Zones on single processor SFV100

Can I install zones on a single CPU machine?
On a Sunfire v100 I keep getting the following error when trying to start the /system/pools:default service:
pooladm: configuration at '/etc/pooladm.conf' cannot be instantiated on current system

There shouldn't be any problem running zones on a single CPU system, but it looks like you're trying to use processor pools which is going to require more than one processor. Stick with the fair-share-scheduler (FSS) and you should be good.

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  • Upgrade G3 B&W and G4 Single Processor from OS 9.2.1 to 10.4 Tiger?

    I Purchased a G4 Installation / restore disk OS 10.4......Used an external DVD drive and disk opens fine on both machines, but when I click on install, both machines give me the following error message (even if I use the "C" key on startup..."startup disk was unable to select the install CD as the startup disk (-2)....There is no support for OS 9 or it's related browsers on the internet, and I use both my G3 (home) and G4 (business)....I need to have access to the internet in both locations. Would someone kindly give me some advice on how to upgrade to OS 10.4.......drivers?.......use external Hard drive? Many thanks in advance......

    Hi Limnos......Many thanks for the info...good stuff. As it turns out, my G3 B&W is a server version and was given to me by a company that I worked for until they moved to northern (brrr) Wisconsin. It has two SCSI cards, one of them the LVD -2 ADPT card. Thanks to you I have already installed the firmware on the card. Some of the info on trhe G3 suggests that I need to be running O.S. 8.6 to upgrade to O.S. X???? I have been running O.S.9.2.1 for years but Comcast, E- Bay and half the rest of the world out there no longer supports Browsers, etc. for O.S. 9....Why would I need 8 when I have 9.2.1.that doesn't make much sense. This computer IMHO was way ahead of it's time and cost the company that gave it to me something in the neighborhood of $2700.00 when they bought it new! It has two firewire ports along with USB and the SCSI
    cards and SCSI hard drive.....It is a great computer, and the only reason that I never tried to upgrade to O.S.10
    sooner is the fact that it has been rock solid reliable running 9.2.1, and I kept hearing about "glitches going on with the early versions of O.S.10." You know how that one goes..."If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it". I had Adelphia Cable Internet for quite a few years, and they supported O.S.9, but their tech people for the most part were clueless about the macs. I really need to get X on this machine!
    One final question...My G4 is a single processor 733 machine, and believe it or not was given to my son when it was only a year old! We didn't get an O.S. install disk with it, but the (gray) disk I just purchased IS
    a G4 (specific) install/ restore disk that according to many threads I've seen should work on my G4. I haven't been able to determine from the info you so kindly gave me if it needs a firmware update or not? There seem to be so many versions of the G4 that I'm not sure what category it fits into as far as firmware requirements are concerned........It has plenty of RAM and two firewire ports, but beyond that I'm puzzled. Thanks again!

  • One Image for dual and single processor G5 machines

    I'm working in a lab that has both single and dual processors G5 machines. There is only one image for both machines and I suspect that we have a few bugs with the single processor machines because of this. Has anyone else used one image for both single and dual processors? Have there been problems. I'm wondering if it is necessary to create two separate images.

    There is not difference in the images, but you might have problems with the single G5 machines and 10.4. Did you do the firmware upgrade?
    I have ~10 single G5 and 25 dual D5 machines netinstalled from one image without trouble.

  • Multi-Processor Systems vs Single Processor systems

    In general, is it better to run Weblogic on a fast single processor system
    or on a multi-processor system where the individual cpus are less powerful?
    I am assuming that the platforms are WINTEL and all other things (memory,
    disk channels etc) are equal.
    What are the licensing implications of one philosophy over the other?

