10.4.8 Issues with bluetooth headset

I have always used a Logitech Bluetooth Headset with the SIP client XMeeting under OS X 10.4.5 without any issues. AfterI updated to 10.4.8, the headset only works when I switched on PRIOR to booting the Mac.
If I switch it on after booting the Mac, its LED blinks blue with a strange sequence (two short blinks every 2 seconds or so - a headset state that the user's guide does not even mention).
But even if I switch it on prior to booting the Mac, it will not really connect (i.e. get out of standby mode) when I start XMeeting, instead it will connect with a delay only when I start a call with XMeeting.
Does anyone else face issues with bluetooth headsets? Or has someone found a fix for that?

Issue resolved with patches to 10.4.8 and follow-on versions.

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    My MacBook Pro 13" (2012) is running Windows 7 on Bootcamp and there is an issue with the headset I'm using. I use a cheap Logitech Stereo Headset H130, but since there is only on audio plugin on the computer, I purchased a 3.5 mm 4-pin smartphone audio adapter thingy. That allowed me to put both my the sound coming to my headset & the microphone on my headset onto one wire. Everything worked wonderfully when running the Mac OS since they probably have support for that kind of stuff. The problem is though that once I try to use the same method in Windows 7, the OS doesn't recognize my headset microphone at all, but, instead when recording my voice decides to use the built-in mac microphone. Using this adapter still allows me to hear from my headset, but not use the microphone and that becomes a problem. It might be so that Windows 7 doesn't have support\drivers for that... How should I continue from here on out? Any advice?

    From what I have read from others on here you may be out of luck. You would need the appropriate Windows drivers for the Cirrus chip in the Mac and no one has been able to successfully locate them. Apple wouldn't support this since Windows is an optional install.
    Sorry to bring the bad news.

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    It is not supposed to fit, and murray65 is correct - Apple never made a dual dock for the iPhone 3G, and in fact, early this year they discontinued the Apple Bluetooth Headset. You can either just use the travel cable to charge both devices, or you can use a Dremel (or carton knife, etc.) to widen the opening in the dock for the iPhone to accommodate the slightly larger and more rounded iPhone 3GS. See the last few posts in this thread for some links to pics of the process.

  • C2-00 Problem with Bluetooth headset

    I use it for a week and have a problem with bluetooth headset.
    When I finish a call my mobile is stop working.
    The only way to get it back is remove a battery.
    I try to use other bluetooth headset but it have the same problem.
    Please help me to fix this problem.
    Thank you.

    conceivably, yes, that is how its supposed to work
    i was just wondering if there was a way to turn it off somehow, so as to only enable the bluetooth for calls and not for all audio. unpairing and pairing the bluetooth definitely works, but it just seems like overkill everytime i want to anything regarding sounds (asise from calls)

  • I just switched from iphone 4s to LG G3. I'm having issues with bluetooth in my car, iphone would sync automatically but with G3 I have to manually connect to my car's bluetooth every time I turn it on - it won't sync automatically. Any fixes?

    I just switched from iphone 4s to LG G3. I'm having issues with bluetooth in my car, iphone would sync automatically but with G3 I have to manually connect to my car's bluetooth every time I turn it on - it won't sync automatically. Any fixes?

    You can turn on BT tethering but it disables Wifi so if I have to do that step every time I get in my car, I just as well manually connect on BT every time.

  • How to listen/watch videos on ipad mini with bluetooth headset

    how can I listen/watch videos (e.g You Tube) on ipad mini with bluetooth headset. The headset is paired but the sound comes only from the ipad mini internal speaker

    I was the fan of this feature until ios 6 version. I have two mini ipads @ my home for my kids. It helped my kids a lot to play all the episodes within a tv show. Apple some how decided kill the features linked to someone's patent in ios 7, thereby they can avoid paying royalty fee to the patent holder. Even from the initial days there are lot of such features missed out in ipad, iphone or MAC. You might overlook these features as a consumer.
    I will be surprised if Apple listens to this customer feedback.
    I am seeing the same question being raised in many forums including within apple forums.

  • Nokia6300 compliance with Bluetooth Headset BH-600

    Hi all
    According to the techical description of the Nokia 6300, it should be compliant with bluetooth headset BH-600, but obviously, my cell phone doesn't recognize this periopheral.
    Can someone help me or confirm compliance.
    Much appreciated :-)
    Cleo- France

    it is compliant... are you sure you are following the pairing steps correctly?

  • Does Facetime support with Bluetooth headset

    Did any one try out communicating facetime with Bluetooth headset successfully??

    lllaass wrote:
    Neither the iPod Touch or iPad has the necessary bluetooth profile (HFP (Hands Free Profile)) that support headsets. See:
    Thanks for that info.
    Directions for how to Pair a Bluetooth headset ... with iPod touch are given on Page 40 of the iPod touch User Guide for iOS 4.1 Software:
    Testing will let OP know whether the "Bluetooth headset" is one that can connect.
    Message was edited by: EZ Jim
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.4); MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
    LED Cinema Display; G4 PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11); iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9); External iSight; iPod touch 4.1

  • Google Voice Won't Work With Bluetooth Headset After Jelly Bean

    I am SO frustrated. I had no idea I was installing the Jelly Bean update when I updated the software on my phone. Note to Verizon Communications team: PLEASE do a better job of communicating significant software updates. I would not have installed Jelly Bean. I learned long ago to stick with factory OS on my phones.
    Since the update, I noticed that I could no longer dictate texts and emails. Also, my call recording app no longer worked. I switched to Swype and it would work for a few minutes and then stop.  I could still use my bluetooth headset to make calls and S voice worked (although, like others here, I noticed that it's now worse--it doesn't recognize any contact names I request anymore). After trolling Android forums I found that the problem is with the bluetooth headset. You can still dictate when the phone's bluetooth is on, but when a device is connected, all bets are off.
    I almost did a factory reset, but then I read that a hard reset will not restore ICS, nor did it resolve this bluetooth Google Voice issue for the few people who tried it already. In fact, resetting caused more problems (eg., more battery drain and removal of Adobe Flash, etc.).
    Does anyone know how I can go back to ICS? Bluetooth and Google Voice are the two features I value most in my phones. This is a NIGHTMARE.

