XP Hardrive into Mac Pro 2.66?

I have just gotten a Mac Pro 2.66 and have a pc with XP. My question is can I take that harddrive out and install it on the mac then use bootcamp. Or do I have to partition my drive and get a new copy of XP?

Well… that's a bit of a tricky question. The problem with Windows XP is that the installation in not universal like Mac OS X and does tend to vary based on the hardware you have.
I would probably just try it and see what happens. Worst case is it doesn't work although you never know, it just might. An OS repair from the original XP installation disc may also be required to fix any problems that you might come across along with a subsquent software update (using Windows Update).
Be aware that an IDE/PATa drive will require mounting in the 2nd optical drive bay. It, even with the right equipment, is a fiddly job so be sure you're prepared for mounting difficulties.

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    yosemite failed to install   now i cannot get into mac pro  MacBook is 2012 8g ram  750 g hard drive    processor i'm  not sure     I tried disc utilities called for but  it would not allow disc repair

    Did you purchased the Full Perpetual License from Adobe for $149.00?, if so then what has happened is that you probably downloaded the Creative Cloud trial version which has now expired.
    The license key for the perpetual version will not be accepted to activate the CC version.
    Uninstall the existing Lightroom and then download the one available from the link below. The uninstall process will not affect your Catalog, Preferences or personal files but will just remove the application. Install the new download and you license key will be accepted.
    Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6
    If this is not the situation you face then provide some more details.

  • Install external drive into mac pro

    I have stored my itunes library on an external hard drive and now that i have purchased a mac pro i would like to install the external hard drive into the mac pro and continue to use the drive for the library. The external drive is a deskstar in an enclosure that i can just slide it out of so i can install it in the mac pro. Will this work or is there a better way?

    Turn off the option in the Advanced section of the iTunes preferences to copy the files to the iTunes music folder, and then drag the folder into the open iTunes window. This will not preserve playlists and other metadata.

  • Need help installing 8800GT into Mac Pro (early 2008)

    i'm having the hardest time installing my newly purchased (through newegg) evga geforce 8800GT video card into my mac pro (8-core model purchased in early 2008.)
    when i first installed it and booted up, i heard a nonstop beeeeeeeeep. i called evga and they quickly explained to me that the supplemental power cord for the video card wasn't plugged in.
    this is where my problem lies: i can't find where to plug in the supplemental power cords! it looks like two white plastic pieces each with 3 pins in them. do i need to buy another adapter? do i have the wrong card? i'm searching all over google for help and even watched a couple youtube videos but can't seem to find anyone whos having the power cord problem like i am. thanks in advance!

    thanks so much for responding.
    this is the card i purchased: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130319
    is this not the same one as the one you sent me?
    i saw those "aux ports" as noted in the link you sent me. but i dont think the cable i have connects to those.
    the aux power cable that came with my video card is shown in this picture:
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.aspx?CurImage=14-130-319-S06&ISList=14-1 30-319-S01%2c14-130-319-S02%2c14-130-319-S03%2c14-130-319-S04%2c14-130-319-S05%2 c14-130-319-S06&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16814130319&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Descriptio n=EVGA%20GeForce%208800GT%20Superclocked%20512-P3-N802-AR%20Video%20Card%20-%20R etail
    its the third one from the left.

  • Plug 24" LED Display into Mac Pro, Still Charge MacBook Air?

    Just set up my Mac Pro using the 24" LED Display I used to use with my MacBook Air. With the USB and Mini DisplayPort now plugged into the Mac Pro, could I still plug the MagSafe power cable into the Air to charge it in a pinch, or is there any reason I'd need to unplug the Mac Pro connection first?
    (Rather be safe than sorry...)

    Thanks much! Unless anyone cares to chime in with an opposing view, I'll be using the 24" as a spare MagSafe to recharge the Air when I'm at home...

