XI 7.0 ABAP-Mapping in Design Builder (Interface Mapping)

in XI 3.0 there was the possibility to specify a ABAP-Mapping-Class in the Interface Mapping. In XI 7.0 the
entry ABAP-Mapping is somehow missing in the drop-down-Box, there is a Message-Mapping, JAVA-Mapping and XSLT-Mapping but no ABAP-Mapping :-(.
Did this move somewhere else or are ABAP-Mapping's not possible anymore ??
Best Regards,
Frank Marx

You need to activate ABAP and XSLT mapping.
Check this blog for the same,

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    I have encountered a very strange problem. I use a simple UDF in a message mappings which imports a class that has been imported as "imported archive".
    This works perfectly fine when testing the message mapping itself.
    However when I execute the message mapping within a interface mapping I get a Java Error indicating that resources are missing (com.sap.aii.ib.core.mapping.ResourceNotFoundException) This error refers to a missing class.
    How can this be? Message mapping works but not when using it in a interface mapping.
    Do you have any idea?

    this is what I have already tried, with the same result. But now I have come to a conclusion. It is a little bit tricky, but maybe also helpful for others:
    A method of a class (part of the imported archived) itself calls a class which throws an exception. This exception however is handled by the method itself and does not affect the overall outcome.
    In the message mapping itself you do not see the error message, only in the interface mapping. Result however is the same.
    Maybe the trace level is set different for mesage and interface mapping.....

  • Message mapping crashes only in INterface Mapping

    hi guys,
    i have an issue with one of my interface mapping. the message mapping crashes when i run the interface mapping. however when i run the message mapping separately it works fine.
    any hints?

    Hi Ali,
    If you are using try catch then in case of catch condition if you pass null to substring it will fail.. Either you call the substring inside your udf (so that you can make sure that the filename is available then only substring is called) else handle the null condition in message mapping before calling substring...
    Also you can try looking into the display queue entry for substring in Message Mapping for further analysis. Here also you will not get any filename by dynamic configuration, but i am not sure why it was not failing there.. May be display queue will help you.

  • Interface mapping Object _Doesn't exist in RuntimeCache_Error_SXMB_MONI

    Hi  EXperts ,
    Issue in XI --Dev System
    I have an simple IDOC  (DESADV.DELVRY03) ->Flat File Scenario . Mapping is done as per the Line of Business requirements .
    I have tested mapping and  I get the response as expected.
    We released the IDOC (Outbound Processing ) in SAP R/3 , but I get the mapping error in SXMB_MONI.
      <SAP:P1>Object ID 61CFAE955F1A345ABEA3081C92818052 Software Component C31B3EB0F7B811DFC3F3ECDD0AE005A3</SAP:P1>
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>Interface mapping Object ID 61CFAE955F1A345ABEA3081C92818052 Software Component C31B3EB0F7B811DFC3F3ECDD0AE005A3 does not exist in runtime cache</SAP:Stack>
    Activtaed the Interfcae mapping and refeshed the  configurtaion Object :  Interface , Receiver Determination.Noticed  that we have error in Cache Notifictaion --Design Part . The Configuration --Cache update is fine.
    I have raised the Ticket to resolve this error.
    But as this was high proirity task to be delivered,how can i try fixing this issue myself . I have tried couple of times, creating new interface mapping , activating , referring new interface mapping in : Interface , Reciever Determination but nothing fix this issue.
    Please provide me inputs.

    Thanks to all of your for your support .
    Yes as Udo said , I  did reassign the Interface mapping in : Interface Determintaion / Reciever Determination and activated .
    Buta s this isuse was in Development System , and I reliased that there was mismatch of Password entered for : PIAPPLUSER --pipeline user  and Cache Error  with SLD  in Design . Configurtaion / SLD .
    Raised ticket for Cache Error which got solved . Resetting password of PI service user also worked .
    Release new IDOC in WE19(--outbound DESADV.DELVRY03) and it was successfully processed  to File(xml).
    Best Regards,

  • Interface Mapping VS Message Mapping

    What is the meaning of Interface mapping and Message mapping in real business?
    I think it is something like the difference between the class and object. object is an instance of class.
    While talking about the mapping, there are the source interface and target interface. Can two source intefaces map to only one interface, and what about the vs verse? And how about the message mapping?
    Thanks a lot

