XML report does not show grouping fields correctly??

i have an rdf report with 2 queries linked to each other and 3 groups of fields extracted from them.
i generated an XML file from this report and used it to build an RTF template file.
in my RTF template i use two groups nested. i preview it and see that the outout is correct.
then i run the report from Oracle Applications and view the output. And see that the output is wrong. All lines are repeated in every header group instead of being group.
Can ony one help me about this?
Anyone encountered this problem?

Is it absolutely the same RDF file that you run on APPS and on the desktop to try the RTF template? If so, get the XML output on APPS (by de-associating the template from the data source), save the XML output file, and then try to run the template in the template builder using the saved XML.

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    Dear all:
        I need to report for all employees some WTs of taxes, but wt reporter does not show the splits for them (to distinguish federal from statal authorities payments), it is like summarises all the same WTs... I tried payroll recon. report but this one does not output the data in ALV format (im in 4.6 version) so it is not useful to run in bulk
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    1. Allocated costs are always treated as Fixed costs, unless you have booked the expenses in FI using Activity Type as Aux Account assignment object
    2. Check whether these costs are included in Inventory valuation in your Cost Comp Str in OKTZ... If not relevant for inv valuation, these costs wont show up for Variance calculations
    br, Ajay M

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    If its having more than one word, then it will display correctly in the print preview.  As below;
    Number - 122/A
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    If its 2 or more words, it shows correctly.
    If its 1 word, then its not showing!
    Why it is happening like that? Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

    It turns out that this problem went away after the program crashed.  Everything seems to be working well now.

  • Report does not show Quotation price

    Dear friends,
    What may be the reason, that my report does not show the quiotation price, though Sales order price, revenue price shows normal?
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    check your plan profile OPSB if automatic rev planning for both Quotation and Sales order is ticked

  • Bex report does not show loaded data at once

    Hi experts,
    Why Bex report does not show loaded data at once after loading is finished but after some time?
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    a) huge amount of data in infocube.
    b) there are no deleting/creating indexes before/after loading, because it takes too much time
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    Thank you,

    Hi Tigr,
    A and B both can be the reasons behind, but normally in case of B option the results on report output can be wrong like duplicates sort of showing you double figures.
    C - it can be resource issue, so please look into all and double check with basis if thats the case.

  • Field Explorer in Crystal Reports does not show the same names as Bex Query

    I have crystal reports, I can retrieve data from BW Bex Query. But in the field explorer it does not show the names as in the Bex query designer.
    In the Bex query designer a field will have the following technical name 0Debitor and the description is Customer.
    It shows in crystal reports in the field explorer twice as D[0DEBITOR]D and D[0DEBITOR]D. It also does not seperate key figures and characteristics.
    I would like it to display the field explorer as shown in this blog.
    Thanks in advance

    take a look here:
    make sure you are using the MDX Driver and what happens is that you will see several fields per characteristic. example: one for the key, one for the description, several if modelled for the display attributes

  • Report does not show the main section while calling from forms 6i

    I am running report from report from forms 6i but is does not show the data in main section, where as the data in the header section is ok.
    But when i run the same report independantly from report builder it show the both header and main section with relevent data.
    pl solve the matter
    thanks in advance

    can you tell me more about this, you might check if you are using different users when you call this report or if the user has all privileges to see all tables in this report

  • Report does not show data , but data exists in the cube.

    Hi All,
    I have a situation where I could not show the data in the report. When I load data from an extractor 0CO_OM_WBS_1 into a Cube directly I am able to show the data in my report. When I load the same extractor to a DSO and from the DSO when I load it into the Cube, the data does not show up in the query. To check the data I use the same restriction and could see the data reside in the cube (LISTCUBE). I compressed the requests, still it is not showing up in the query. No aggregates create on the cube.
    It shows the data if I load directly from the extractor, but not when I load data thru DSO.
    Any ideas.
    Alex(Arthur Samson)

    Hi Alex,
    I am facing same problem, i have data in cube but in report i cant see....
    i have created a generic DS, i loaded the data to DSO  then CUBE.
    data is loaded succesfully and i can see data in CUBE ( Manage ), when i am running the repory i am not getting data.
    i think you solve this issue... plz help me to resolve this issue.

