XFX 4890 missing hdmi cable

 My mom bought a xfx 4890 in best buy store in new york city and shipped it here in philippines. When I open the box I only see the card, dvi to vga adapter, crossfire brigde and the s-video cables. Why didn't I get the hdmi cable? I had to use the nvidia hdmi cable from my old 9800gt but I can't change the resolution to 1080p to watch blu ray movies in high resolution. It says input signal out of range, I don't know maybe the cable of nvidia to ati is not compatible.
The hdmi cable should be included, what should i do?

It doesn't come with an HDMI cable because it doesn't have an HDMI port. It has a DVI port that is configured to work with the supplied DVI to HDMI adapter to pass digital audio through normally unused pins on the DVI port. All of the XFX Radeon 4890 boards are the same way. Your display and the card might not go well together and require additional manual configuration from what you're telling us. Look at the owner's manual for your HDTV and it should have a section for PC display that has the signal input information that the HDTV accepts from a PC. Your HDTV might also not be PC over HDMI compatible. If that is the case, you need another display.

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  • I have just tried to connect my Mac book pro to an LG Plasma TV via an iWires Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable. All I get on my TV is the Mac wallpaper and nothing else. I am missing something really silly, could anyone help please.

    I have just tried to connect my Mac book pro to an LG Plasma TV via an iWires Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable. All I get on my TV is the Mac wallpaper and nothing else. I am missing something really silly, could anyone help please.

    Hi there. I also bought an iWires mini Display port to HDMI cable and have an LG LED/LCD TV. I plugged it in to my MB Pro and followed the very small writing that came in the package and got both audio and video going. You need to change the audio settings from within System Preferences on your Mac to select your TV as the audio output.
    My concern is the data latency - do you experience a delay between moving your mouse on the MBPro and the TV displaying the movement? It is only a fraction of a second, but certainly enough to be annoying, especially in a cable as expensive as the iWire.

  • No Display on HDTV using Mini Display Port to HDMI Cable

    I have a Mini diplay port to HDMI cable Male to male cable. I am trying to connect my Macbook Pro running OS 10.6.4 to my LG 32inch HDTV and cannot get display onto the HDTV.
    The screen just blinks for a bit but still no luck. I have searched a number of forums and am still looking for the appropriate steps.
    Is there any configuration that I am missing?
    Please advise.

    I currently have the same problem, but have found a temporary solution while looking for a permanent one. The temporary solution involves resetting the SMC. To do this follow these steps:
    -First connect the cable to both your TV and your MacBook Pro and make sure both are powered on.
    -Then shut down your MacBook Pro
    -On the left side of your keyboard press command, alt (option), shift and the power button at the same time, holding them for a second and then releasing them at the same time.
    -Wait about 10 seconds and then power on your MacBook Pro, the display should be detected and working.
    As I said earlier this is only a temporary solution and I am looking for a permanent one, so any more help would be appreciated.
    Let me know if it works or not.

  • Netflix tells me to turn off AirPlay mirroring but no AirPlay symbol on control center. I'm only connected to a hdmi cable and VGA adapter. It's on an iPad mini.

    No airplay signal shows up and I'm not connected to anything else other than the VGA cable and that one connected to the hdmi cable.

    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/a/How-To-Fix-Airplay-Icon-Missing. htm
     Cheers, Tom

  • Nvidia 8600gt with DVI to HDMI cable on Samsung 32'' screen

    hi, got setup arch on a friend's pc with the title's featured for viewing...although that is viewable we cannot make it work properly (with the same quality as it is on windows...which is day and night...), is there any options which we can work on them for getting the best quality because of the connection? i tried from nvidia-settings but i cannot find any option for "cable changing"..what should i change to make this work properly? (the current display is 1024x768. he wants big letters for easier reading..)
    ty in advanced

