0FISCPER no values for 2006

I am working with a query at the moment.
When I try to restrict the char. 0FISCPER I only get fixed values from year 2004 and 2005. How do I get the values from 2006?
The query is based on a cube which I loaded recently, so it shouldn't be because the cube does not contain data for 2006.

Hari -> If I check the cube by choosing manage -> content -> InfoCube content and choose ex. 001.2006 I get lots of values for my key figures. Is this the correct way to check this?
Srini -> In that way I can choose the other values. I was just wondering why I am not able to see the ones I want to use per default?
Anil -> That might sound like it has something to do with my problem. Can you please elaborate a bit? I am not an expert in this.
Thank you all by the way!

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  • INFOSPOKE Selection value for Infoobject 0FISCPER

    Hi Experts,
    In my project there is a requirement to have the variable selection(To and From values) for 0FISCPER infoObject. Currently last day of every month the selection has to be changed manually to take data out of BW. Now client wants to make it automated. Could any one please suggest the solution . If any one has faced the similar situation then please guide me. It is very urgent.

    Hi Karthik,
    You can use the standard selection option variable and ask the users to enter the wild character before and after the input value.
    For example, if the user enters 'INT' , then report output would show all values which has 'INT'.
    However, the users would be seeing all the values in the master data or posted values in the transaction data ( as per the setting ) and not customised values as per your requirement.
    Krishnan R.

  • Match code in report selection screen does not show any values for 0FISCPER

    Hi Experts,
    I have problem with selection screen in several reports. When I use match code for fiscal period selection I get only # as a possible value. I have checked the master data they seem to be correct. I work with 7.0 BW system. Can you please give me any hint what I should check?
    Thank you,

    maybe I ask different way - how do you add characteristic values for a characteristic in the BEx? Is it automated somehow in SAP (e.g. from master data)? For the fiscal period I use custommer exit to fill in the default value, which is the current fiscal period. But this is something different, right?
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  • To show all months of qty values for each fiscal year in report?

    Our cube contains different fiscal years of order qty/delivered qty for a material (e.g. material A).  We use fiscal year variant V9 (Oct. - Sep).  We would like to generate the following query result to list the material, order qty, fiscal year, and then for each calender month, the delivered qty value for the corresponding fiscal year:
    Column title:
    Material --- Order Qty --- Fiscal Year --- Oct --- Nov --- Dec --- Jan --- Feb --- Mar --- Apr --- May --- Jun --- Jul --- Aug --- Sep
    Just give two rows of data for material A:
    1st row data example:
    A (material) --- 23 (Order Qty)  --- 2006 (fiscal year) --- 2 (delivered qty in Oct of the calendar year 2005 )  --- 4(delivered qty in Nov of the calendar year 2005 ) ---1 (delivered qty in Dec of the calendar year 2005 ) --- 5 (delivered qty in Jan of the calendar year 2006 ) --- .... 2 (delivered qty in Sep. of the calendar year 2006)
    2nd row data example:
    A (material) --- 45 (Order Qty)  --- 2007 (fiscal year) --- 3(delivered qty in Oct of the calendar year 2006 )  --- 6 (delivered qty in Nov of the calendar year 2006 ) ---1 (delivered qty in Dec of the calendar year 2006 ) --- 5 (delivered qty in Jan of the calendar year 2007 ) --- .... 2 (delivered qty in Sep. of the calendar year 2007)
    How to generate this query?

    hi Chandran,
    Actually in each row data for material in different fiscal year, all the KFs in columns should be restricted to the fiscal year value.  What we do is to use selections other than structure or RKF.  What we is following listed in details that you can check if what we do is correct:
    Under KF structure:
    1. Create a selection for the 1st KF (Order Qty).  In this selection, Order Qty is restricted with the characteristic 0FISCYEAR.
    2. Create a formular as 2nd KF for the FY value.  This formula KF use the value of a formular variable with Replacement Path of the the characteristic 0FISCYEAR.  But somehow this KF value shows "X" values in this column.  We defined this Replacement Path variable with the Reference Characteristic as 0FISCYEAR and all others keep default.  But don't know why this column shows "X" values. We also add  0FISCYEAR to the row, and find the one does have data in the row.  Any idea why put it in formular variable onto column not working?
    3. Create a selecction for the 3rd KF (Oct). In this selection, restrict Delivered Qty with the characteristic 0CALMONTH2 (Calendar month) and further restrict 0CALMONTH2 to a fixed value: October
    4. Create a selecction for the 4th KF (Nov). In this selection, restrict Delivered Qty with the characteristic 0CALMONTH2 (Calendar month) and further restrict 0CALMONTH2 to a fixed value: November.
    Then the following steps are similar to step 3 and 4 to create all other Month columns.  We wonder in all these selections, would we have to restrict them further with 0FISCYEAR?
    Therefore we've got two questions:
    1. Why in step 2, the formular variable doesn't work and the FY column shows "X" values?
    2. Do we need to further restrict the delivered qty with the characteristic 0FISCYEAR for each month column which corresonding to the fiscal year in the same row?
    Thanks alot and we are keeping giving you reward points!

