XAV-72BT Album Art

I've been experimenting in an attempt to figure out what it takes to have this head unit display album art when playing a music disc. I copied about 30+ albums to a DVD creating a folder per artist and in those folders a separate folder for each album. Each album folder contains one or more JPG files with an image of the album cover. Most of these JPG files are not displayed when playing songs but a very few are. If I choose to display images from the DVD instead of audio they are all displayed; one by one.
I haven't been able to determine what is different between the images that are displayed when playing music and images that are not displayed. At first I thought it might be that there were more than one image file per folder. I made another DVD with one image per folder. That didn't help Then I though it might be the filenames. I experimented with naming the image files like the song name or the album name. That made no difference.
They are all JPG files. The image sizes are all about the same. The encoding is sequential for all that I've checked. The only difference is the compression ratio. If there is some property of an image file that prevents it from being displayed while the album is being played it would help to know what it is.

Thank you for your post. As some album art is displaying and some isn't it appears that it's likely to be a format issue. I would recommend that you check the album art is baseline JPEG as it appears that many players can't read progressive JPEG files. If you use Photoshop you can open the picture then "Save for Web & Devices" - when you select jpeg you will find that there is a "Progressive" checkbox that needs to be unchecked before you export.

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  • XAV 710HD Album info Through USB

    ive owned my 701HD since it was 1rst purchaseable, I Love it, it meets my Car audio needs and some. But my only problem is using USB for music, certain albums wont have the tracks in order or show album art, i use Media Go to manage my music for the radio, and in the Media Go program all feilds are filled out and have albums art. But certain albums will show a colored square and have the track list mixed around when displayed on radio.

    Please make sure that your XAV-701HD car stereo is up-to-date with the software version JR08_xav_1.13.003 or higher.
    Also, I need more information about this issue:
    What USB device are you using? If you're using a Walkman player, please provide the complete model number of it.
    What's the display mode of the car stereo when playing the USB?

  • ITunes shows a white box instead of artwork for most of my albums.  Many of these are albums I purchased on itunes.  Also when I hit get album art it deleted the artwork it already had form many albums and says it cant find it.

    OS is Windows 7
    I updated iTunes the other day and I decided to run "get album art" and instead of finding artwork, it made some of the artwork I already had show up as white squares, or disapear entirely.  The ones that are white squares show up under the get info, but not in itunes.  I did click in view for show al artwork, no luck.  Many of these albums I bought from iTunes.  The ones that the artwork was deleted some albums I can buy on iTunes, but already owned, and iTunes found the artwork before, but now cannot.  Some are albums that I spent many hours finding and adding the artwork myself.  I am very frustrated.  I cannot find the time to manually install artwork for thousands of songs.
    My work computer is Windows 8, so I really don't want to hear windows vs OSX argument.  My company won't switch to mac because you like it better, so I just need a solution to my issue.  iTunes it has always worked better for me on my work PC than my macBook, I dont know why, but I don't take two laptops with me when I travel so I have my iTunes library on the PC that has to come with me.  This is the first time an update has screwed things up for me.

    Well my first guess was wrong. The line that failed is the one that writes out the image to disk. I've not revisited the code for that script for ages, but it seems I did add in an extra test for missing files a little while later, then forgot to upload the change. I can reproduce the error message if I deliberately rename a file to confuse iTunes so that seems the most likely reason for your problem with the script. I've uploaded a new build of CreateFolderArt which should work better.
    See FindTracks for a tool to repair broken links. You should probably get that issue fixed first.
    I know what SPSS stands for but that is all I know about it.

  • How can I display all album art of my library in iTunes

    All my music tracks in my library contain the respective album art within their ID3-tags and it is perfectly displayed in the lower left corner window when I select or play a track.
    What I really would like to do is to browse through my library using the album art, not the text-based endless lists (title, album, interpret, genre etc.), then click on a cover, see the tracks and select one.
    Is there a feature in iTunes already that can do that or a plug-in somewhere in the market ? (I do not need a tool that collects album art like eyejamz, but a tool to display the art I already have)
    Thanks a lot for any feedback
    iPod shuffle   Windows XP  

    You can use iTunes to remove the beginning or end of a song (or both) by setting the Start and Stop times. 
    But to remove a section from the middle and keep the rest, you will need an audio editor such as Audacity.

  • How can I quickly get the same album art for all tracks on an album without manually doing them one at a time?

    I am having trouble with album art linked to each track. My library is ripped from my own cd's and ITunes only provides some of the artwork from a find artwork search. The rest must be found and added one at a time manually from web. This process is tedious and time consuming for me. Is there a file in iTunes related to each album that I can just drop the art once and it shows up linked to all the tracks from that album when they play? I've tried selecting all songs from an album and dragging the artwork to the artwork window once in hopes of all tracks getting the artwork at the same time with no luck. Any advice for this paltry artwork dilemma would be appreciated. If Cassidy & Greene still owned this ******* child of SoundJam I know I would not be having this problem! HaHa...Thanks for any advice/help with this problem.

