0FI_AR_4 0 Records Selected

Hi Gurus,
I am trying to Activate the above standard BC. While trying to do so, The InfoPackage Reurned with a Message "System response Info IDoc received with status 8."
So, I went into the source system to check using the RSA3 tcode, same. The R/3 system has been running for the past 18 months and it cant be that there is no data, I am sure i am making a mistake somewhere. please help me in pointing it out.

Hi Dinesh,
I have checked the Source System for dumps, but there is none.
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  • Opening updated report fails because record selection filter is invalid

    I am trying to update a report stored in BOE XI.  The report has been modified and the main part of the report has been moved to a subreport.   I first replace the .rpt file with the updated report.  Then I attempt to open the report using the code below it, but it throws an error and complains about an unknown field being mentioned in the filter
    oReportAppFactory = (IReportAppFactory) es.getService("", "RASReportService");
    oReportClientDocument = oReportAppFactory.openDocument((IInfoObject) oReport, 0, Locale.ENGLISH);
    ERROR MESSAGE: Cannot open report document. --- This field name is not known.
    Details: errorKind
    Error in File /opt/bobje/bobje/tmp/{F395AC11-26FC-11DF-A70C-00065B8B38B5}.rpt:
    Error in formula  <Record Selection>.
    '// Filter on desired date range
    This field name is not known.
    Details: errorKind
    If I manually delete the record selection filter in CMC before upgrading the report all works fine.  So, do I need to remove the filter before attempting to open the report or is there another step I'm missing to refresh the report using the newly updated .rpt file? 

    The relevant part of the stacktrace is below.  
            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.properties.internal.AbstractSDKList.remove(Unknown Source)
            at java.util.AbstractList$Itr.remove(AbstractList.java:436)
            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.common.internal.i.do(Unknown Source)
            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.report.internal.e.f(Unknown Source)
            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.report.internal.e.f(Unknown Source)
            at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.report.internal.e.refreshProperties(Unknown Source)
    The context is the same as the original post...
    An existing report is being updated.  The original report uses a single view and has a record selection filter.  The updated report uses the same view in a subreport, and the main report has no record selection filter.
    .rpt file is updated using IReport.replaceUnique(int, File).  
    Changes are committed to IInfoStore -> iStore.commit(IReport)
    Refresh options are enabled
    IReportRefreshOptions refreshOptions = oReport.getReportRefreshOptions();
    Properties are then refreshed using IReport.refreshProperties() which throws the UnsupportedOperationException
    changes are again committed.

  • Record selected in the table control

    Hi All,
      How do i know the line no of the record selected in the table control.I have declared a table control CONTROLS : t_control1 type tableview using screen 200.But in t_control1-current_line the line no that is stored is always 1.

    in table control property window you have to set that suppose you have set itab-mark as the sel field then it will always be X if you select the field ...
    shiba dutta

  • Record Selection doesn't work with VS 2005 & CR 2008

    Hi all,
    Recently I installed CR 2008 with Service Pack 1 and integrate with Visual Studio 2005. I converted all the CR reports to CR 2008 while opening the VS project which was created earlier.
    My problem is when I load the Crystal report via created application, record selection formula doesn't work instead it shows all records. But in designing time it works fine. Reports which designed with SQL Server Stored Procedure working fine. But reports which designed by adding Tables don't work. It shows all the records without record selection.
    I used simple Record selection formula without using any parameter fields. like this
    tTransactionDetails.acid} = 1
    . still it didn't work.
    When I put break point and see assigned values in Report Document object. It shows
    Function evaluation timeout
    . and then run, it do the record selection. I did this several times, all the time if I see assigned values in Report Document object then the report showed the selected records only otherwise it shows all the records.
    I tried this just running the application exe, still the problem remaining.
    I have saved the reports without the data, so that it will always load the data from the SQL database.
    Please help me to solve this problem.

    Sorry i couldn't do search before I posted the thread. After posted, I just did a search and found the solution by reading [this thread|https://forums.sdn.sap.com/click.jspa?searchID=20348355&messageID=6774564|https://forums.sdn.sap.com/click.jspa?searchID=20348355&messageID=6774564].
    As it has suggested, I just delete the existing Crystal Report Viewer Control from the form and add it again by clicking on CrystalReportViewer version 12.0.2000.0. It worked.

