Xfi Extreme Gamer. Conections Quest

I got this card to replace an aging Audigy2 but I need to conect the output to my home theater system. The card Boasts a "optical" connection but there is no documentation on how to impliment that method. I have a digital I/0 box but the documentation states it is not compatible with the card. I may return this if I can't get the optical conection to happen and go with the fatality platinum. The break out box seems to have more options. Has anyone got the optical to interface with their reciever and How?Message Update. I returned the Extreme Gamer card? for the Xfi Platinum. The break put box supplies me with the needed optical out signal for my reciever. The digital I/O module did not work (contrary to CL web site).?I still had to make several setting selections internally within CL's interface and Windows before "finally" getting a working signal out (a lot of trial & errors). The signal is kind of weak and the volume needs to be cranked up to a high degree, but hey it works now!? Note to CL. Your connection instructions are vague and less than useful in real world settings. Do you have an opening for a Tech manual writer? ; )Message Edited by jaytmoon on -2-200603:07 PM
Message Edited by jaytmoon on -2-200603:07 PM

Thanks Rad- but Those options won't help me.I really hope someone for creative would jump in here since the product's packaging leads me to believe that this can be done wothout any home made mods or 3rd source cabling. It really looks like a "Truth in advertising" faupa to me!Message Edited by jaytmoon on -7-20062:5 PM

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  • Creative XFi Extreme Gamer no Microphone In

    I've just reinstalled Windows XP SP2 (with all the patches) on my gaming machine. After installing the latest Creative drivers for my Soundblaster XFi Extreme Gamer audio card (from the website: SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_5_0006.exe) the sounds work fine but my microphone doesn't work. It's plugged into the Flexijack on the card but there's no setting to switch the Flexijack from optical mode to audio mode. The Soundblaster XFi documentation says to click on the "Advanced" button under the Microphone settings in the Mixer and there should be a check-box to switch the Flexijack over but mine shows no such check box.
    Can someone point me to the right settings?

    Good luck, lots of x-fi things don't work right in 64. Most people I know just gave up and use the onboard audio mic instead, less hassle.

  • Problems with Installing Software for XFi Extreme Gamer C

    Hi, I've just bought an XFi Extreme Gamer card. I've got a dual boot system (two difrent hard discs). The board installed ok under XP and works OK. The problem is that under Win2K Pro the installation comes up with an Entry Point Error for CTXFISPI.EXE WTSRegisterSessionNotification could not be located in WTSAPI32.dll. These files exist on the CD and Hard dri've. I do get sound and music etc but the problem is that when I try to launch the volume control or console etc it says "The current selected audio device is not supported by the application. Do you want select another audio device now?". If you say yes you get the choice of "Follow Windows Default". Now checking the device manager etc you find that Creative SB XFi is there and has no problems. There doesn't seem to be any updated drivers for Win2K on the site, I'm at a bit of a loss what to do next, I only upgraded to try and play some newer games, hasn't helped so far. Also can't launch the diagnostics programme either.
    Any suggestions would be great, I don't if it's Windows fault or Creative at the moment.
    Regards. M B
    P4 Asus P4PE
    NVIDIA 6600

    are you blind man? that what nearly every post on this forum is about the complete lack of vista support. Yes we all have the driver but you can forget the console and all of the advanced connectivity you paid for. Creative are just a joke in my opinion why can't they get this sorted i also use optical in for my xbox 360 i'm totally pissed off with this situation. Come on creative get your act together and get some proper support sorted!!!!

  • Xfi extreme gamer card help

    Hi I have the Xfi extreme gamer card. I just reinstalled windows 7 and got the latest drivers from SoundBlaster . The sound seems muffled . I used Daniel Ks driver in the past and it worked well for me but now I get a error- ?setup was unable to detect the card? .

    I can install the XFi Extreme Gamer but the problem is when i restart the computer, the resolution of the monitor drop to 4 bits only. When i check at display card properties, it show this message "This device cannot find enough free resource that it can use". Please help. For the information, my previous sound card is Sound Blaster 5. Li've and i don't have problem with it. My specs:Windows XP SP2RAM 2 GBP4 2.8 GHZ7600 GT (AGP)

  • Xfi extreme gamer trou

    i have xfi extreme gamer and on the user manuel it says i can swicth from entertainement game and audio in mode switcher box window but i cant find that window/box in any creative option. any help please. im on xp vista home premium

    Image SS i took for you to show you in the consoleMessage Edited by Tnuc on 08-5-20072:33 PM

  • Xfi Extreme Gamer: Vista 64: Microphone is no

    As title suggests, I am using the XiExtreme Gamer in?Vista 64. When I plug a microphone into the 3-way jack, even if I select microphone in the audio console, all I hear is a pulsing noise wjen I test the mic in BF242. Is there something else I need to do? I tried a headset and a stand alone mic.

