XMAM3.0 Laptop and PDA together

Hallo there!
We are facing a problem with the 2 Versions of xMAM3.0 SR4. There is a version for Laptop and one for PDA. What are the differences? i.e. filesize is identical?!?
Some employees in our company will use xMAM on a laptop and others on a PDA. So we need both versions deployed. SAP note #1046823 says:
"MAM 3.0 laptop and handheld UIs can not function correctly when both deployed on the same MI installation."
What exactly does that mean? Do we need 2 MI installations on 2 middlewares? Or does it mean, that we can't deploy the 2 versions (Laptop/PDA) on one MI client instance?
Thanks for your replies.
Best regards

Hello Reinhard
   The difference as far as my knowledge goes is only w.r.t the UI and nothing in the underlying architecture. The laptop version makes use of the large screen available which was not to be the case in earlier versions.  The UI has been developed taking into account the SAP UI guidelines.
   What the note says is that you cannot have both laptop and pda version installed on one client.  You wouldnt require 2 middlewares but just that one MI Client(say laptop) can only have laptop version of MAM installed on it and cannot have PDA version installed on it as well. So if you have laptop, just install laptop version and on PDA just install PDA version.
Hope this helps.
Best Regards

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    My screen wont turn on, and the screen is black. It was working fine, but then it just turned off. The only way it will work is if I close my laptop, and pinch the two screens together

    You have a hardware problem and you should take it into a apple store to be looked at and fixed.

  • Im importing cds onto my itunes but they are coming up with no track names/artists etc, itunes is saying i have no internet connnection but im on my laptop and im online, can anyone help? ive never had this issues before? they are legit cds from HMV?

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    Identify the individual artists on a tribute album in the Artist field, and type “various” in the Album Artist field.
    Create your own genre category by clicking Info and typing the category in the Genre field.
    Change the order in which tracks on a CD play by changing the numbers in the Track Number fields.
    Create a Smart Playlist that includes only songs that are just the right speed for your workout by typing the number of beats per minute in the BPM field. For instructions, see Create a Smart Playlist.
    Identify a movie as a music video (click the Options button, and choose Music Video from the Media Kind pop-up menu).
    Identify an item that you imported from a CD as an audiobook, so it appears under Audiobooks instead of Music (click the Options button and choose Audiobook from the Media Kind pop-up menu). If you do this, iTunes also remembers your place in the audiobook.
    Enter custom sorting criteria for an item. Select the item, choose File > Get Info, click Sorting, and enter the custom text.
    iTunes retrieves CD information from the Gracenote media database. For more information, visit the Gracenote website.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

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    Please help. Just the last week or so (maybe since Apple released a new software update for my Airport, I keep getting kicked off the net and can't reconnect - it doesn't even show my wifi network in the list of available networks. I am considering resetting the airport as detailed in the manual. If I do this will it act as a new one and can I set it up as from the beginning. My Mac is running OSX 10.6.8 and if I try to use the airport setup assistant it tells me i can't use this version of the app with the version of my OS (because I have upgraded my OS ) I assume
    I get a message saying my network requires a WPA password and when I put it in it says connection timeout - meanwhile here I am on my laptop and connecting okay to the net that way - so strange.
    If I connect directly to the computer I have a good connection so it is not my ISP
    I am 64 and a woman and I thought I was reasonably savvy having had Macs since 1992. This has me stumped and I really would like some advice - otherwise I think I'll just go iout andf buy a new airport.
    And just so you know . . . I have a smart TV and it is connecting to the net okay!

    apikoros wrote:
    The Utility transferred all of the AE's settings, so I still have to change the password, which leaves me with only 2 other questions, I think:
    1)  I assume it's just a matter of using the Utility, entering a stronger password and checking for it to be remembered in Keychain Access.  But do I have to  change the password for each individual unit-- the TC, the Extreme and both Expresses-- or will changing it just for the TC alone work for the entire network?
    Resetting the password you will need to do for each device... the utility cannot even see those old units.
    So you will have to do it for each one.. think it through.. because as you change passwords the others will lose connection.. so start from the express which are wireless extending .. change those first.. and go back up the chain.. as each one changes it will drop off the network.. until you reach extreme and change that. Then you might need to reboot the whole network to get everything talking again. If something goes wrong.. just pluck that one out of the mix and plug in ethernet.. reset and redo the setup. That is my preferred method anyway.. do everything in isolation one by one. By ethernet and then nothing goes wrong.
    2)  Who's the treasonous SOB who spilled the beans to you about the ICBM in my back yard?!?
    N.Korean hackers.
    [Edit] Whoops-- one more question:  I want to partition the TC's disk, but Disk Utility doesn't see it.  What do I need to do?
    You cannot partition a network disk. And apple provided no tools for it in the TC itself. You can pull the disk out and partition it but that voids your warranty. (although done with care who is to know).
    Look at Q3 here.
    Mixing TM and data on the TC is worth planning carefully. They don't necessarily sit happily together.