  • Calculating Accumulative Value for a particular period

    I want to calculate acumulative values based on 0calmonth for a key figure.
    In Rows, i want 0calmonth and a key figure in Columns. If we select the property of the key figure as "Cumulative". It is adding values like in first month, first month value, in 2nd month it is showing the values by adding 1st and 2nd months. But I gave a Interval variable on 0calmonth (e.g  03.2006 to 09.2006 ) it displaying cumulative values from 3rd month. In 4th month it is showing value for 3rd and 4th month. But i want to see the values as "Accumulative" means from starting of that year. Eventhougth i gave the period value as 03.2006 to 09.2006, it has to display the value of 3rd month as adding of 1st,2nd and 3rd months. like that it has to show up to last month in the given peroid.
    Please can any one suggest me....
    Thanks and Regards
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    Hi ,
    For my Above Problem I am using the code as follows. But it has no errors. but when it is displaying on the web browser. it is not getting values.
          IF I_STEP = 2.
          LOOP AT i_t_var_range INTO LOC_VAR_RANGE1 WHERE VNAM = '0I_CMNTH'.
             L_VALUE = LOC_VAR_RANGE1-LOW.
             while L_VALUE4(2) < LOC_VAR_RANGE1-HIGH4(2).
                if sy-index > 1.
                  L_VALUE4(2) = L_VALUE4(2) + 1.
                  if strlen( L_value+4(2) ) = 1.
                     concatenate '0' L_VALUE4(2) into L_VALUE4(2).
                CLEAR L_S_RANGE1.
                L_S_RANGE1-LOW = LOC_VAR_RANGE1-LOW(4).
                L_S_RANGE1-LOW+4(2) = '01'.
                L_S_RANGE1-HIGH = L_VALUE.
               L_S_RANGE1-SIGN = 'I'.
               L_S_RANGE1-OPT = 'BT'.
                APPEND L_S_RANGE1 TO E_T_RANGE.
    Please can any one suggest me regarding this.
    Thanks in Advance...

  • I want better solution for adjusting the Material stock values for the last

    my Customer  need to adjust( Decrease)  the closing stock values for the following materials / plant wise as on 31.03.2006 for meeting statuary compliance.
    Material1 :  RS: 4149599    QTY : 10181.03 Ltrs
    Material 2  : RS: 1318596     QTY:  2152.76   Ltrs
    As per my knowledge MM posting periods can open current month and Previous month only. For the reason I proposed the solution as follows:
    Step 1 : post FI Journal Entry on 31.03.2006
    Opening Balance G/L  Account Dr 4149599 + 1318596
    Closting Stock a/c                      Cr 4149599 + 1318596
    Step 2.
    Change the Material Price in MM through T.Code: MR21
    ( Posting will be allowed in current or previous months)
    This makes our CO reports accurate.
    Please  suggest the better solution if it is possible in MM for adjusting the Material stock values for the last financial year.
    WIth Best Regards,

    Hi Madhavan,
    Unfortunately this forum deals with migrations from non-Oracle
    environments to Oracle. You seem to be dealing with migrations in
    an Oracle environment mainly.
    I would recommend that you contact Oracle Applications and RDBMS
    support directly. They will have the most up to date
    information/advice on performing these actions.
    Madhavan (guest) wrote:
    : Hi John
    : Thanks for your reply.
    : Actually I am planning to upgrade the system.
    : 1. I Want to Upgrade Oracle Financials release 10.7 to the
    : latest version (11.x)
    : 2. Oracle 7 database to oracle 8 or 8i.
    : 3. Oracle is running on NT service pack 3. Do I need to upgrade
    : this?. If not what is the impact on Windows NT?
    : 4. Is the majority still running smart client 10.7 and database
    : 7?
    : 5. What is the necessary time to implement these upgrades? What
    : type of consulting I need to have?
    : 6. I have some employees working on it? Will these changes
    : affect them?
    : What type of precautions I need to take on the whole??
    : Thank You
    : Madhavan
    Oracle Technology Network

