Yoga 2 1051L Win 8.1 - 3G modem doesn't work on Vodafone

I've bought a Yoga Tablet 2 1051L Windows 8.1 and I found out that the 3G modem doesn't work with the Vodafone Sim card, I've tried with Telekom Sim Card and it works, so the probably it's a compatibility issue since I've changed the Sim card from Vodafone with a new one and no luck, I've tried it in another very cheap tablet and it works just fine.I've also instaled the newest drivers, only the bios driver I didn't had the courage to install it.
I've read on the reviews from and it seems that i'm not the only one. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

This is a known problem and no solution yet, you can reflash the modem and gain a basic functionality with a vodafone ro sim, but only on hsdpa speed wich is crap for a 4G sim, i keept searching for a solution for a month now and no succes, i'm from ROU too, and support for us from lenovo is non existent as it seems.

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  • Satellite A30, Win XP Pro SP3 - modem won't work

    Another issue with this A30 Satellite notebook
    The built in modem doesn't work.
    The driver is correct and downloaded from the Toshiba support site.
    The modem is identified as 'Toshiba software modem amr' and is setted on com3 port.
    When I click on 'diagnostic' and 'ask modem' (the right labels may be different, since my is an Italian win xp, I just translated the Italian labels), a window appears saying it's impossible to open the door (port) which the modem is connected to.
    I have tried to change the modem com port to different numbers but the problem is the same.
    I don't know whether the modem is an actual board connected in some way to the main board or is just built on the main board. If it would be the first case, I could change it ad see. btw, the mini pci slot is already occupied by the gigabyte Wi-Fi board, so the modem must be somewhere else.
    It is strange, since I did at least 2 other win xp pro installations on this machine, always downloading and installing the proper drivers, and the modem never has worked.

    This old Satellite A30 was offered with Windows XP Home Edition/Professional SP1 so maybe you should install WXP SP1 and then all other stuff following original installation order.
    Installations order for WXP.
    1. Chipset Driver
    2. Microsoft Updates
    3. Display Driver
    4. Sound Driver
    5. Touch pad Driver
    6. Network Driver
    7. CardBus Driver
    8. Modem Driver
    9. V.92 Modem Driver
    10. Wireless Network Driver
    11. Atheros Client Utility
    12. Infrared Driver
    13. Power Management
    14. E-Key Utility
    15. Easy Button Utility
    16. cPad/Touch pad On-Off Utility
    17. Console
    18. ConfigFree
    19. Skins for Windows Media Player
    20. User`s Manual
    21. DVD Player
    22. Drag'n Drop
    23. Sun Java Runtime Environment
    24. Screensaver
    25. Wallpapers

  • After the OS X Lion installation, my USB modem doesn't work. I already updated the USB drivers, but nothing happened. Any suggestion?

    After the OS X Lion installation, my USB modem doesn't work. I already updated the USB drivers, but nothing happened. Any suggestion?

    You might want to do a search here on the forums re. usb modems - I've seen several threads and the opinion appears to be that faxing is no longer supported (especially since the "Fax" is now missing from the Print Preference Pane in System Preferences). I am faxing with an all-in-one printer which is connected to a landline, but I have to use the printer's control panel - can't use it from the iMac.

  • Tecra M1 - Modem doesn't work (can't open a port)

    I have a problem: After reinstalling WinXP and drivers on my Tecra M1, modem doesn't function. It even can't diagnose itself - there always comes a warning: "Can't open a port (COM). It may be used by another device or application". I installed the latest Toshiba drivers for the modem, but nothing changes. How can I fix it? Looking forward for your advices!
    Best regards.

    Did you install the drivers in the right order? Not? So do it!
    Did you install any additional devices or software which could has a bad influence on the modem?
    Check the modem status in the device manger. Can you see any yellow exclamation marks?
    Try to start the modem test within the Operating system.
    Check the Modem function under
    Start -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options -> Modems Tab -> Properties -> Diagnostics
    by pressing the "Query Modem" button.
    If the Modem Information window contain a list of AT commands (including ATI2, ATI3, ATI4 etc.), then the modem is correctly installed. The ATI5 command ends in with the number for the selected Regional settings (for example Germany = 06).
    To change the Regional Setting please use the Toshiba Internal Modem Region Select Utility.