    Jim Ewing wrote:
    In general, is it better to run Weblogic on a fast single processor system
    or on a multi-processor system where the individual cpus are less powerful?
    I am assuming that the platforms are WINTEL and all other things (memory,
    disk channels etc) are equal.You'll hate me for saying this, but it depends on your application and
    your client load.
    I'd suggest that you run a load test against both systems and compare
    the results.
    What are the licensing implications of one philosophy over the other?You pay for WLS by the number of CPUs.
    -- Rob
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    by Michael Girdley, Rob Woollen, and Sandra Emerson

  • Installing Additional Processor in Single Processor G5 Xserve Model M9743LL

    I purchased a used G5 Xserve Model M9743LL/A, that comes with a single processor. Is it possible to upgrade the Xserve by adding a second processor? The Xserve appears to have the exact same physical configuration as the dual CPU model. Does it have a different motherboard? What would prevent an upgrade?

    Yes, the XServe G5 Rev B is the one with yellow DDR 2GB print close to the RAM slots. So it should accept up to 8 x 2GB RAM. You'll need the processor module, that includes the heatsink, 2 screws and the plastic heatsink cover with G5 on it. My Apple Reseller order everything for me. I'll contact them to get the spare part numbers, and i'll post everything here.
    I can recall i just booted the Xserve, and after it was started up, it showed it was a dual processor model. So no reïnstalls or zapping the PRAM...
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  • Long full GC pauses, 1.4.2_02, single processor

    HotSpot 1.4.2_02, Solaris 9, single processor
    We've developed a telecom application which requires low latency in response to network events. I've been observing fairly long full GC pauses between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds, which is unacceptable for our application. Minor GC pauses are quite brief, and acceptable, but only rarely occur after the system is up and running for some time. Full GCs happen regularly at 1 minute intervals.
    I've read several web articles on tuning GC, which mostly focus on using the new GC algorithms available in 1.4, such as CMS. I've tried -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC, but haven't observed any reduction in GC pause times, probably because our application runs on a single processor server.
    I'm going to dig into young/tenured ratios next, but, before I do, any advice on how best to optimize full GC for low latency on a single processor? I'm willing to do more frequent full GCs, and accept a throughput penalty, in exchange for <200ms full GC latency.

    Any chance u using RMI? This regular 1 min interval thing is seldom seem. Please add -XX:+DisableExplicitGC, other flags include the setting the rmi gc time to a large value, but you are good with disabling System.gc
    Did u use the -XX:+UseParNewGC too? Usually -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC goes together.
    Also, _08 is the latest. There is a number of fixes that went in GC.
    Tuning... the steps i usually take
    1. Use default GC, -XX:+PrintGC -XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintTenuringDistribution
    2. Size the generations 1st.
    3. Choose collector, in this case shld be "Usually -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC" but u may be good with others too. It depends.
    Hope this helps.

  • Upgrading from single processor to multi processor

    I am looking for information on upgrading a 7.3 Oracle from a
    single processor to a multi processor. I will be putting in
    another processor in my server and would like to know how to get
    Oracle to use this second processor. I know that I need to
    upgrade Windows NT to multiprocessor first but what do I need to
    do after that with Oracle.

    I'm not certain why that would be the wrong boards. I guess HP has the wrong boards posted on their product's support site at the link below.
    When I clicked on Support Forum, that is where it took me.
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  • Diff. between running java code in a single processor vs multiprocessor

    This is a general question and I tried to find answer for it, but couldn't find so came here as usual.
    When designing a new Java project do we need to consider whether the application will be running in a single processor/multi processor. Does our design affect assigning thread to different processors? if so what the steps that we need to take, so that my application makes full use of multiprocessor. What is the difference in desinging application for single processor and multi processsor? Recently we had a problem in which our application makes use of only 2 processor out of 16 and I have no answer for it.

    I have some good amount of experience working with
    multi threaded java program and i know about the
    overhead involved and overkill in multi threaded
    let's assume that for the moment (many beliefs held about MT and MP computing are wrong, including possibly some or all of my own).
    Will design vary depending whether we deploy it in a
    multi-processor / singe processor CPU ?
    If it was correctly implemented before, no.
    But keep in mind that instead of receiving subsequent timslices threads can in an MP environment run truely in parallel.
    If threads depend on the timing of other threads (ugly but we all know it happens) things can go wrong.
    Of course as with all MT issues they tend to go wrong only after the product has passed all tests and has shipped to customers.
    If it's the job of the operating system to assign
    threads to different processor, then it doesn't
    matter whether I design keeping in mind single
    processor or multi processor CPU? OS willRead above. It SHOULD NOT matter, if your design is good.
    intelligently give different threads to different
    processor to make use of multiple processors right?Either the OS or the hardware. In an MP system there may well be dedicated hardware to do CPU allocation rather than it being handled by the operating system.

