After upgrading to IOS5, I cannot get my phone to sync with Yahoo's calendar. The e-mail and contacts are fine, but I've tried every which way I can think of, including using the cloud, and can not get it to work. It was working fine with the old operating system.

This is a problem with Yahoo! Not with your phone or settings. I've been waiting for them to sort this out but decided to switch over to the Google calander instead of putting my life on hold. If you want to do this set up a gmail account for a calander. Go to your yahoo calander on line. Click on your calander title (eg. Bill's calander) then select edit calander export it as an iCal file to your desktop. Go back to google calendar and import the file you saved on the desktop. Your calander will now transfer to google. You will need to edit your all day events (google calander will assume they run from midnight to midnight) but once you have done this set up calander sync on your iPhone via gmail, dump the calander sync from yahoo and your up and syncing over the air again.

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  • Issue with Calendar not syncing with iPhone 3g

    Issue with Calendar not syncing with iPhone 3g.
    Create backup of your entire mailbox before starting (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
    Create offline folder (.pst file) Check windows help on how to do this for your version.
    Open folders view on Outlook
    Right click on Calendar in tree view and 'copy to' offline .pst folder
    Go back to main calendar view and delete all entries in your calendar.
    Create simple cal entry and sync test with iphone
    If this works then start dragging cal entries back from the offline folder into the main calendar then sync after each step....
    I moved events in this order
    -Yearly recurrences (ie Birthdays)
    - Monthly recurrences
    - weekly recurrences
    - Daily recurrences
    All appointments from the beginning of this year >> to the end of time!
    If all these sync then the issue is with an older cal item and you have to decide if you actually need these in you current calendar.
    I chose to leave these in the offline cal and if i need access them from there.
    If at any point the sync fails then you know you have a corrupt cal entry in the block you just transferred. Move the offending items back into the offline folder and try again in smaller chunks until you identify the offending items and delete them and manually recreate them in your real calendar.
    Also smart to run the inbox (.pst /.ost ) repair tools for your OS/Outlook version.
    Fixed so far
    XP Pro / Outlook 2008
    XP Pro /Outlook 2003

    I just updated the firmware to iPhone 2.0.1 and the syncing works great both ways.

  • Yahoo calendar not syncing

    I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
    Palm OS ∙ webOS ∙ Android

    rdotis, this forum is designed to be a peer-to-peer support forum.  Although there are a few HPalm CSR's hanging out here on their own time, it's designed to be users helping users.
    My Yahoo calendar is syncing fine both ways.  I can create events on
    either my computer or my Pre2, and it shows up within seconds on the
    other device when I hit "Sync Now".  I am using an unlocked Pre2 on
    AT&T.  (Note: I did nothing on the Yahoo Calendar site, other than changing my Time Zone in Options.  It was defaulted to GMT+00:00)  I did not go through the "Set up Sync with your Mobile Phone".  I'm assuming when you set up a new event on the phone, Yahoo is shown in the top right corner, correct?  Is Yahoo your default calendar?
    Mods here do monitor threads, and we do notify the powers that be when large issues pop up in the forum.  I'll see what I can do about the Yahoo issue.  Wish I had an easy answer for you!  
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  • Calendar not syncing after ios5/MobileMe/iCloud update/migration

    Since updating to ios5 my iPad2 calendar is not syncing with my other devices/iphone(4ios5). Settings same as on my iPhone, but still not pushing or fetching new events to/from iPad2 calendar. tried deleting iCloud account from ipad2 and reinstating, but same calendar returns without any new events that were created on my iPhone which is the same iCloud account.
    Any suggestions?

    Hey Bo Lundby Jaeger,
    I'd try out the troubleshooting steps in the following document. There's some steps within that might help resolve the Evernote issue as well:
    iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar

  • IPhone Contacts & Calendars not syncing with mobileme

    Apologies if there is a solution to this posted already, I can't find it despite extensive searching!
    My iPhone Calendars & Contacts do not sync with MobileMe. I can't find a way of exporting or saving the data on the iPhone and importing it into my desktop iCal & Contacts apps.
    I have looked at all troubleshooting help I can find, and all is suggested is deleting/ resetting the phone & syncing from MobileMe. However, if I do this I will lose lots of contacts & calendar entries.
    The data will NOT sync from my phone despite following all available instructions. My desktop apps are all set to sync with MobileMe & this works fine, it's just the iPhone data will not transfer to MobileMe.
    Please help!!

