XL Reporter not getting any data

When I am using XL Composer and generating report using it, I am getting data what the fields I have dragged. Not getting any data when generating same report in organizer from composer except the Title field names. Before I got but now I am not getting.
<b>STEPS Taken</b>  
                 XL Reporter Composer Tool bar
                 Generate(Window)(Name: given Sample & checked Generate report    then ok)
And having another problem when generating sample reports I am getting data and when editing that report are preparing new with some fields, I am not getting any data.
<b>Example:</b>   I have made Edit of Bank Book and placed extra field Document No,   saved the report and generated I am not getting any data except titled fields.
     In new report I have taken BP Code and sales Employee I am not getting any data.
Please Can any one help me,   It is urgent.
Thanks in Advance.

If you did not select any "total" field (quantities, totals, etc), XL Reporter will show data only at report composer. It will not work at final XL Report itself.
This is a normal behaviour of XL Reporter, unfortunetaly.
If you are trying to create a simple list of records, I suggest to use Query Generator, combined to PLD in order to get a formatted report.

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    Hi Pankaj,
    First question :
    Are you able to get the data in Fiori ?
    You have mentioned as Purchase order, but here you have given snapshot of Purchase requisition app, and you are calling also purchase req app from the browser. Please clarify
    If you have mistakenly written PO  : If you are still not getting data for Approve Purc req, then check if your RFC connections are proper from Gateway to backend and backend to Gateway.
    If RFC is working fine, check the Remote logon, it should be marked as Current user. If its not marked as current user, then it will show some other user.

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    Thank you,

    To use this DataSource you must have implemented Support Package SAPKH46C32, or have made the relevant corrections in SAP Note 509592.
    Pl check you have required data as mentioned below
    When transferring time sheet data to the Business Information Warehouse (BW), you must note the connection between the following data sources:
    ·        CA_TS_IS_1 (Time Sheet Data (Approved))
    Documents are written in the SAP R/3 system for Time Sheets with status 30 (approved). The documents log the changes that have been made to data records.
    Therefore, the SAP R/3 system can perform a delta update for this data source. The system only transfers newly approved data records and changes that have been made to existing data records. At the same time, the SAP R/3 system notes the date of the last delta transfer.
    ·        CA_TS_IS_2 (Time Sheet Data (Released for approval))
    The SAP R/3 system does not write documents for Time Sheet data with status 20 (released for approval). This means that changes made to these data records are not logged.
    Therefore, the SAP R/3 system always performs a complete transfer of data records that have been released for approval. The number of data records that need to be transferred usually remains constant because in the period between two transfers not only new data records are added but other data records are also approved. Therefore, system performance is not restricted.
    Thanks and regards

  • Purchase requisition report not showing any data R12.04

    when i run "Printed Requisitions Report". Report run without any information.
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    Please refer to Note: 472332.1 - R12: Printed Requisition Report Ends With "No Data Found"

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    I have followed all the steps mentioned in the setup guide. Please suggest any remedy.

    Hi ,
    If your query is on multiprovider , then makesure to check there are no restrictions/filters on cubes.
    Also inlcude any keyfigure from the cube,where other characteristics are being assigned from or where u r seeing data, in the query.
    If you dont want to see the Keyfigure, u can hide it using keyfigure display properties in the query designer.
    Hope this helps,
    Aparna Duvvuri

  • CRM Interactive reports not loading any data on WEB UI

    CRM BI client is setup properly by following CRM IR config guide C41.
    /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD doesn't show any major errors. I am able to create
    the custom interactive reports but when these reports are executed no
    data shows up in the report.For example ,we are building interactive
    reports under opportunities area for a user, who has opportunities in
    the system.
    Our CRM Sytem is on CRM7.0 EHP1 SPS3.

