10.4.4 broke dvd playability?

As of macosx10.4.4, I can no longer play dvd's.
I have a 1Ghz powerbook which is about 3 years old. The dvd drive was replaced about a year ago with a new, 8x, +r drive. The drive has been working so far.
As of 10.4.4, inserting a playable dvd results in the disk being mounted according to disk_utility, "df", and "mount", but no icon shows on the desktop nor in finder windows. The dvdplayer is launched, but plays nothing. If I explicitly hit the "play" button, I get an error message, "Supported disk not available".
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions?

It sounds like you have some data corruption in the DVD Player software, drivers, and/or its preferences. I'd backup your data, and then work on troubleshooting the issue. I played some Netflix DVDs with no problem with 10.4.4's DVD Player. As a temporary workaround see if the DVD content is playable with VideoLan Client:
This will at least verify that the DVD drive can still play commercial DVDs, and the problem is strictly software and not hardware related.

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    I'm trying to create a DVD playable on all mediums, i.e Mac, PC, home DVD players. I have placed all assets in appropriate places etc, menus built correctly, end jumps etc set correctly. The simulation shows me what the DVD will play like on my mac, but when I burn (in HD mode using either DVD+RW or DVD+R DL) it does not play on PC or other DVD players, including my PS3 or XBOX360 any ideas why?

    If you're in HD mode you're making a HD DVD. Search for info on it as there are lots of threads on here but basically you can only play HD DVD content (even if on DVD-R etc) in HD DVD Players. Not PS3, DVD Players and so on. If you have the (discontinued) 360 HD DVD drive add-on you can get the 360 to play it too.
    If you want better luck you'll need to use SD DVD and search for tips on that.

  • How do I make my DVD playable in DVD Studio Pro?

    I never use to have problems with DVD Studio Pro until I got my new MacBook Pro.
    I'm making a wedding DVD with a couple menus and projects and it seems to all work just fine.
    I only encouter a problem when I go to check to DVD after it is done buring.
    When I pop it in both a DVD player and the computer, nothing happens. It says the disk is unreadable or nothing at all happens.
    I'm not sure what to do because I don't even know what is wrong.
    DVD Studio Pro isn't telling me anything is wrong and that it is buring just fine.
    I have also tried multiple different exported versions of my projects and nothing has imporved or even changed.
    Any tips on how to make my DVD playable?

    Did you do a build and format? If so, check out the contents of the TS folder.
    Often people report similar problems and it turns out they inadvertently made an HD DVD…though I would think it should play in your Mac if that were the case. But check your settings nonetheless.
    Are you doing the encode in Compressor?

  • Exporting - Creating a digital dvd playable on PC/MAC

    I have an Encore project that is built to be an interactive product demo. Ideally, I'd like to be able to hand this out on a thumbdrive so people can just open it on their PC or Mac and view it and be able to click through as if it were in a dvd player or a disc in a computer.
    I've gone through a few of the exporting options. I've done the flash export - It provides me with the SWF and all the source files and the actionscript file. I've created DVD Disc Images - whiche gives me the Video_TS folder including .BUP, .IFO, and .VOB files.
    Ideally I'd like to have 1 self contained file which can be played and possible passed around without having to worry about seperating source files making in unplayable. Is there anything I can do to achieve this? Can I take that .ISO file or the .SWF and source files the Flash export gave me and make what I'm describing?
    Thanks in advance.

    The closest you can come is an Image file (.iso), but those aren't playable in most media players.  VLC is the only one I know of that can play .iso files as if they were the real disk.  So unless you can control the player used, you may have to go with a normal disk instead of a thumb drive.

  • Producing HD DVD playable in external player

    Hi there!
    I have a very urgent question that has been adressed in other threads, but I still can't figure it out (sorry!).
    Is it possible to produce a HD quality DVD with my iMac that is playable in an external DVD player.
    And, if not, how do I get the best possible quality with DVD Studio Pro?
    Hope to hear from you SOON :-|
    Eric (slightly panicing, since he needs to show something in HD on sunday)

    I'm assuming you have a HD DVD player to show this on.
    I have the new Toshiba HD-A2 and I can confirm that DVDSP4 will burn red laser HD DVD discs with no menu, BUT the HD DVD player will play it back with no audio.
    So far I think the best option for HD DVD playback is to play in on your Mac but hook up the HDTV to it with a HDMI cable and a DVI to HDMI converter coming out of the graphics card on the Mac.