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    However, the iphone is visible in the Devices directory in iTunes. I changed my SIM card but still can not be recognized by the iPhone.
    <Edited By Host>

    Do you mean when you say its locked to another carrier other then the one im using, that maybe my insurance sent me an iphone thats for a different network for example orange and not mine which is o2?

  • Moving a drive with OSX to another computer? take it out of my Mac pro laptop and into my mac mini. can it be done with no OS/Hardware issues?

    moving a drive with OSX to another computer? take it out of my Mac pro laptop and into my mac mini. can it be done with no OS/Hardware issues?

    When I work with a drive to boot many computers, I use the newest model computer I will be booting, and set the system up on that, run all the Apple updates. Normally I will have no issue booting any older computer with the same drive. Unless of course those older computers do not support the operating system on that drive.
    If you want to test if the drive will boot the mac mini. Put your MacBook Pro into target mode. Connect the two computers together. And on the Mac Mini, go into system preferences and then under start up disk and see if the target disk mode computer's drive shows up there. Seelct that drive and restart. See if it boots ok. A bit easier then taking the drives out and moving things around.

  • WebtoGo for laptop and mobile device - urgent

    I need to develop a web to Go application for both laptop and mobile device. The code which i generate for laptop should work on mobile device too.
    ie the single application should work for both mobile and laptop devices.
    Now coming to lightweight framework and small footprints what technologies should i use in J2EE.
    If i use struts is that going to be mess in mobile device. Some one guide me here about choosing the technologies.

    our java app that we have just ported from PDA to laptop uses AWT components as these work on the PDA. need to go for what will work on the windows mobile device, abnd this may restrict you to older and less functional components.
    NOTE platform is defined within the application on the server side (the name of the database on the client), and therefore you will need two applications in terms of oracle lite publications, so define the database name external to the code in some kind of a properties/config file

  • Combining iTunes Libraries from laptop and desktop--duplicates?

    I have been through an iTunes search, but can't seem to find an answer to this question. I want to combine all of the music on my laptop, with my mac-mini iTunes music file (on an external drive). I know I can hook the two together and do an "add to library," but I am running 30 gigs or so on the laptop, and more than 70 on the main computer. Will doing this add two copies of duplicates (which would create a "clean-up" nightmare), or will iTunes recognize and skip the duplicates? There is simply too much time involved not to know in advance. Any help appreciated.
    Also, I wrote a year or so ago that I have ITunes start up immediately every tme I reboot and want to know how to turn it off. Other folks said they had the same problem, but no solution was ever offered. Anything new on this?