  • Depreciation Simulation report does not show future years Depreciation

    Hi experts
    Depreciation Simulation report (S_ALR_87012936) does not show future years simulated depreciation for depreciation areas other than 01.  I try to run for 7 years in future, other then area 01, all other areas only show the current fiscal year and zero for future years even though there are values.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
    Edited by: AG on May 5, 2011 1:21 AM

    Please check settings of Simulation Varinat at IMG> Financial Accounting>Asset Accounting>Information System>Define Simulation Variants for Depreciation Reports. Check settings for depreciation ares for which you are facing issue.
    Hope this helps!!
    Murlidhar Khatri

  • Crystal Report does not show the webelement for SAP System

    Hi all,
    I have added web element in Crystal report for SAP system (BI or R/3) . But it does not show the control. It shows only scipt.It does not render the HTML.
    But if I add the webelement for Excel sheet ,It shows the control.
    How can I add web element for SAP System? Can't we use web controls in SAP system ?
    Help me in this regard.
    Hemalatha J

    We have the same problem, did you find the final solution?
    Thanks in advance

  • Report does not show updated data

    We are currently testing our AV implementation.
    AV server, agent and collectors are up, but the reports are not being updated.
    Reports are showing data as of Dec-22-2009, which is when the last time the unix servers (for both AV and source dbs) were rebooted.
    We can see collection is happening:
    SQL> select max(av_time) from avsys.av$rads_flat;
    19-JAN-10 PM
    But the dw table is not being updated:
    SQL> select max(av_time) from avsys.audit_event_fact;
    22-DEC-09 PM
    Does anybody have any idea?
    thank you

    hi Karun,
    correction, there are a couple of trace files after the db was restarted prior to starting AV and the collectors.
    below are the message content:
    trace file #1)
    Instance name: AVDB
    Redo thread mounted by this instance: 0 <none>
    Oracle process number: 0
    Unix process pid: 24635, image: [email protected]
    Dynamic strand is set to TRUE
    Running with 2 shared and 48 private strand(s). Zero-copy redo is FALSE
    trace file #2)
    Instance name: AVDB
    Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1
    Oracle process number: 30
    Unix process pid: 24922, image: [email protected] (TNS V1-V3)
    *** ACTION NAME:() 2010-01-19 14:39:46.215
    *** MODULE NAME:([email protected] (TNS V1-V3)) 2010-01-19 14:39:46.215
    *** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$USERS) 2010-01-19 14:39:46.215
    *** SESSION ID:(213.1) 2010-01-19 14:39:46.215
    kwqmnich: current time:: 22: 39: 46
    kwqmnich: instance no 0 check_only flag 1
    kwqmnich: initialized job cache structure
    what could this mean?
    thank you!

  • PLD Report does not show data from Query

    SAP b1 9.0 PL08 on MSSQL 2008 and I get data on the query, but when the PLD prints, it shows nothing. Is there a way to filter the data that the PLD shows? Does PLD have its own SQL script it uses b/c its not showing data from the query.

    Hi Nicholas,
    Please check below links.
    query based print layout design
    Print Layout Designer \Custom Reports
    How to Make a Print Layout (PLD) Report from a SBO Query | SBOnotes.com
    Hope this help
    Atul Chakraborty

  • Report does not show Title at first load (CR 11.5 SP3)

    I load an RPT from the file system, and then load data using an ADO disconnected recordset. At the end, the Report object is asigned to a CR Viewer. When the report appears, the Title is not shown. One has to press the "Refresh" button on the viewer so that the Title appears. By the way, the Title is assigned by code.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot.

    Thank for the reply Dell,
    I see the logic in adding the extra table and keeping it unlinked and I do know the crazy data that can come up if I use it linked to other tables or use the fields in other parts of the programming.
    However, I've now tried it several times, creating the parameter on just the name alone, with the ID alone, etc. and I still only get a text box to type into.
    I have made sure the original selection criteria
    {customer.Id} = {?Customer}
    if from the original table, not the new one, which I assume you expected me to do.
    So I decided to run the same report through CR XIR2.  When I update the Set Datasource Location, I am now getting the message
    "Invalid Argument provided.
    Details: The alias requested 'company', contains a combination of characters which is not considered to be valid"
    Company is a table containing information about the main company, not the customers.  The same message pops up for another table as well.
    Then I get a message that says:
    "Prompting failed with the following error message: 'List of Values failure: fail to get values. [Cause of error: The table company does not exist in the document.]'
    Error source: prompt.dll Error code: 0x8004380D"
    This appears to be a database access issue but I know the firewalls are not a problem because I can create a new report and get the LOV properly with the same database and same desktop computer.  I can take that report created in CR2011 and use it in CRXI also and get the proper LOV.  Is it possible I am dealing with template corruption because there were so many items imported into the static list before?

