XBOX 360 with Apple Airport Express/AIrport Extreme?

Well im about to buy an apple airport extreme wireless router for my house. The router is going to be located on the second floor with my cable modem. Planning to put my airport express in my room on the third floor.
So i am just wondering if you can directly plug in the xbox 360 ethernet cable to the airport express for xbox live.

...I will get a better connection using the Xbox wireless adapter and my Airport Extreme Base Station, than I do by connecting the Xbox via Ethernet to an Airport Express that is wirelessly connected to my AEBS?
If I get the xbox wireless adapter, do I still need to configure my AEBS as WDS...
...and could I get my old network communication speed back?

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  • Problems with Airport Express and Extreme

    I have tried to set up Airport Express and Extreme.  Both proceeded normally in the Air Port Utility until the final stages.  Then it said it couldn't find the devices. When I tried again (many times), I couldn't even start the process, even though it did that the first time for both.  I'm stumped.

    To set up the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn) as a bridge, either connect to the AEBSn's wireless network or temporarily connect your computer directly (using an Ethernet cable) to one of the LAN port of the AEBSn, and then, using the AirPort Utility, make these settings:
    AirPort Utility > Select the AEBSn > Manual Setup > Internet > Internet Connection tab
    Connection Sharing: Off (Bridge Mode)
    Click Update to apply the new settings
    AirPort Express Base Station (AX) - iTunes Setup
    Either connect to the AX's wireless network or connect directly, using an Ethernet cable, to the Ethernet port of the AX, and then using the AirPort Utility in "Manual Setup" mode, make the following changes:
    AirPort Utility > Select the AX > Manual Setup > AirPort > Wireless
    Wireless Mode: Join a wireless network
    Network Name: <existing AEBSn's wireless network>
    Wireless Security: <select the encryption type of the existing wireless network>
    Wireless Password: <enter the existing wireless network password>
    Verify Password: <re-enter the existing wireless network password>
    AirPort Utility > Select the AX > Manual Setup >Music
    Enable AirPlay (checked)
    iTunes Speaker Name: <enter desired speaker name>
    iTunes Speaker Password: (optional)
    Verify Password: (optional)
    Click Update to write the new settings to the AX


    Can someone please advise me as a business traveler since this is my first Mac in many, many years whether the Airport Express or Extreme would be the "best fit" for me?
    I'm assuming Express would be the idea situation....thanks!

    Hmmm. To be honest, I don't see how this would help you at an airport. They are all using wireless for public use. You simply locate the wireless network with your computer and log on (and pay the fees via your credit card unless its a free service).
    Power wise, you would need an AC outlet to plug the Express in. Those are sometimes difficult to find as well at the airport. But again, having an AirPort Express around when a wireless network is already available would not benefit you in any way.

  • Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Airport Express or Extreme for my school dormitory, would i need to plug them into the already existing school internet via LAN cable or do the products just work by themselves?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Airport Express or Extreme for my school dormitory, would i need to plug them into the already existing school internet via LAN cable or do the products just work by themselves?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    AirPort stations aren't modems, so they have to be connected to the modem you are already using. The AirPort Extreme and Express have a WAN port, where you have to plug an Ethernet cable that has to be connected to the modem.
    After doing this, you can set up the AirPort station by using AirPort Utility. If you have Windows, download AirPort Utility from the Apple website >

  • Confused about which would be best. Is there a site I can quickly compare airport express, airport extreme and time capsule?

    I'm confussed about which would suit me better and was looking for a comparison chart to quickly see the differences of each. Is there a site I can quickly compare the Airport Express, the Airport Extreme and the Time Capsule? The Time Capsual is a little more obvious seeing as it lets one back up one's hard drive, but I'd still like to see it's other features in comparison.

    There is. Look at the AirPort Express page....Mac > Accessories > AirPort Express.... or look here:
           Compare Apple Wi-Fi base stations          AirPort Express    AirPort Extreme    Time Capsule    

  • Differences between AirPort Express and Extreme?

    What are they differences between AirPort Express and Extreme?

    You can find all the differences between the AirPort Express and Extreme in this website >

  • Any software differences between new airport express and extreme?

    I was wondering if there are any features or configuration differences between the two, such as configuring VPN passthrough.
    The only difference I can see is using the USB for hard drive use.
    Also, do you think the performance will be similar.  I know the time capsule actually rated slower than the extreme even though they use similar hardware.