    Hi Thirumala,
    if still relevant (sorry for the late reply): check if the user is assigned to a business partner (employee), which is assignet to a correct position in the CRM Org model, and that this business partner is the employee responsible of the sales documents you want him to see in the reports.
    Alternatively, the user's business partner can be a manager of such an employee.
    Best regards

  • Firefighter - SoD Violations Report - not showing any data

    We have ECC6 and GRC 5.3 with latest patch. Our RAR is working well also. We recently installed firefighter. All reports are working fine except following two reports,
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    2: Critical Transactions
    We want to use RAR critical table and SoD data, therefore In our configuration table we have following paramter set as:
    Critical Transaction Table from Compliance Calibrator (VRAT) = YES
    Could someone please direct in right direction how to get it fixed. Is there any SAP Note suggesting configuration setup etc.
    Thanks in Advance
    Masood Akhter

    There are a number of settings to be made in order to get this working. The note is helpful but effectively you need the following:
    In ECC
    TCP/IP RFC Dest created with a unique report name.
    This RFC mentioned in the /VIRSA/ZRTCNFG transaction
    In RAR
    The Report name entered into the RAR connector.
    The SAP gateway mentioned in the RAR Connectior.
    The RAR connector marked as outbound connection.
    The SAP Adapter activated.
    In SPM (ECC)
    Set the "Connector ID for Risk Analysis" parameter to the name of the RAR Connector in the SPM configuration table.
    You may also have to do a Java system Restart if you encounter error messages when activating the SAP adapter in RAR.

  • Report not dipalying any data while running using concurrent manager

    I am running a report in oracle 6i reports builder, the report runs perfectly and displays the desired data. But, when the .rdf is attached to concurrent manager and ran from front end, the report is blank. the report output is PDF and i can see oly the headers and the values for all the columns as '0', not sure why this is happening.
    I am assuming that during the PDF conversion some thing is going wrong...any help is much appreciated...
    Thanks for your time...

    This is an Oracle Apps report, right? You'd better go to the eBusiness Suite forum for EBS related questions.

  • Invoice History Report not fetching any data without parameters

    As per user guide, you can run the Invoice History Report without giving supplier parameter. "If you want to submit the report for one supplier, enter the supplier. Leave this parameter blank to submit the report for all suppliers."
    But when we run the Invoice History Report, if we don't give any supplier, no data is coming in the report. If we give a supplier, data for that supplier is fetched by the report.
    Has anyone faced this issue, is there any solution for this?
    We are on the Oracle Apps 12.1.1 and the version on the report RDF is 120.11.12010000.5

    could you copy the MDX here ?
    Would you be able to use ST01 / ST05 to trace further details ?
    You can also go into the registry :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\SAP\BW MDX Query Driver
    set the Trace to Yes
    then use the path:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\SAP
    set the "TraceDir" to the path for the logfiles

  • 0FIGL_V10_Q0002 & Q0003 not getting any data.

    Hi Experts,
    I have activated business content for 3 queries (0FIGL_V10_Q0001,0FIGL_V10_Q0002 & 0FIGL_V10_Q0003) for a virtual Cube(0FIGL_V10).This virtual cube is based on infocube(0FIGL_C10) and i have data loaded into this cube.I get data for the first query but the second and third queries return with "No Applicable data Found"
    What am i missing here?Is there any configuration that needs to be done for these 2 queries.
    Please advice.Thanks in advance

       i am getting same isssue can i know how you solved it.

  • Rsa3 not getting any data

    I am extracting data from 0fc_op_01.when i extracting data.i am able to see data in table and psa.when i check in rsa3 its showing zero records only.this is full load.
    how can i solve this problem?i am working in bi7.

    Hi Amit,
    I think these are not LO data sources and Setup tables concept is only for LO data sources. these data sources uses the following extraction structure and these will not support delta also
    Please check the data in Base tables, if you don't have data in base tables then you won't get it in RSA3.
    Note: Once data source is active in your R3 system ,goto RS02 and give the DS name and display. here you will get all the details about DS.
    Hope it helps

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    we are planning to upgraded to Solution Tool 2008-1, will that be helpful or we need to upgrade to PlugIn 2004_1.

    Available from OLTP release
    4.0 B
    Delivery with
    PlugIn 2004_1
    Prerequisite for the use of the extractor is the R/3 core SAP Note 673964 or the corresponding support package.

  • Network Management Reports not showing any data on scom 2012 r2

    I have imported Windows Server operating system Management Packs and it  started monitoring the windows server system and network adapter state showing healthy state for all the adapter attached to  Virtual Windows Server 2012 Machine.
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    May I first need to Deploy agent particularly on network adapter ?