    Since you are syncing your iPhone with your Mac, it should be syncing your contacts and calendars with your Mac as well (and your bookmarks if you have it set up to sync). You should have Mobile Me setup on your Mac to at least sync your Calendars and Contacts, which should be updating your Mobile Me account. If you want to check to make sure that all of your contacts that are on your iPhone are on your Mac, simply open up the Contacts App. Once you check this, add your Mobile Me account to your iPhone and let it sync your contacts and calendars, it will delete all the contacts and calendars that are currently on your iPhone, but the same data is on your Mac anyways. Once Mobile Me syncs with your iPhone you won't have to worry about it anymore.
    If you are having problems where you already setup your Mobile Me account on your iPhone and it's not syncing properly, deleted it, restart your iPhone, then add it again.
    Does this help?

  • IOS 7 iPad 2 Calendar not Syncing with Google Calendar

    I recently updated my iPad 2 from ios 5.x to 7.0.4 and everything seems to be working fine... except the calendar. I went into settings, added my google account - which does not have 2-step verification - logged in normally, and made sure calendar sync was enabled. Calendar app did not show any of my calendars. I removed it, added it again; removed, rebooted, add, reboot; I made sure I am putting in the right account, contacts sync up correctly. I dont know whats wrong. I've waited a least 45 minutes for it to sync up - it didn't. Please help!

    whereizben wrote:
    I am writing about my wife's brand new Samsung Charge on Verizon. We managed to setup both her gmail account and her work exchange server account fine, except for the calendars:
    Her Google calendar shows up fine, but I am unable to even see any other Google calendars that she has access to (both her own secondary calendars as well as calendars that others have shared with her) in order to select them to be visible.
    Her exchange calendar says it is enabled (on the list of available calendars), but no events at all show up.
    This behavior is with the latest software updates on the Charge (2.2.1 firmware, I510.EE4 build) using its stock calendar software. I did notice that if I use Smooth Calendar, it does list all of her Google calendars under its listing of available calendars, but it still only shows data from her primary calendar. This is also true using the Touch Calendar app, which leads me to believe that there is some problem within the Google Calendar sync software that is not allowing her calendars to appear correctly.
    Hello whereizben,
    I see you have posted same post in another thread.  I have already replied to that posting with a solution.  Please see the following link for my reply:
    Re: Calendar will not sync with Exchange Server
    Thanks, again, for posting!

  • Icloud calendar not syncing with ipad

    I have calendars backed up on from May 2013-present and they will not sync with my ipad air 2, ipad mini, or original ipad air....I only get the calendars from 2015. When disabling and re-enabling calendar sync on my ipad air 2...everything has disappeared and I cannot get it back. Any suggestions??

    I have calendars backed up on from May 2013-present and they will not sync with my ipad air 2, ipad mini, or original ipad air....I only get the calendars from 2015. When disabling and re-enabling calendar sync on my ipad air 2...everything has disappeared and I cannot get it back. Any suggestions??

  • Calendar not syncing since iOS5

    I've upgraded to Lion and iOS5. Now my Mac and iPhone are not syncing the calendar between them. I have iOS 5 syncing turned on, including calendars... why won't my mac sync? iTunes sync calendar is turned OFF because it says my calendars are being synced over the air. In iCal, the iCloud refresh

    This is a problem with Yahoo! Not with your phone or settings. I've been waiting for them to sort this out but decided to switch over to the Google calander instead of putting my life on hold. If you want to do this set up a gmail account for a calander. Go to your yahoo calander on line. Click on your calander title (eg. Bill's calander) then select edit calander export it as an iCal file to your desktop. Go back to google calendar and import the file you saved on the desktop. Your calander will now transfer to google. You will need to edit your all day events (google calander will assume they run from midnight to midnight) but once you have done this set up calander sync on your iPhone via gmail, dump the calander sync from yahoo and your up and syncing over the air again.

  • ICal calendars not syncing with iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.2

    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.2
    I'm using iCal on my MBP running Mac OS 10.6.4
    I have a MobileMe account.
    Never had an issue with calendars syncing with the iPhone previously.
    I am using MobileMe Calendar Beta. This now displays my calendars in iCal under my MobileMe account name (eg. [email protected]) rather than the 'On My Mac' section that it use to.
    I have five separate calendars in iCal on the Mac all named appropriately (eg. Work, Personal etc.) and all that appears on the iPhone is one calendar named 'Calendar' with no events in it??
    I've used MobileMe (.Mac) and iPhone syncing for years and have them set up as I always have.
    Does anyone have the same issues? Does anyone have any constructive advise?

