a new phone.

    Very happy after getting it to stop keeping the display lit after charging completes.  Battery life blows my Galaxy Nexus out of the water.  The GNex was like an electric car with a 30 mile range.  Always looking for a charge.  The S5's screen is gorgeous.  OLED is a must-have for me.  Signal strength is better than the GNex and the S5 is XLTE-ready so you can get faster speeds in those markets.  I got 69.08/18.95 in Kansas City back in May.  Other XLTE areas have had download speeds of high 20s to low 30s.  Performance is good.  The interface feels smooth and responsive.  I even like the look.  It's like something out of a 50s diner.
    My only real gripe is the storage.  16 gigs is pretty sad these days and only 10 gigs are available.  I know you can add a 128 gig card (I have) but few apps load completely to the card.  Heck, lots of apps won't put anything on the card.  A flagship phone should have 32 and 64 gig options.
    I also wish I could just load the bare OS and skip all the bells and whistles that Samsung's added.

  • You cant sign in to your pc right now

    I have been locked out of my pc. I purchased a new hp laptop yesterday, set up a local password. hooked it up to the internet downloaded a free trial version of microsoft office. then when i turned my computer off and went to log in again it had changed
    my user name to my hotmail email. and my password didn't work anymore. i tried my hotmail password, it didn't work. it told me that you cant sign into your pc right now please log into accoun.live.com and follow instructions. So i pull out my smart phone log
    into account live and it is asking me if my email adress is correct which it isn't, it ended in gmail not hotmail. so i tried following the steps and they didnt send me any sort of code to my email adress. after being frustrated for an hour i try my email
    password another 10 times and on the last time it worked.... the next day i got to log in and i experience the same problem, this time no matter how many times i type the password in it wont let me into my new pc This isnt human error i carefully typed in
    my simple password every time.
    I attempted to call microsoft and every time the customer service agent said it had to be human error. i looked through forum and they said that it takes a little while for the internet to connect and i should wait to type it in.
    I waited and waited and tried and tried and i still cant get into my laptop.... and if the password to get into my computer is internet reliant then what happens if there is no internet.............
    please help it feels asthough i have a defective laptop. i just want to get into my computer and have a basic local user/password set up that doesnt go through microsoft live. the same style of password entry i had before conection to the internet. please
    help this 15 year pc customer is about to switch to mac.

    How about your problem now? Can you access to your account? According to your description, you might encounter some problem logon Microsoft account to your system.
    As you said, you have create another local account, Could you choose switch account at logon screen? If not, you can try to change your current mirosoft account password at websit. After that, try to use new password to logon system for test again.
    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

  • I have an 2.4 Mac Book Pro.  I want to wipe it clean and reinstall the Lion OS I bought from the App Store.  I looked for instructions but did not find them any advice where the instructions are would be appreciated.  Thanks

    I am looking for help on how to or where I can find information on how I can clean my hard drive and then reinstall Lion,  Thanks

    Boot from Recovery HD upon startup hold-down keys Command R . Until you see the Apple logo then select language:English.click the Arrow (Next)
    From the OS Utility, select Disk Utility then click Macintosh HD. click the Erase tab on the right side.
    Format:Mac OS Extended(Journaled)
    Name:Macintosh HD
    And click Erase
    Once Erase process is done, close Disk Utility and select the second option in the OS Utility which is Reinstall OS. Let it run. It should take about an hour to complete, this type os installation is internet dependent so somehow the completion of the process depends on internet speed as well.

  • I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with Apple right now! I need hel getting my ipad back and so far I am not getting any. What do I do when restore on itunes does not work?

    I am so frustrated with Apple and my ipad2, which I have allways loved so much. While attempting to download and install the latest update, I got stuck on the itunes connect logo. I followed the directions listed here to restore using itunes on my laptop. It would not work and gave me several error messages. Now what do I do? I miss my little computer so much.

    Reading some older threads from 2012 and 2011 it appears the problem was present even then.  Part of the problem was due to people using multiple or different account id's on the various devices.  In my case, I only have one ID and it is the same on all devices yet the iPhone and iPad are still throwing the same error when I try turning on iTunes Match.  This is very frustrating . . . any help out there?  Thanks.