  • ZTE MF667 usb modem doesn't work with yosemite

    I have lost my internetten connection after having upgraded to yosemite. my usb modem (zte mf667) worked smoothly with mavericks. but it stopped to work when i upgraded to yosemite. i can not find a compatible driver either. now my machine is just a harddisk. what would a pc without internet look like?

    I have the same problem with modem Prolink PHS101 not working with yosemite, was oke with maverick, apple please help

  • Tecra S11-15T - GPRS modem doesn't work on internal USB port

    My GPRS moden only works when I plug it into the dockingstation's USB port or if I use a USB port hub. If I plug it directly into the USB port on the laptop, I get an unknown device displayed in the device manager.
    I have tried re-installing the chipset of my Toshiba Tecra S11-15T. I cannot get the device to work directly from the laptop's USB ports. I have WIN XP Professional.

    Maybe the USB port does not provide enough power to get the modem working.
    But all ports support the USB standards and every USB port is able to provide 500mA.
    Possibly the modem needs more.
    You can try to disable the USB power saving option.
    In device manager, click right on USB root hub and go to Properties.
    Then choose Power Management tab and uncheck the option; Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

  • 6303i Classic modem doesn't work - why?

    In the 6303i user manual:  "You can use your device as a modem by connecting it to a compatible PC. For details, see the Nokia Ovi Suite documentation"
    Based on this I just bought a 6303i and wasted a morning trying to get the modem to work.  I can connect to it using Hyperterminal, interrogate it, find out what network it's connected to (AT+COPS), what the call quality is (AT+CSQ), but as soon as I type ATD [phone no] it returns ERROR.
    Why does AT+CSQ, +COPS etc work but ATD doesn't?

    nowadays, nokia phones which comes with computer compatibles(connectivity) and gprs enable, also can be used as a modem.
    I hope you are not typing your phone no. in atd command. it should be somewhat like *99#(contact your sp).
    to use your phone as a modem, no need to go such detail(but if for some reason you need).
    and there are lots of thread/topic on this forum
    hope someone add more input on this issue

  • Zyxel modem doesn't work

    How to install ZyXel Omni 56k Plus using USB?

    It says on the spec for this zyxel 56k usb modem that the Mac is supported however they only have OS9 drivers.
    Why not use the apple usb 56k modem which is designed for OS X.

  • Fax modem doesn't work under Lion

    Under Snow Leopard I was using without any problem an Apple Modem to snd the occasional fax.
    Whilst the Print function in Lion stll allows to "Fax a PDF" the modem is not been recognized anymore.
    I am getting the error message:
          You cannot use an Apple USB MOdem with this computer
    Any ideas ?

    I bought the Zoom 3095 modem as I need to use fax for legal correspondence. Also, if I have to make hotel booking confirmations, I think it is more secure sending my credit card details on a fax rather than an email. An email can end up in a hotel PC, which may or may not have a proper firewall, instrusion protection, keylogger protection etc etc.
    Fax works OK but on the main program I fax from, Word 2011, in Lion you cannot no longer use Fax PDF, where you now get an error message. You have to set the fax modem as your print device and then enter the fax number in the third pull down menu under "Fax Information".
    Finally, although the Zoom modem faxes and you get the information on the icon on the screen header rail, you no longer hear dial tone and fax sending like you did with the Apple modem. I contacted Zoom and got this back - not very good!
    Unfortunately, the Zoom 3095 doesn't have an on-board speaker, and we do not provide drivers (with sound support) for Mac OS X. The 3985 uses OS X's native USB CDC/ACM class driver. So you will not hear the dialing sounds, etc, when using the 3095 on a Mac. We have no plans at this to time release sound files for Mac.
    All in all, a pretty poor effort from Apple. I bought a replacement just 15 months ago, after an earlier Apple Fax modem failed. 15 months is not a very long time to cut off software/driver support. I think the least Apple could do is offer us refunds for our non-functioning modems. OK it is not a lot of money to replace but a principle is at stake.

  • Apple Modem (for dialup) doesn't work in Lion. Why?

    We have no acceptable alternatives for dialup where I live here. Even dialup is difficult. But the Apple Modem does not work in Lion!
    Anyone know why Apple did that?
    And what alternative is there for us (other than resinstalling Snow Leopard).
    Does Apple not know that there are still PLENTY of places with poor or non-existent Internet services?
    Does anyone know of an option?
    Using a MacBookPro, but the problem appears to be Lion so the hardware would not seem to matter...

