WRT16N can't find HP Photosmart 2610

I just purchased the WRT160N to replace my WRT54G.  The installation CD allowed my to input the HP2610 IP address but the software installed it as a local printer attached to my desktop.  The new LELA software which was installed from your website can't find the HP2610.  The WRT54G had the HP2610 installed as a network printer so I could share it.  I have two computers and the HP2610 in my network.  The first is a HP desktop hard wired to the WRT160N and the second is a Toshiba notebook connected wirelessly.  The HP2610 is also hard wired to the WRT160N.
How can I get the HP2610 installed as a network printer on the WRT160N network?

I found the problem.  It was necessary with LELA to delete the old IP address from the HP 2610 's memory.  After I did so, I launched another search with LELA and the printer was found.  My network is now complete.
I hope the message helps someone else.

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  • HP Software Can't Find My Photosmart D110a on Network

    I used to be able to use my Photosmart D110a for about a year with no problems.
    One day, all of a sudden, I go to print something, and the printer isn't listed.
    I uninstalled all the software. I verified in the Control Panel and my Programs Folder that all software and drivers were uninstalled.
    Then, I load the CD and the software won't find my printer on the network. On the next page, it had me type in the IP address ( and still couldn't find it. If I type that IP address on a browser page, it finds it just fine.
    I can also add it manually on my devices and printers, but I really want to be able to use it from the HP Solution Center like I used to because the advanced scanning utilities are great.
    I've tried restarting the computer and my device, along with my router, several times with long pauses while off to make sure connections reset ok.
    I even tried running the standalone driver and all-in-one software from the website, along with the update and every diagnostic tool there was available to download. I have even disabled the firewall and the software still can't find the printer on the network.
    Please help, I keep coming to dead ends with this

    I would uninstall one more time and do an L3 on the computer to remove all HP files that are on the Photosmart D110.  This way when you run the install for the drivers you have gotten from the site, one will know that all the files from the old drivers have been removed. To do an L3:
    Step one: Clear temp directory
    Type %temp% in the run or search for programs and files field
    Highlight all the files in this folder, and then press the delete key to delete. If you get a message that the file is in use you will need to skip this file(s).
    Continue with Step 2 below
    Step two: Downloaded and extracted to your system:
    1. Download the full feature software and drivers
    Link the drivers page for the printer in question
    2. Once the download is finished double click on the file to extract the software.
    3. When the installation window opens press the cancel button to stop the installation
    4. Type %temp% in the run or search for programs and files field
    5. Look for, and open the folder starting with 7z (Example: 7zS2356)
    6. Right click on the folder, and select Copy
    7. Close that window, and all your open windows, and then in the middle of the desktop right click your mouse, and select Paste. This will move the 7z folder to your desktop.
    8. Open the 7z folder you just copied to your desktop
    9. Open folder Util
    10. Open folder CCC
    11. Run the uninstall_L3
    12. When the uninstall has completed restart the computer
    13. Run Disk cleanup from Accessories\ System Tools folder under all programs
    14. Download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player
    Update Adobe Flash Player
     15. Open the 7z folder, and then double click on the Setup.exe file which will be toward the bottom of the open window. Follow the on screen instructions to reinstall your printer.
    I am a former employee of HP...
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  • Can't find 7510 Photosmart after updating Mac to OS X Yosemite

    Since updating to OS X 10 Yosemite, my 7510 Photosmart has not worked via wireless connection for printing or scanning.
    I've uninstalled everything and reset the printers. I've now tried to reinstall, but HP Utility still can't find the printer wirelessly.
    I clicked Specify Device Manually and entered the IP address under IPv4 from the HP Network Configuration Page that I printed direct from the device, but it says 'Device is not reachable.'
    The printer is turned on and is connected to the same wireless network as my MacBook Air.

    Your printer is supported. Please use the following article to fix:
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  • MAC can't find HP Photosmart 7510 wirelessly

    I cannot make my HP Photosmart 7510 link to my Mac which runs on 10.8.3. I have downloaded the software from the link below:
    I have connected the 2 by cable, set everything up, it all says it works - when I remove the cable it gives me the message below - can you help?
    The wireless network settings were successfully downloaded to your device. However, your Mac was unable to locate the device on the network.
    Please make sure that:
    • Your Mac is connected to a wired or wireless network that has access to your device.
    • Your device is connected to the wireless network "XXX".
    Click "Retry" to attempt to connect again using the current settings. Click "Go Back" to enter different settings.