  • TS1702 Looking for support as can not download two purchased app's that have updated showing needing update.  The iPad app just comes back as retry.  I have contacted to I tunes and still not working.  Can you help

    Have two purchased app's that need to have updateds down.  On Ipad 2 keep getting messenge try again.  Have linked to I tune, but nothing working.  Please help.

    If the system reset doesn't work, here are a couple of other things that you can try.
    Make sure that you do not have a stalled download in iTunes - a song or podcast .... if you have a download in there that did not finish, complete that one first. Only one thing can download at a time on the iPad so that could be what is causing the problem.
    If that doesn't work - sign out of your account, restart the iPad and then sign in again.
    Settings>Store>Apple ID. Tap your ID and sign out. Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button.
    Go back to Settings>Store>Sign in and then try to update again.

  • Firefox decided to update (no "Do you want to...") and has been "looking for download server " for 5 days! (MacBookPro OSX 10.6.5)

    Using Firefox 4 beta. Opened Firefox for ikon on dock and a window opened with heading "Downloading Firrefox" and message "Connecting to the update server...". There is no problem with my internet connection using Safari.

    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Software_Update (Software Update not working properly)
    Remove the files in the updates and updates\0 folder.<br />
    You may need to delete active-update.xml and updates.xml as well if present.
    Mac: /Applications/Firefox.app/updates

  • Analysis Paralysis: How do YOU manage your media projects?

    How do YOU successfully manage your media for various projects and select portfolio work?  Mine has become a quivering dysfunctional mess over the past two decades!
    Goals are to:
    - permanently link to InDesign portfolio documents
    - display by project on iPhone and iPad without internet connection (ideally in Photos which is a nice feature currently)
    - be used for web pages (resizing ability of high res files)
    - easy retrieval of ALL project photos and selection of CHOICE photos.
    - better (simpler and more effective) importing methods and file management
    - no more duplicates
    - utilize Dropbox or Box auto-uploads of iOS pictures (not essential but desirable)
    I want to love iPhoto (11), and I've been using it in various iterations since its inception. Due to numerous advances, other automated methods of dealing with media, and continual poor judgement, I now enjoy a COMPLETE MESS of media, with 14 gig of duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates scattered throughout an SSD drive. Not only am I running out of space, links to my InDesign portfolio (which is essential for client presentations) are continually broken every time I open it.
    Thus, I'm considering exporting all my iPhoto images (5,000+) and starting over. Not trivial, but seems necessary—but want to do this right! Either with iPhoto, or anything better. Inherently, I distrust iPhoto's method of filing since finding things later via a Finder search is impossible, unless the file is named.
    Any guidance is welcomed. Especially file management. How do you deal with ALL project photos and then CHOICE photos for a portfolio. Do you put them in one dedicated folder with sub folders, or are they located in separate project folders, with their own folder. Do you copy into iPhoto, or link (which has been a nightmare in the past).
    Have you found something that works?!?! Any and all references to articles or your own methods is welcomed!

    You write
    A) Whether iPhoto is currently stable, reliable, and adequate to entrust portfolio work for a design professional? (you suggest no, but some might ask, "why not?")
    B) If not, what are better methods for media management that offer some of the nice benefits of iPhoto
    Could this be of any help :
    Photo Programs: I'm generally loath to recommend specific software, but some of the programs mentioned in these articles include:
    Breezebrowser (Windows) www.breezesys.com a commercial thumbnail viewing program that I use for many jobs, including batch entry of IPTC data and batch resizing of images (of note, it is not a photo editor, I have it linked to Adobe Photoshop for editing).
    XnView (Windows) or XnViewMP (Window/Linux/mac) www.xnview.com a freeware program very similar to Breezebrowser with full IPTC/XMP implementation.
    Zoner Photo Studio (Windows) free.zoner.com is another IPTC/XMP compliant thumbnail program with many capabilities, with both free and paid (more features) versions.
    Adobe Photoshop (Windows/mac) (www.adobe.com) is generally considered the premier photo editing program. It's very expensive and for most users the much less expensive Adobe Photoshop Elements is all that is needed.
    NOTE: Adobe has released all their CS2 software as freeware - this includes the full version of Photoshop. While a few versions old, it would be a good starting point to learn Photoshop if you don't have it or Photoshop Elements on your computer. You can download it fromwww.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/
    Irfanview (Windows) www.irfanview.com is notable both because it's a good photo editing program and it's free.
    Picasa (Windows/Linux/mac) picasa.google.com is a good photo organizer program, easy to use and free
    It is taken from the excellent
    "ALL ABOUT DIGITAL PHOTOS "      ( by Ken W. Watson )

  • Which combination of graphics cards would you choose?