    You can find all the differences between the AirPort Express and Extreme in this website >

  • I have an old Airport Express I want to use to extend WiFI (which is best Airport Express or Extreme) and to have a HD for storing Itunes connected to the old Airport as well.         I would also like to have the new Airport hardwired to my Mac (desktop)

      I am willing to buy a new Airport Express or Extreme so I can get at least one LAN port - but only if I can use that LAN port to connect to my MAC (desktop) so it doenst have to get internet via the WiFi- AND so I can set it up as its own hot spot.  I think I saw that was possible??  That way my guest network would be separate from my home Network.  Just trying to get the best layout. I have cable modem to old Airport now and USB from it to printer. 
    Maybe a new Airport - again USB to printer and LAN to MAC(?) then old Airport elsewhere in the house to extend the signal and use USB off it to hard drive to store Itunes?  Would LOVE to have it there to use for Airplay etc- Is that possible- I have read many comments and still not sure if it is possible or not.
    Baxically I need a simple solution to storing all my photos- music and movies (MAC only has 500GB) AND have a great back up; Currently have a 1TB drive as Time Machine - so could use that for back up- but running out of space on MAC for all the media I am saving.  THANKS!!

    You are asking several different questions. If you need to store your photos, music, and movies on an external volume, you certainly can. Any externally connected hard disk drive will work, connected either directly to your Mac or to your Time Capsule as a shared volume.
    You should not rely upon using that as a backup device though. Although you certainly may use it for both purposes, it is a better idea to have dedicated backup devices for a variety of reasons not limited to redundancy. You would not want to simultaneously lose all your pictures as well as your backup. If they are all on the same device, that could happen. Furthermore, a backup cannot back up the volume on which it is running.
    As for adding an Extreme or Express, using its LAN port for your iMac, and then enable Internet sharing so you can effectively use the iMac as a "hotspot", you can do that too, but I am unclear on what benefit you believe this arrangement would convey for you.
    An Extreme's Guest network is separate from its Main network; that is the reason for having it.

  • AirPrint via Airport Express or Extreme

    Any plans for AirPrint support for printers connected via Airport Express or Extreme ?

    Hello. Here is a solution without the need of a main computer... 8KCSPRK/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1365001962&sr=1-1
    I got one my self. It works.

  • Free Xbox 360 with $700 or up Windows Laptop

    I have gotten the coupon using my .edu email for the free Xbox 360 with a laptop purchase of $699 or higher from College Student Deals
    but have seen that it says I need a valid student ID to get the deal. I have just graduated from high school and have not gone to orientation yet so I do not have a student ID from college yet. I have a high school student ID still. Does anybody know if they really check for IDs or if a high school ID would work? If not, there are other online places I can get the PC and get the laptop using only my .edu email, such as the Microsoft Store,, NewEgg, and and I will get a computer from one of those sources. I only wanted to get my laptop at BestBuy because I can g check out the laptop before I purchase it plus I hate waiting for shipping. I get impatient when having to wait for items ordered. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    As long as you have an acceptance letter and your .edu address.
    If you like my post, or solution to your issue/question, go ahead and click on the little star by my name and/or accept the post as the Solution. It makes me happy.
    I'm NOT an employee of Best Buy, or Geek Squad, though I did work as an Agent for a year 5 years ago. None of my posts are to be taken as the official stance that Best Buy will take on your situation. My advice is just that, advice.
    Unfortunately, that's the bad luck of any electronic, there's going to be bad Apples... wait that's a horrible pun.

  • Can I use xbox 360 with thunderbolt display

    Is it possible to use an Xbox 360 with a thunderbolt display? If so, I need specifics of what I would need to do so.

    Not unless your 360 has a TB port.

  • Open nat type for xbox 360 with wrt160n?

    How can I open my nat type on the xbox 360 with my wrt160n?
    Currently it is on moderate..........

