Zooming in on an InDesign document. Can it be smoother?

When I zoom in or out or even scroll around an ID document, it's fairly clunky. Like the clicks on a regular mouse wheel. Chunk, Chunk, Chunk. Is there a way to have smooth scrolling or smooth zoom in/out? Dang that would be nice.
OSX 10.8, IDCS 5.5

Hmm. Just opened an image in Photoshop and when zoomed in or scrolling it's still a little clunky but not as much as InDesign. I guess the smooth scrolling is when you hold down the space bar to grab it and move it around. I guess that's the same thing as getting the grabbing hand in ID. Anyway, regular smooth scrolling/zooming would be nice.

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  • How to map the elements in Indesign document with the PDF elements

    I wanted to know any way of mapping elements in the InDesign document with the elements in the exported PDF document from the same InDesign document.
    E.g If I have an Image X in InDesign document, Can I point out the same element in exported PDF using some mapping?
    Thanks in advance

    What is meant by me is, if there is a Text element in InDesign document, I should able to point out the respective PDF object.
    I am looking for some way to mark a specific InDesign element and once we export the document to PDF, I want to point out to the same element in some way so that I can process it.
    Requirement is simple, one user will mark some elements in the InDesign document and export it to PDF and send it to the other user. Other user will parse the PDF and extract the same element back or process it and use it.

  • Preview of Indesign document

    I need to create a .jpg preview of an Indesign document, however I don't have all the fonts installed on the system running Indesign server, is there a way to generate a preview without having all the fonts Installed? Someone told me that there might exist a preview in the Indesign document, can I extract that somehow?

    Hi Franck,
    This is Ben from Typekit Support. I just wanted to let you know that this isn't an error you're seeing. Right now, the Creative Cloud web app doesn't preview with the synced fonts. However, this does sound like a good idea, though there might be some technical constraints due to the fact that it's in the browser.
    That being said, I've shared this with the team. Feel free to shoot us an email here: [email protected] if you have any further thoughts or questions.

  • How can one resize a inDesign Document Window without moving Document's position?

    I've searched high and low for an answer to this habit that inDesign has. Am I the only one that finds this annoying?
    You go to adjust the size of your document window to move it out of the way to get to something else on your desktop, and instead of keeping the document in place and just resizing the window, it moves the document with the resize. Not sure if I'm putting this in a way that people can understand me. Say I have two inDesign files open side by side and I zoom in on an area and adjust my view of the page. Then I go to the other inDesign document and adjust the view by grabbing the bottom right hand corner of the window and moving it to where I want it. The whole document then moves with it! I desire it not to, so now I have to waste time by using the hand tool to move it back into place. Illustrator doesn't act like this. Photoshop doesn't act like this. Only inDesign. Does this harken back to the PageMaker days? Am I missing a preference somewhere I need to change? Or is it just the way of things and I'm stuck with it?
    Currently using inDesign CS5 and CS6 on a Mac in OS 10.6.8

    The simplest would be to set the application preferences in the script.
    Like this :
    -- *** set prefs ****
    tell application "AppleWorks 6"
          set oldPrefs to its preferences
          copy oldPrefs to tPrefs
          tell tPrefs
                set old version warning to false --doesn't show the old version warning alert  
                set converted file suffix to true -- append “[v6.0]” to documents converted from older formats
                set locked file warning to false
                set paint reduction warning to false
          end tell
          set preferences to tPrefs
    end tell
    -- *** end set prefs ****
    --**** your script, example ***
    set tfiles to choose file with multiple selections allowed
    tell application "AppleWorks 6"
          repeat with i in tfiles
                open i
                tell front document
                      -- do something
                end tell
          end repeat
    end tell
    --**** end  your script ***
    -- *** reset prefs ****
    tell application "AppleWorks 6" to set preferences to oldPrefs

  • I want to place an image in my InDesign document that can work with an address like this (\Resources\Thumb) rather than this (C:\Users\JSmith\Desktop\InDesign thumbnail Test\001\Resources\Thumb) is this possible?

    I want to place an image in my InDesign document that can work with an address like this (\Resources\Thumb) rather than this (C:\Users\JSmith\Desktop\InDesign thumbnail Test\001\Resources\Thumb) is this possible? In a nutshell I want to point the link to an image in a directory that uses just part of the address.

    I know this is something you can do in Maya with linked files. I guess InDesign just isn't there yet.
    MW Design -  Yeah I think "Relative paths" is the right term! I want to create a Layout with an image in the center of the page - and then duplicate my folder structure with that file. With that, I want to replace the Linked image file with a diferent image file of the same name. In effect having multiple files of the same layout with different images.  I hope that made sense.  

  • Can I embed 3D PDFs in an InDesign document?

    "Can I embed 3D PDFs in an InDesign document and the export the document as a PDF with the 3D surviving the process?"

    3D PDFs are quite rare, and I've never actually viewed one, even though I work with PDFs all the time.
    However, I'm certain that InDesign has no concept of 3D artwork. Most images are not embedded but are linked.
    For these reasons, I think it would impossible for you to place it and export it, preserving the 3D.