    I have nvidia 8400m gs and hda-intel, hdmi just does not work properly. The resolution is by default wrong and does not fit into the screen. If I use 1920x1080 the text is almost unreadable. Further, hdmi+audio does not work at all. I use nvidia-xconfig to set up X and NVIDIA X Server Settings in gnome to choose the TV screen. I have a 32'' Samsung flat screen tv.
    VGA cable works for video and sound with an audio cable from laptop headphones to TV PC in. The resolution is quite ok - 1360-768 and sound works thru the tv speakers.
    What I have found googling is quite contradictory. But it seems nvidia hdmi on linux is not yet fully implemented. ATI Radeon on the other hand seems to work better.
    As the hdmi cables are quite expensive, especially the gold plated ones, I would discourage linux users for the moment to have too high expectations on getting hdmi+audio to work for nvidia cards, at least not on hp pavilion notebooks. It might also be a question of hp notebooks with nvidia not having any connector between the graphics card and the audio card, as the audio is being transmitted over the hdmi port. However, HP is quite uninterested in support, and plucking asunder a laptop is not that appealing to find out audio chips and eventually missing connectors between sound card and video card.
    To sum it up, vga is better for the moment.
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  • HDMI cable

    can anyone tell me if there should be a HDMI cable in the box which comes with the bb tablet because i am missing it

    The HDMI cable is separately sold. It's not included. Most places that sell the Play Book and accessories should be able to order this cable for you if they do not have it in stock.
    The HDMI video and audio quality from the Play Book is impressive. I have been feeding the HD from the Play Book to a 46 inch Sony LCD HDTV and Sony sound system.
    I bought the HDMI cable, and the fast charger at Future Shop.
    Jerry G.
    Jerry G.

  • HT1551 Do you have to have a certain Hdmi cable for sky go to stream picture not just sound?

    Do you have to have a certain Hdmi cable for sky go to stream picture not just sound?

    hdmi is a std which always stream both picture and audio
    but when you say sky then connecting the atv to a middle box hdmi switch is a hit or miss if it can be don
    really comes down to the switch in this case the sky one

  • Where's the appleTV selection on the iTunes homepage.  need to reload my appletv using the HDMI cable

    Can't find the AppleTV icon on the iTunes page.  Trying to reload using the HDMI cable method (crashed).  What am I missing?  I need to reload from iTunes.

    Have you seen this?
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Restoring your Apple TV - Apple Support
    When you say the remote is not working, does the light on AppleTV flicker when you use the remote but nothing happens?
    If so hold Menu and left arrow/rewind keys TOGETHER for over 6 seconds and see if you get an unlinked chain appearing on screen- if you do it may now work.

  • Mirroring with hdmi cable has stopped working since 6.1.2

    Any advice?  I have the 30 pin to hdmi cable I use to mirror my 4s. Since 6.1.2 the phones top bar no longer flashes blue when connected and will not mirror on to the tv.  It dose know its conected to a dock of some kind as the volume slider becomes unavailable. Am I missing something in settings or is this a glitch?

    Please try the options here: http://mzl.la/LIoF7y
    I would first try completely uninstalling flash and then reinstalling the latest version.
    I am also using Firefox 21 and Windows 7 with the latest version of Flash; I am having no problems so I think that there is likely to be a specific issue in your configuration, once we fix it everything should work fine.

  • Why does my TV not pick up my Mac/HDMI cable?, Why does my TV not pick up my Mac/HDMI cable?

    Basically my Toshiba Regza TV has recently become hit and miss in detecting my HDMI cable with my Macbook Pro as my input.
    Has anyone else been having a similar problem?

    That is normal. the iPod does not appear in Finder.
    The only way to sync music is via iTunes.

  • Audio Driver Update, Will not play audio via HDMI cable now...

