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Many of you are probably aware that You Tube now allows the uploading and display of HD video. I use iMovie HD6 to create, edit and share videos on You Tube. I have been experimenting with HD video uploads, but have mixed results. Is anyone having success with HD on You Tube?
My issue is that my HD videos on You Tube display in HD but have a LOT of motion artifacts and are blocky. I have consulted various help forums to try and resolve this issue, but no luck. Videos I encode for You Tube HD are H.264 compressed videos. The presets I use are as follows:
File Format: MP4
Video Format: H.264
Date Rate: 2000
Image Size: 1280 x 720HD
Frame Rate: 30
Audio: AAC 192kbs
Frames: 24
These are the share settings other You Tube users have used successfully in uploading HD video from an Intel Mac. I use an Intel MBP. The original source video material was shot on a Sony HDR-HC7 camcorder (1080/60i HDV). Still frames captured from video shot on this camera have a resolution of 1920x1080. But I am not sure if this camera has the capability of shooting at a high enough resolution for You Tube HD videos (i.e. 1280). Could this be the source of the problem? Or am I using the wrong compression settings?
If there is anyone familiar with uploading HD content to You Tube that has had success, please let me know. I will provide you a link to the You Tube videos I have posted that have the motion artifact/blocking problems.

How do I match that with what PRE7 gives me for options?  I tried using using other formats and have not stumbled across one that works even in lower quality widescreen 16.9 settings.
If I have a bunch of video saved to my hard drive as the following which preset get me the wide screen HD?
Frame Width 720
Frame Height 480
Data rate 3110kbps
Total bitrate 3174kbps
30 frames/sec
AVI video clip
If my source is the issue can I do something about it?  Shot in a 110 wide angle...looks like You Tube gets 4.3 aspect no matter what?
I think I may have issues getting my vidoe and PRE7 to work together...or maybe it is You Tube?

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    This is the thing I'm talking about. It should be directly to the right of the Google search bar. If not there, maybe you can customize the toolbar and put it back.
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    Are you using the YouTube app or Safari?
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    Adobe has not made a version of Flash for the iPad.
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    And what is the point of all this? CS3 is now 7 years old and Office 2003 just the same. Yes, sometimes software has bugs and compatibility issues. Beyond there is nothing here to discuss on either end, given the circumstances...

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    It looks like a driver related issue specifically the video card driver. I suggest that you scan your computer with RadarSync so that you will know which drivers need some updating. Once you some results, you can either Google the updates or go to the HP's support website to get the latest updates or you can use RadarSync to update automatically. I hope this helps! David

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    It happens to mine also. I've noticed this even from os 1.8. Now that I'm using 2.0, I can confirm it still happens. In my experience, whenever you see the error when opening "YouTube app" all embedded video on websites using the browser and some embedded (java?) software won't load either. 
     Try: (won't load test box embedded in page) (won't load video)
    Vevo videos won't load also.
    I tried hard reset and nothing happens. I hard reset and leave playbook off for a few hours and everything works again.
    This always happens when I go to a page and the website will open a new tab automatically for ads. I close the new tab and "voila" everything is broken. 
    I hope it gets fixed soon.

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    Thanks for that. Much more constructive than the last comment. It's only the restriction code I can't recall, not the access passcode. So I can currently access the device, just not age restricted content. Does that's make a difference? I also wondered if anyone knew how many attempts you get to try to get it right. Now tried 21 times and so far nothing bad has happened but I am concerned I'll eventually be completely locked out of the device. That doesn't seem in the spirit of things though. Surely it's foreseeable that a child could repeatedly try to guess the code so I can't see that it would be right to lock the device down completely in that circumstance, particularly if the access code is being typed in correctly every time.

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    I suddenly ( the last hour) cannot access you tube, any links for video and sound. All updates are in place and specific settings are 'on'. Thoughts, please!

    This forum is not for technical/problem questions. Your post will be moved to the Snow Leopard 10.6.x forum.
     Cheers, Tom

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    A green bar separates top and bottom video with same video showing.

    Try to update the graphics display card driver.
    You can also disable the hardware acceleration in the Flash Player.
    See [[Cannot view full screen Flash videos]]
    * (right-click the player: Settings)
    Flash "Display settings" window:

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    Could you paste additional crash ID's in this thread? The report you submitted is nonspecific, so having more would help.
    There are a few things you can try that might fix it:
    # [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]: Disable your add-ons one at a time to see if one is at fault
    # Upgrade to [ Firefox 3.6.4 beta], which prevents Flash from crashing the main Firefox process.

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    Just another crash report I got concerning the many crashes I have had lately while using Firefox 3.6.3 to watch You Tube videos. It crashes on several different You Tube channel videos, and it crashes when I attempt to watch playlists that I have created.
    == Crash ID(s) ==
    ID: 4f484aa8-9eec-4fd2-a5a3-d30aa2100528 Signature: cabac_mb_type

    I think before uprooting the whole system, let us think about the compatibility issue among NOSCRIPT, ADBLOCK and flash media handler/downloader. Sometimes back there was a permission issue needing explicit entry of a script in allowed list under 'Tools' menu. The details were sent as when noscript got updated & autonotified.
    But I am again in the rut, because I tried to install latest version with minimum plugins/addons for faster work.

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    When watching you tube, the videos go for a few seconds, then stops, circle shows loading, then starts again.

    I don't know exact rate, but is high speed cable connection. It used to work just fine, so wondering if some update did something?

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    Have you been able to successfully import these videos into iTunes?  If so, use iTunes built in converter to convert it to a more iTunes friendly format. To do this, highligh the video and choose "Create iPhone or iPod version" from the Advanced drop down menu in iTunes.
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