    Hi -
    First, an Interface Mapping is not only linked with "Message Mappings" (which is the XI term for a mapping created with the XI graphical tool), but any other XI supported mapping type (e.g. XSLT, Java, or ABAP).  So basically, an Interface Mapping is used to link a source interface to a target interface via a mapping (of any of the supported types).  At runtime, you can't have an interface mapping without a mapping and a mapping without an interface mapping - they need each other.
    <i>>>>Can two source intefaces map to only one interface, and what about the vs verse? And how about the message mapping?</i>
    Yes, the ratio of source to target interfaces are n:m.  In those multiple cases, Multi-Mappings are typically involved as mentioned in the previous post.
    Also, remember that in one interface mapping, you are not limited to one mapping.  More than one mapping (of any type) can execute in the sequence you have set up in the Interface Mapping.  However, watch out for performance in these back-to-back(to-back) mappings.

  • Interface Mapping

    I have an issue with my interface mapping
    I have an interface mapping between an Outbound Interface and an Abstract Interface.... Obviously this is for a mapping between the sender and BPM.
    Anyway Everything activates sucessfully in the Repository.
    However when I try to select it in the Interface Mapping in the Integration Directory I can't see anything...
    Anyone have any ideas as to where this could be? Where I am going wrong

    hi Mendez,
    this case happens mostly when your SCV (under which the interface is) is not installed on the particular business system.
    goto SLD and verify if the SC is installed on that particular Technical system/business system.
    The other reason may be the update of cache. u can also verify that in the transaction sxi_cache

  • Interface mapping in Interface Determination??

    Hi friends..
    iam doing IDOC to File..
    in message mapping ,i changed the occurance of IDOC to unbounded and did the same in interface mapping also..
    but in intrerface determination i am not getting Interface mapping ,i tried Extended interface mapping also..
    please suggest me..
    thanks and regards

    MultiMapping will not work for IDoc's.You need to use Idoc packaging for this,
    Is this what you have done?

  • Two message mapping in one interface mapping

    my scenario is idoc to file and i am using java mapping(not UDF) for some fields as well as graphical for rest of the fields.
    I want to add these two mapping program in one interface mapping to generate final target, but the problem is it is not creating final file structure, but when i add only one mapping(either one) it works fine. 
    I'm doing this because I have to add value mapping, after the value i get through java mapping or is it possible to use static value mapping within the java mapping itself.
    Please help.....

    In addition to what Moorthy said you first test mapping individually and see if it works fine. While testing you make sure you are giving the right input, I mean if Java mapping comes second you need to give the output XML of the Graphical mapping or vice versa.
    Hope in Java mapping is done properly and you are returning the expected structure as output. For example if you are using Java mapping as the first one your ouput should be exaclty like that of source structure with the values filled.

  • Choose interface mapping based on flag

    How can I configure the following for a System_A (IDoc) -> XI -> (IDoc) System_B scenario?
    If System_A sends an X flag in the payload the X_Interface_Mapping needs to be executed, otherwise the Y_Interface_Mapping needs to be executed.
    Regards, Tanja

    Unfortunatelly, there is no way of doing this in standard. It'd be necessary a conditional mapping selection inside the interface mapping (if <condition> use this mapping program sequence) like you have inside receiver and interface determination.
    briefly: you have interface determination but not interface mapping determination.
    A possible workaround would be to create different dummy message interfaces refering to the same message type, and then you create a mapping for each of the dummy target interfaces in order to select them with condition inside interface determination.
    Or you could burn some brain cells and implement the conditional logic inside the mapping program itself. It is the right thing to do in this case (since you have same source and target structures, you implement conditional checks in the mapping logic itself).

  • Design,Build CRM Implementation Project

    Hi Friends,
                    I have been involved in Project Realization stage.Now we have a
                  requirement where in we need to design,build(IMPLEMENTATION)
                  project.Please send me any documents and what to know before
                  stating a project.My mail ID is <b>[email protected]</b>
    Jayapal Reddy.