    I found your post because im doing the exact same thing..sort of. I had a mac pro that was ahem taken from me about a year ago. Since then ive been using my macbook laptop for my itunes and my iphone syncing. Now that I have my Mac Pro back, im in the process of merging both to my mac pro and using the mac pro as my "primary" itunes library.
    Here is my solution..
    1) Make sure both versions of itunes are the same on each computer! Start Itunes, click Itunes>Check for Updates.
    2) In Itunes, click File>Display duplicates. Clean up anything that needs it.
    3) In Itunes, click File>Library>Organize Library then check the box that says "Upgrade to Itunes media organization." If you have already done this previously, you will only see a grayed out box and a message stating that your media is already organized as a itunes media folder. DO NOT CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS CONSOLIDATE FILES.
    (step 4 is optional, I've been using Itunes for many years and it seems every version they change their folder structure (eg, Audiobooks is now books, etc. also, in the past, the folder was Itunes Music, now with version 9 its Itunes Media) I decided I would start clean with the latest Itunes 9 folder structure so I did exactly that!)
    4) In Itunes, click Itunes>Preferences>Advanced. Under Itunes Media Folder Location, change to your new path. for example, mine originally said /users/Geoff/Music/Itunes/Itunes Music. I created a new folder called Itunes Media in the Itunes folder so now mine says: /users/Geoff/Music/Itunes/Itunes Media. Like I mentioned before , the main advantage to this is to have the latest folder structure in itunes 9 and not have a bunch of old folders from previous itunes versions.
    5) In Itunes do a File>Library>Organize Library then click the checkbox next to "Consolidate Files". When you hit ok what this does is copies all your music, etc to your new folder that you made in step 4. If you didnt make a new folder in step 4, it will simply just reorganize to the latest itunes 9 folder structure and leave the older itunes folders on your computer. (Im a neat freak so thats why I went with step 4 and made a whole new folder for my Itunes Music) If you did create a new folder called Itunes Media (or whatever you chose to call it) make sure you DELETE the old folder (itunes music or whatever you had originally) or you will have 2 folders with the same things in them, wasting alot of hard drive space.
    6) Now you have to make a decision which library you would like to keep. yes, we will be merging, but we need to use ONE of the libraries in itunes. In my case, 75% of my stuff was on my laptop, so I decided to keep its library and use it on my Mac Pro (also, my Iphone is synced to my laptop as well so that was another reason I used that one. If one of the itunes libraries your merging is also used to sync your iphone I recommend using that library. ((just how I did it, YMMV)) For simplicity, lets call the library your going to KEEP the source, and the other copy the destination. Once you have decided which library is going to be the source, create a folder on the OTHER computer's desktop (the destination) and call it "itunes backup".
    7) Start up Itunes one last time on the Destination computer and export any playlists you want with the new library. To do this, click the playlist, then File>Library>Export Playlist. When you export, it will ask you what format you would like. I just picked Plain Text. I exported my playlists to my desktop, but you can export them wherever you like.
    Also, you need to check the movies, tv shows, podcasts, books and ringtones on each computer and write down a list of things you will need to merge from the destination computer to the new library. (eg, i had a few audiobooks on my destination machine that I didnt have on my laptop. I also had a few tv shows and podcasts on my destination machine I didnt have on my laptop. Since i will be using the library from my laptop on the destination machine, I wrote them down so that I could import them later and not worry about duplicates. (If you dont care about duplicates then I guess you dont need to write anything down and you can sort the dupes later in itunes when your done.)
    8) on the destination computer (the one we created the folder on the desktop in the previous step), make sure itunes is NOT running, then open finder and go to the music folder, and then go to the folder Itunes. In this folder you will see a file called iTunes Library. Drag it to the folder you created on the desktop called Itunes backup. Next you will see a file called iTunes Music Library.xml
    Drag this file as well to the folder on the desktop called iTunes Backup.
    9) Now while still looking in the iTunes folder, you will see either a folder called iTunes Music or a folder called iTunes Media. (depending if you did step 4 or not above). Whichever folder you have, drag it as well to the folder on the desktop called iTunes Backup.
    10) now, on the SOURCE machine (the one your going to use the iTunes library from) open finder and go to the Music folder, and then to the iTunes folder. Copy the iTunes folder and everything in it to the destination computer. In my case, since both my computers are on a network, I just copied it to the public folder on the destination computer. You can do this, or use a external harddrive, etc. Just make sure when you copy it to the destination computer, you DONT copy it to the Music folder.
    11) After the copy is done, You should now go to the destination computer and go to the iTunes folder you just copied from the Source computer. We now need to copy 2 things (one file and one folder). Inside the iTunes folder drag the file "iTunes Library" to the /music/iTunes folder on the destination machine.
    12) Lastly, now drag the folder "iTunes Media" (or iTunes Music) to the /music/iTunes folder on the destination computer.
    13) start up itunes and go to iTunes>Preferences>Advanced and make sure the proper path is displayed in the iTunes Folder Media Location (it should be the path we copied the 2 files to, (eg, /music/iTunes.)
    At this point, you should have a working copy of iTunes from your SOURCE machine running on the destination machine. next we need to merge the last few things to finish.
    14) In iTunes, click File>Add to Library and browse to the folder on your desktop called "iTunes Backup". Inside the iTunes Music folder (or iTunes Media folder) click the music folder and then click choose to import the music.
    15) next, if needed, in Itunes, click File>Add to Library and pick any Movies, Tv Shows, Books, etc that you didnt have and import them into your itunes library. If everything was the same on both machines, you dont have to do anything and you can skip this step. But if your like me, and had some things in your destination iTunes library you didnt have in your source, you will need to import them. This is where the list in step 7 comes in handy.
    16) lastly, in iTunes, click File>Library>Import Playlist and import any playlists you exported in step 7
    17) re download your album art and then the last thing you have to do is delete your music dupes and then your finished. To see a list of dupes, in iTunes, click File>Display Duplicates. You can either manually delete the duplicates (make sure you pick KEEP FILES when it asks if you would like to keep the file or delete it from the hard drive.) or use a 3rd party program like tidy songs or something.
    Hope this tutorial was helpful, I spent way too long making it..lol..
    And the answer to your second question... to stop auto start of itunes. Try clicking the apple logo in the top left corner, then click System Preferences, then click Accounts, then you will see a "Login Items" tab that shows whats starting up at login. Hope this helps.
    If you have any questions or comments let me know, ill follow this thread for awhile to help if you need it.
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  • Edited/commented on PDF using Adobe Reader iphone 5 and e-mailed to myself so I could review on PC laptop.  I opened on laptop and although I could see the comment bubbles, I was not able to open them to see the comments.