    I have a minor dilemma. Due to some strange circumstances I ended up with 2 GeForce 8800 GT's and 1 Radeon X1900 XT.
    I use a 30" monitor and 2 additional 20" monitors, thus the need for 2 cards. I certainly don't need 3, and frankly, I don't think the mac pro would handle a 3rd high power card very well in the 3rd or 4th slot anyway.
    So now the decision is:
    1) Dual GeForce 8800 GT's or
    2) 1 GeForce 8800 GT and 1 Radeon X1900 XT
    It seems that for gaming there is no question the 8800 GT is better, but the X1900 XT is better for core image performance. What I need to figure out is if core image performance matters at all for any of the programs I use. These programs are used on a daily basis and are usually all open at the same time:
    Adobe PhotoShop CS3
    Adobe Illustrator CS3
    Adobe LightRoom 2 or Bridge CS3 depending
    Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
    Microsoft Entourage
    Microsoft Remote Desktop
    About a million finder windows (OK, 5-10)
    (and occasionally) Fusion with Windows XP to test things in Internet Explorer 7
    Now, as far as I know, the only real programs that take advantage of core image (or would be slowed down by an 8800 GT) are Apple's Pro Apps like Final Cut Pro, Aperture, etc. I use a different machine for Final Cut Pro and I ditched Aperture for LightRoom so I basically don't use any "Pro Apps" on this machine now.
    Do you think I would even notice a difference while working using the 8800 vs the 1900? If not, would it just make sense to go with the Dual 8800's? They're smaller than the 1900, use less power, and run cooler. If someone knows for sure if Adobe CS3 apps run poorly on the 8800 that would probably make the decision for me.

    You wish I said that I read the benchmarks at barefeats even though I very clearly said:
    "It seems that for gaming there is no question the 8800 GT is better, but the X1900 XT is better for core image performance. What I need to figure out is if core image performance matters at all for any of the programs I use."
    Why, after reading that, would you post benchmarks that tell me the 8800 is better for gaming and the 1900 is better for core image. I don't really understand...
    Then you went on to talk about ATI 2600's and 3870's so I'm starting to think that maybe you just didn't read my post... I'm not considering a 2600 or a 3870. I tried to explain in my post very clearly that I am in possession of:
    2 x 8800 GT's
    1 x X1900 XT
    Of those 3 cards, which 2 would you put in your computer if you ran the programs I listed above.
    Am I really that unclear?
    As for your choice of going with a 2600 and a 3870 -- even though that wasn't one of the options and I don't have either of those cards in my possession -- I wouldn't put the 2600 in my computer just because of the noise. The 3870 seems like a great card (almost as good for gaming as the 8800 and amazing core image performance) but I'm not going to go spend $200+ when I have 3 cards sitting on my desk right now that I can use for free. The X1900 was too loud for me and I ended up modifying it with an Arctic Cooling silent kit, and from what I've read the 2600 is even louder than the X1900.

  • How would you know if a ibook motherboard went bad

    how would you know
    when i plug in the charger it only stays green and will not power on maybe the battery is bad
    is my motherboard bad i hope not i hope it is only the charger

    It is more likely a bad DC-in board. This is the part of the iBook that houses the port where you plug in the adapter.
    Since the green light on the adapter is coming on, that is an indication that the charger is working as it should. If it were dead, you would see no light.
    In my experience, an iBook with a bad DC-in board will run from a charged battery, but the iBook will not run when plugged into the adapter, nor will the adapter charge the battery.
    The DC-in board in my husband's iBook failed, but we could swap batteries (since I had an iBook, too), and he could use his iBook normally on a charged battery. We swapped batteries repeatedly, allowing my iBook to charge both batteries, until he was able to get his DC-in board replaced.