  • Can multiple articles be in one indesign document?

    I have an indesign document with multiple articles in it. I made the articles using the Articles panel. How can I add these articles to a folio? When I add an article to a folio using the folio builder panel, it adds the entire document, even though I've used the Articles panel to specify that, say, pages 2-5 are an article named "Family Matters."  Does an article have to be a separate indesign document in order to be added to a folio?
    On a more general level, I haven't seen anything in the DPS literature that explains what an article is, what can/can't be an article, etc. I think that would help me. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

    Currently it is one article per INDD document. (Two INDD if you intend to do dual orientation)  The "articles" panel is directed more toward epub and html export.
    The concept of the"article" (in terms of the Digital Publishing Suite) was alot easier to understand when it was previous called a "stack" in the prerelease.  The concept is that each page in your article stacks on top of eachother to form one article.  You article InDesign file contains all the pages in that particle "stack" .
    Think of it in terms of a magazine.  Each "article" has its own section in the viewer and thus is own InDesign document (consisting of all the pages for that particular article).  All these different articles or InDesign documents come together to make one "folio" or edition of your magazine.
    My suggestion would be to get familar with the workflow to understand what is and isn't support from Indesign.  Some great videos are on the "getting started with the DPS" page
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60174dc2eb12f2ca67c28-80 00.html

  • Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to embed a video in my Indesign document?

    Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to embed a video in my Indesign document? I've got CS4 and I've tried to follow Adobe's instructions. Even Creative Suite 4 for Dummies. But I can't get it to work. And yes, I understand the video will only play when exported as a pdf -- not in the indesign document. Help! Donna

    Please repost in the InDesign forum along with full details including what the problem is.
    Telling us it doesn’t work is meaningless.

  • Is it possible to link text from Pages into an InDesign document [as you can with Google docs]?

    In InDesign, you can get a plug-in [word flow] which allows you to link the text in a Google Docs document into an InDesign document, so that you can edit the text in Google Docs [on your computer/tablet etc] and it will update in the InDesign document. Additionally, if you edit the text in teh InDesign docuemnt, the Google Docs file is also updated.
    Is there a plug-in for Pages? Or a way to do this [without ditching Pages and starting to use Google Docs]?

    There are no plugins for Pages for iOS. Period.

  • Can Adobe Muse create menu systems in an InDesign document?

    Can Adobe Muse create menu systems in an InDesign document?

    Hi Golden Reuel,
    Since InDesign has limited capability of integrating HTML and Muse is all about HTML. I dont think you can create menu systems in InDesign.
    For Better Clarification I would suggest you to post the query on the Muse Community.

  • Acrobat X Pro - can you export to a editable InDesign document?

    I have a few pdf files containing multiple pages which I have got corrupted indesign files of. Does anyone know if the 5.5 version and X Pro can export the pdf back to a working indesign file?

    There is no way to export an InDesign file from any version of Acrobat.
    That said, there is pretty good (but not inexpensive) software from Recosoft called PDF2ID which can CONVERT PDF files to InDesign files. Conversion implies that it can do a pretty good job in most cases.
    According to the product description, "PDF2ID recreates the intended construction and layout of the document by forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; recovering annotations and other elements automatically. PDF2ID converts every page in a PDF file to an equivalent page in the resulting InDesign document."

  • My InDesign document has two page 1s and I can't get the page numbers to work.  Help!

    My InDesign document has two page 1s and I can't get the page numbers to work.  Help!  How do I fix this?

    Do you mean the first section is starting at page one?
    And the second one now is starting at page two?
    So I would ask why you would need sections at all?
    Did you set the controls for Automatic Page Numbering?
    If you select the particular page where section two is starting in the Pages Panel, you could untick the Start Section option in the numbering and section dialog. That would remove the section. You cannot do that with the very first section, but you should set the first section to Automatic Page Numbering if you ever want to use your document with an inDesign book file.

  • When I try to export an InDesign document I can't choose any export options (epub, ea). I use InDesign CC2014.

    When I try to export an InDesign document I can't choose any export options (epub, ea). I use InDesign CC2014. See below my screendump and the missing exprt option field

    see Replace Your Preferences

  • Can I automatically generate a PDF each time I close an InDesign document?

    Hello. Is there any way that I can automatically generate a PDF each time I close an InDesign document? I’d appreciate any help with this at all. Thanks a lot. 

    Surely with JavaScript!
    As for me, writing a little shortcut in 2 minutes, using QuicKeys [OSX or Windows]! 
    What I do [here, using InDesign CS4]:
    I don't directly close the doc. I only play, e.g. here : Cmd-F7 (OSX).
    Process: the doc. is saved [1] ; export to pdf [2-3-4] ; the doc. is closed [5]

  • Can't open Indesign documents straight away

    "" could not be found. Do you want to postpone its recovery?
    I get this everytime I try to open any Indesign document. How do I fix it?

    Try going to the preferences and go to File Handling - there's a recovery folder listed there.
    Go to that folder on your hard drive - and make sure you have Show Hidden Fields turned on.
    Are there any files in that folder? If so - delete them.
    You could also try changing the recovery folder location.

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