  • PowerPC OS X HD put into Mac Pro 2nd Drive Bay

    Hello all,
    I have a PowerPC G5 and a Mac Pro. The G5 had two drives in it, a master boot drive with 10.4.11 on it and a second internal drive with 10.4.9.
    I took the second drive out of the G5 and put it into the Mac Pro's second drive bay. The Mac Pro's main drive is running OS 10.5.1.
    I figured that I'd have to run the Mac Pro installation disc on the second drive to make it bootable on the Intel system, but it's not allowing me to install. It keeps telling me that I cannot boot off of the second drive in the OS X installation destination window.
    How can I fully strip the OS out of the second drive without reformatting it/touching the other files I have on it so I can basically start it as a clean slate for the Intel system installation?

    your problem is that your 2nd drive is formatted using APM (Apple Partition Map) instead of GUID. Usually PPC Macs use APM and Intels use GUID. Even though Intel Macs can boot from an (already installed) Intel OS X, the Install DVD refuses to install on APM partitions when run on an Intel Mac. So in order to install OS X on this drive you need to repartition it using GUID partitioning in Disk Utility. This will, of course, delete everything that's on the drive!
    If you don't want to do that you can put the drive in the G5, install Leopard and then put it back into your Mac Pro and see if it boots.

  • WD My Book 1 TB External Hard drive firewire cable won't fit into Mac Pro

    Hi the firewire cable that came with my Western Digital My book External Hard Drive won't fit into my Quad Core Mac Pro. Is it the wrong cable? What's the correct cable that would connect my Western Digital External Hard Drive into my Quad Core Mac Pro? Any help is greatly appreciated

    If you have a port that looks like this one, it's FW400. If it looks like this one it's FW800. If you have one of each it supports both. If you don't have either then it's USB only.

  • Install Mac Mini harddrive into Mac Pro?

    Hi all! Any idea if it would be possible to psychally take my hard drive out of my mini and install it into an empty hard drive bay in the mac pro? Im going to keep my mini around for backup and this would be the most ideal way to use it.

    Ultimately it depends on which mac mini you're talking about. The older PowerPC version had PATA drives where the newer Intel ones have SATA drives.
    Placing either drive type into an external enclosure is the recommended course of action.
    However, if you are talking about a PATA drive you can in fact install it into the free 2nd optical drive bay. You will need to get a 2.5" to 3.5" drive conversion kit (it's really a simple bridge board that additionally allows the use of the 3.5" power cable) and the mounting may be rather tricky due to the short cables although it'll go into that space without a problem.

  • Adding 2nd Optical Drive into Mac Pro (first gen) makes both unusable!

    Hey all,
    I recently purchased a second DVD drive to go into my first gen Mac Pro 2.66Ghz.
    The installation went a little rough, although OK in the end. The IDE cable seemed reluctant to want to stay in a safe place.
    Upon booting however, and now had no optical drives installed!
    Even System Profiler reported no disc burning capabilities except my external USB CD Burner.
    I've taken the second Optical Drive out, which by the way was one of these: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Samsung/SHS202NBLS/
    My original Sony (Disguised NEC drive) drive is now working again, although what on earth happened?
    Should I try swapping the drives around? E.g the Sony on the bottom and Samsung on top?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated,

    I have an idea,
    Perhaps the newer DVD Drive I have here is "better" than the currently installed one, and therefore doesn't like being connected as the slave (bottom) to the "weaker" master (top) drive?
    Could it be something like that?