  • Can't set intial value for cRIO boolean shared variable

    LabVIEW 8.0 gives me a configuration error when I try to force an inital value for a Boolean shared variable in my cRIO library.  Is that a bug, or am I overlooking some (probably obvious!) limitation of the cRIO hardware?
    Climbing the Labview learning curve!
    Sanarus Medical
    Pleasanton, CA

    There are 3 screenshots attached to this post.  Suppose I create a Boolean shared variable under My Computer in the project directory, then set the inital value as shown in BooleanInitialValue.gif.
    If I drag a copy of that Boolean shared variable to my RT target block diagram, the run arrow breaks and I get the error shown in ErrorList.gif.
    If I create a Boolean shared variable under my Real Time target (Compact RIO) in the project directory, then set the initial value and hit OK, I get the error shown in FixConfiguration.gif.
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    Climbing the Labview learning curve!
    Sanarus Medical
    Pleasanton, CA
    FixConfiguration.gif ‏6 KB
    BooleanInitialValue.gif ‏13 KB
    ErrorList.gif ‏13 KB

  • Default value for date

    Hi experts,
    I want to set default value for dates..
    My screen has : date_from & date_to.
    date_to : will be current date(today's date) if Eg: 27.08.2007 (here i used NOW())
    then date_from must be 01.06.2007 (3 months logic)
    similarly : if date_to is 01.01.2007
    then date_from must be 01.11.2006
    kindly help...
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Hi Bijal
    (DGET(NOW(),'D'))-1) returns number which is 0 incase of 01.08.2007, so DADD(NOW(),-0,'D') is again ideally same day 01.08.2007 .
    So, DADD(DADD(NOW(),-0,'D'),-2,'M') should give you 01.06.2007.
    <b> IT WORKS!!! -
    I have tested it now.</b>
    Please check and revert.
    The IF formula which sent actually returns String, so use DVAL(IF(DGET(NOW(),'D')!=1,DADD(DADD(NOW(),-((DGET(NOW(),'D'))-1),'D'),-2,'M'),DADD(NOW(),-2,'M')))
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  • Error in MDDataSetBW.GetCellData.Please enter a valid value for character

    Hi All,
    We have a mandotory prompt on 0FISCPER for Web I Report . The promt is present in the universe.
    The query works fine in Dev , but in Quality it shows the following error
    A database error occured. The database error text is: Error in MDDataSetBW.GetCellData.  Please enter a valid value for characteristic 0FISCPER.. (WIS 10901)
    The universe is on BW Query and the BW Query works fine.
    Can someone please help on this

    Thanks Sathish for your input.
    We have created report level prompts and facing this issue because  we were selecting multiple values for prompts.
    Its working fine for single selection. Is there any way to  enable multi selection for the particular object at the BW end ?
    Or else we have to create the prompts (Single selection) at the universe level.

  • SAP BPC NW 7.0 How to summarize values for past periods

    Hi all,
    I have a following problem. I need to make adjustments for previous periods. And to create a new adjustment I need to take into account adjustments that were made in the past periods.
    I mean that I need to do smth like this u201CEVGET(Application,2009.NOV)u201D but instead of u201C2009.NOVu201D I need to use u201Cwhere time<2009.NOVu201D
    The question is how can I calculate adjustments values that were made in the past? (I need values for the whole history for the same dimension values).
    P.S.I had an idea to create the highest hierarchy node for time dimension and to use it in EVGET function instead of 2009.NOV but  this idea was blocked by architect.

    Hi Boris,
    I would try the following:
    - cell with "Start year" (eg: cell A1 with value "2005")
    - cell with "End year" (eg: cell A2 with value "2009")
    - Excel button linked to a macro or VB code that reads cells A1 and A2 and populates TIME MemberSet parameter with all the years in the reange (eg: "2009.DEC, 2008.DEC,2007.DEC,2006.DEC,2005.DEC" assuming YTD measure)
    - EVSUM function in AfterRange to calculate the sum of every year in the range
    Best regards.