    That is close.  To verify that the "Service Order" is correct, click the gear icon at the bottom of that window and select Set Service Order.  Drag the connetion types around to get the proper order.  Your Mac prioritizes network connections in the order you set in this window.
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  • [SOLVED] xsane can not find HP Photosmart 309a

    at least it worked for me, had to add user to the sys group, then xsane found the scanner.
    Afterwards removed the user from the very same group and scanner ist still recognized.
    The hint to solve the problem was found at the output of the hp-setup tool

    If I switch on the scanner after boot it still works for root.
    As an ordinary user:
    # sane-find-scanner will now attempt to detect your scanner. If the
    # result is different from what you expected, first make sure your
    # scanner is powered up and properly connected to your computer.
    # No SCSI scanners found. If you expected something different, make sure that
    # you have loaded a kernel SCSI driver for your SCSI adapter.
    found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x011d, chip=LM983x?) at libusb:004:003
    found USB scanner (vendor=0x0c45, product=0x60c0) at libusb:004:002
    scanimage -L
    No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
    check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the
    sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation
    which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).
    If I change /dev/bus/usb/004/003 so that my user can write to that device, then kooka and scanimage -L are happy
    scanimage -L
    device `plustek:libusb:004:003' is a Epson Perfection 1260/Photo flatbed scanner

  • New iMac can't find photosmart 2610 over network -- HELP

    Just got a new iMac 24" 2.8gig with Leopard. Most of the setup went fine, but the computer steadfastly refuses to see my printer over the wireless network. It is an HP Photosmart 2610.
    I have used the same printer wirelessly with a MacBook Pro with no problem -- it found it right away, though that was with Tiger (it still worked after it was upgraded to Leopard). It also works great with 3 Windows WP PC's, two wirelessly and one via ethernet.
    My Router is a Cisco 800 series and I use a Cisco WAP. The iMac had no problem connecting to the WAP and Internet.
    The core problem is the iMac doesn't acknowledge that the printer exists. It doesn't find it automatically and when I direct it to the correct IP is still doesn't find it. Also, Leopard doesn't seem to have the driver for it. When I search for drivers from the pull-down after entering the IP I get a bizillion HP options including many Photosmart's. But the lowest model # without a letter in front of it is the 3300.
    I then tried downloading the dirver from HP. It said it installed successfully but still didn't show the driver from the pull-down. When I tried used "other" and directing it straight to the driver it would act like nothing happened and come back to the same pull-down without the 2610 as a choice. I also tried installing HP's entire all-in-one software suite for 10.5. It installed sucessfully but also doesn't see the printer.
    I tried temporarily moving the iMac and connecting it to the 2610 via USB. It suddenly found it no problem -- both the iMac software and the HP software. And it worked fine... The moment it was back via network, it doesn't find it despite it still working fine from every other device in the household.
    Not sure what there is left to try. It is not an option to permanently have it connected by USB. I spoke with HP and they say that because it works from every other device. They say it is an Apple issue. Apple says it must be an HP driver issue points me back to HP. So I am left in limbo with no functional printing capacity.
    I've tried searching the Internet for any reports on this but can't find them. Others seem to be successfully using the 2610, though it is unclear if others were using it via the Network.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. I am beginning to wonder if HP ceased supporting the network functionality in their 10.5 driver update but I can't get an answer on this.

    To be specific, since the Apple Printers and Faxes function does not find it in the "Default" list, I select "IP" and then enter the valid IP address that I know to be for the printer. I have tested it multiple times from other devices to confirm the IP address and even printed a network diagnostics page from the printer to confirm it. I even had someone else review it for typos just to cross every base...
    It then accepts it as a "valid" IP address and assigns it a "Generic Postscript Printer." I then chose the pull down for "other" drivers. I just checked again. There is no driver called "HP IP". There are hundreds of HP drivers those. I am looking for the HP Photosmart 2600 series. But the lowest series they list is the HP Photosmart 3100 series.
    Again, I have covered all the bases I can think of. The Apple site lists the 2600 series as an included driver in Leopard but it isn't showing up. The HP site lists the 2610 as "Leopard ready." I have downloaded and run the OX 10.5 HP 2600 series driver executable from HP and it says it was successful (tried several times). I also downloaded and installed the entire stupid 400-and-something MB software "all-in-one" software suite for the 2600 series from HP. You can run its own setup program indpependent of the Apple one and it doesn't find it either. When you enter the IP is says it found no printer and refuses to continue the setup. I have turned the printer on and off many times and checked all the connections. I have confirmed that the other PC's in the household are in fact seeing it at that IP...
    I have spoken with Apple Tech Support ("it must be an HP driver issue, sorry") and HP tech support ("it must be a problem with your Mac because it works for others... but perhaps we can sell you a new printer that should work better" (no kidding, they actually tried to do this!).
    On principle (and practical) grouns I am reluncant to get a new printer when the one I have works perfectly well for everything accept this Mac. But I am totally out of options unless someone can help.

