Zen stone plus 2gb with built in speaker problem.

Hello everyone.3 months ago i bought a zen stone plus mp3. It didnt appear to me any problems but yesterday i couldn't open it,i thought it would be due to battery lack but when I connected it to my pc neither the pc could read it. :S
Can somebody help me please?

I would suggest getting in touch with support, they might be able to help you with this.
Go to the Support section of the website and select your product. On your right, click on Contact Us. You will be provided with a list of troubleshooting options. Click on the one closes to your issue. Go through the suggestions and if the does not work or you have already tried that, scroll to the bottom and click on No, escalate to email. This should bring you to the email form to contact support.

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  • Problem with my brand new mp3 player Zen Stone Plus 2GB ( with built in speaker )

    Hi .
    I have purchased the following Zen Stone Plus 2GB with built in speaker on 24.06.2008.
    From day one, it had a charging problem . Initial charging it'snever go beyond 87%.
    After using it for 2 days, at the time of recharging , I found my player won`t get dectected in my PC .
    I took the set to the vendor for a checkup . He tried to solve it by resetting , formating etc. But he could only able to to format it's sacrificing its 50% of its allocated space.
    My vendor then changed the set with a brand new one, againts that faulty one .
    Now the new one worked well for 3 - 4 days , but it is now totally dead .
    But the set did not give any indication before it become completely dead.
    A few dust particles inside the LCD screen was also observed. I can`t understand how come dust particles can enter inside
    a player which is sealed box pack .
    Next issue is with the battery which CREATIVE promised of giving a backup of approx 20 hrs of continious playback , which with minimal scuffling and with minimal settings lasted for 0 hrs approx ( 50% less than promised ).
    Another thing that i must state is the problem of FM Reception . It is simply terrible . In the same area where my mobile's FM reception is fine , Zen Stone's FM failed to give any reception .
    I came to know about Zen Stone Plus from of my friend , who is using Zen Stone Plus GB without any problem for long time.
    Pls tell me what to do now, since my player is compleately out of order now , and pls suggest me something regarding the issue of battery backup , FM reception ... etc.
    Now i am in a total mess . I just dont know what to do with the set that is few days old .
    Pls help urgently .
    Waiting for any valued suggestion .
    Bye ...

    I would suggest getting in touch with support, they might be able to help you with this.
    Go to the Support section of the website and select your product. On your right, click on Contact Us. You will be provided with a list of troubleshooting options. Click on the one closes to your issue. Go through the suggestions and if the does not work or you have already tried that, scroll to the bottom and click on No, escalate to email. This should bring you to the email form to contact support.

  • Queries about Zen Stone Plus 2GB with built in speaker .

    Hi ,
    This one goes out to all friends who have?used Zen Stone Plus with built in speaker for some time ...
    As stated in the box pack of giving a standby time of 20hrs continious playback ...
    What is the approx backup time it offers or rather it should offer on minimal scuffling and minimum change of settings of the player?
    Reply soon .
    Byeee .

    I haven't tested it off yet as I always charge it after one bar of the battery indicator has gone. But thought I try to use it'suntil it's completely flat this time. After listening to 4. albums and minimal playing in the menu the battery indicator still says full.

  • Firmware zen stone plus 4GB with spea

    in the dropdown list when looking for the latest version of the firmware for my "zen stone plus 4GB with speaker" i just can found the "zen stone plus 4GB"..
    this mean that there are no available updates for my device, or that the model with built-in speaker use the same firmware of the one without speaker?
    Thanks for help!

    Hi JLM, am running .0.05e fine and in fact listening to it at the moment. Is there anyway you can regress back to .0.03 to test your theory? Testing a bunch of 28k CBR MP3s is an easy thing to try also.Message Edited by BlueRobin on 0-02-200802:49 PM

  • My zen stone plus 2Gb not starting

    i have been using my Creative Zen Stone Plus 2GB since past 7-8months
    recently it started giving problems. It dint start up and when i connected to my computer it is asking me to format the dri've when i try to open it..and when i click to format..it says it cant format and then the dri've vanishes from My Compute.
    I took to the service centre..tht guy he said he updated the firmware..i came bak ad connected it to my pc to charge...my winamp detected it as an mp3 player and asked me to synchronize which i cancelled..
    open the dri've...then when i tried to delete the files...same prob started again!!!
    now the dri've doesnt even show up in My Computer..
    wat to do?

    Looks like something is wrong with the device, I would get in touch with support if I were you.

  • Can the Zen Stone Plus coexist with iTun

    I am a runner and I am interested in the Zen Stone Plus. I use iTunes and various iPods. How would the Zen software coexist with iTunes.
    Most of the music in my library is from?my own CD's?and not from the iTunes Store. Thank you. Bob Michiel?

    Yes, the softwares can co-exists with each other. However the iTunes would not work with the Zen Stone Plus.

  • Zen stone plus 2gb god **bleep** error

    ok i have the 2gb zen stone plus and my problem is it's a.not being recognised by my computer b. it does nothing to play music store files etc c.when it's chargd i turn it on but all i get is the creative logo and nothing else but the small blue light that is supposed to flash on and of stays on fully instead of flashing on and off. does anyone have any ideas to resolve this problem? preferably knowing how to format my player.

    So the player will not turn on correctly at all? Have you tried it on another PC to see if it's recognised there, and so you could format it and/or update the firmware. Has the player been working correctly until now, or did you just purchase it's
    Please keep your language clean when posting on this forum.

  • Creative Zen Stone Plus 2GB vs. Zen V plus

    Hi. I recently had my Zen Micro just freeze and die after 8 months. I lost ,600 songs. I am now interested in purchasing a flash mp3 for working out and commuting. I've heard good things aobut the Zen Stone Plus and the Zen V plus. Can anybody give me any adivice on deciding between the two? Thanks!