  • AR Invoice XMLP Report does not show as pdf in email Attachment

    I have developed a AR Invoice Report using XMLP. My requirement is to generate the output in pdf and also send the file as an attachment
    to the recipient email address with specified subject and body.
    I have developed the xmlp report rtf template and the report.rdf such that
    After report in report.rdf :
    function AfterReport return boolean is
    v_conc_request_id NUMBER;
    p_email_address VARCHAR2(100);
    v_set_layout_option boolean;
         v_set_layout_option := fnd_request.add_layout('APPLN SHORT NAME','PROG_SHORT_NAME for report file','EN','US','PDF');
         IF (NOT v_set_layout_option) THEN
         srw.message( 10001,'Unable to apply template');
              srw.message( 10001,'template applied');
    v_conc_request_id := FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST( application => 'APPLN SHORT NAME',
    program => 'PROG_SHORT_NAME for prog file',
                             description => NULL,
                                  start_time => TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'DD-MON-YY HH:MI:SS'),
                                  sub_request => FALSE,
                                  argument1 => :p_email_address,
                                  argument2 => :P_CONC_REQUEST_ID,
                                  argument3 => NULL,
                                  argument4 => NULL .... upto argument100                                                                                               );
    END IF;
    return (TRUE);
    SRW.MESSAGE (10001,'CONC REQ ID:' ||v_conc_request_id );
    SRW.MESSAGE (10001,'Email Address:' ||p_email_address );
    srw.user_exit( 'FND SRWEXIT' );
    The FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST will call another Host program which will send an email with the specified Body and Subject.
    The report pdf output will be an attachment along with the email.
    Issues faced
    When I click on the Report Concurrent Program output, I can see the XMLP pdf output, but when the pdf file comes to my email address, it does not open,
    because, it is actually an xml file with the extension of pdf.
    I am actually picking up the file output from fnd_concurrent_requests. When I check the file it is xml, but in the conc manager it opens as a pdf,
    Is there a way by which I can pick up the pdf file and not the xml file. Is there any other location where this pdf file gets stored, which I see in the Conc manager output window, but not in the fnd_concurrent_requests table.
    I also notice that the pdf file gets generated in the Conc manager output window, irrespective of whether or not I use the code for
    But when I use : fnd_request.add_layout, the Host program ends with a Warning, whereas if I don''t use it, then it completes successfully.
    But still the problem of the attachment persists.
    ------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------
    Beginning post-processing of request 435302 on node NACRTCDELL005 at 31-OCT-2008 11:37:12.
    Post-processing of request 435302 failed at 31-OCT-2008 11:37:12 with the error message:
    One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.
    ------------- 2) PRINT   -------------
    Not printing the output of this request because post-processing failed.
    Finished executing request completion options.
    Concurrent request completed
    Current system time is 31-OCT-2008 11:37:12
    Can someone please respond to this issue asap, the requirement is very critical.
    Thanks to all

    1. Bursting: You need to call the standard bursting program in the after report trigger, request id is the parameter,
    function AfterReport return boolean is
    G_REQUEST_ID number;
         G_REQUEST_ID := fnd_request.submit_request('XDO',
    'XML Publisher Report Bursting Program',
    return (TRUE);
    when others then return true;
    You need to create Bursting control file (.xml) and upload in the data definitions. If you want only one file as attachment, (<xapi:request select="/MODULE1/LIST_G_EMPNO/G_EMPNO"> here reduce the tree length) so only one file will be send as an email.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi" type ="bursting">
    <xapi:request select="/MODULE1/LIST_G_EMPNO/G_EMPNO">
    <xapi:email id ="123" server="smtp_serverl.net" port="25"
    from="[email protected]" reply-to="[email protected]">
    <xapi:message id="123" to="[email protected]" cc="" attachment="true"
    content-type="text/html" subject="Purchase Order Number: ${EMPNO}">Please
    see attached Purchase Order File: ${EMPNO}</xapi:message>
    <xapi:document output="PO_${EMPNO}" output-type="pdf" delivery="123">
    <xapi:template type="rtf" location="xdo://CUS.TEST_BURST_1.en.US/?getSource=true"
    2. another way is,
    in your after report trigger, call another program. In that program, wait until your original program completes. After it is done, get the path and PDF file name, call your host program, passing the PDF file name as parameter. You need to modify your host program, a bit.

  • Using transactio code to execute a report does not show default value

    Hi all ,
          I have given a default value of a field on my selection-screen by initialization in a hr report .
    I am using PNP database and default selction-screen in hr report category .
    While the report is working fine while executing directly , It is not showing default value when executed through a transaction code .
    Can any body tell why it is so ?
    Thanks & regards

    Did you create the transaction as a report transaction?

Maybe you are looking for