  • How can I scan multiple items using my HP photosmart 2610 and them be able to be in one attachment​?

    I have an HP photosmart 2610 4 in1. How can I scan multiple items and put them in the same attachment using e-mail? Using my laptop.

    Hi @needyrhelp,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I see that you are wondering how to scan multiple items using your HP photosmart 2610 and for them to be able to be in one attachment in your e-mail. I am happy to look into this for you!
    Please see the how to scan guide for the Operating System you are using. Here is the list of how to scan guides, Scan. Select your Operating System from the list, then select How to scan with HP software, then How to scan a multi-page original text document into a single file. You will need to scan each page one at a time, and add it to the same document. The how to scan guide will show you how. After done scanning to the file, then see the link for How to attach a scan to an email.
    If you do not know the Operating System you are using, please visit this website. Whatsmyos.
    Hope this information is helpful, and thank you for posting!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • Is there anything I can do to make my (old faithful) Photosmart 2610 work with Windows 8.1?

    I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 I do not have an installation disc for my (old faithful) Photosmart 2610 All-In-On 64 bit and I am wondering if anyone can tell me a way to 'get' my computer and printer to work together again.  
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    Dear verve1,
    Here you have the full software to install you multifunction in Windows 8.1:
    I hope you find it helpful.
    * I am not an employee of HP, my work is voluntary.
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  • Where can i find drivers for hp photosmart 5510 for mac 10.7.2?

    Hi!Pls, help me in my problem.
    where can i find drivers for hp photosmart 5510 for mac 10.7.2?
    and how can i connect printer with mac (lion)

    Uh, did you try HP?
    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=mp-96135-2 &cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&os=219&product=5063582&sw_lang=
    It claims to work with Lion.

  • My HP Photosmart C309a series printer can't find the wireless router 3 feet above it.

    My HP Photosmart C309a series printer can't find the wireless router 3 feet above it.  I ran the diagnostics and got "The wireless radio is not functioning" message.  In what device is the wireless radio located?  In the router? In the printer?  I reset the router, did the #6 with the printer, but I am still unable to connect my wireless Macbook to the printer.  My desktop Mac is connected to the printer with a cable and prints fine.  Is my router messed up or my printer?
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    Just call HP, they can walk you through the options based on what is wrong with your printer.
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  • Having successfully reinstalled hp inkjet printer Photosmart 6520 it doesn't show up anywhere on the computer; not can I find Printer Setup. Help! newo

    Having reinstalled an accidentally deleted HP inkjet printer Photosmart 6520, I can't find it anywhere on the computer, nor can I find Printer Setup. Your help valued,

    Eric, I'm sorry not to be much help. As I'm not technically minded I was finding it hard to follow Paul's questions and he sorted it himself, but did say that it was to do with configuration.

  • Photosmart b209a can't find wireless network.

    I've only had this printer for three days. The "Easy One Button" process to get it to find a network failed. It cannot find my wireless network.
    I'm using XP Professional on my laptop. McAfee Virus scanning and Firewall. (Not that it matters if the printer can't find the wireless network)
    I have a DSL D-link router with NO MAC filtering and yet when I print the Wireless Network Test Report it gives me this whole spiel on MAC address filtering and asks to add the MAC address of the printer to the router... but there's no offered solution if MAC filtering is turned off.
    I've changed my router security key from WEP to WPA-PSK.
    I've managed to get it to connect twice... and to print a test page on separate days. I have no idea what it is I do that gets it 'online' but it doesn't seem to last.
    I have spent several hours over the past three days (wasting entire days) trying to work out what the problem is. I have read forum posts; I have googled for solutions. The troubleshooting guide for the printer seems hopeless.
    The printer is on the same desk as the router with only a computer monitor between them.
    When I print the HP Network Configuration Page it states the status of the 802.11 Wireless is "Disconnected". The printer's wireless light is on, showing that the wireless radio is working on the printer.
    I bought HP because my last printer was HP and it was excellent (but not wireless). If I can't get it to go online, seriously, I'll take it back and exchange it for a different brand of printer. All I want is a printer I can print to wirelessly, is that so hard to ask? Yes, I'm getting really frustrated here. I live in a rural area and I don't have access to geek friends or a computer professional or anything like that and returning the printer requires a two hour drive so I have to be as self-sufficient as possible. Please, try not to use too many technical terms. I can understand some but not all and if anybody can help me, please be clear in their instructions (ie, don't just say 'go to setup blah blah blah' without saying which setup you're talking about.)
    Thanks for any help. It is appreciated.