    I just did a driver update for the realtek audio on my Y70 touch.   When I plug the HDMI cable into the receiver (TV & speakers), it will still transfer the image to the TV and reformat the screen, but now the audio will not play unless I make the room speakers the default audio instead of the laptop speakers...   That is just a real PITA to keep switching the default every time I wanted to do something on the big screen with my computer. Any advice on how to fix that?  Preferably without rolling back the driver that was 130MB+ of a download & install that required to restarts to apply. Thanks,                Joe

    I haven't had mine long but I always have to do that with my tower system. (switch playback device for sound). I played a movie on the Z70 last night and go audio without doing anything (so it is different) but the sound level was low even though I checked the outputs were set to 100% HDMI audio required I turn up the sound at the TV end a lot to hear it. I figure I am missing something but did not want to spend the time troubleshoot, rather tha watch the Netfix movie.

  • [SOLVED] GTX 660 and hdmi cable

    Helo everyone,
    I have the GTX 660Ti and a monitor display with integrated speakers and hdmi port.In the gtx box there isn't the mini HDMI adaptor.
    If I connect the monitor-vga with hdmi I have no signal.So i connect with DVI port but how can I do to have the audio with a hdmi cable.
    Is necessary the mini-hdmi dongle ?

    So checked the GTX660 cards N660-2GD5(/OC) and N660 TF-2GD5(/OC) all have normal HDMI ports. Haven't checked before because you were talking of a missing mini hdmi connector. You just haver to connect screen and graphics card with a normal hdmi cable and you are good to go. Don't install a DVI or D-Sub cable also to connect the screen.
    Windows has nothing to do with what connection is used just to get a signal to the screen. Check if your monitor needs manual setting for what connection to use (hdmi/dvi/d-sub).

  • MBP Retina: Missing HDMI Audio Option

    Using my MBP Retina, I've tried connecting my Pioneer home theater receiver using the built-in HDMI port. The video works great, but there is no option in the Sound System Preferences menu to use the HDMI Audio as the main output. What am I missing?

    Fixed with 10.8.2............although the first time I plugged the HDMI cable in it didn't work........so I unplugged it and plugged it in again and it did.........it was like it had to learn what a TV was or something.
    Still doesn't have any audio controls for the TV though.......which is lame........come on Apple!

  • How to connect my Satellite C650 to TV with HDMI cable?

    Connecting my laptop with my television??
    I have Satelite C650 laptop which isnt that old, but ive connected my laptop to the television using a HDMI cable and it isnt working.
    The television is a samsung 1080p one, i would be grateful for some advice.
    Many thanks

    Hello Claire
    I presume you use your notebook with original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook so it should work without problems.
    Connect your notebook to the TV with HDMI cable. If your TV has several HDMI ports please enable right port on TV and after doing this use FN+F5 key combination to switch from notebook to the TV.
    When you use FN+F5 key combination can you see several options including HDMI option?

  • Mini dvi to VGA adapter to HDMI cable

    i have a mini dvi to vga adapter for my macbook (bought in 2007) and that works but I want to connect to hdmi cable to this? But don't exactly know how to do this or if it is possible?

    It is my understanding that 'VGA' is analog and HDMI is digital....from what I have read it won't work without a convert
    I use a Mini DVI to DVI adapter and then a DVI to HDMI adapter to run the HDMI cable to to TV
    the converter...VGA to HDMI...
    Mini DVI to DVI
    DVI to HDMI
    Personally I would shelf the VGA adapter and go with the new cable set up...if you already have the HDMI cable then an adapter from DVI to HDMI would be in order

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello I've seen many adverts for 2gb MMC's that are compatible with the 6680 so took the plunge and bought one. It is from a reputable manufacturer who also made the 512k cards I've been using for some time. My problem is that when I insert the 2gb c

  • Keyboard & mouse keeping losing connection

    Replaced batteries.  Shows battery at 100%.  Every few minutes, I lose the connection.  Happens with keyboard and mouse, but about ten times more frequently with my keyboad.  Same things.  Suddenly stops working, maybe types the last letter a hundred

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