  • Date Format in Record Selection

    I have a problem where the Crystal Report is not returning all the rows that meet the record selection criteria because I believe there is a problem with the date format.
    My record selection criteria is:
    ( {EMPOS.POS_STARTC} <= {@EB_EDATE} and {EMPOS.POS_ENDD} >= {@EB_SDATE} ) or
        IsNull({EMPOS.POS_ENDD} )
    where EB_EDATE and EB_SDATE are formula fields with the values Date(2011, 12, 31) and Date(2011, 01, 01) respectively which returns the format of DD/MM/YYYY used by the FinanceOne (F1) ERP application that we run the report from.  Both formula fields are overriden by the run parameters in the same date format in F1.
    If I were to run the SQL below in a query tool like Toad, it returns a row where pos_startc is 1/01/2011 and pos_endd is null, that is not included in the report.
    select * from empos where det_numbera = '01285'
                          and ( (pos_startc <= '20111231' and pos_endd >= '20110101') or pos_endd is null )
    1. Why is Crystal Reports excluding this row when the date format is different?
    2. How can I change the criteria (or format) to include the one of many other rows missing?

    Crystal Reports is now returning all rows where pos_endd is null in the database with the record selection criteria of:
    {CHRIS_EmpSal.pos_endd} = date(0, 0, 0)
    However, when I run it in Finance One, it doesn't like this date format   Is there another way to get both Crystal and Finance One (i.e., SQL Server DB) to recognise the same syntax for null dates?

  • Days of the week Record selection

    Hi All,
       I have 7 days of week boolean parameters for which when the user selects the date range, they can also filter which days of the week to use within that date range.
    Any ideas on how I can implement this in my record selection formula?
    Thank you in advance.

    You can make use of the DatePart formula
    The following formula will return which day of the week for a particular week.
    The field I am evaluting here Command.DocDate
    If I want to return Wednesday sales then I put in the following in record selection.
    DatePart ("w",{Command.DocDate}, crMonday) = 3

  • Program ZRFFOM100: No records selected - Automatic payment run

    Hi Guru's,
    I am facing a problem in payment run.
    I am able to do the payment run. Vendor balance is getting reduced. But when it come to print(Cheque, payment advise and payment summary) it is not working.
    In the print parameters all tick is provided. 
    I went to job log found a message like this.
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE, variant &0000000000096, user ID SATYA)
    Step 002 started (program ZRFFOM100, variant &0000000000017, user ID SATYA)
    Program ZRFFOM100: No records selected
    Job finished
    Please help me to solve this

    Generally SAPFPAYM  program is used  for wire transfer, if you want cheque details to be displayed in spool you might choose some other standard program name like Rffous_c and assign it to your payment method at country level
    in your case you might have selected  different program name, check it out at country level in T.code FBZP.
    and if you are using it for wire transfer follow these steps
    1create a payment method z i.e. wire transfer for country, select bank transfer instead of cheque and select use payment medium work bench and assign wire transfer form as ACB_ZA in format field
    2.Define payment method in co.code.
    3.configure bank determination for z payment method.
    4.add payment method z in your vendor master record.
    5.posting a invoice and mention z payment method in that.
    6.run the payment programme in T.code F110.
    7.go to T.code SE38 and run the programme called SAPFPAYM by execute button and give identification of your run details and give format as ACB_ZA and click on execute button then pop up window will appear then give all the required fields as one 1 and execute it will give you the out put.

  • Automatic payment printing error:Program RFFOUS_C: No records selected

    I need to excute printing after payment with f110 using program RFFOUS_C.
    I have done the following configurations:
    - Assigned SAPScript in 'payment methods in company code' in Tcode FBZP.
    - Assigned printing program in 'payment method in country
    - Created check lot. Check created successfully.
    - Entered variant in printing program RFFOUS_C in automatic payment F110.
    Automatic payment run successfully. But printing form donnot have data which are check information
    This is job log in SM37:
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program SAPFPAYM_SCHEDULE, variant &0000000001950, user ID xxx)
    Step 002 started (program RFFOUS_C, variant &0000000000093, user ID xxx)
    Check number status at beginning of processing: 1002
    Program RFFOUS_C: No records selected
    Job finished
    Please give me help.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    In F110 in the tab, Additional log, tick all that is there and mention your vendor no. range that you have specified in parameters tab and run Proposal again.
    Then go to proposal log to see the exact error reason..It will help..