  • Multithreads run only on a single processor on a multiprocessor machine

    I am trying to run external programs within a multi-thread Java program in an attempt to run the programs concurrently. It worked very well with some applications. Each thread started a separate external process on a different processor and run concurrently. However, it failed with the others. With these programs, the threads could start the external processes, however it seemed that all of the processes were running on the same processor and competing for that processor (the same process that Java runs on), resulting in a much slower performance than expected. The tests were done on a 32-processor SGI machine that runs IRIX64 6.5 and JavaVM-1.3. Does anyone get any idea about this?? Your help is greatly appreciated.
    I have tried to use a shell script to get arround the problem. I have tried to start several processes (up to 8) from a shell script on the Unix command line. All of the background processes run concurrently on different processors and finished rather quickly. However, when I started the shell script from a Java program, the processes were sent to a single processor leaving the other processors in idle and all of the processes competed for the single processor where the JVM was running.
    Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Thanks.
    P.S. You can also respond to: [email protected]

    I am confused.
    Is the question about threads or processes? A thread
    would be started with java.lang.Thread. A process
    would be started with Runtime.exec(). And a script
    file is only going to be relevant to a process. It
    has nothing to do with a thread.I was wondering that as well, but I ignored what might be bad data and just took a stab at the most likely problem. No clue why the behavior with multiple processes should be as decribed - if so, it's definitely a very unlikely OS defect.

  • Are a single ns-slapd process and its 32 LWP (light weight processes) limited or bound to a single processor?

    ns-slapd and its LWP sub-processes seem to appear as a single process in some tools. Does this limit them to only being able to use one of the available processors on a multi-processor system, either due to lock management or for some other reason?
    W see all the CPUs on a four processor system receiving activity, but the system never exceeds 25% utilization, or, the total of a single CPU.
    Is this a limitation, or are we just not using it much yet?

    <i>Are a single ns-slapd process and its 32 LWP (light weight processes) limited or bound to a single processor?</i>
    The short answer:
    No, and you shouldn't need to worry about it anyway.
    The long answer:
    The configuration LDAP is never a bottleneck in an iAS system. You could have hundreds of iAS servers running off a single instance and a single processor LDAP would still be able to handle the configuration requests easily.
    If you also use your LDAP server as an authentication repository, you should size your LDAP server based on your authentication needs. But even if you are using iDS as an authentication store there are several other factors to keep in mind.
    1. iDS scales pretty effectively up to about four CPU's for the most important operations (i.e. reads)
    2. Unless you are running some unusual application server hardware, you will run out of disk i/o long before you run out of CPU power.
    3. If you have any significant load on the directory server you should probably offload it onto its own server (or partition) anyway so that it doesn't steal excessive amounts of memory from that appserver.
    4. Similarly, if you are putting a lot of stress on the directory server with authentications, you should consider tuning the directory server for those authentications.
    I guess a little more detail about your application server architecture would be helpful in figuring out why your CPU doesn't exceed 25%. I strongly doubt that it has anything to do with slapd, however.

  • Limiting WLS to a single processor on a multi-CPU machine

    How can I configure WLS to only use a single processor on a multiprocessor
    machine? Will launching with green threads do the trick? Is there some way
    to permit the use of native threads but to exclude a set of processors?
    How do I do this under WLS318? WLS451?
    Any help is much appreciated.
    -Adam Galper

    Adam Galper wrote:
    How can I configure WLS to only use a single processor on a multiprocessor
    machine?It's os-dependent, but most will allow you to bind a process to a single
    or set of cpus.
    Will launching with green threads do the trick?Yes.
    Is there some way
    to permit the use of native threads but to exclude a set of processors?
    == Rob
    How do I do this under WLS318? WLS451?Any help is much appreciated.
    -Adam Galper