    Thx 4 quick reply alexbird. Your method will work and after a little experimenting so will this: Just go to the album art view option and highlight the album you want artwork for. Drag the artwork from your album art web search page to bottom left hand album art window in iTunes and just drop it there. A small progress window then appears showing each album track adopting the dropped artwork one by one. It only takes 10-15 seconds for all of the tracks on your album to adopt the new artwork. I then went back and removed unwanted artwork(from the albums that had it) track by track from the get info menu. This goes pretty quick as you just pick track>get info>artwork>highlight art>delete>ok for each track.
    This drag/drop to the album art view page has been the simplest and most effective way I have discovered to manually import album artwork into iTunes so far. Hope this helps someone else out there. Any other methods or suggestions to do this task added to this thread will be duly noted. Thx... Oh, I am currently using iTunes 10.5.1

  • After i downloaded IOS5 most of my album art on my iPod touch is missing, but its still on my computer.

    some of the album art for the songs i recently downloaded from itunes is there, but almost everything i've downloaded from itunes in the past has no album art. how do i get it back?

    Another thing to try: uncheck the "Sync Music" checkbox in your iPod pane in iTunes, sync and allow iTunes to remove the tracks, then rechec the "Sync Music" checkbox and resync. That fixed the problem with missing and incorrect album artwork on my iPad with iOS 5.

  • A late majority of the album art on my iPod Touch is mixed up.

    I put a CD in my laptop to import it to iTunes. I unplugged my iPod and all the album art in my music (all of which I had purchased on iTunes) was mixed up. Say, a Lady Gaga song still played Lady Gaga but the album art was one of my Katy Perry songs. I've tried restoring all settings but it's still messed up. I need help, please.

    You are not alone. Try:
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost      
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync/delete all music and resync
    To delete all music go to Settings>General>Usage>Storage>Music>Tap edit in upper right and then tap the minus sign by All Music
    - Reset all settings                            
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                               
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.                       

  • Album art thats om my itunes wont show on my iphone 5

    Certain album art that appears on my itunes will not show on my iphone no matter how many times I sync it.
    Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a solution to this?

    Does it have album artwork On itunes
    itunes>right click on a song>get info,first click artwork if thats ok then click options and check if everything is ok

  • Why is my album art downloading to the wrong music?

    When I am syncing my iPhone, I am getting an error (-54) at times. I am also seeing the wrong album art downloading with the incorrect music. Whenever I use a song for my alarm, I see music that I do not have checked to be on my phone showing up and it always has the wrong album art. Please advise. Thank you so much!

    The only way I was able to get the album art correct was to hook my iPod up to my laptop and then go into iPod Preferences and check the box that says hide Album art. I then updated my iPod and all my album art was wiped off my iPod. The next step is to go back into preferences for the iPod and enable album art again and the next time I updated...BINGO, all my artwork was put back correctly. It took a little work but I'm happy with it!

  • Unable to optimize album art on my iPod and then display the art on my iPod

    When I optimize album art it gives me an error message "unknown error (-50)"
    I would like to fix that. Any pointers?

    get the order number from itunes account "Purchase History" & then send a mail to itunes store from following website. www.apple.com/support/itunes/ They will provide you exception to redownload because its Apple's problem

  • 1 CD, compilation CD, 16 artists, 16 album art displays (of same picture)

    I have a CD of 16 songs, a "best of" CD, and when I import it to iTunes, everything is fine save for the album artwork. When I put iTunes in album art view, I see 16 entries. Now I have seen this before on other CDs where I would just make sure the title is consistent, the artist name is consistent (in this case, I am using "Various Artists" and then putting the individual name in Album Artist"). I also checked "Compliation" in the "info" banner. I re-imported the CD using iTunes thinking that would make a difference but it hasn't.
    This is the only CD in my collection I have not been able to fix. Other fixes, as I have tried above, have worked for several similar problematic listings.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Rob - When you selected "Compilation" - did you have all of the tracks selected? If so, when you checked the Compilation box, did you make sure it said "YES"?
    The Multiple Item Information pane is a little tricksy - checking the box doesn't necessarily select anything - what it does is tell iTunes to change the information. For example, you want to delete all album art - you would do this by checking the tickbox next to the Artwork box and closing the Info pane. That will tell iTunes to update each of the Song Files and delete all applied artwork. Same thing with Compliation - just ticking the box without changing the selection may result in the opposite of what you intended.
    Hope this helps,