    I had this same problem, I had to enable three things. enable UPnP, enable Allow users to make congiguration changes, enable Allow users to disable internet access. You most likely have the first two I mentioned enabled but the last one is the one I didn't have enabled and once I enabled then I had open NAT

  • Xbox 360 does not connect to Airport Express wireless network

    I'm at my wits ends. I got a my son a wireless adapter for Christmas and for the life of me cannot get it to work. We have looked at all the discussion forums on the internet and did A LOT of trial and error and still to connection. On one occasion the xbox 360 wireless adapter saw the network and once it tried to connect is dropped.
    I have a Wii, two windows PC's, a printer and a PowerMac all connected to my wireless router. The xbox and the Airport Express both have the latest firm ware update.
    These are some of the things I have noticed and tested:
    1. Connection is Cable Modem>Vonage Router>Airport Express....wireless to Xbox360
    2. I have taken the vonage router out to go
    Cable Modem>Airport Express...wireless to Xbox360 and still no luck.
    3. I was suspecting a double NAT and contacted Comcast to see if I could put the cable modem in bridge mode and they couldn't help me.
    4. The network is open (no security)
    5. The wireless adapter is a steady red...then when I tell it to find the network it drops out (LED turns off)
    6. I have tried to see if I have a double NAT but tracing in the network utility does not show anything.
    7. I have tried to place the Airport express in bridge mode and when I updated, it doesn't not come back up and I have to do a hard reset to communicate to it again.
    8. There was one instance when the wireless adapter LED was green for about 15 secs and when we tried to connect it dropped out completely (no LED light).
    9. I know it works because in the various forums I have read that people have it working.
    I called xbox support and they were not very helpful...wouldn't even search similar cases...I have tried everything I could think of and I'm lost any assistance is appreciated.

    What is the make/model of the Comcast-provided modem? How about the Vonage router? Is this router also wireless? Finally, I assume that prior to introducing the AirPort Express Base Station (AX), the modem & Vonage router were working properly ... correct?
    Thanks for your interest in helping me. To answer your questions:
    1. The comcast make and model for the cable modem is Scientific American Model#DPX2203
    2. The vonage router is ethernet hard wired connected between the cable modem and the apple express wireless route. The vonage router is model#VDV21-VD
    3. With the exception of the wireless connection between the Xbox 360 and AX; everything works fine.
    4. The AX is running Apple firm ware 6.3
    In the discussion I have read of similar problems and have tried them all to no avail. I'm sure the is a fix to this problem because of people in the discussion groups have had the same issues. I don't suspect the wireless router because it has a steady red light and only turns off when we do the network test or scan for networks.

  • My xbox 360 will not see my AirPort Extreme basestation wirelessly.

    I just bought a new AirPort Extreme from my local Apple store last night.  All devices work great (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, Win7 Laptop) all exept my Xbox 360.  My Xbox will not even see the AirPort base station via the older white Xbox wireless adapter.  I am at a loss here because I thought the SSID was broadcasting since my other devices found it no problem.  Anyone else have or solved this issue?

    Microsoft offered two versions of the "white" USB Wi-Fi adapter for the original XBox 360; one for 802.11b/g and the other included 802.11n. Both only support the 2.4 GHz radio band. Which do you have?
    By default, your new 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn) provides support on both the 2.4 & 5 GHz radio bands and for all of the current radio modes (802.11) ... so, by theory, the XBox should be able to find and connect to its wireless network. However, I have noted that original XBox did have some issues connecting with these default settings.
    You can change the default radio mode setting to a number of other choices. Note that you will need to hold down the Option key (for the Mac) before making a redio mode selection from the AirPort Utility to "see" the additional options. I would suggest the following to see if the XBox can connect: 802.11n only (5 GHz) - 802.11b/g.
    If that radio mode still doesn't solve the connection problem, try temporarily disabling wireless security on the AEBSn. Please post back your results.

  • XBOX 360, MacBook Pro, PC and Airport Express don't all connect

    Just got the new XBOX360 with built in wi-fi for Christmas! Also have a MacBook Pro and a PC connected wirelessly to my Airport Express.
    Prior to the XBOX 360 the ApE worked flawlessly with the MbP and PC.
    Now, depending on the day, either the PC or the XBOX will not connect with the ApE. I can connect wirelessly to XBOX Live one day, and not connect wirelessly to the PC the next and vice versa.
    Powering off the cable modem resolves this, but only for one day, then the problem returns. Any suggestions?

    By default, both should already by DHCP clients ... but it is possible that either or both were reconfigured with static IPs that may not be correct for your network configuration.
    For the PC, I would need to know which operating system it is running.
    For the Xbox 360, you configure, whether or not, it would be a DHCP client via the System Settings > Network panel. The key is that you want both the IP & DNS Addressing to be "Automatic."

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