XBox 360 and WRT54GS no one can fix this. Please help if you can?

I'm totally out of ideas here and would appreciate it if someone could help me?  We have 2 XBox 360's both with the Microsoft XBox wireless adapters.  My son has had his since they first came out whatever year that was.  My youngest daughter got hers last October.  Both XBox's connect to XBox LIVE without a problem via a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router.  The problem we can't solve is - my oldest daughter and son-in-law live about a mile from us and they have an XBox 360. When we try to connect to their XBox (or anyone else that's local) to play against her and her husband, it won't connect and gives us a "Disconnected" prompt every time. They have no problem connecting to other XBox's locally but we, for some reason, can't.  I can connect our XBox directly into our cable modem bypassing the Linksys and it connects to them, so it isn't the cable modem.  I've changed settings on the router, internet, XBox with no luck.  I've updated the firmware.  I've read thru posts on the internet for weeks and now my brain is mush.  Is this fixable or do I need to buy a new wireless router?  Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but we have 3 PC's and 3 DVR's also connected to the internet but are hard wired.  My kids and grandkids have DSi's, a Playststion3, and a Wii and those all connect via wireless and work great.  XBox has this WRT54GS listed as compatable.  I'm stumped.  I know there's some really sharp folks out there somewhere.......please help if you can?  Thanks for any help you could offer!

Have you opened the ports on the router....?
If not then,you need to open ports 53-3074 on the router..Read this link. Also,under the security tab on the router,uncheck Block Anonymous Internet Requests and click on Save Settings...

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    Connect your computer straight to the modem and download the firmware file for your router from After downloading the firmware connect your modem to the Internet port on the router and connect your computer to port1 on the router...
    Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.Then, unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for another 30 Seconds.Plug the power back in, and keep holding down the reset button for 30 Seconds.Release the reset button.
    Open the Internet Explorer and type in the Address Bar and press enter. When it prompts for the username and password, leave the username field empty and provide password as admin all in lower cases and then click on ok. Now click on the 'Administration' tab- Then click on the 'Firmware Upgrade' sub tab- Here click on 'Browse' to select the extracted/uncompressed .img or .bin file and click on "Upgrade"...After doing the firmware upgrade you have to reset this router again for 30 seconds.
    Re-configure your router... forward the port nos on to your pc for the assinged ip address & reduce the MTU size to 1365 & you will be able to play the games wired as well as wireless.

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    I have done extensive searching on this forum and many others to no avail. I cannot get my xbox 360 to find an IP address. I have the router setup and can get internet from all of my PC's and Mac's through it. I am wondering if the problem is the modem from SBC - it is an Efficient Speedstream 5260 and if I hook the Xbox 360 directly to it with the PPoE settings typed in, it still will not find an IP. Thought that going through the router might solve that. Weirdest thing is the first couple tests I did through the Xbox dashboard passed every test, but still could not connect to Live, and now it will not go farther than the failed IP test. Problem is that where I am I cannot upgrade my modem because I cannot risk all the problems I had getting this 5260 to work. By day it is my work internet, and I can't afford to be down even for a day. So I am hoping there is a fix for the equipment I have.

    Try assigning a static IP address on XBOX as following:
    Subnet Mask:
    Hope it works for you

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    Hello all. Hope you had a great holidays!
    Just bought a new xbox 360 kinect and when i set this up yesterday, it couldn't find my TC 802.11 Wi-Fi Hard Drive. How can I connect it wirelessly?
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    Does this help: 

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    I have the Router mentioned in the title and I have set up port forwarding for 88, 3074, 2074 in both UDP/TCP protocol. I have disabled UPnP and also done Port triggering for the aforementioned ports. I have set MTU to 1365 and I have also unchecked Block Anonymous Internet Requests. Yet I still get "Moderate" NAT settings from the "Test Xbox Live" test from the Xbox 360 dashboard. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    P.s. Also I have set a Static IP and all the necessary stuff on my 360.
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    Alright so I connected my 360 to the modem, everything passed and NAT was open. I then port forwarded and not port triggered, reduced the MTU to 1300 to no avail the NAT was still moderate. I then had it reset to factory defaults and left DHCP on put my 360 to Auto. Then looked on on for the ports I have to forward it also mentions 53 UDP,3330 UDP. I then entered those into my router and also set 88 UDP, 3074 Both, 2074 Both. Then I forwarded those to my 360 through its Auto IP. Did all that and "Open" but could not connect to anybody or join any game. I then turned off UpNP and now it says "Open" and I can join any game and connect to anyone. The only thing I don't get is DHCP what does and what it means? Do I have to forward the ports to a new IP every day?
    P.s. MTU is set to auto. Also sorry for any spelling errors I am getting tired.

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    Have you looked at the previous discussions listed on the right side of this page under the heading "More Like This"?

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    If you have the email you mistakenly used and the password, this will help.

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    I think I've reached a solution to the issues that I've had w/my Xbox network settings and the console not finding an IP address via the WRT54G v.6. After hours and hours of trying all the suggestions that I've read on this forum I've decided to take the SOB back to the store and exchange it for another brand of wireless router. I think this router and its software are poor and is not complimented by the ability of the average layperson. Anyway, if any of you other poor users are doing a search on Xbox then I hope you read this first before you waste the amount of time I have.
    Good Luck.

    I didnt hve an issue with my WRT54G and my sons XBox.  Entered the security key in the xbox, clicked on connect and away he went.  But the difference might be is that I have a vesion 4.  Has been running for about 4 months now ever since I recieved the wireless xbox adapter.


    Hi, for some reason when i go online on the xbox360, i can only connect to a few of my friends. I get a mesage that says that my NAT is to moderate and I cannot join them at all. Can some one please tell me how do I change the whole NAT thing to OPEN and what would happen if I was to change it to open?

    Yes the stepwise setting on router are ....
    Open routers set up page using ..... you wil see username & password leave username blank & in password use admin ....
    1)  Under set up tab.... look for MTU .... by default it is under "auto" ....choose manual .... change the size to 1365 ....
    Click save settings ....
    2)   Click security tab .... uncheck Block Wan Anonymous Wan request .... click save settings ....
    3)   Click "Apllications & gaming tab" .... under Apllication name use any name .... under start  end port use numbers 88.... use Ip address assigned to X-BOX .... check enable ....
    4)   Under second row .....use any other Application name ..... under start & end port use 3074 .... use static Ip of the X-BOX ....check enable ....
    Click save settings ....
    Configure the X-BOX using the wireless settings on the router ....
    Also use the static Ip ...subnet mask ...default gateway & DNS numbers on the X-BOX .......
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