    Had the same issue. Just went thru a chat session with Apple support and my issue go resolved. Posting the transcript of the chat session below. Hope this helps:
    Wendy G. : Welcome to MobileMe Devendra!
    Wendy G. : I see that you had some issues with syncing after you obtained an iPhone 4?
    Wendy G. : I apologize!
    Wendy G. : Can you tell me a little more about what is happening please?
    Devendra : Thanks, somewhat frustrated as all was working fine till I was on my iPhone 3GS. last week switched to iPhone 4 and since then have been having syncing problems with contacts as well as iCal
    Wendy G. : OK, I apologize!
    Wendy G. : Do you have a complete set of contacts and calendars on the Mac right now?
    Wendy G. : What version of Mac OS X do you have please?
    Devendra : 10.6.4. i have all the data on my Mac
    Wendy G. : OK, thanks!
    Wendy G. : Please make a quick backup. Please open Address book and iCal on your Mac. Please go here: File>Export>Archive iCal/Address Book. Please save to your desktop.
    Devendra : ok, just a sec
    Wendy G. : Thanks!
    Devendra : its done
    Wendy G. : OK, thank you Devendra!
    Wendy G. : Click the Magnifying glass at the top right of your monitor and type in "iSync" - when it appears in the list of found items - click on it. After iSync opens - Select the Preferences from the iSync file menu and then Click the Reset Sync History button.
    Devendra : done
    Wendy G. : Thank you! Please click the Apple logo and open the system preferences. Click the MobileMe icon and click on the sync tab and the advanced button. Click the "Reset Sync Data" button. Choose just the data you want to sync from the list. Make sure the arrow is pointing the right way (from the Mac to the Cloud) and select "Replace".
    Wendy G. : Also, Devendra, do you currently have the software update 4.0.2 on the iPhone?
    Devendra : yes I have 4.0.2
    Wendy G. : OK, thank you.
    Devendra : pl wait...its syncing
    Wendy G. : OK, no problem
    Devendra : While its syncing..what's the next step?
    Wendy G. : Once the syncing has completed, we will take the iPhone and go to Settings>Mail Contacts and Calendars.
    Wendy G. : We will first switch the Contacts only to "off" and select "Delete" data.
    Wendy G. : Then we will go back to Settings>Mail Contacts and Calendars and switch only the contacts to "On" and "Do not Merge" data, but we will need to wait until the syncing is complete OK?
    Devendra : ok..its done on the Mac. i am on the Mail, Contacts and Calendar page of the phone. from where do I switch the contacts off?
    Wendy G. : Please tap your MobileMe account name and the sliders will appear.
    Devendra : After selecting "Do Not Merge", should I select "Keep on My iPhone"?
    Wendy G. : No, please delete, the data will merge fresh from, which is what we want!
    Devendra : done
    Wendy G. : OK, very good!
    Wendy G. : Please go to Settings>Mail Contacts and Calendars, tap your MobileMe account and then select "Calendars" only.
    Wendy G. : Please switch them to off, "Do not Merge" and "Delete"
    Wendy G. : Once that is complete, then you will switch them to "On" using the same process, by selecting "Do not Merge" once again and "Delete" from the phone.
    Devendra : Switched it off but after turning On again, it didnt ask me for anything, simply the switch turned to On
    Wendy G. : OK, thank you.
    Wendy G. : Please place a test contact and a test event on the iPhone, and also place on your Mac, to verify if the syncing has resolved OK.
    Devendra : ok, pl hold on
    Wendy G. : OK, take your time.
    Devendra : my contacts list on the phone is empty
    Wendy G. : Yes, that is expected.
    Wendy G. : Please put a test contact there and the information will refresh from
    Wendy G. : Also please verify your iPhone is set this way:
    Wendy G. : Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>MobileMe account, tap it>Fetch new data>Set your Push to "on" and select "every 15 minutes please.
    Devendra : yes, its that way only
    Wendy G. : OK, thank you.
    Devendra : Just as I was creating a new contact, all the contacts came back.
    Wendy G. : Once you have the test event and contact on the iPhone and the Mac, please open and verify when they arrive there!
    Wendy G. : OK, very good, thanks Devendra!
    Devendra : Bingo! Its syncing fine now.

  • Why after IOS6 Ipad calendar not syncing with Icloud?

