-10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'

Hi Experts,
Am with a problem in Sdk Code(A\R Sales Invoice object)..My problem defines  as follows:
I am having a table with 10 records in UDT..While Adding the UDT Records to Sap Sales Invoice(A\R)..by Getting the A\R invoice Object(13) ..Adding the 10 fields of UDT Table to OINV and INV1..it's throwing an error -10 Exchange rate not updated  , 'USD'..How to handle this in Code..Help would  be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

This means, that the exhange rate is missing your local currency vs USD in the system. Your Business Partner or any of items you are adding to the invoice is using USD (price list or customer is in USD).
My tip is some of the items has USD price set or USD Purchase price used.
DO the following:
Check the POsting date of your invoice
Go to Administration -> Exhnage rate, and locate the posting date and USD from the matrix, and enter the rate.
Post your invoice.
it will work

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  • DTW Error -- "Exchange Rate Not Updated"

    After resolving my other document loading errors identified by the DTW, I now receive the same error for every record that I try to load for Purchase Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.  It is…
    <b>Exchange rate not updated, ‘USD’  Notice: all records are rollbacked.</b>
    Any idea how to fix this?  I'm confused since I built the company with both Local and System Currencies as “US Dollar”, the Default Account Currency is the “Local Currency”, and the document load includes the DocCurrency field (set to "USD").
    I need to get this data loaded soon.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind Regards,

    My issues have been resolved...
    (1) The GL account must be an "expense" account.  The data migration that I am performing is pulling from another system that stores these transaction in a different way.  Therefore, even though the accounts from the source ERP system to B1 have been mapped correctly, I had to use a different "expense" account as the GL account associated with transactions in B1.
    (2) The DocType was, indeed, necessary to handle Service-type Purchase Invoices.  However, the DTW requires that the DocType value be set to '0' (for Items) or '1' (for Services).  This differs from the 1-character designation stored in the database table OPCH, a 'I' (for Items) and 'S' (for Services).  I would make a humble suggestion to SAP to setup the DTW accepted field values the same as are found in the database (or, at least, have a single and comprehensive resource for knowing what these accepted values should be).
    and, as noted above...
    (3) The DocCurrency and DocRate fields were required to load my data.  I suspicion that DocCurrency is required for all loads.  However, DocRate may not be since it could be set in the Exchange Rate form within B1.  Since my setup used the LC as the default currency AND I am using USD for both LC and SC, I believe it was necessary for me to use the DocRate field for this load.  This is another eccentricity that I would suggest SAP enclose within some sort of documentation about the DTW tool.
    The use of the DTW can be significantly simplified for customers with documentation and examples on its use.  The existing documentation is deficient.  Otherwise, I find it a nice tool to ease the data migration process for setting up Companies.
    Should anyone have further questions on my experience with this issue or other DTW-related topics, I would be pleased to reply with my experiences.  My contact information is available through my profile on this site.
    Kind Regards,