    There's a site http://www.smartratings.com/review/e...mp3_players/35 where a compilation of expert reviews for Creative ZEN V Plus 2GB MP3 Player can be found. You will see that it received quite a good ratings from some of the experts who tested it. And lastly, the reviews are conveniently located because you can accessed them from one place.

  • Probleme mit ZEN STONE PLUS 2GB

    the folloing message is in german language.
    Windows XP Home SP3
    USB .
    Windows Media Player
    im Ger?temanager wird
    - unter Laufwerke zen stone angezeigt
    - unter usb Wechseldatentr?ger
    nach ca. 20 minuten ist ein Laufwerksbuchstabe zugeordnet
    Ein Zugriff auf die Daten mit dem Explorer ist nicht m?glich.
    Ein anderes Modell funktioniert an dem Rechner.
    Update ZENStonePlus_PCFW_L9__03_0e ist an einem anderen Rechner installiert worden
    Gibt es ein tool, dass den treiber/regristry repariert ?
    Wenn ja, wo kann man ihn herunterladen ?

    Sounds like it might be a good time to contact customer support for service while your players are still covered under warranty.

  • Zen Stone Plus 2GB -- Unresponsive

    I have had my Stone for a couple months now, and just recently it has been giving me problems. On Friday I was using it in the car and turned it off while stopping in a store. When I returned and tried to play it, the Creative symbol came on, followed by the Zen Plus screen and then went blank. I then thought that it just needed a charge and brought it home. After leaving it in my computer for a day, I took it out and found it was still doing the same thing. I tried charging it again but that didnt work either. When it was plugged into my computer it showed a full 3 bars, followed by a lightning bolt. The next time I tried, I found that not only has it become unresponsi've (no lights, or screens), the computer is not recognizing it.
    I hope this does not mean the end for my MP3, because I have enjoyed it up to this point. Thanks.

    Try attaching the player to the computer. While it is connected use a paperclick (or straightened staple) to click the reset switch.
    Hope this hel

  • Zen Stone Plus 2GB dosen't work. - dead?

    I have problem with this mp3 player.
    I tried MP3 Player Recovery Tool, charging, resets, checking with other PCs. Still nothing.
    Screen is broken for few years, but player worked well to yesterday.
    Now PC doesn't see player, it not responding for any of my actions...
    Shortly: Need some help ;P
    Btw. Sorry for my English. I know that it's not good enough.
    Message Edited by fantom on 06-29-2009 08:6 AM

    Sounds like it might be a good time to contact customer support for service while your players are still covered under warranty.

  • DEAD Zen Stone Plus 2GB!!!

    hello.. i have a problem with my player..
    1.my computer can not detect the player
    2. the player wont turn on. i tried to do the press volume down and press the play/pause button and push the reset button but nothing happens.
    3. the blue led indicator is on when ever i plug the player on usb
    4. i tried it on 3 computers running on XP sp2
    5. im sure it has a charge and even connected the player on usb for 2 days
    6. the recovery tool is not working not able to detect the player
    7. the upgrade firmware was not able to detect the player
    any suggestion? its frustrating..

    Great! I suspect the computer is in?sleep mode when you leave it connected that's why it did not charge the player. Anyway, good to hear it's up and running.

  • The New Creative Zen Stone plus with built-in spea

    ?i was thinking of buying the the New Creative Zen Stone plus 2GB?with built-in speaker. http://creative.com/products/mp3/zenstoneplus/?The product detail info claim a 20 hours battery life of this product. . is?this a?true claim ?2. is there any problem about the charging process of this product?because the "previous" Creative?Stone Plus has a charging and?battery life problem. 3. Or should i just settle for the Creative muVo v00 2 GB instead ?Any thoughts guys?Thanks

    Here you go:
    Firmware for Zen Stone Plus w/ Speaker
    You can find any other files you need by going to "Support" and then "Downloads" on this website.
    Good luck,

  • Zen stone plus no longer wo

    Hello all! I've been very happy with my Zen Stone Plus (2GB) until suddenly it doesn't work. It seems to charge ok but turning it on, the "CREATIVE" starting logo just stays on the screen forever (until the battery runs out I presume). When connected by USB, if I double click on the player's icon in My Computer the explorer window crashes.
    My first thought was to update the firmware (I've never done this before) but on the creative website I cannot see my exact product supported (closest matches are Zen Stone Plus with built-in speaker and Zen Stone Plus (4GB)).
    What should I do? Thanks for your time.

    At the?BOTTOM of the page where you found the other Zen Stone products, it will say something such as click here, if your product or player isn't shown. That will take you to the page you need.
    When you are on the correct page be sure to click at the bottom of that page to show the entire list of firmwares and software available. Creative is very good at hiding things and you have to read carefully. Skimming the pages while reading?doesn't work to your advantage

  • Zen Stone Plus on Macint

    I have new ZEN Stone Plus 2GB Black
    but i have a question - about charging - I have Mac OsX and when i connect it to computer the charging icon appears on the display, but I has been charging for few hours now and still there is steady blue light - not blinking - can anyone tell me how long does it take to fully charge the battery when I connect it for the first time and secondly - is there any software for Mac OsX 0.4.0?
    thanks a lot!

    funny(!!) I have the same model (Zen Stone Plus) and the exact error occurs to me to --a power sign and NO CHARGE!!
    I thought I heard that with Zen -starting it (re-boot) with the Zen plugged-in already will let it work? I tried that and , that didn't help.. -Does any Forum user have any idea what to try?

Maybe you are looking for

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