Xbox 360 and 360 connect using mini.. please help

My setup is I have my internet running through a Dlink di-524 router which is wired to my Macmini. I have xbox 360 in the other room connected via cable to a gigafast wireless router. Im basically using this gigafast router as an alternative to the expensive MS adapter. I can connect to xbox live no problems using this setup. Im using dynamic ips and I dont have MAC filtering on. Im running no security no WEP, nothing. Media sharing works once I connect a cable from my router to the xbox360 using connect 360. I have been on the phone with dlink now for about 3 hours with no help. It seems everyone blames the other company.
I have ran winxp with windows media player 11 via bootcamp and that wont work either.
does anyone have any insight to what might be going on? The dlink guy was saying its a hardware and the mac isnt letting file sharing work on wireless but is when its wired and I have to call apple... anyone heard this BS before?

My question is why will my xbox share media connected with a cable but not wireless....

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