    Yes, the desktop is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable.
    Yes the laptop is wireless.
    The printer is connected to the router via wireless (which I've already stated, it keeps losing the wireless network).
    If I don't have my printer connected to the desktop via cable, then I won't have any printing capability at all, because, as I just said, the printer keeps losing the wireless network! I need at least some way of printing when the printer can't find the network (even though the wireless network is working perfectly fine).
    So, desktop connected to router with cable.
    Laptop is wireless
    Printer is wireless for laptop use (but it keeps losing the network and therefore is totally useless in that respect)
    Printer is connected to desktop via cable to enable printing because of wireless continuing to lose connection to wireless network.
    In fact my printer hasn't been able to connect to the wireless network for 2 days now... even though I'm currently connected to it on my wireless laptop.
    Sometimes the printer finds the network, sometimes it doesn't and when it does, if I try to print from the laptop wirelessly, the printer loses the network.
    This really is poor product and the installation manual might as well be used for toilet paper for all its worth, same with the 'help' feature on the disk. I only chose HP because I was familiar with it, since my previous printer was HP and reliable (but not wireless). I'm seriously wishing I'd purchased a different brand.
    I'm not an IT tech, but I've managed to be able to connect modems and routers and other peripherals to my network without too much hassle at all... until now.
    I'm sorry if I sound angry but this is completely frustrating. I spent good money for a product that I am unable to use for the main purpose I bought it! I'm reduced to saving things to USB sticks and physically taking them to the desktop computer and having to print from there.

  • HP Photosmart C309a AiO Wireless on and working, can't find network!

    My printer stopped printing a couple of days ago.  It was fine, now it is not.  The blue wireless radio light is on but when I run the network set up, it just runs and can not find my network.  I have run the network diagnostic and it finds my network, but does not find my printer.  On the test page, it fails on SSID.  I could use some help to get this guy back up and running!  Thank you!
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    Have you run a Wireless Network Test on the printer? Press the Setup Button>Network>Wireless Network Test. Let me know if the printed report shows any errors.
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  • How can I find e-mail address for photosmart D110 printer?

    I am trying to send printing from a remote computer.  I need my printer's e-mail.  Where can I find it?

    Look for the web services or ePrint icon on your display (it looks like a piece of paper with blue circles around it).  Press that icon and a menu should come up, then press display email address. 

  • Vista/Wind​ows 7 Duplex Patch for Officejet 7210 7310 7410 and Photosmart 2610 2710

    Some printer model with automatic duplexers do not properly print the back page in Vista (or in Windows 7 if updated from Vista).   In these models the back side is printed updside down regardless of the driver settings.
    The attached zip file has a patch and instructions to correct this issue for the following printers:
    Officejet 7210
    Officejet 7310
    Officejet 7410
    Officejet L7300
    Photosmart 2610
    Photosmart 2710
    Patches for other models may be available here.
    This patch has been well tested, with over 1800 copies of this patch distributed via email since April 2007.
    The zip file has two files
    OJ7410.pdf     contains detailed instructions to apply the patch.  Opening this file requires Adobe Reader or a similar pdf viewer, available for free download.
    hpo7x00t.gpd  is the actual patch file.
    To apply the patch download the zip file attached here.  Extract the files into the %temp% directory, then open the OJ7410.pdf file and follow the instructions.  If you have difficulty finding the %temp% directory you can find this directory by opening your "computer" folder and typing %temp% in the address bar.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
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    Officejet 7410 Vista Duplex Patch.zip ‏427 KB

    [Placeholder for updates]
    Message Edited by Bob_Headrick on 05-14-2009 12:39 PM
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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