Yoga 2 Pro, Etekcity 16Ah power bank and some additional measurements

Hello guys, this would be my short review of Etekcity Wingman external battery I use with y2p. As you know, the y2p battery performance is a little disappointing for a Haswell ultrabook (at least for some), so it's a good idea to have some additional external battery beforehand. After some research I found the interesting candidate, the 16.000 mAh external battery manufactured somewhere in chinese factory (Shenzen?) and then being sold under many different brands (I found at least 5 of them on Amazon). I bought the Etekcity Wingman, as it was the cheapest, for 69$
No links here, but you will find it easily. It has a classy aluminium shell, very good overall build quality, features 5V USB output and additional 12, 16 and 19V outputs with many different plugs. There is no rectangular Lenovo Yoga tip, but in the package you can find the Lenovo X1 big circular plug. So you need an additional converter Cable Adapter from Lenovo, part no. 0B47046 and voila, everything fits.
This external battery can provide up to 19V and as you are aware, y2p needs 20V. But this is not a problem, it's only 5% difference and nothing to be worry about. As to the amperage, the battery can provide max 3A at 19V and y2p original power adapter is rated at 3.25A - but this is not a problem either, as during my actual measurements I never saw the current more than 3A (more about it later).
16.000 mAh for li-po cells 3,7V gives about 59Wh of power capacity and this is important. The internal y2p battery is rated 54Wh, so 'theoretically' the external battery should more than double our y2p working time. Well, theoretically, because: 1. as for chinese products they almost always overrate battery specs 2. there is a limited efficiency for internal voltage conversion inside the battery electronics, so there are some losses (heat).
So, what is the REAL capacity of this thing?
I did a test. I depleted internal y2p battery to 20% and then I plugged in the Etekcity Wingman, set at 19V. It was able to charge the WORKING laptop for 1 hour and 25 minutes and y2p battery charged from 20% to 85% before the Wingman shut down. It was a little warm while working, but not hot at all (aluminium shell dissipates heat very good).
What it means is that this external battery was able to provide about 2/3 (65%) of total internal y2p battery capacity and during that time the laptop was working consuming additional energy from the Wingman (70% brightness, wifi/BT on, some light browsing, nothing demanding). I am estimating that if the y2p was depleted completely and shut down, then the external battery would be able to charge it to about 80-85%. I find this result pretty good.
So if you are able to achieve some 6.5h on internal y2p battery, this external battery gives you another 5h more, for total 11.5h working time out of the socket. Not bad.
I have a laboratory digital power source, so I was able to do some additional interesting measurements (thanks to the cables and adapters):
1. The Yoga 2 Pro starts charging at about 16.5V voltage level(!) Anything lower - it won't charge, higher - it will (no BIOS warnings whatsoever).
2. The charging current for non-working laptop is about 1.6A (I did not set quick charge at Energy Manager).
3. 70% brightness, "daily" power mode, wifi/BT on, keyboard lighting on and doing some lazy internet browsing needs about 470mA of current (averaged, idle is about 415 mA, as each wifi activity creates current jumps). For 20V it gives 9.4 Wh of power consumption and for 54Wh y2p internal battery it gives about 5h 45min of working time. Lets set this situation as a "base" level.
4. Same as above, but power mode changed to "stable". Yellow turns mustard, but brightness intensity remains at 70%. The current goes down to about 420mA (50mA less!). It gives you additional 40 minutes for a total 6h 25min of working time.
5. Same as above, but keyboard light is off. About 20mA of savings, + 15 min for a total 6h 40 min
6. Same as above, airplane mode (wifi/BT off) - another 20mA of savings (not much), but there are no wifi current spikes so it's like idle mode - about 330mA of current consumption, giving about 8h 15min of working (word editing etc.)
7. Same as above, 50% brightness (still pretty usable) - 305mA for a total 8h 50min of working time.
8. Same as above, but with 16.000 mAh external battery - well, you figure it out (+80%)
Happy New Year!

20V/3.25A means that if looking for an external power bank for your y2p the voltage must be exactly 20V and the amperage must be 3.25A or more (3.25 is minimum value). These are perfect values.
But in real world some little deviances are permissible, like 5%. 19V and 3A are examples and I made sure that my external battery rated 19V/3A works good with Yoga 2 Pro. There are more 19V external power banks than 20V models out there and I've chosen my Wingman battery because it was really cheap. But it is always better to find one that meets voltage/amperage ratings perfectly.
The Energizer XP18000 would be a perfect choice, because it can provide 20V/3.5A. But I dont know if the Lenovo plug is inside the package. And it's expensive.
The "big circular plug" is 7.9 x 5.4 x 0.9mm plug for some other Lenovo machines, like Carbon X1. I never found an external power bank with "rectangular" y2p plug anyway.

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    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

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    Liquid damage is progressive.
    Best action that can be done is to take the computer to the Apple store to have it checked out
    and repaired if possible and affordable.

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    Yes. Do not do that.
    If for some reason you want your MBP to be up and running all the time, plug in the charger but remove the battery. That's how they do it in the Apple Retail Stores. Before removing the battery, run the computer without the charger attached until the battery is about 50% charged. That will maximize its useful life while it remains in storage.

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    Samsung or LITE-ON, per the Hardware Maintenance Manual:
    I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!