  • What software would you recommend for an HP Z230 Workstation?

    I just purchased a new Hewlett Packard Z230 Workstation with the intent to catch up on a big backlog (hundreds of hours) of family videos I want to clean up and edit.  This computer is configured as follows:
    Intel I7 4770 Quad Core running 3.4 GHz (showing 8 processors in control panel/system/processor)
    16 GB ram
    256 GB solid state C: drive
    3 TB   7,200 rpm D: Drive
    nVidia Quadro K2000 video card with 2 GB video ram
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
    When I bought this, I planned on using Cyberlink PowerDirector because they advertised it to run well with the features on this computer.  I downloaded a trial version of Power Director, and it met my functional needs.  But it locked up three times in an hour.  When I wrote Cyberlink, they asked for information like the DxDiag.txt file that describes my computer, and the Windows Event logs of the lockups.  Their response was BAFFLING, because they said they design their software for "consumer level platforms," and since they don't test their software on "workstations," they cannot recommend my using it on the Z230.
    That said, I'm now looking for alternate software.  I've used Pinnacle a lot in the past, but it has changed so much from the version I used, I'm not wed to any brand at this point.  In addition to usual editing capability, I want to verify that the software I buy has some specific capabilities I need: 
    -- Ability to crop video clips and expand the remaining cropped scene back to 16:9 (because I have some incroachment in some video clips from the lens hood of a camera).
    -- Ability to normalize audio levels for different clips (some too loud or too quiet) before producing the video. 
    -- Desired, not required:  Ability to burn BluRay or DVD on a separate computer than the one where I am editing.
    Most, if not all, editing software has these abilities now (PowerDirector and Pinnacle do), so this shouldn't be a problem, but I just want to check.
    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
    Terry Quinn

    Thanks for the recommendations.
    You'll get a kick out of this.  I started with a Betamovie in 1984, switched to Hi8 in 1993, and D8 in 2005.  My initial editing was from one beta VCR to another one.   Then I bought a good Sony TR101 Hi8 camcorder, and soon bought a $1,300 EV-S3000 Sony Hi8 VCR that connected to the TR101 by wire, which gave some syncronization of the linear edits (about plus or minus 3 frames when it was happy).  In 2004 I bought a powerful (for then) computer and Pinacle Studio 9, which with some upgrades is still what I've edited with until now.  Some of all three formats of video have been digitized (or downloaded from the D8) as .avi using various hardware.  I expect to complete all of that as .avi.
    I've just bought a new Panasonic HC-X920 camcorder (very nice) that produces files in .m2ts, which I think is AVCHD.  As you can probably tell from my history, that may prove to be my last camcorder purchase and format change.  I have no plans now to shoot 4k. 
    I checked, and I've overstated the number of hours of video I have left to do.  I recorded just under 200 hours total in all three formats.  45 hours of that (the Beta) are fully edited, and about 22 hours of the Hi8 are finished.  So I'm looking at about 130 hours of video I still need to edit, plus whatever I shoot in HD going forward.
    I appreciate what you say about stability.  I fought that with Pinacle 9, and frankly didn't change from that because I finally got it to run stably doing what I did for years.  (However recently it has started behaving badly again, which is another reason I'm upgrading). 
    The Quardro came with the HP computer.  The Quadro and GeForce both are spec'd on nVidia's website, and I assumed that since its specs were higher than the GeForce and "matched" Cyberlink's specs for OpenCL, I would be better with the Quadro than the GeForce.  From what I'm hearing here and your recomendation, it sounds like I should sell the Quadro on Ebay and buy a GeForce.  In case I still might end up with Cyberlink, I'll run the card model you suggested by them and see if they "bless" it.
    I know the HP computer supports RAID, because I've seen that come up during boot-up.  I always thought RAID was only about reliable backup.  Are you suggesting that if I put a second 3 TB hard drive in my computer, and somehow tie it into RAID, that will improve performance, too?

Maybe you are looking for