    After I upgrade Iphone and Ipad to IOS6, my Ipad calendar doesn't sync with ICloud using exactly same Apple ID. Any sugestions?

    1. Fire up your Mac and connect the iPad.
    2. Open iTunes and confirm that you are NOT syncing via the cable. Change settings as appropriate. When finished, disconnect the iPad and power it down.
    3. Open iCal on the Mac and confirm that the events are correct. Add/delete events as appropriate. Quit from iCal.
    4. Open System Preferences > MobileMe > Sync
    5. Click on "Advanced" and then click on your Mac when it shows up.
    6. Click on "Reset Sync Data"
    7. At the top, Replace: Calendars
    8. Click the right-pointing arrow so that the complete text states: "Replace Calendars on MobileMe with sync info from this computer."
    9. Click "Replace"
    10. You've confirmed that your Mac and MobileMe are set up properly. Now the iPad. Fire up the iPad and go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    11. REMOVE Calendar syncing from the account that's identified by your email address.
    12. Follow the instructions below.

  • Microsolft 2003 calendar not syncing with iphone (using itunes)

    Basics: I have Win XP Pro, I use Microsoft 2003, I have an iphone 3G, and I sync my contacts, calendar, and notes using itunes 9.0.3. I don't use Outlook mail and don't sync using MS Exchange -- I just connect my iphone to the computer using a usb and sync with itunes.
    Up until a week or two ago, I had no problems syncing. Now, while contacts and notes syncs fine, calendar does not sync at all (in either direction), even though itunes says it's "syncing calendar". I know this is not new (I see many posts about this), and I have scoured the discussion pages for advice already and tried everything I could. I looked at the following apple troubleshooting page and tried everything there: Specifically, this is what I have already done and nothing has worked:
    * I uninstalled the newest version of itunes (as well as quick time, bonjour, and the other software components that apple recommended I uninstall) and reinstalled 9.0.3
    * I uninstalled my Outlook 2003 and reinstalled
    * From itunes preferences, under devices, I "reset sync history" (and I have continued to do this before syncing after I try something new)
    * From itunes help, I ran "diagnostics" for "iphone sync tests" and no problems were noted. I have done this several times.
    * From within Outlook help, I ran "detect and repair" and no problems were noted
    * From within Outlook tools and advanced options, I clicked the "COM add-ins" button and removed 3rd party software
    HOWEVER...the apple troubleshooting page referenced above suggested syncing content in a new user window, and that DID work! Moreover, when I copied my original Outlook.pst file to the new user account, the trouble starts again and no calendar syncing. And to continue the test, when I remove the original Outlook.pst and put back the new Outlook.pst file in the new user window, it works again. And for the final test, when I copy the new user Outlook.pst file to my main/real user account, the sync works perfectly. All this indicates the original Outlook.pst file is corrupted.
    HOWEVER, Apple offers NO advice as to what to do next. The following is quoted from their troubleshooting page:
    "Once you are logged into the new user account, create a few test contacts and/or calendar events in your compatible application of choice and attempt to sync that data to your iPhone or iPod touch. Does this newly created data sync properly? If so, you likely have an issue with your content in the original user which you will need to isolate."
    Sooooo...what to do now? How do I "isolate" the problem any further?
    Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

    After fiddling a little more, the following fixed my corrupted outlook.pst file:
    1) I made a backup
    2) In outlook under file, I exported the calendar to excel
    3) In outlook under file, I imported the calendar back to outlook
    And voila, it worked.

  • BB Calendar not Syncing with Outlook Exchange Calendar

    With my new BB Curve 9300 (running OS 6) I am finding that my calendar syncing through the BES is only occurring one way. The appointments I create on the BB do not sync back the my calendar. Does anyone have a fix for this or suggestions?

    I'm having the same issue with a 9300, would you be able to find out what your IT guys have done?