    Hint:  Look in the upper right hand corner
    Re: Fax modem doesn't work under Lion
    Re: will apple's usb modem work with Lion
    external modem
    Re: After installing Lion, my usb broadband modem doesn't work

  • Yoga 3 pro Win 10 Upgrade Observation Thread

    I noticed a couple of things with mine:
    touchpad remains operational in tablet mode, additionally The touchpad disable button does not work(Fn + Delete)
    Cortana says the microphone isn't designed for windows 10. I presume a driver update will fix this, since the microphones were designed for the Dragon assistant that came with 8.1.

    Hi Cubo
    I can recommend a few solutions (which others have tried) -
    1) Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Network Adapter
    2) Right click on the Wireless adapater and click Uninstall.
    3) Restart the laptop and wait for the original drivers to install again.
    4) Test the Wifi.
    5) If it still doesnt work in Step 4, download the latest drivers for Win 10 64bit from Lenovo website and install those.
    EDIT -
    6) Instead of Step 5, I have seen a new driver  for the WLAN (release on 7/17/2015). To install this, go to the Control Panel > Device manager > Network adapter. Select and right click the WLAN card and select Update driver.
    If that doesnt work -
    1) Shutdown your laptop for half an hour USING the hard shutdown button (on the right side).
    2) Start and then test the wifi.
    If that doesnt work then -
    1) Setup a (hidden) OPEN network on your router.
    2) Enter the hidden network SSID on your Yoga 3 Pro
    3) Connect to it, see if that works.
    Also, Did you have any VPN client installed prior to upgrade?
    (like CISCO)

  • Yoga 2 Pro (Win 8.1) wifi adapter go missing once a while

    Dear Yoga 2 Pro fans,I'm sharing my fix here.  I'm a device driver/firmware s/w developer so I know a few things My Y2P (bought in April 2014) works fine except that the Wifi adapter need to be disable/enable (via Ctrl Panel->Networks) to make it find my wifi router after power up, or after wake up from sleep.  I've been living with this product defect but tolerable, and the wifi speed and stability is normal.  I only use Y2P in laptop mode.I was using :* Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260, driver 11/17/2014 v17.13.2.2 (was update via 'Update Driver...' button in the Driver Properties),      -- "Allow..device to save power"=checked,      -- Advanced tab's U-APSD Support = Enabled* Intel Smart Connect (ISCT) is installed but turned off* Intel PROSet/Wireless Tools v17.14.0* BIOS was 76CN38WW Until 2 weeks ago, I updated the N7260 wifi adapter driver to12/16/2014 v17.13.12.1 (was update via 'Update Driver...' button in the Driver Properties),  and hell broke loss... The wifi adapter will go missing randomly, i.e. midway when transfering files in the LAN, or after power up from shutdown, or after return from sleep. Subsequent shutdown and power on will not recover the missing N7260 wifi adaptor !!  No overheating issue as I was using battery at 60% full.And more strange, I leave Y2P over night, or a couple of hours, and the N7260 wifi adaptor appear (be detected by Win8.1) the next morning....Bluetooth is always working and no problem. After spending one day, reading both Lenovo and Intel N7260 forums, I think I solved it but it wasn't easyas there are many combinations. Here's my final config* BIOS is 76CN43WW 5/5/2015, with Lenovo Fast Startup = Disable* Intel Smart Connect (ISCT) - uninstalled with Control Panel > Programs* Intel PROSet/Wireless Tools v17.14.0 - uninstalled with Control Panel > Programs* While N7260 wifi adaptor is in 'missing' state, via Dev Mgr > View > Show hidden devices -> Uninstall drivers & remove files, and reboot Y2P* Download from Lenovo Support Y2P and install 13kd018f.exe (while N7260 wifi adaptore is in 'missing' state), shutdown and wait for 1-2 hours.* Power up, and hopefully N7260 re-appears, check via Devi Mgr -> Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260, driver 5/26/2014,      -- "Allow..device to save power"= Unchecked,      -- Advanced tab's U-APSD Support = Disable      -- Power provide set Max Performance on Battery and Plugged-In I've used this for a day and is stable, will monitor more, and report back !     

    Ok, the above doesn't work, but at leas the Wifi adapter now consistently disappear the 2nd time when Y2P boots up after a shutdown or from sleep. I've brought it to Lenovo Service Center (Shenzhen), and found it's h/w issue, both the Wifi card has to be replaced as well as the 'sound card' that has connectors to hold the wifi card to the motherboard  Checking fee: CNY 50Wifi card: CNY 380Sound card: CNY 280Cleaning fee: CNY 50 Gee.. my Y2P is just 2 months past the 1 year warranty

  • [TP Yoga S1] Windows 10 - Auto-Rotate button doesn't work in landscape mode.