  • Compilation artwork instead of original album art

    I've found the "Get Artwork" feature on the new iTunes (7) to be pathetic. I say this because while I was trying to get artwork for a song (in this case a song from a Kylie Minogue album titled "Kylie") instead of giving me the album from 1988 it gave me artwork for a compliation cd titled somewhere along the lines of "Kylie Minogue Greatest Hits". I've spent hours perfecting my 4,000 song library to the point that every detail of every song (year, track #, artist, etc.) is 100% accurate. The most important part of these songs for me is the album artwork. And I take extreme pride in having the original album art, not just a stupid compilation made just a few years back but the artwork like it was on the original when the music first came out. this is very significant in the case of original albums that are no longer in production. long story short i'm ****** that the "Get Artwork" feature is corrupting my files with incorrect artwork. there should be a feature that let's you decide if you find acceptable compilation artwork in place of the original if apple can't find it. i'd rather have no artwork then a wrong artwork or compilation artwork. Has anyone else had this type of problem before? please respond if so, it would be nice to know i'm not the only one.
    G4 iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Thanks Léonie. That's definitely an improvement over 2 pictures. I normally prefer the "white mosaic" option, as it uses less ink. I've never had this issue on older versions of iTunes. Any idea why it's printing two pictures and how I could delete one of them in order to utilize the "white mosaic" option? This is what it looks like, straight from iTunes when I hit print. I learned the hard way that if I  go in and delete the artwork from every indiviudual song and then hit print, I only get 1 image. But that seems very time consuming and illogical. And thanks again.

  • Wrong Album Art 4 Certin Albums

    When going thur the iPod on my iPhone I c a few albums with different album art(both thur coverflow & albums). But this does not happen on my laptop.Does anybody else have this problem? If anybody can help or give me an idea as to why this happens that would be a great help. Thanks a mill!

    I was having the same trouble with album artwork being displayed on the wrong albums or not showing up at all even though it is correct and in place in iTunes. What i did to solve it, although a bit of a hassle, was to delete all of my music from my iPhone and sync it all back in groups of 60-90 songs at a time after the 1.1.3 update and now everything looks and works great. Hope this helps...

  • Adding Album Art to iTunes Local Folder?

    I have a setup on iTunes on my Dell Dimension Desktop Machine. Basically I have uploaded ALL my CD collection to HDD in WAV format to retain sound quality.
    My problem is with getting all the Album Art to work.
    About one third of my collection iTunes does not have the Album Art? so I have scanned it all manually and placed an Folder.jpg in each Album/Track Folder.
    I appreciate that WAV music files don't have a means of adding extra data to them like MP3 files, therefore, iTunes saves its own downloaded Album Art in a folder called "Download", there is also another Folder called "Local" which is where your manually added Album Art should go?
    These are stored as .itc files
    However then I try to manually try to add my own album art to the album, by selecting all tracks, Get info, Add album art to the white square and pressing OK nothing happens?
    In the Artwork display box it say in large text "Artwork Not Modifiable"? for some reason?
    Any ideas??

    Hi Andrew. As far as plug&play, I have not found anything. My best bet was to use a proper utility to grab album art on a go forward basis for all new tracks, and then for the old tracks that have the incorrect metadata, I slowly go through, open up a browser with amazon.com loaded, and then search for the albums/related art that I need. Once I find it I click on the album art in the main browser, which spawns a child window with just the jpeg of the album art in it, and then drag and drop it from that browser into the album art pane. Far from plug and play, but it gets the job done.

  • (ios5 ipad bugs)I can't get changes of album art, artist, album and other tags to show up in the iPad music player, but they show up correctly in the iTunes device view. Certain random songs do not sync correctly.   Wifi sync hasn't worked yet.

    (ios5 ipad bugs)I can't get changes of album art, artist, album and other tags to show up in the iPad music player, but they show up correctly in the iTunes device view. Certain random songs do not sync correctly.   Wifi sync hasn't worked yet.
    I mostly use technology for education and professional audiovisuals and lights.
    I don't sync  music because I use music from at least 4 different computers. (manually mange music)
    I use my iPad to play performance tracks for church and a local gospel group out of our church, Won4Christ.
    I chose to buy the iPad because the laptop of one of the group members (dellxps running iTunes) was randomly losing and mixing up music and I wanted a more stable option that was bigger than my iPod touch.
    I tried to add some data to music libraries that I previously added to my iPad, but the data only shows up when looking at the device in iTunes.
    Wifi sync has not worked on either my laptop or desktop ( both running windows 7 enterprise 64 and newest iTunes) not really a big issue, but very annoying
    When browsing through library playlist albums on the iPad, random artwork shows up on playlists with no artwork that you touch while dragging, and it does not go away until you change to another navigation tab and back.
    Random songs out of hundreds that I added showed up in iTunes grayed out with a sync circle beside them.  Those songs would play back okay on the iPad but were unplayable through the iTunes device view.  I had to delete the songs manually through the library along with the playlist and add them again. 
    These seem to be major stability bugs in the "new" music app and iTunes.  My only option right now seems to be to delete the songs that I want to change and re-add them with the changes already applied rather than changing the id3 tags and artwork on the existing music. I hope apple will release updates to resolve these issues. 
    Thank you for actually making it to the end of this manuscript of annoyances.

    Just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions.

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