    Good luck, lots of x-fi things don't work right in 64. Most people I know just gave up and use the onboard audio mic instead, less hassle.

  • Headphones & speaker q on the xfi extreme ga

    i have the evga 680i mobo as well as the creative xfi soundcard. i have been unable so far to get the mic on my headset recognized in windows, but the headphones (i have a sennheiser headset that has a mic and headphones, each with their own stereo cable) are working properly when plugged into the front panel on my lian li case. i have the 680i's onboard realtek sound disabled, so i am not expecting to be able to use the mic through that. here's my problem:
    i want the creative xfi to handle the all sound for my computer, but annoyingly enough, there aren't enough slots on the card itself for both speakers and headphones, which is quite an oversite on creative's part imo, forcing me to switch between plugging in either my headphones or 4. speakers. am i missing something here, or is it impossible for me to have both my 4. klipsch speakers (2 stereo cables), my headphones ( cable, which seems to need to share the line out with of the klipsch speaker cables), and my mic ( stereo cable) all plugged into my xfi card at the same time?
    if so, bad move creative. you guys must know that lots of gamers use headsets, and that many headsets now have both mics and headphones, which requires 2 stereo cables. if i want to use the mic, and i do (for both work and gaming), then there is no way i can plug the mic on it into the creative card and then plug the headphones on the front of the computer.
    i bought all my components on newegg at the same time, so i had no way of knowing this would happen.
    anyone have any advice?
    my headphone cable isn't long enough to allow me to plug into the front panel while the mic cable is plugged into my creative soundcard.
    the mic will however sctetch from the the back of the mobo to the soundcard outputs, but it looks like on the 680i that only the front headphone plug in works if the 680i isn't the default sound setting.

    I am dying to get home and tinker with my X-fi extreme gamer, so I can get the front audio mic jack to work with my Sennheiser PC 5's. My case is a Coolermaster Ammo 533 with the front audio jack having the choices of AC'97, HD, and a bunch of loose Azalia wires for FP audio hookup. I hooked up the HD jack to the card pins, and looking at various "pinouts" from Creative and Coolermaster the specs match up. I hear audio (and it rocks!) and I also set it up to mute back speakers & use CMSS?under "headphone detection" and that works, but I just can't get the mic to record or register. (It registered on my old Audigy Platinum with 5 /4 I/O bay, so it can't be the headset, unless the soundcard fried my mic. I just wish selecting the functions of "flexi jack" or "mic" in weren't so @#$% confusing. (Should I be choosing "mic", "line", or "wave" for it to detect?) I'm guessing the OBVIOUS "mic". Who knows? I'll be tinkering, drinking, and cursing it at some time tonight! I have a wife and toddler, so I have very little time to screw around with PC issues, let alone a hundred dollar soundcard one!!!Message Edited by Blister972 on 05-4-200704:04 PM

  • Extreme gamer card problems

    Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz @ 4.00GHz
    Noctua NH-U2P SE366 CPU Cooler
    OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 PC3-2800C8 600MHz DDR3
    Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Intel X58 Motherboard
    XFX GeForce GTX 295 - PCI-Express 2.0 - 792mb GDDR3
    Zalman ZM750-HP Heatpipe Cooled 750
    Corsair 28GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Dri've
    50GB raptor
    2xTB Sata slave
    Just bought a extreme gamer card installed and conected via optical lead to my logic 3. soundstage 5. , when i play bluray it works on 2. but when i move setting on soundstage to 5. background noise and soundtrack still plays but dialogue is missing anyideas what could be wrong?

    Hi, Dave. I am familiar with what we all do by default - since we all google the same info. What I want to know is what the items I am asking about actually do. I've got the vast majority of them figured out - and have a list of what they are and who they belong to and how they are controlled.
    UpdReg.exe and CTXFireg.exe are the ones I am still scratching my head over - because I haven't seen anything definitive posted by someone who is actually "in the know". It's all parrotted information that's been copied from forum to forum over the years - to the point it has become urban legend.
    I've found by experience that assumption is the mother of all screwups. So, I actually want to know, from "someone who has the inside scoop" - what these two utilities actually do. For example, do they do more than one thing? Do they do some sort of housekeeping to restore the volume control levels to the last known-good levels if the machine crashes at shutdown? Do they do that as well as provide the Registration Reminder?
    This thing doesn't get deleted automatically - and it reappears when you reinstall-from-scratch. I'd just like to know what's going on - rather than guess or depend upon hearsay.
    Could a CL Staffer please comment on this? Thanks.