    I just updated to Win 10 on Yoga S1. A strange problem occured regarding auto rotate. When the laptop is in landscape mode (normal mode), the physical "Enable/Disable Autorotate" button doesn't work, and the Autorotate button in the action center button is disabled. However, when I physically rotate my laptop, the screen rotates, and suddenly, both buttons now are active. This defeats the purpose of the button since it can't lock rotation when the laptop is in landscape mode. Anyone having this problem too?

    Still have this problem as well. I've installed every windows 10 update I could find.BiosSystem Inferface DriverPower ManagementLenovo System Extension/ButtonSystem Update 5
    Rotation button still no work. 

  • Dial UP Modem is not working properly in Satellite A200-1GB

    My A200 - 1 GB's modem is not working properly. It tries to connect but at last it says remote computer is not responding. As i noticed It has a "Agree" 56kpbs modem.
    It shown as Toshiba Software Modem.
    I tried so many times it doesn't work properly. I tried by changing the assigned COM ports to several other COM ports like COM1,COM10,COM 4 ext... same thing occurs.
    When I diagnose the modem via the modem properties no matters found.
    Same as when I'm dialing through the modem to a telephone (i mean as a call) it's working properly. I mean it can call to a mobile phone or land phone.
    But the same phone line is working properly with my desktop modem as same as another HP laptop modem.
    It seems there is some malfunction on my 56k modem.
    I tried even uninstalling and reinstalling but still the matter exists.
    Can anybody help me in this case?

    Please check this thread:
    Seems you have started two threads about the same theme.

  • USB Modem no longer working on MacBook

    I have been using my Virgin Broadband (Huawei E169) USB modem with my MacBook for the last twelve months. Apart from a huge hiccup when I upgraded to Snow Leopard it has worked flawlessly. Recently I had to restore my MacBook from my Time Capsule as it refused to boot up, and since then I've not been able to use my USB wireless modem. It works fine on my iMac and on my Son's PC Dell Laptop.
    When I try to connect, I either get a message that says 'unable to connect to PPP server' or I the 'auto open' closes immediately and I get a huge error report. I have copied the report if anyone is interested, I'll include it on a future post.
    I've rung my ISP and Apple Care and have had no success. I've tried a friend's USB modem, and was unable to get it to connect, I also tried mine on her MacBook and got the same errors as on my MacBook.
    At this point, I have also checked that I have the latest Mobile Connect and the latest firmware, and have compared files with those on my iMac, and I cannot find the discrepancy. I still don't know whether my MacBook is at fault of the USB device itself. I am loathe to buy a new USB modem, until I know for sure. I don't know what to try next though.
    Thank you.

    The irony of this problem is that I solved it using a post from here which I'd copied from Whirlpool last year. I'd gone through every solution taht I could find, several times over an in the end used this one which worked perfectly. It was actually my last resort, I'd run out of options. Thought I'd best post back here, just in case someone else has an issue.
    This post was found @ by Designed. The OP posted this solution
    Thought this was important and needed to be posted here too. I'm up and running again, and very very happy
    The solution I found to work is :
    1. Open up Terminal.
    2. Become root using sudo -i (using your user account password when prompted)
    3. Paste the following command in: echo "refuse-chap\nrefuse-mschap\nrefuse-mschap-v2" >> /etc/ppp/options
    Next Step
    Plug in the device, when the disk image mounts, right click on the app and choose 'show package contents'
    Navigate through contents -> resources -> and run the MobileConnect_DrvApp.pkg
    Then in system prefs -> network
    you will see HUAWEI Mobile (not connected)
    Add the following settings
    telephone number : *99#
    account name : VirginBroadBand
    password : VirginBroadBand
    TICKED Show Modem status in menu bar
    I didn't have to change any advanced settings, but to confim them
    (In Advanaced Settings)
    Vendor : Generic
    Model : Dialup Device
    TICKED Enable Error correction and comptession in modem
    Dial Mode: Wait for dial tone before dialing
    Dialing TICKED Tone
    Sound TICKED On
    Now I connect via the icon in the status menu
    Thanks to the following sources of info:

Maybe you are looking for

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