  • Program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM: No records selected (F0073)

    hi everyone
    im having a nasty issue when trying to output payment advices
    no matter what usual way i try, i get the following message:
    Program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM: No records selected
    im using RFFOAVIS_FPAYM as print program, which is standard - nothing has been changed in it
    and tried outputing the paymend advices through F110 aswell as RFFOAVIS_FPAYM directly
    both results in the same message
    after a while of searching i found note 503945
    unfortunately it applies to release 4.6C while we are using ecc6
    neitherless i found REGUH-XAVIS interesting, as in our case they also seemed to be all space.
    so i tried setting the CHECK REGUH-XAVIS... in the report to 'X' which gave me an output in some cases,
    in others still the same message. and in the cases where it worked, some forms came out with lots of 'XXXXXX' where other values where supposed - probably because those wherent intended to be output in the first place?
    we have also doublechecked the customizing with a different system, where it works
    and couldnt find any assimilarities
    has anyone experienced this issue too? or know anything that might help?
    thank you!
    PS: it seems to be the same problem with report RFFOAVIS too

    Program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM: No records selected
    If I am correct, the issue is when you were executing F110 where system will throw the above error if you have not maintained the payment method.  Check in F110 under "Parameter" tab, whether you have maintained Payment Methods for your company code.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Extractor checking for 2LIS_02_SCL = 0 records selected

    When I try to check extraction (in RSA3) for 2LIS_02_SCL I get "0 data record selected" even if there is plenty of data (PO's) created. Could it be that the DataSource hasn't been actived?

    Hi Daniel,
    do you have the the authority now?
    Another reason is, that you might have not run a setup for application 02, so the setup tables are empty and you cannot extract any data during a full request.
    Let me know!

  • Program RFFOUS_C: No records selected

    Hello Experts,
    I'm having issue cannot assign cheque in payment run.
    Currently I'm using outsource bank to issue cheque. When I do payment run, it will send the data through EDI to the respective bank.  In future, I want to have 2 method, outsource and internal cheque payment.
    When I do F110, and I create payment medium for program  RFFOUS_C - variant (check form = Z110_PRENUM_CHCK) , I always get this error.
    Program RFFOUS_C: No records selected
    The following documents were not processed since they will be sent by EDI
    Is it possible to have both ways of payment ? using EDI and also cheque number assignment in SAP ?
    I can do 2 times, 1 time for EDI and next time for the internal cheque number (I maintained my check lot number already).
    Can anyone help me ?

    Hi Kenghua,
    are you saying that when I fill in the parameter for F110, I should maintain the variant for program RFFOEDI1 instead of RFFOUS_C ?
    Is this means that the data will be send to bank and also update my cheque number assignment ?
    I think this would cause duplication.
    what I meant is .. sometimes I will use F110 to send data to bank, and sometimes I will only use F110 to create payment with my cheque number I maintained in FCHI.
    Just want to clarify are we having the same thoughts ?

  • "No Records Selected" in program RFFOUS_C

    Hi all,
    I had run the Pre DME program, RPCDTCU0 to generate the run date (set_laufd) and run id (set laufi) for a particular pernr. The I run the RFFOUS_C and input the run date into the RFFOUS_C program run date and run id into the RFFOUS_C identification feature.
    Additional Info inputted on the RFFOUS_C Selection Screen:
    Paying Company COde : 3000
    Payment Method: C
    House Bank : 3000
    Account ID: 3000
    Check Lot Number: 2
    Print Checks option : marked
    Printer: NS4P
    Print Payment Summary: marked
    Printer: NS4P
    Number of Sample Printouts: 2
    No. items in payment summary: 9999
    Void and reprint checks from payment run already printed options: marked --> is this the case?
    Check number: 0000000000001 to 9999999999999
    Void Reason code: 4
    Note: This pernr selected payment method is 'C'. So why the RFFOUS_C output the "NO Records Selected??