    I think you could start from here:
    Monitoring Networks by Using Operations Manager
    System Center Operations Manager 2012: Network Devices with Extended Monitoring Capability
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • ACS Report - User_Usage_Logon - not returing any data and the report never finishes

    i'm trying to run the User Usage report, but not getting any data output.
    i tried to open the report in the report builder to check the query,, but the query is in XML format and i'm not able to figure out the actual query that pulls out the data.
    i need help on the below :
    1. way to check , if the ACS database , does actually have any data.
    2. to pull out the actual query from the  XML data.

    As we only have one report experienced this timeout issue. Given this situation, we can try the following steps to narrow down the issue:
    1.Run the report directly through SSRS report manager URL to test if we still get this issue.
    2.If yes, increase the timeout limitation for this single report.
    3.As for further investigation, we can enable SSRS verbose logging by referring to the following steps:
    Enabling verbose log in Reporting Services Instance :
    To enable the verbose logging for the Reporting Services instance you have to follow below steps.
    Go to location
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin
    Find the ReportingServicesService.exe.config
    file, make a copy first, and then open it in editor and change the below configuration.
          <add name="DefaultTraceSwitch" value="4" />
        <add name="FileName" value="ReportServerService_" />
        <add name="FileSizeLimitMb" value="32" />
        <add name="KeepFilesForDays" value="14" />
        <add name="Prefix" value="appdomain, tid, time" />
        <add name="TraceListeners" value="file" />
        <add name="TraceFileMode" value="unique" />
        <add name="HttpTraceFileName" value="ReportServerService_HTTP_" />
        <add name="HttpTraceSwitches" value="date,time, clientip,username,serverip,serverport,host,method,uristem,uriquery,protocolstatus,bytesreceived,timetaken,protocolversion,useragent,cookiereceived,cookiesent,referrer"
        <add name="Components" value="all:4,reportrendering:4,http:4" />
    You have to restart the Reporting Services from Reporting Services configuration manager.
    4.After enable the verbose logging, reproduce this issue again by running the report, record the timestamp when we start the report, when the error popped up.
    5.Then check SSRS log files at the following path, in the file which contain the issue time, check if there is any error message.
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\LogFiles
    Yan Li
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  • Ibots not returning any data

    I have some ibots that I scheduled to run on a daily basis and which were working perfectly.
    Suddenly the same ibots, they run but the content of the attachment says "The specified criteria did not return any data".
    I checked the log files and could not see any relavant error.
    If I go back in the report that I am sending through the ibot, it runs without any problem.
    I tried to send it in different formats and run as different users, but the results are still the same!
    Any idea what else I could check?
    Type: Warning
    Severity: 50
    Time: Wed May 15 14:10:19 2013
    File: project/webodbcaccess/odbcconnectionimpl.cpp Line: 199
    Properties: RptPath-/shared/MICROS/giuliano/cube_build_verification;SID-btilnnapkfo2omg91a71b9m6n2;bindID-1;connID-31;ThreadID-4640;statementID-364;RSP-o:go~r:report
    SQLFetchScroll returned code SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND

    Thanks it solved the issue.
    But One more thing Now I have placed the parameters in the where clause of the query
    select field1,field2,field3,field4,field5,job_name,candidate_name,interview_date from etc.ethr_irc_int_details
    where field1 is not null
    and job_name = :1
    and candidate_name = :2
    and interview_date = :3
    in the VO I am executing
    public void iniQuery(String S1, String S2,String S3)
    System.out.println("insdie ini query of the VO");
    System.out.println("S1 "+S1);
    System.out.println("S2 "+S2);
    System.out.println("S3 "+S3);
    and in AM
    ETHRIntDetailsVOImpl IDVO = (ETHRIntDetailsVOImpl)this.getETHRIntDetailsVO();
    // IDVO.executeQuery();
    // OAViewObject IDVO = (OAViewObject)findViewObject("ETHRIntDetailsVO");
    Row row = IDVO.first();
    again I am not getting any data in the row??
    Any idea if I am doing any thing wrong..
    Please help urgently.

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