    I believe every SAP CRM Implementation project would follow the ASAP methodology which is as follows:
    Phase1: Project Preparation
    The system landscape is set up, consultants are assigned. Project charter is created etc.
    Phase2: Business Blueprint
    The implementation consultants do a study of the clients business and learn how the processes/ cycles involved thru discussions, workshops etc
    This is documented as an AS-IS document.
    The clients business processes are then mapped on to SAP by the consultants.
    This is documented as the TO-BE document
    Gap Analysis is performed to identify any gaps between the AS-IS and TO-BE documents. i.e. something that the client wants but cannot be met thru SAP CRM. Then enhancements etc come into picture.
    Phase3: Realization
    The system is configured as per the TO-BE document. And the client is given for testing.
    Phase4: Preparation for Go-LIve
    Once the client confirms all the unit and integration tests, the master data needs to be uploaded. Other system checks by basis and SAP itself are performed.
    Phase5: Go live and support
    The project goes live and the consultants give a month's of hypercare or support.
    Hope this is wat you were expecting.
    P.S: Reward if it helps.

  • ABAP Class not displaying in operation mapping.

    I have created abap class using se24 for throwing exception message in sxmb_moni, this abap class needs to be called in operation mapping, even though i have activated this abap class in PI environtment, i couldnt see the abap class option in the operation mapping.
    Could any one please let me know any change profiles requirements are required,

    Hi Sai,
    Yes, you do have to register ABAP Class Mapping in the Exchange Profile to see this option in the Operation Mapping. Follow these step-by-step configuration guidelines:
    Hope this helps,

  • How to get ABAP mapping option in Interface Mapping

    How to get ABAP mapping option in Interface Mapping . i need to do abap mapping . i didnt find the option
    plz help me

    If u2018ABAP-classu2019 and u2018XSL(ABAP ENGINE)u2019 does not appear under the u2018Mapping Program Typeu2019 in Interface Mapping, one has to make an additional entry in the Exchange Profile. 
    Only a user with the J2EE security role (administrator) can make the following settings in the Exchange Profile.
    It is achieved in the following manner:
    1) Open http://<host>:<port>/exchangeProfile/index.html
    2)Choose IntegrationBuilder ->IntegrationBuilder.Repository -> com.sap.aii.repository.mapping.additionaltypes
    Add: R3_ABAP|Abap-class;R3_XSLT|XSL (ABAP Engine)
    To check whether the data has been successfully read from the exchange    profile:
    1- Open http://<host>:<port>/rep/support/admin/index.html
    2- Choose Administration of Properties -> All Properties
    3- If the value associated to parameter com.sap.aii.repository.mapping.additionaltypes is not visible, press REFRESH button
    After doing above check in IR, if still don't find the option for ABAP mapping then refresh the cache.
    Award points if useful.

  • ABAP Object X Design Patterns X Extreme Program

    Hi Evebody,
    I’m postgraduate in Object Oriented Analysis and Programming.
    I’ve been working with ABAP procedural development for two years and I’ve started to work with ABAP Objects has few months.
    I’d like to get deeply knowledge in my development’s skills, could someone tell me if <b>ABAP Object X Designer Patterns X Extreme Program</b> is a good path to follow?
    I’d like to share material and guides about this topic.
    I’ve already bought these books to help me.
    <b>ABAP Objects</b> - H. Keller; Hardcover <i>(Pre-Order)</i>
    <b>Design Patterns Explained</b> - Alan Shalloway
    I’ll be very grateful with any help.

    > And do you think these themes are a great combination
    > for ABAP development?
    Design pattern are very abstract and can be used with any OO programming language. The implementations will differ but the core concepts are always the same.
    XP is an agile development process and can also be used with any programming language.
    Learning what design pattern are and how to use them is very important in my opinion. Most companies expect that you are familiar and have experience with them.
    Extreme Programming (XP) on the other side is different. When I began to explore XP it got me started on how software should be developed in general. Since the concepts behind XP are quite different, it should at least stimulate you to start thinking about how you develop software at the moment and if there might be better ways of doing it.
    If you have only time to study one subject go for the design pattern. You might also consider reading the following books if you want to improve your OO coding skills:
    <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Refactoring-Improving-Design-Existing-Code/dp/0201485672/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-4989641-7820932?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1173448197&sr=8-1">Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code (a true classic)</a>
    <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Refactoring-Patterns-Addison-Wesley-Signature-Kerievsky/dp/0321213351/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/102-4989641-7820932?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1173448197&sr=8-2">Refactoring to Patterns (Shows how to improve code by introducing design pattern)</a>