       What are you trying to do, print a fresh check or void a check that has already been printed

  • Crystal 2008 problem with Record Select Expert

    I had a Crystal 10 report that worked fine where the Record Select Expert had a database table ID equal to a parameter... it was only supposed to report on 1 record.  After using Crystal 2008 on the same report it completely ignores this Select Record Expert setting.  I have tried deleting and re-adding the parameter.  It acts like there is no record select setting.
    Here is the formula that it shows me it is using:    {Components.ID} = {[email protected]}
    If I go to the application opening the same record on a different machine using the old crystal, it works fine.
    This used to only show me the 1 record, now it shows me the report on every record in the table.  I tried upgrading the report to a 2008 report and it still does the same thing.  The report filter no longer works.   Do I need to do something different to select only 1 record in 2008 ?
    After installing Crystal 2008 on my computer none of my reports work correctly anymore - all of them are ignoring my Record Select ...they worked fine before I installed 2008.  The reports are older reports... they worked fine when I had Crystal XI R2 installed.  This all started after installing Crystal 2008
    Edited by: Jeff Dressing on Aug 27, 2008 12:06 PM

    Hello, Jeff;
    I noticed the Record Selection Formula uses a Stored Procedure parameter:
    {Components.ID} = {[email protected]}
    A parameter created in the report (not by a stored procedure) would be:
    {Components.ID} = {?ID}
    A report based on a Stored Procedure does not need a Selection formula for the Stored Procedure parameter. Connecting to the Stored Procedure automatically creates the parameter in the report and the value is passed automatically when the report is run.
    Does the report work in the Crystal Reports 2008 designer?
    Open the report in the designer. Go to Database Set Datasource location. Are the properties of the database at runtime still the same as what is saved in the report.
    If the database is different at runtime, just as a test, change to the new database in a copy of your original report. Do a Database|Verify Database. Does it come back the "Database is uptodate" or are there changes?

  • How to display record selection settings in the result

    CR 2008 and 2013 are being used, but this is a rather general question.
    We are generating different schedules using one source file. Depending on the filter setting on the data scope, say CURRRENTDATE or last month, daily or monthly reports are sent out.
    The problem is, when there is no data included in the report, we would like to put a message in the report saying "There is no data found in the period xyz". But so far we haven't figured out how to retrieve the different filter settings in the schedules.
    Is there a way to do this? I do hope we don't have to create different .rpt files just for different schedules.
    Any suggestions and opinions are appreciated.

    While, the reports can be run manually by the user with a prompt asking the range or scheduled on the server and sent out automatically without interaction.
    For the latter case, the prompt for date range was written as optional. And the record selection looks like this:
    IF (HASVALUE({?dFrom}) AND  HASVALUE({?dTo}))
    {a_table.dDate}>={?dFrom}) AND {a_table.dDate}<={?dTo}
    With the user input, everything is ok. But while scheduling a report on the server, we set the prompt to EMPTY and control the range by using a filter. For a daily report, the record selection changes to
    {a_table.dDate}= CURRENTDATE-2
    Here comes the problem. Without being able to read this value into the report, we don't know how to show period xyz in an empty report, because a daily report could also query CURRENTDATE or CURRENTDATE-10, depending on the schedule. The same applies to monthly reports. People can schedule a report to run once a month, but still query just CURRENTDATE by mistake.
    So the most reliable information is to read out what is set in the filter...

  • Can't record selecting from menus

    When recording an application in demonstration or custom
    recording mode, Captivate 2 does not record selecting a menu option
    from a menu on the menu bar. The drop-down menu is not recorded and
    sometimes a slide is not captured when I selected a menu option.
    Other times I can see the mouse click where I was selecting the
    menu option but there is no menu visible.
    Is there a workaround for this?

    Hi KashiC
    Let me guess. You are recording a Web Based application.
    Do the menus get captured but are on the next slide?
    If so, you simply need to supplement your auto captures with
    occasional manual captures. Perhaps as follows:
    Start the app and begin recording. Move slowly and listen for
    the shutter sound. Where you tend to notice the shutter sound came
    too fast and the screen wasn't fully "there" at the time it
    occurred, press Print Screen to force a capture. Then move to the
    next action.
    Hopefully this helps... Rick

  • Program ZRFFOD__S: No records selected

    I run F110 then the documents has been cleared but when i checked spool request I cant see any. I checked it in payment log and find this error "Program ZRFFOD__S: No records selected".
    Is there anyone know why this error has been encountered?

    Thank you for your idea almost solve my problem. Until i encounter the other one.
    Element  window SUMMARY is not defined for form F110_EDI_01
    Message no. TD427
    A text element was entered which is not defined in the specified form window.
    System Response
    The function was ignored.
    Please specify a text element defined in the form window. You can determine the names of text elements in form windows using the SAPscript form maintenance transaction.
    I checked the form in FBZP and message shows "Form F110_EDI_01 language EN is not available in client 510". I press enter and see that its cliend id is 000, is that really not applicable for client 510.

Maybe you are looking for

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