    Edited/commented on PDF using Adobe Reader iphone 5 and e-mailed to myself so I could review on PC laptop.  I opened on laptop and although I could see the comment bubbles, I was not able to open them to see the comments.

    Back to life**
    Oh I know there are many other vocabulary mistakes but never mind them I was just too excited when I wrote all of that while typing very quickly
    P.S: if you have any question then ask and please do tell me if it works or not with u but I'm definitely sure it'll work so tell me this and we'll get excited together
    Also if you have an experience to share then do share it as well please.

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    I have an HP Pavilllion dv2000 laptop and an HP Photosmart C7280 wireless printer. They have worked well together until I reformatted and added Windows 7 on the laptop. I went online and downloaded the Windows 7 Printer Wizard. It recognizes my printer and says it has been installed. I have followed their directions and plugged USB cable into printer from laptop.  It prints that way. How can I get this to print wirelessly?

    You can phone HP to order a set.Choose your country here> Contact HP
    Or they are here>>http://www.computersurgeons.com/SearchProducts.aspx?sbt=dv9260nr&bkm=Results#Results
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  • Laptop and Desktop interaction with Lightroom

    I'm just getting started with Lightroom and one of my big concerns thusfar has been the interaction between photos with my desktop PC (permanent storage) and travel laptop (Macbook Air).
    I've read a ton of tutorials and posts on the matter, but they seem a bit outside the scope of what I'm doing. Many had people using dropbox to sync the two together, but I think that may be outside the scope of what I'm looking for.<br>
    Basically, here's my setup.<br>
    -Desktop PC houses my entire library of image files. Every night it is backed up to a file server<br>
    -Macbook Air that I take on the road with me<br>
    What I want to be able to do is take my Macbook Air on trips, and during the trip load my images onto it and do some light editing in lightroom. When I get home, I want to move all of the images into my permanent location on my desktop PC and copy the changes I made to the catalog on the road into my catalog that I use at home.<br>
    So I guess my questions are:<br>
    1. How is Lightroom going to handle my images changing locations? Initially they'll be in the default folder on my Mac, where I'll be editing them on the Mac, but eventually I'll move them all over to the storage location on my home PC.<br>
    2. Can I import an entire catalog from my Mac onto the PC?  I think this part is pretty easy but just wanted to make sure.<br>
    3. If I were to store the images on my home PC long-term, could I use dropbox just for the catalog files? I'm envisioning a scenario where the images are on my home PC and the catalog is on Dropbox, always sync'd such that I never have to import/export it, but I'm not sure if this is possible (I'd heard there were some issues with this, but the posts are a few years old).
    4. Does Lightroom need access to the original image files at all times or just when creating the catalog?  That is, if the files are on my home PC and I'm away on my laptop and don't have access to the original files, but do have access to the catalog, will it work?

    What I've done in a similar situation is select the images on the laptop, and then Export as Catalog. That creates a folder with a catalog containing all the edits, and another folder with the files themselves (assuming you check that option in the dialog box). Then I import from that catalog on my desktop.
    There may be a better way, though....

Maybe you are looking for

  • COGI error generated while collective order confirmation

    hi ALL, this is the real  task for all PP GURUS. the issue is related with collective order confirmation. client is using customised program ZPP_CONF to confirm the collective order which is based on the sap spro program CORUPROC.this include automat


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  • HT204387 Will iOS 7 support RSAP Bluetooth protocol?

    Will the iOS 7 update enable the RSAP Bluetooth protocol? So far have been unable to pair phone with my 2009 VW Tiguan handsfree kit.....

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