  • For Grant nnnnnn, specify a value for object FUND error -Urgent

    I work in SRM area and my knowledge of Grants management is almost nil. We have a PO in SRM which has account assignment associated with a Workorder and Fund. When we look at the Grant it has all green lights and is confirmed by our FI/CO team everything is correct. But since R/3 is giving this message "For Grant nnnnnn, specify a value for object FUND" , I am sure there is something missing somewhere. Some additional information, the PO is from last fiscal year but it was changed for account assignment this fiscal year. But we checked the Fund itself is valid for some more time to come.
    Any ideas on which transaction codes to see, what to look at etc. will be appreciated.

    Hi Manjula,
    You have been facing this issue becuase the sequence of the fields while mapping them is not perfect, hence the 0date field is capturing some other data rather than picking the exact date value.
    Check the order of fields and match it with the file (if you are loading data from a flat file)
    Also, have a look at the weblog which talks about general mistakes in loading from file.

  • Extract value for Domain

    I have to extract value for Domain Name attribute, Please give me the query to do it.
    Thanks lot in advance
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="false"?>
    <SiebelMessage MessageId="1-Y4BH" LineItemCount="" IntObjectName="MH Order Item Integration" MessageType="Integration Object" IntObjectFormat="Siebel Hierarchical">
    <CreatedDateTime>10/19/2005 09:40:50</CreatedDateTime>
    <LastUpdatedDateTime>10/19/2005 12:41:12</LastUpdatedDateTime>
    <OrderCanvassDate>10/19/2005 00:00:00</OrderCanvassDate>
    <ProductName>LHP Plus</ProductName>
    <ReturnMessage>This URL already used by another organization.</ReturnMessage>
    <ServiceAccountName>McEwing, David</ServiceAccountName>
    <StreetAddress1>3200 Southwest Freeway, 2355 Phoenix Tower</StreetAddress1>
    <Name>Number of Attorneys</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>100Number of Attorneys LHP Plus|1812</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Domain Name</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>103 Domain Name</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Tag Line</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>200 Tag Line</SiebelAttrName>
    <Value>Intellectual Property, Divisional Applications, Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Internet Law</Value>
    <SiebelAttrName>201Template Selection</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Registration Type</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>202Registration Type</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Contact First Name</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>250Contact First Name</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Contact Last Name</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>251Contact Last Name</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Contact eMail</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>252Contact eMail</SiebelAttrName>
    <Value>[email protected]</Value>
    <Name>Contact Fax</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>2533Contact Fax</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Contact Phone</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>253Contact Phone</SiebelAttrName>
    <Name>Site Name</Name>
    <Name>Future unique heads</Name>
    <SiebelAttrName>Future unique heads</SiebelAttrName>