    rcschnoor -
    The Bluetooth/Voice Search/Dictation issue is a valid issue for the OP, a valid issue for me and oh yeah, the hundreds of other people affected by the, "Google Voice Search stuck on "Initializing" bug filed here on the Google Android Project page.  Here is yet another reference to the same issue from Android Central.
    The "Google Music freezing after Jelly Bean Update on Galaxy S3" is also a valid and documented bug located here also on the Google Android Project page.
    So I ask, how does sharing with these people that do have these issues, and are affected by them, that you are not experiencing these issues help in any way?  Isn't that the whole purpose of a community forum to help others?

  • Pairing e71 with Bluetooth Headset

    Just got an e71, but I can't pair it with my Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702 Bluetooth headset. I can pair with other mobiles, but it say that it can't find the device. Can anyone help me please.

    In that case I would recommend trying this method here to reset the BlackBerry smartphone to factory settings
    To do this we would need to back up the BlackBerry smartphone. Please open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and connect your BlackBerry smartphone. Click on the Backup and Restore button and select Back Up. Please note the location where the backup is being saved as we will need to access it later to restore the BlackBerry smartphone.
    Once you have backed up follow this article.
    Link: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB18998
    Thank you
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  • Droid 3 voice dialing issues with bluetooth

    I just received my Motorola Droid 3 on Monday.  I'm having issues using voice dialing with my Samsung WEP590 bluetooth headset.  No trouble activating the voice dialing on the phone but it never dials the correct name.  I did the voice training on the phone but it didn't help.  Yes, English is my native language.   Saying "call home" made the phone ask if I wanted to "email" someone.  Very frustrating since I travel for my job and voice dialing over bluetooth is essential. 
    I tried to do voice dialing without bluetooth and had the same issue.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a third party app I can use?
    thanks for any help.

    Good Afternoon, dtownfb!
    I researched bluetooth information about the device and the headset. I found no related concerns from other users. It would appear to be a hardware related issue on either the phone or headset. Have you been able to use another bluetooth with the device successfully? Have you tried the bluetooth paired with another phone and used the voice dialing feature successfully? We can eliminate the issue by asking these two questions. The problem lies in where we can duplicate the problem. 
    Please advise your findings. If it is deemed an issue with your Droid 3, please feel free to PM me so I can assist further with options to correct the issue.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Can't activate Razr with Bluetooth Headset while in Standby

    I can't activate my Razr with my Bluetooth headset if it is in the standby mode.  To dial a number, I have to remove the phone from the case, push the power button and swipe the screen to wake it up. Only then I can push the button on my Bluetooth headset and dial the number.  I had a Sprint Evo previously, and I could use the Bluetooth headset when the phone was in standby mode. This problem is dangerous when driving and pretty much negates the advantage of hands free operation.Blue Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    richardty wrote:
    Thanks for your help.  In the settings menu I went to "Location & Security", "Security", "Allow Bluetooth Bypass".
    Did that seem to help any with your issue?

  • N8 not pairing with bluetooth headset when connect...

    I have a weird issue!
    My N8 connects to my bluetooth headset and functions flawlessly usually. But whenever I connect my N8 via bluetooth to my PC it stops pairing with the headset. The moment it connects with the PC, the headset icon appears in my N8, despite it not having paired the headset.
    This issue is nagging me for quite some time. Any suggestions please...

    I'm running a bit on thin here but let's see.
    It might be possible that your N8 thinks the PC is acting as an audio device to your N8. Have you tried what happens when you have the connection establised over BT and you start playing music on the N8 or there's an incoming call? If the music is played through the N8 speakers or you can take a call, then audio is not routed through your PC.

  • TS1569 iphone ios5.1 still having issues with Bluetooth

    Iphone Ios5.1 still having issues on Bluetooth connectivity.

    I lost The Bluetooth function completely two weeks ago. iPHONE IOS 5.1 .
    This is not a pairing issue, or wrong usage. Suddenly it didn't work in my car any longer. Resetting didn't help. I have tested against two other iPhones, my PC, my headset and my iPAD. (all this units have had BT connections with my iPHONE earlier)
    My iPhone Bluerooth is simply not working anylonger, not detectable and cannot "see" or find any other BT devices.
    Is this a software bug? Or simply a hardware error requiring physical repair?
    Cheers Rolf

  • Blackberry 8220 Flip Black problems with Bluetooth headsets/caller cannot hear me

    Problems with 3 headsets. Eralier it was working fine. but now I can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear me or anything from my side over the bluetooth headset. Otherwise without the headset the phone and the speakerphone work just fine. Any ideas????

    I am experiencing the same problem, started about 10 days ago. To date, I have reset network settings, and have restored to default without success.
    The weird thing with my issue I've noticed, after I go through a half dozen attempts at calling and recalling the person back, eventually, the problem goes away and the caller can hear me without issue after that. But then that may just be the 50% of the time occurrence.
    So, I wonder if this is signal related, although it has occurred in 3 different locations in the US. Or if there is some restricted, or privacy policy that is related to AT&T regarding my account when calling. Kind of like being on a no fly list?
    However, I can't continue with this happening, everyone says I am give Steve Jobs a bad name, so its to the genius bar or whatever they call it these days, I am heading.

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