  • Single processor vs dual core

    Hi all, hope this is the right place to put this post.
    I'm finally about to take the plunge and get a new mac pro, putting my old G4 out to graze.
    My question is, which machine is the best? A single processor or dual core?
    I work mainly with photoshop, illustrator, indesign, painter and increasingly flash and dreamweaver.
    It's going to cost me a couple of thousand so I need to get my choice right.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi northey;
    It all depends on how intensely you use the apps you listed.
    If you just dabble in them never doing anything very intense then single processor will probably be sufficient.
    If on the other hand you use these apps to their fullest and with great intensity then the dual processor would be the better choice.
    A second point if you use the apps professional to make money then the dual processor would be the better choice since time is money.

  • Migrating from single processor to dual processor Callmanager

    Hi Networkers,
    had anyone install a Callmanager 4.1 dual processor version of CM4.1-K9-X345D= before in a single CPU in a dual processor capable server before.
    Can it work in the first place?
    Had anyone successfully migrate it to a dual-processor later on?

    I dont think there is any difference in Callmanager software for a dual processor versus single processor server. For 7845 (dual processor) the hardware detection disks may be different from the one for single processor (7825, 7835)
    Migrating from one to another is as easy as taking a BARS backup from one server, build the other server to the same version and restore it. (Make sure server name and ip are the same for both servers)
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  • Upgrading Single Processor MDD to Superdrive

    A friend of mine wants to transfer the Superdrive from his dead dual processor MDD over into his still-kicking single processor 1.25 MDD which just has the combo drive. Does anyone know any conflicts, mechanical or system, which would prevent him from doing so?
    Also, he would like to make the same transfer with the Nvidia GeoforceTi card, moving it from the DP MDD to the SP MDD to replace the (I think) Radeon card that it currently has. Any problem with either of these switch-outs?

    Hi, Stephen -
    The swap of the Superdrive should be straight forward, plug and play.
    The video card would seem to be okay, also - the three model series of the G4 (MDD) machines {the original, the FW800, and the 2003 ones} all had the GeForce4 Ti as a standard (extra cost) option.

  • Dual VS. Single processors for audio?

    Bearing in mind that a dual processor Sawtooth is faster than a single, which is overall a better computer for running audio applications? For some reason I seem to remember someone telling me a few years back of some problems with the duals in this regard.....but I'm probably mistaken. If anyone could clear this up for me it would be great!

    well, earlier version of pro tools (earlier than 7) do work on dual processor machines, but they can only use one processor! The only advantage is that you can set CPU usage in Pro Tools Hardware setup at 99% while in single processor machine you can use only 85% of processor capacity. You gain a 14%. That is because the other processor can take all the load that is not generated by Pro Tools usage. Of course all other application can be run on the free processor so that you can use multiple application with almost no problems but Pro Tools will only use that one single processor. Hope this help.

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  • Is there any way to merge data from multiple user accounts on the same mac?

    After a HD crash I reconstructed from Time Machine. Somehow I created multiple users and the data is different. I'd like to eliminate the user accounts and get to just a single user. Anything there?

  • CO-PA Error during billing

    Hi sap gurus during our SD consultant making a billing it blocked and when trying to release them we got this message In Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), the system tried to   valuate a line item by reading a product cost estimate with   the costing v

  • Share external disk between Mac and Windows

    I know this topic crops up a lot, but nobody has given a clear and simple explanation of how to do this. I have a Lacie external USB/FW disk, and just want to be able to plug it into my mac or my customer's windows machines, and copy files back and f

  • Using airport with hi speed internet

    Hi everyone. I recently got hi speed internet which works when the ethernet cable connects my G4 laptop and the modem cable. I wanted a wireless connection so I disconnected the ethernet from my laptop and hooked it up to the airport so that the airp

  • MIRO-freight charges not coming

    Hi, I created my own pricing procedure, in which i have created few Z condition types.. While creating PO, i am getiing net price, in which freight cost is not getting added.. But at the time of MIRO, while selecting Goods/Service items + Planned del