    Once the problem is clearly stated the answer is simple...
    SQL> set serveroutput on
    SQL> declare
      2     myXML XMLType := xmlType(
      3  '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      4  <?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="false"?>
      5  <SiebelMessage MessageId="1-Y4BH" LineItemCount="" IntObjectName="MH Order Item Integration" MessageType="Integratio
    Format="Siebel Hierarchical">
      6     <ListOfMhOrderItemIntegration>
      7             <OrderItem>
      8                     <AccountExecID/>
      9                     <ActionCode>Add</ActionCode>
    10                     <AltRepID>20</AltRepID>
    11                     <AddressRowId>1-4XL4-115</AddressRowId>
    12                     <AttentionTo/>
    13                     <CancelCode/>
    14                     <CancelDate/>
    15                     <City>Houston</City>
    16                     <ContractDate/>
    17                     <Country>USA</Country>
    18                     <CreatedBy>SADMIN</CreatedBy>
    19                     <CreatedDateTime>10/19/2005 09:40:50</CreatedDateTime>
    20                     <CreditCardExpDate/>
    21                     <CreditCardNumber/>
    22                     <CreditCardType/>
    23                     <CustomerNumber>5020047500</CustomerNumber>
    24                     <EditionYear>2006</EditionYear>
    25                     <GrossAmount>590</GrossAmount>
    26                     <HoldBilling/>
    27                     <HoldShipping/>
    28                     <InceptionCode>N</InceptionCode>
    29                     <LastUpdatedDateTime>10/19/2005 12:41:12</LastUpdatedDateTime>
    30                     <LastYearTrackingNumber/>
    31                     <LineAmount>590</LineAmount>
    32                     <LineItemRowID>1-1DWIEK</LineItemRowID>
    33                     <LineItemStatus>New</LineItemStatus>
    34                     <ListingID>3803930</ListingID>
    35                     <MigrationChildCode/>
    36                     <MealeysSubId/>
    37                     <MealeysPwd/>
    38                     <MigrationType/>
    39                     <OrderCanvassDate>10/19/2005 00:00:00</OrderCanvassDate>
    40                     <OrderHeaderId>1-1DWHZU</OrderHeaderId>
    41                     <OrderLastUpdatedBy>UMATTJA</OrderLastUpdatedBy>
    42                     <OrderNumber>835905</OrderNumber>
    43                     <OrderTaker>20</OrderTaker>
    44                     <OrgID>2486393</OrgID>
    45                     <POBox/>
    46                     <PrimaryRepID>35</PrimaryRepID>
    47                     <Producer>SIEBEL</Producer>
    48                     <ProductCode>01807</ProductCode>
    49                     <ProductContent>51</ProductContent>
    50                     <ProductName>LHP Plus</ProductName>
    51                     <PurchaseOrderNumber/>
    52                     <Quantity>1</Quantity>
    53                     <ReferenceNumber/>
    54                     <ReinstatedDate/>
    55                     <ReturnMessage>This URL already used by another organization.</ReturnMessage>
    56                     <Revision>0</Revision>
    57                     <RollupCount/>
    58                     <ServiceAccountName>McEwing, David</ServiceAccountName>
    59                     <ShippingCharges/>
    60                     <SiebelAssetIntegrationId>1-1DWIEK</SiebelAssetIntegrationId>
    61                     <SiebelID>2683171</SiebelID>
    62                     <SiebelIntegrationId>1-1DWIEK</SiebelIntegrationId>
    63                     <SiebelLineNumber>5</SiebelLineNumber>
    64                     <SiebelLineNumber2/>
    65                     <SignedBy/>
    66                     <State>TX</State>
    67                     <StateCode>48</StateCode>
    68                     <StreetAddress1>3200 Southwest Freeway, 2355 Phoenix Tower</StreetAddress1>
    69                     <Suite/>
    70                     <TotalDiscountAmount>0</TotalDiscountAmount>
    71                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFH</TrackingNumber>
    72                     <UnitPrice>590</UnitPrice>
    73                     <ZipCode>77027</ZipCode>
    74                     <TaxableFlg/>
    75                     <SolRept/>
    76                     <ListOfAttribute>
    77                             <Attribute>
    78                                     <AttrProductCode>1812</AttrProductCode>
    79                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFS</TrackingNumber>
    80                                     <Name>Number of Attorneys</Name>
    81                                     <SiebelAttrName>100Number of Attorneys LHP Plus|1812</SiebelAttrName>
    82                                     <Value>1</Value>
    83                             </Attribute>
    84                             <Attribute>
    85                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    86                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFV</TrackingNumber>
    87                                     <Name>Domain Name</Name>
    88                                     <SiebelAttrName>103 Domain Name</SiebelAttrName>
    89                                     <Value>davidmcewinglaw.com</Value>
    90                             </Attribute>
    91                             <Attribute>
    92                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    93                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFR</TrackingNumber>
    94                                     <Name>Tag Line</Name>
    95                                     <SiebelAttrName>200 Tag Line</SiebelAttrName>
    96                                     <Value>Intellectual Property, Divisional Applications, Trademark, Patent, Copyrig
    97                             </Attribute>
    98                             <Attribute>
    99                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    100                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFO</TrackingNumber>
    101                                     <Name>Template</Name>
    102                                     <SiebelAttrName>201Template Selection</SiebelAttrName>
    103                                     <Value>None</Value>
    104                             </Attribute>
    105                             <Attribute>
    106                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    107                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFN</TrackingNumber>
    108                                     <Name>Registration Type</Name>
    109                                     <SiebelAttrName>202Registration Type</SiebelAttrName>
    110                                     <Value>NEW</Value>
    111                             </Attribute>
    112                             <Attribute>
    113                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    114                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFW</TrackingNumber>
    115                                     <Name>Contact First Name</Name>
    116                                     <SiebelAttrName>250Contact First Name</SiebelAttrName>
    117                                     <Value>David</Value>
    118                             </Attribute>
    119                             <Attribute>
    120                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    121                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFU</TrackingNumber>
    122                                     <Name>Contact Last Name</Name>
    123                                     <SiebelAttrName>251Contact Last Name</SiebelAttrName>
    124                                     <Value>McEwing</Value>
    125                             </Attribute>
    126                             <Attribute>
    127                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    128                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFM</TrackingNumber>
    129                                     <Name>Contact eMail</Name>
    130                                     <SiebelAttrName>252Contact eMail</SiebelAttrName>
    131                                     <Value>[email protected]</Value>
    132                             </Attribute>
    133                             <Attribute>
    134                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    135                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFQ</TrackingNumber>
    136                                     <Name>Contact Fax</Name>
    137                                     <SiebelAttrName>2533Contact Fax</SiebelAttrName>
    138                                     <Value>713-514-9840</Value>
    139                             </Attribute>
    140                             <Attribute>
    141                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    142                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFP</TrackingNumber>
    143                                     <Name>Contact Phone</Name>
    144                                     <SiebelAttrName>253Contact Phone</SiebelAttrName>
    145                                     <Value>713-514-0137</Value>
    146                             </Attribute>
    147                             <Attribute>
    148                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    149                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFT</TrackingNumber>
    150                                     <Name>Site Name</Name>
    151                                     <SiebelAttrName>256URL</SiebelAttrName>
    152                                     <Value/>
    153                             </Attribute>
    154                             <Attribute>
    155                                     <AttrProductCode/>
    156                                     <TrackingNumber>1-1DXOFL</TrackingNumber>
    157                                     <Name>Future unique heads</Name>
    158                                     <SiebelAttrName>Future unique heads</SiebelAttrName>
    159                                     <Value/>
    160                             </Attribute>
    161                     </ListOfAttribute>
    162             </OrderItem>
    163     </ListOfMhOrderItemIntegration>
    164  </SiebelMessage>'
    165  );
    166    result varchar2(64);
    167  begin
    168     select extractValue(value(attr),'/Attribute/Value')
    169       into result
    170       from table(xmlsequence(extract(myXML,'/SiebelMessage/ListOfMhOrderItemIntegration/OrderItem/ListOfAttribute/Att
    171      where existsNode(value(attr),'/Attribute[Name="Domain Name"]') = 1;
    172    dbms_output.put_line('Result = ' || result);
    173  end;
    174  /
    Result = davidmcewinglaw.com
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL>This assumes that there is only one Attribute element with a Name node whose value is "Domain Name". If there was more than one such node you would have to use a cursor and process the results in loop.