  • Alchemy for XFI Extreme Audio Ca

    Will htere be a version of Alchemy for those of us that have XFI Extreme Audio cards?

    dcdrac wrote:
    that still does nto detract fromt he fact hte product is been sold as something it is not.
    In what way? Not trying to defend Creative here (and i have slammed Creative and that card elsewhere), but nowhere on the product page for that card does it say anything about being a card for gaming. Like I said a few minutes researching the card would have told you exactly what it was, and what it was intended for. And also like I said you show me anywhere on this page,?http://us.creative.com/products/prod...9&product=5855?that it says anything about supporting EAX and being used for games. The fact that it has X-Fi in its name is irrelavent (despite the fact it shouldn't) to the fact that you didn't research what you were buying, and then complaining after the fact that it doesn't do what you expected (EAX and games).

  • Vista 64: XiFi Extreme Gamer: Mic not work

    I can't get a microphone to work in BF242 with Vista 64 and my Extreme Gamer. I plug the mic into the 3-way jack, select "mic" in the Creative console; but when I get into the sound setup in the game all I can hear during the test is a pulsing noise. Is there something I need to change in the Windows sound setup (I have tried 2 different mics by the way)

    Just ran across something new to try. The Extreme Gamer has an internal connection to run to a front sound panel. (It's one of the reasons I purchased this model.) A post in the XiFi Forum mentioned that the front panel connection sometimes causes problems with the muti-jack. Anyone else see thisI'll report back when I get a chance to try this.
    Update: After unplugging the front panel connector I have been able to successfully use my mic in BF242. Remember to change the settings in the "Sound" section in Vista as well as in the Creative Control Panel (shouldn't the Creative panel automatically change the Vista settings ). In Vista you need to select the Microphone as default recording device and also change the recording slider source from "What You Hear" to the mic. I had to push the slider to the max for the mic to be heard in the game.
    Message Edited by viventis on 06-20-2008 07:48 AM

  • Xfi extreme audio SB0790 Windows Home Premium

    I have installed Windows 7 upgrade on an HP desktop that was running XP Pro. Install went fine exept I have an error "No Audio Device Installed"? yet I have installed the Xfi extreme audio card in its slot. The card works fine with XP. I have gone with the windows update installed the current driver with still no luck. Searched the forums again no luck, have done my due diligence via the internet and with beta drivers and still only have the red X everytime I boot. What can I do to get this card working agian?

    Re: Xfi extreme audio SB0790 Windows Home Premium0 As I stated in my first post I did my due diligence and after installing beta drivers for the SB0790 then installing the recommended driver dated July 09 it still does not recognize the device (7 Home Premium). I have gone through every forum google points me to we are not alone, taking advice I've installed then deleted these drivers about 0 to 20 times I've tried compatibility mode "Vista" "Vista SP", "Vista SP2", "XP", and so forth with no luck also running the driver as admin. Every time I update driver in 7 it tells me I have the current driver yet I have a red X and no sound.
    I can't believe that Creative does not have working drivers for the final release of 7 knowing that they had 6 to 8 months to prepare. Really poor on their part.

  • How to run a OEM installation on Extrem Gamer (silent install)

    I'm having problems with the lastest driver for Extrem Gamer (2_8_005).
    I can't get it to install silent. I have tried the main setup.exe with /s.
    When I try to record the setup with /r the setup?would not?complete.
    Sbxf\setup /s work occasionally, the same with ctzapxx /s. But it usually take several reboots and attempts.
    Can anyone help?

    BBecause there is 2 drivers, for retail and oem hendrix series. Both include (or in this case must include) same AppSetup.exe. To reduce installation size Creative put only one copy in root directory, regular installer automatically place it in correct location before proceeding.

  • Sound only plays in Front left speak on Windows 7 with Xfi Extreme Music??