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    I have been looking at the tutorial by Matt Sheehan Building interactive maps with Flex found at
    I have downloaded  Flash Builder 4.6 trial version and followed the example. I have also copied the source code from the example and pasted that into the file mymodestmap.mxml.
    In both cases the application opens a new page in Google Chrome but does not display any map data.
    No errors or warnings are displayed when I run the code from Flash Builder.
    Although I have got plenty of experience of writing software, I am a total beginner when it comes to developing web applications!
    Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong, I have attached the source below.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:mx1="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo"
                                     minWidth="1024" minHeight="768" creationComplete="init()" viewSourceURL="srcview/index.html" xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx">
                                  import mx.core.UIComponent;
                                  import com.modestmaps.TweenMap;   
                                  import com.modestmaps.mapproviders.OpenStreetMapProvider;
                                  import com.modestmaps.geo.Location;
                                  import com.modestmaps.extras.ZoomSlider;
                                  import com.modestmaps.extras.HandCursor; 
                                  [Bindable]private var _map:TweenMap;       
                                  private var _mapUI:UIComponent;
                                  [Bindable]private var _initialLat:Number = 40.668903;
                                  [Bindable]private var _initialLong:Number = -111.680145;
                                  [Bindable]private var _initialZoom:Number = 6;
                                  private var _mouseWheelZoomCenter:Location;
                                  private var _mouseWheelZoom:int;     
                                  private function init():void
                                            _map = new TweenMap(mappanel.width, mappanel.height, true, new OpenStreetMapProvider());   
                                            _map.setCenterZoom(new Location(_initialLat, _initialLong), _initialZoom);
                                  private function mapCore():void
                                            _map.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, mouseWheelHandler);   
                                            _mapUI = new UIComponent();
                                            var zoomslider:ZoomSlider = new ZoomSlider(_map);
                                            zoomslider.x = mappanel.width - zoomslider.width*2;
                                            zoomslider.y = 30;
                                            var handcursor:HandCursor = new HandCursor(_map);
                                  private function mouseWheelHandler(e:MouseEvent):void {
                                            if (e.delta < 0) {
                                            else if (e.delta > 0) {
                                            _mouseWheelZoomCenter = _map.getCenter();
                                            _mouseWheelZoom = _map.getZoom();
              <s:BorderContainer id="mappanel" width="100%" height="97%"/>

    Technically, it's Javascript, not Java :) TOTALLY different beasts. I wish they'd never named it Javascript, it's ambiguous. So anyway, on to the point of the whole thing...
    If you want quotes in your values, you'll need to write a function to replace " with \", and pass the values through it. So instead of javascript:passBack('#ENAME#','#JOB#','#SAL#'); you would have javascript:passBack(addslashes('#ENAME#'),addslashes('#JOB#'),addslashes('#SAL#'));. That would mean that ABC"DEF"GH would be passed to the function as ABC\"DEF\"GH and your quotes would stay intact. Search around on the internet for more specifics as to how to pass double quotes in javascript by using backslashes.

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    Error(12,37): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerInitTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerInitTag.class not found
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    Error(12,28): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.MapViewer; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\MapViewer.class not found
    Error(12,40): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.MapViewer; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\MapViewer.class not found
    Error(13,37): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerSetParamTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerSetParamTag.class not found
    Error(13,198): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerSetParamTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerSetParamTag.class not found
    Error(13,106): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerSetParamTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerSetParamTag.class not found
    Error(14,37): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerRunTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerRunTag.class not found
    Error(14,188): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerRunTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerRunTag.class not found
    Error(14,101): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerRunTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerRunTag.class not found
    Error(15,37): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerGetMapURLTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerGetMapURLTag.class not found
    Error(15,200): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerGetMapURLTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerGetMapURLTag.class not found
    Error(15,107): cannot access class oracle.lbs.mapclient.taglib.MapViewerGetMapURLTag; file oracle\lbs\mapclient\taglib\MapViewerGetMapURLTag.class not found"
    can you help?

    I found a lot of information in document 133682.1 on metalink.
    step by step example how to deploy a JSP business component application.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Just can´t find the link to download this certificate with the new look of the member center / certificates panel, does anybody have a clue where could it be?