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    Christinag1317 wrote:
    My macbook pro's memory is full and I purchased an external hard drive. I am using timemachine, but need to earse/free up some memory on my laptop. How do I do this?
    Ok when you refer to "memory" that is the Random Access Memory which is temporary memory the processor (worker) uses to store stuff while it's using it. Power goes off whats in the memory is gone.
    Your storage drive is where data is pernamnetly stored if the power is on/off.
    So what you really mean to say is your storage drive is filled up and you need to make some room.
    You have a TimeMachine drive, what this does is makes a image of your internal storage drive as a backup method, it also allows some "back in time" restoration of your previous deleted files depending how much space is on that drive. The more space, the less data you have, the more days you can go back in time to retrieve something.
    Unfortunatly the TimeMachine drive is not a extra space storage drive, it automatically rotates what appears on your internal storage drive. So if you delete something from the internal drive, it eventually gets deleted from the TimeMachine drive.
    So you need to make some more room on your internal drive, this is rather easy, all you need is ANOTHER external drive and connect it to the Mac. Give it a name like ExtraStorage#1 and thenyou will have to decide which of your User files you really don't need on the internal drive.
    For instance the best choice would be to move some movies out of your Movies folder to another MoviesExtra folder on the ExtraStorage#1 drive.
    Movies take a LOT of drive space and you can always copy them on or off, or watch them from the ExtraStorage#1 drive as well. But if your going to do this a lot, you should consider getting a Firewire 800/400, USB 3,2,1 combination drive as Firewire 800 is fastest and decently priced (Thunderbolt is very high priced and overkill at this time)
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    Once you have freed some room on the internal drive, this liitle neat program will show you what is taking the largest amount of space on your internal drive.
    After a scan, right click on the big squares to "revel in Finder" to show you what's taking the largest amount of space, be warned it also opens up hidden system files and folders, which you won't be able to move. So concentrate on what's inthe Users folder.
    Likely if you have a lot of Movies this is the biggest culprit on most standard internal hard drives. Also if you have something in iTunes that's auto-downloading something like PodCasts and not deleting the older ones and you forget. So go there and fix things and that can free up drive space.
    If you bought a small SSD with your new Mac, then the price of that SSD has come back to haunt you with low storage space, you will have to think carefully what you can live without on the internal drive.
    Once you have slimmed things down, TimeMachine will update to reflect your slimmer internal drive. What this means is there is only one copy of your data on the ExtraStorage#1 drive.
    You need to maintain two copies of your data at all times on seperate hardware, so now you need ANOTHER storage drive (ExtraStorage#2) to copy everythinng of ExtraStorage#1, or else if you drop or have a mechanical problem with ES#1 all that data will be gone!
    If you wish to learn more then I suggest reading these two links

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    Sounds like you need a #1SMC Reset
    1. SMC reset
    >>Instructions to reset SMC
    Disconnect other non-Apple and external hardware except (if applicable) a mouse and keyboard until your finished repairing your machine.
    Problems solved: Fans blowing with no activity, machine is not booting, power button pressed and nothing happens, problems with indicators, Magsafe has wrong lights, battery is not charging, monitor and graphics issues etc.  If the battery is not charged (from like letting it sleep too long), let the Mac charge up awhile afterwards.
    Will not hurt the machine resetting if it's not broken.
    Other related hardware problems (optional):
    Check battery status: Hold option/alt key down while clicking on the battery icon in the menu bar, top right corner.
    Magsafe: Use the correct/matching power supply charger with your Mac, not a less powered one from another Mac.
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  • I've recently spilt a little bit of water on my Macbook Pro 13" and some of it went into the keyboard, the first thing I did was get paper towels and dry it off, everything is except now the speakers sound different, and a little bit lower in volume

    I've recently spilt a little bit of water on my Macbook Pro 13" and some of it went into the keyboard, the first thing I did was get paper towels and dry it off, everything is except now the speakers sound different, and a little bit lower in volume, basically the speakers just sound weird, there's no word to describe it, I can't really hear any bass from my speakers

    Liquid spills, why your MacBook chassis is a one-way valve for spills
    After a substantial spill many people will turn their notebook upside down and shake it, not only does this not work, but it spreads liquid havoc throughout your machine and makes things often as bad as possible.
    The keyboard itself acts like a one way valve in the case of a substantial liquid spill. While liquid pours into the bottom chassis easy, it does not come out easily at all, and in the case of any spill, most of it will not come out by turning it upside down. Disconnect all power and contact Apple for diagnostics and repair.
    Do not attempt to, after a spill, ‘dry out your MacBook’ and test it
    After a spill most people invariably try to “dry out” their notebook by various methods, including hair dryers and otherwise. This both does not work, and after a substantial spill of any magnitude, even if the liquid was water, residue is left behind.
    There are additionally many very tight places inside your notebook where liquids will linger for a very long time, and cause corrosion or worse.
    Immediately unplug your notebook and contact Apple for in shop diagnostics and parts replacement.
    In the case of very minor spills people will “dry out” their notebook and feel success that their notebook is working ok, however invariably in nearly all instances after 4-14 days an error / fault pops up and is usually followed by more.
    In case of a spill, damage estimates are impossible,.....anything can be fixed, without question.......the question is cost.
    contact Apple for in shop diagnostics and cost estimation ....possible parts replacement.  

  • Macbook Pro power button and dvd-r on left side of keyboard.

    Ok need some expert knowledge. I've come across a 2008 macbook pro for sale. Only thing is the power button and the dvd-r drive are on the left side of the machine. Anyone seen this before?? Could it be from another country originally??

    If you look at it in a mirror, it will be just fine. (sorry, but I can't resist)
    As Ashka says, that is not a MBP.  Buy it if you want, but understand you are not getting an Apple product.

Maybe you are looking for

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