    I have Xfi Extreme Music (SB0640). In installed the lastes drivers for windows 7 (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://forums.creative.com/t5/forums/postpage/board-id/#]Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver 2.8.003 [/url]), When I run a speaker test all 6 speakers work, however when I use media player, media center etc. Only the front left speaker works.
    Do I need to install creative Alchemy?
    Console Launchers does not load on boot
    Any asistance will be appreciated
    Thanks in advance

    NRe: Sound only plays in Front left speak on Windows 7 with Xfi Extreme Music? You will need to have the Creative Console Launcher which will let you have CMSS-3d or Creative Multichannel Surround Sound. You can find the newest version for your card here......
    <a rel="nofollow" href="http://support.creative.com/downloads/download.aspx?nDownloadId=094"]http://support.creative.com/downloads/download.aspx?nDownloadId=094[/url]
    Honestly though, dont bother with just that. Get Daniel K.'s X-FI support pack which is updated with the newest drivers and applications for your card. Plus, he tweaked those with fixes for installation/integration? under operating systems other than XP.
    That can be found here.......
    <a rel="nofollow" href="http://rapidshare.com/files/234436040/XFI_SupportPack_2_0.exe"]http://rapidshare.com/files/234436040/XFI_SupportPack_2_0.exe[/url]
    And the link is still good.

  • My speaker installation (car audio in home with xfi extreme!!) pictures see this!!

    This is what i do with creative products to put it to the test of time.... This pc has everything...esp a hell sound system!!!Creative this is for u... PS... The Specs is below
    Marvin IT and Audio Specialist
    Re: My Sound System....Car Sound System Installed in home on PC XFI-Music EXtreme Options http://forums.creative.com/creativel...on_options.gif
    Registered: 03-14-2007
    Reply 4 of 4
    Viewed 2 times
    ICE SpecAll the angles around the small room.
    Extreme Sound and Extreme PC (Sound Blaster XFI-Extreme Music)
    x6 Starsound Chrome amps 2000w
    x1 Sony 500w 2ch
    4x Starsound Gladiator 500w 4ch (Currently)
    x3 Sony 6x9's 400w
    x6 Pioneer Super Tweeters 200w
    x6 Mids Starsound And Sony Mixed
    x6 Sabat 657 Battery's
    Neon Bass Sensitive All Around
    Neon Cuboard install
    x6 Sony Exploid Subwoovers cuboard (x2 Bandpass x4 Straight) 80hz THX
    (will post the other pics of the stated other hardware as soon as installation is completed)

    Re: Xfi extreme audio SB0790 Windows Home Premium0 As I stated in my first post I did my due diligence and after installing beta drivers for the SB0790 then installing the recommended driver dated July 09 it still does not recognize the device (7 Home Premium). I have gone through every forum google points me to we are not alone, taking advice I've installed then deleted these drivers about 0 to 20 times I've tried compatibility mode "Vista" "Vista SP", "Vista SP2", "XP", and so forth with no luck also running the driver as admin. Every time I update driver in 7 it tells me I have the current driver yet I have a red X and no sound.
    I can't believe that Creative does not have working drivers for the final release of 7 knowing that they had 6 to 8 months to prepare. Really poor on their part.

  • Windows 7 64 bit + Extreme Gamer = no mic

    Installed Windows 7 tonight thinking that surely i wouldn't have any problems with drivers after he Audigy 2ZS/Vista Fiasco and guess what. My Mic does not work. It should just work out of the box!
    Used current drivers from creatives own site but couldn't find any option to correct in settings. Vent and windows register volume levels when i speak and i can hear myself in my own headphones but no sound is being transmitted on vent, or in steam.
    I have uninstalled everything. Can anyone help?

    -Re: Windows 7 64 bit + Extreme Gamer = no mic?
    Now this is a long shot. This is an experiment for you, but it was a success for me. Running Vista and Windows 7, I switched several times between my x-fi FATALITY PRO PCI and my X-FI Titanium PCI-Express. I accidentally formatted my system without switching out sound cards and I installed the drivers for my X-FI Titanium. I had unzipped them with Winrar to look in the directories, hoping to learn .ini files and their customizable settings. I chose update, and then have disk and browsed to the location of the TITANIUM drivers by mistake, and I updated my X-FI Fatality PCI. Well what do you know? It worked. I used that card with the wrong driver, and it restored my what u hear function and my microphone worked great. You may want to try it........you may not. Just a suggestion. Download the Titanium driver, unzip it with winrar winace or 7-zip, and then manually update it with the have disk, and browse to the unpacked folder. Restart and you will have sound. Check your micophone and sound now......You will have to reconfigure your EQ and speaker settings and always be sure to NOT check full range speakers in the control panel, speakers applet.

Maybe you are looking for

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