  • OSX Calendar NOT Syncing with iCloud BUT iOS Devices DO

    So to set the scene....
    I have an early 2009 iMac running Mountain Lion.
    I have 2 x iPhone 4's running iOS 5.1.1.
    I have 1 x iPad (1st Gen) running iOS 5.1.1
    I use to keep mail, contacts and calendar in sync between all the devices using MS Exchange. I recently switched this to iCloud.
    All the Calendars I have are all iCloud (so NO local calendars).
    Mail syncs without any issue.
    Contact syncs without any issue.
    Calendar syncs have an issue with iMac syncing to iCloud.
    To be clear...the following Calendar syncs DO work:
    iPhone #1 --> iCloud
    iPhone #2 --> iCloud
    iPad --> iCloud
    iCloud --> iPhone #1
    iCloud --> iPhone #2
    iCloud --> iPad
    iCloud --> iMac
    Whereas the following Calendar sync DOESN'T work:
    What's even stranger is that if I...
    Switch off Calendar & Reminder syncing on my iMac (System Preferences)
    Close calendar
    Wait 5 minutes
    Switch back on Calendar & Reminder syncing on my iMac (System Preferences)
    Open calendar
    ...then the iMac-->iCloud syncing WILL work for a few hours. After a few hours it will stop syncing.
    Thanks for reading. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    Since this post has had no replies, thought I'd comment to see if anyone can answer the above question.  I have the same problem with one exception.  The part that is not syncing is from iCloud to my iMac.  All other sync paths work between my iphone, ipad, and iMac.  If anyone has a fix for this, please share.

  • Yahoo email not syncing with Nokia messaging - Pre...

    I have been using nokia messaging beta version for approximately 3 weeks and it has worked perfectly for all my e-mail Yahoo and Gmail. As of yesterday my Yahoo (free) e-mail stopped syncing e-mails. I went to the website and checked my password but I receive the following message when trying to update the password: "Unable to connect with the password provided. Please try again.". Please note I have not changed my password I was only trying make sure everything was correct.
    My Gmail seems to still work but no Yahoo. I have gone as far as deleting all my accounts on the phone and deleting Nokia email software via the app installer and reinstalled NOkia email. The phone synced my accounts setting them up and syncing all the messages up until yesterday which is exactly when it stopped working. I'm at a loss at this point. I'm also unable to delete the yahoo account on website since its my default acct. Any ideas??
    Could it be a yahoo issue? Anybody else have this issue?

    Found these on another site:
    I can’t receive any push mails via google mail. is the service down?
    Comment by tom --- January 15th, 2009 at 8:34 pm
    I can’t receive any push emails via Yahoo email. It was working fine until early this morning.
    Comment by Paracha3 --- January 16th, 2009 at 3:09 am
    I have been using the Nokia email client on my E90 for the last few days. Today Yahoo mail started giving me a problem. Whenever I send an email I am getting a Delivery Status Notification (failure)
    535 authorization failes (#5.7.0)
    I went in to my account just to re-enter the password for my yahoo account, and now I even that is throwing the following error “Unable to connect with the password provided. Please try again.”
    Is there some problem connecting to Yahoo?
    I am able to log on to this yahoo account on my PC and send and recieve mails without any issue.
    Comment by Amar --- January 16th, 2009 at 3:11 am
    This is really bad. I have tried and installed Nokia Email countless times. But it refuses to sync, I don’t even receive error messages. I have even tried to log on to to check and reset my account settings.
    Solution for now; I have installed Profimail, it works like a dream. Downside is that it does not sync my Gmail contacts and I think the Nokia interface looks better.
    I will continue to keep an eye on any new patches/versions of Nokia Email but as of today, this software should never have been allowed to graduate. Let alone even thinking of charging people for it.
    Comment by AJ --- January 16th, 2009 at 3:57 pm

  • Reminders and Calendar not synced with iCloud

    At some point, Reminders and Calendar no longer sync with iCloud. They were working fine when I first installed Mountain Lion (a fresh install on a new drive, not an upgrade with preferences from a previous install), but sometime recently they stoppped syncing. This may or may not have occurred when I updated to 10.8.2; I don't regularly use them, but when I do, I need the info synced.
    Other programs work fine: Contacts, Notes, and Safari all sync with iCloud. I can create/update items on my iPhone, and it's reflected on my Mac, and vice-versa.
    This is frustrating, especially because it was working well at one point. I've tried unchecking/re-checking the "Calendars & Reminders" option in the iCloud system preferences, as well as signing out and back in again. Each time, I've always chosen to delete the data on my Mac.
    I'm out of ideas - short of a full reinstall, which isn't feasible. Has anyone else experienced this and solved it?

    I have developed the same problem.  Calendar and Reminders no longer sync, nor can I enter any new items via  My iPhone and BusyCal on my MAC no longer sync.  I was tempted to try turning sync off on my MAC but, like you, got the warning that it was deleting all data on my MAC.  So I backed off.
    Using my MAC, I signed onto my wife's iCloud account and experienced no problem; all works as it should.
    I keep sending the error messages to Apple.  So far in the last two days they have not responded.

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