  • Need High quality fla to dvd playable file converter

    I'm making a project in swf which has got audio, video and images. I need to release this project in flash format and DVD format also.
    Could anyone suggest me any High quality fla to dvd converter ? I just used trial versions of Moyea and few others before deciding to buy but they don't convert in high quality.
    Even if they do, The file size becomes really too big. For instance just a 10 mb file becomes 4 gb.
    Please suggest some good converters.

    Did you render the Timeline fully?
    Just so you'll know, the Viewer in FCE/FCP is just that; a viewer that shows the image at it's native resolution. The Canvas (and Firewire output) shows the image at the Sequence resolution - not the original resolution of the image.
    If you're not going to be pushing in to (zooming in) the image, you should resize the images so they're close to your Sequence resolution. For example, if you're working in an NTSC DV Sequence, the resolution will be 720x480 (rectangular pixels). If your images are much larger than that, it may be part of the problem.

  • Create a DVD playable on PAL & NTSC.

    I am using Encore CS3 and would like (NEED) to create a DVD that will play on both PAL and NTSC DVD players. I have read in forums the following theory...
    Master my content at 23.976 and then import it into Encore. After output it will be interlaced by any DVD player to either 30 or 25 interlaced fps.
    When I try and import into Encore I am only given the option of PAL (25fps)or NTSC (29.97), so which do I choose and how can I be sure that My final DVD is in fact 23.976 fps and will play on any format?
    PS, This is all very new to me as I am a 2D illustrator by trade!
    Thanks in advance

    I live in London, UK and work for a TV company that produces shows for PBS
    in the US. I have never had any problems here playing NTSC discs.
    They do look a little softer than PAL ones, since the picture is stretched a
    little but not so the average user would notice. The only problem that might
    crop up is if someone is using such an old TV or monitor, and we are talking
    very old here, the picture could play in black and white.
    The reverse isn't true - we have had lots of issues with PAL discs being
    sent to US clients and being unplayable.
    I am sure you know this but just in case not there is one caveat... do not
    add any regional code! Almost every TV professional I've worked with still
    confuses regional codes, region 1 for US and region 2 for Europe with video
    formats NTSC and PAL. If you do add a region code then you will find discs
    will not play!
    Make your discs in NTSC and region free and you should be fine 99% of the

  • Burn a iphoto slideshow to a dvd playable on a dvd player?

    Hi trying to burn a slideshow from iphoto to a dvd(6hours and still I can't get it to go)I have made it as a quicktime movie, sent the slideshow also to idvd and when I press burn it says movie can't be modified and not burn. Using iphoto 5 also get a message "error in project structure in idvd. I can't drag the photos to idvd either. HELP!!

    I'm having the same problem. I got my photos on i web and I can see the slide show on the computer but I can't burn it to a DVD. Did you ever figure out how?

  • Can iMac burn DVDs playable on other DVD players?

    I have a NON-Copyrighted DVD that I need to duplicate. This is a basic DVD, created by my son's school PTA for a school presentation, that will play on any DVD player. I have followed the online steps to create an image using Disk Utility (with DVD/CD Master), then burn the image onto a blank DVD. This newly burned DVD will play only on the iMac - it will not play on any other DVD player. Is the iMac capable of duplicating DVD that will play on any DVD player?

    Hi again Steve,
    SteveLasher wrote:
    Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions. I'm really just shaking my head here. I bought this Mac hoping things like this would be easier than on my old PC, but I hate to say I am really regretting ever getting this thing.
    Hey, no problem... a pleasure, as always.
    With regards to any regrets you may have in getting a Mac, I, nor anyone else here, can help you with that decision.
    Your symptoms are genuine and are regrettable. I could repeat what I stated in my last post; that DVDs burned using DU work for me whether played on my Mac or on a DVD player for viewing on the telly. That would not help you though as your experience is different.
    What I will suggest is that you do what is right for you and your needs. If that means selling your Mac and going back to a PC, so be it.
    I am curious though. When, before you got a Mac and you used a PC to burn DVDs, did you use MS Windows in-built burning software (is there such a thing?) or did you use a third party utility like Nero. If you used something like Nero, then that's no different to investing in Roxio Toast for the Mac.
    Regardless, I genuinely do regret that your experience with your new Mac isn't up to the standards that you expected. I could suggest many advantages for using a Mac (as, indeed, many others here can) but the decision is yours. You do have a great computer there so it's up to you.
    Da Vinci

  • DVDs playable in US & Europe?