  • How to set physical min/max values for a scale in xy graph?

    I have troubles with the way LabView handles physical units in xy graphs. In particular, I use a time scale for the x axis.
    The values are timestamps and have the unit [s]. Now I want to read write the min max values for this scale via
    property nodes. It seems that the properties for min max do not support the use of the unit I use for the data for
    that same axis. This is very inconvenient and I am not even sure which kind of data to use at all for this properties.
    Is it simply converting to/from [s] using the unit converter?
    (I am using LabView 7.1 for the programm in question).

    Hi Olaf
    "It seems that the properties for min max do not support the use of the unit I use for the data for that same axis."  
    What are the units you are using? can you make it a littlebit clear.
    You can change the units also using Property node.
    Just check the attachment once. If that is what you are looking for, then the problem is solved.
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    X-Scale.jpg ‏8 KB

  • CR2008 and SAP BW - Only limited number of values for static parameter

    Hello Experts,
    we have the following constellation / problem:
    - SAP Query BW 7.0 with variables
    - a report built upon this query with Crystal Reports 2008
    - now if we execute the report and try to fill in the parameters (= SAP BW variables), not all values are displayed for selection and there seems to be no possibility to further scroll down; e.g. the months 01.1993-08.2006 are displayed, but not later than 08.2006
    This is really a problem for us since the users won´t be able to select e.g. the desired time range !
    I read already the SAP notes 1218588 and 1211902 and I 'implemented' 1211902, but still only a few values are displayed (the same as before I changed the values for BrowseTimeout and MaxNBrowseValues). Besides that, in the solutions in the SAP notes Crystal Reports 2008 is not explicitly mentioned (so I manually created the DWORD-keys).
    Many thanks for your help in advance !

    CR2008 and SAP BW - Technical Values for variable values not displayable ?
    for the answer.

  • What the Initial value for sy-tabix & sy-index

    Hi Folks
       I have a small doubt.
    What the Initial value for sy-tabix & sy-index?
    Can anyone please clarify me?

    hi sree,
    both values are initialized to 0 before processing and after processing values are changed according to used scenarios.
    if helpful reward some points.
    with regards,
    suresh babu aluri.

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