  • Swapping out G5 startup into Mac Pro

    I wanted to swap out the G5 OS 10.4.4 start-up drive into the new mac pro. It will not see it. The only reason is that I want all my G5 applications in my mac pro.
    Do I need to remove the mac pro start-up, place it in the G5 and clone all my applications onto the mac pro drive?
    Thank you all

    None of the above. You have to reinstall your G5 PPC applications.
    Use Migration Assistant for data files and prefs.
    Intel requires Universal Binaries and different OS (you might have seen Apple updates for PPC and separate for Intel).
    Altering the System and Library cause problems. So don't alter those.
    Mac Pro requires a minimum 10.4.7 or later, currently 10.4.9 or even 10.4.10.
    You don't need to remove your Mac Pro drive. You do however want to clone and create a backup before you start making changes. Your G5 drive can work as data, but you should reformat it (Partitions -> Options...) from APL to GUID type.
    Use installers. If something is just a "drag and drop" those should work but make sure to have the latest compatible versions.

  • Putting Ultra ATA drive into Mac Pro

    I need to get data off of a drive that was in a PC that crashed. Any issues putting it in one of the bays of my (2009) Mac Pro?

    Yes, but a poor investment.
    When for $20 more you have a case for regular use.

  • How to install hard drive into mac pro

    how to install hard drive into mac pro

    I recently bought a new 2TB internal sata drive for my Macpro.
    The installation was easy, but I'm not sure what to do next.
    For one, should I partition the drive?
    My purpose for buying the drive was to use it as my go to drive for Parallels. I used to run my music studio on Windows based machines, and my older project files require a windows OS to recover. I installed Parallels so I can have my studio running Mac and Windows programs which will enable me to access my old project files and take them into my newer Protools system.
    So now, I've installed my new hard drive, but I'm not sure if I should partition it....And!? I'm not sure how to designate that drive for my virtual pc on Parallels. I was able to allocate enough disk space to parallels in order to load my music software, but at this point, I'm not sure if I've just promised it disk space from my original partitioned drive (which only has about 350 GB left on it).
    I would love to be able to make one internal drive available for Parallels, and the other available for the rest of my OSX. When I use Parallels, I still would like to save some extra information on the 2TB drive as well from my dekstop running OSX.
    I hope this makes sense! Your help is much appreciated!

  • Installing New Hardrive into Macbook Pro 13" and can't boot

    I have installed a new 500Gb 5400rpm drive into my macbook pro 13. Before I swapped the drives I used time machine to back-up onto my Lacie drive. Now the new drive is in. I turned on the computer, pressed the option button and nothing came up. I have now put my old HD into an enclosure and booted up from that drive. I copied my whole hd over to the new drive once it was formatted and tried to boot but this didn't work. I thought once I had the time machine back-up on a drive I would be able to press option when I turn on the computer and then that would workj. I don't have my OSX 10.6.8disk so am now just booting up off my old hd which is pointless. Can anyone help as I am losing my mind.

    What happens when you install the original HDD in the MBP?  If it does not boot , the connecting cable may be faulty.

  • Cannot insert disc into Mac Pro

    Cannot insert disc in drive on Mac Book Pro. Have pressed eject button but no reaction. No disc present inside - or at least not shown as being present

    If you have suspicions that there might be a disk inside your MBP, try these options just to make certain.  It certainly will not hurt.
    Credit Kappy

  • Copying Library from external HDD into Mac Pro

    I have a copy of my iTunes 9 library (from an earlier Windows PC) on a USB HDD and want to copy the content into the library of my new Mac. Which folder shall I paste it into? Is this the one that shows up under preference > Advanced > Media Library?
    If I replace that content with the one in my HDD, will it work in iTunes 10?

    I would troubleshoot or dump the LaCie in favor of something else.
    LaCie have been trouble enough in the past with FW ports, power adapters, shorting of cables, running very slow when connected off PCIe SATA using USB/eSATA cases.
    But you never say if this is a FW800 case, or what interface, that is so slow. Resetting FW ports is a troubleshooting trick designed just for LaCie cases. Along with swapping cables and power adapter.
    I would give all your drives a shot of Alsoft Disk Warrior to insure that the directory and file system are okay. And look at the hardware test in DW output for spare blocks vanishing on the drive.
    Using SATA drive, case, and controller of course should be fast and done in seconds, not minutes.

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