    Hello. I have a Sat A10-131. I want to buy some DVDs from Amazon. But are DVDs intended for the US ("Region 1")compatible on this DVD player, as sold in the EU?
    Thanks, Paul

    Hi baronofree1,
    here are some further information about the DVD region code. Perhaps do you know, there is a DVD consortium founded by the big computer companies and the consortium worked the following region codes out.
    Area codes for a DVD videos:
    1 - USA, Canada
    2 - Europe, Japan, Middle East, South Africa
    3 - South East Asia, Taiwan
    4 - Australia, New Zealand, Middle and South America
    5 - Africa, GUS, India, Pakistan
    6 - China
    So you could see there are differences between US and EU DVDs, but there is small hint.
    You could change the region codes on your Toshiba Laptop, but be carefull you could do this ONLY 5 TIMES!!!!
    then the last setting is burned in!
    So in my opinion you could change the region codes but I disadvice you!
    bye sammy23

  • Burning dvds playable on dvd player

    does anybody know how i can burn videos in ipod format to a dvd that i can play on a dvd player or a (free) program that i can download to do this. plz help

    Your question has nothing to do with the focus of this forum, which is compatibility issues between Macs and PCs.
    You should post your question in the iPod discussions:

  • Is there ANY software I can use to make a DVD playable by PC's Macs and DVD

    OK, I have been fooling around for over a year on this and still have no answers. Here's part of my original post. I have home movies that were done with film and transfered to m2p files. I want to make copies for my daughters, who have DVD players and PCs. One has a Mac. I used Toast 10 to convert to mpeg4. I burned a DVD with Toast. It plays on the PCs and on the DVD players, but NOT my Mac. I tried H264 format...same thing. I can burn the mpeg4 files to a DVD with Quicktime Pro and they play on my Mac, but not on the DVD players. Commercial movies play on anything. Is there anyway I can do this on my Mac???
    Jim Frank (still perplexed)

    Thanks Jeremy, here's what I can tell you. I played a commercial DVD in my Mac and it played fine. It opens up with DVD player. I put the DVD I made in the Mac. I made several of them in different manners. On one, I converted the m2p file to mpeg 4. Then I burned in Toast , selecting DVD_video. On another, I did a convert to H264 and burned it using DVD_video. The third I just copied the m2p file into Toast and used DVD_video. When I did the burn on all 3, I went to the menu option and put in a title and used the passport style for my title page.
    When I put the DVD in the Mac, it automatically opened to the Title page, in passport style. When y ou click on the play button, nothing happens. Can't fast forward, can't open menu, etc. I closed out DVD player and went to Quicktime player. I clicked on "open file" and selected the DVD in the finder window. When I click on it, it opens to the Audio_ts and Video_TS folder. Clicking on the video folder I get 8 different folders in there. Clicking on most of them does nothing. Clicking on the one that looks like a Quicktime folder, I get the message " not a movie folder" I also tried to open it using VLC player. It opens u p the Title page, like DVD player and you can't get it to play.
    So now what do you think!

  • Create a playable dvd from movie file

    can anyone suggest any good free software for turning video files (.avi .mpg etc) into a dvd playable on a dvd player?

    No need to apologize, Its just that your question is on the tail end of another question and therefor many people won't see it.
    Highlight your text in your question and copy it.
    Then goto> http://discussions.apple.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1339
    On the left hand side of the page near the top with be a Post new topic icon.
    Click on this and title your topic something like Edit .mpg file ?
    Then past your text into the body of the post area.
    Good Luck

  • Issues with DVD and CD copying

    I used Nero to copy my own videos such as the ones I recorded from my camcorder and from my digital camera. I use a blank CD-R and DVD-R. After burning, they only can be played in my computer but not my DVD Player that connects to the TV. Do I have to change the format that can be play on the DVD? Is VCD an excellent format that can be play on both computers and DVD players? Thanks.

    To answer the last question first; VCD is old and less clear format for today's video.  DVD players can play it but the resolution is poor, kind of like a VHS tape as compared to a DVD.  For something to play in a DVD player, it most likely will require that a DVD authoring software be used.  Windows Movie Maker can do this but it may not like the format of the camcorder you have.  To use something that can handle most any type of video and convert it to a DVD playable in most any DVD player, try DVDFlick.  Free and found here: http://www.dvdflick.net/download.php
    Depending on what part of Nero was used, it too should be able to make a DVD playable in a DVD player.
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  • Playing a digital copy of a DVD on my ipod.

    I bought the movie "Wanted" on DVD. it had a digital copy with it that said it would play on my ipod. well i got the video on my ipod but when i go to play it it says "This movie could not be played." has anybody had this problem or does anybody know how to fix it?
    Message was edited by: jnutz19

    jnutz19 wrote:
    I bought the movie "Wanted" on DVD. it had a digital copy with it that said it would play on my ipod.
    Hmmm... this is news to me. I didn't know that movie studios were providing a digital copy along with a DVD playable on an iPod. Can anyone provide a reference to this?

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