  • Error: Can't Add a New Sales Order: -10  Exchange rate not updated,

    I'm trying to add several Sales Orders contained in a XML document, whose root element corresponds to the Sales Person created that XML. Anyway, after I fill a Sales Order Document Object with the info in the XML and try to add it the following error appears: "Exchange rate not updated  [RDR1.U_Desc4][line: 2] , 'USD'" Which is strange because this company handles most of its transactions in MXP Currency. I will post the piece of Code that fills the object hoping it helps:
    For Each xndSalesOrder In xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").ChildNodes
                    oSalesOrder = Me.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                    oSalesOrder.DocType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocumentTypes.dDocument_Items
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("HEADER")
                        oSalesOrder.CardCode = .Item("Deudor").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaCont").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.DocDueDate = DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaEnt").InnerText, Nothing)
                        oSalesOrder.Comments = .Item("Observaciones").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.DocRate = 11
                        oSalesOrder.DocCurrency = "MXP"
                        'oSalesOrder.ContactPersonCode = .Item("Contacto").InnerText
                        'User Fields
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_RefOV").Value = _
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Referencia2").Value = .Item("Referencia").InnerText
                        oSalesOrder.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_FechaReferencia").Value = _
                            DateTime.Parse(.Item("FechaReferencia").InnerText, Nothing)
                    End With
                    With xndSalesOrder.Item("LINEAS")
                        For Each xndLinea In .ChildNodes
                            If intContLineas >= 1 Then                             oSalesOrder.Lines.Add()
                            End If
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.ItemCode = xndLinea.Item("Articulo").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Quantity = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Cantidad").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Price = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("Precio").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.TaxCode = xndLinea.Item("Impuesto").InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = CDbl(xndLinea.Item("DescuentoTotal").InnerText)
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.SalesPersonCode = xmlSalesOrder.Item("SalesMan").Attributes.Item(0).InnerText
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.Currency = "MXP"
                            'User Fields
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Promocion").Value = _
                                xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText 'Valores posibles: Si, No
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc1").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc2").Value = _
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc3").Value = _
                            'If xndLinea.Item("AplicaProm").InnerText = "Si" Then
                            oSalesOrder.Lines.UserFields.Fields.Item("U_Desc4").Value = _
                                CInt(xndLinea.Item("Descuento4").InnerText) 'This is the UDF that's giving me problems!!!
                            'End If
                            intContLineas += 1
                       If oSalesOrder.Add() <> 0 Then
                            Me.Company.GetLastError(intErrorAdd, sErrMsgAdd)
                            If (0 <> intErrorAdd) Then
                                FillLog("Sales Order Error: " & CStr(intErrorAdd) & "," & sErrMsgAdd)
                            End If
                        End If
                    End With
    If you look at the code I've even tried the solution of hardcoding the DocRate and the Currency as seen in a similar post about the DTW.
    Sorry if code is in Spanglish, its quite late around here. I hope you can help me because it's kind of an urgent matter and I can't seem to find a solution for it.
    Other useful data: SAP BO 2005 Patch 4.
    Thanks in advance...
    Alfredo Gargari

    Hi Alfredo,
    Have you tried to add the same salesorder by hand, I think you wil first get a form with exchange rates.
    I think you should add a check to your program to check for an update currency rate (the sbobob function GetCurrencyRate does this for you).
    GetCurrencyRate MethodDescription
    Returns a Recordset object that contains the currency rate for a specified date and currency code.
    See Currency Bobs sample.
    Public Function GetCurrencyRate( _
       ByVal Currency As String, _
       ByVal Date As Date _
    ) As Recordset
    Specifies the currency code.
    Specifies the date for the currency exchange rate.
    Return Type
    A Recordset object that contains one field named CurrencyRate that holds the rate value.
    SAP Business One returns 0 if the system cannot find the exchange rate.

  • Exchange rate not updated with posting date, translation date updated

    I have the follwoing problem in F110. Currency documents are posted with exchange date of the docuemnt entry date. Translation date is updated with Posting date, just exchange rate is not updated. the systems calculates according entry date. Why entry date is one day before the date of posting, I cannot understand. The system takes the exchage date from entry date, which is one day before (docuemnt, posting and translation date)
    Thank you,

    This means, that the exhange rate is missing your local currency vs USD in the system. Your Business Partner or any of items you are adding to the invoice is using USD (price list or customer is in USD).
    My tip is some of the items has USD price set or USD Purchase price used.
    DO the following:
    Check the POsting date of your invoice
    Go to Administration -> Exhnage rate, and locate the posting date and USD from the matrix, and enter the rate.
    Post your invoice.
    it will work

  • Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order

    Dear All,
    This is regarding Exchange rate automatic update in Sale Order and requirement said below.
    User will created a Export Sale order in the month of November , that time Exchange rate is 50.00, this  will
    get updated in Sale order Header and Item level.
    But user will create billing in the month of December , at that time Exchange rate is 40.00. So in Billing
    document Header level exchange rate will be 40.00 (Current rate) and Item level exchange rate will be
    User requirement is like this the current exchange rate 40.00 to be updated in Sale Order Header and Item
    level automatically, because user using  Sale order Exchange rate  for Z-Report.
    As of now user manually updating Exchange rate in Sale Order.
    Let me know if there is any solution.
    S Kumar

    I dont think this is possible.  You should be aware any change in subsequent document would not have any impact in the preceding document which means, whatever exchange rate flowing in billing cannot be updated in sale order.  May you can update your zee table by considering the billing document exchange rate by way of exit.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Accounting exchange rate not picking while running result analysisKKA2

    Hi All,
    WHile running Result analysis with KKA2 the accounting exchange rate not picking correctly.
    When we run the KKA2 from may to sep it is taking may month as default rate and it is extending to june aug,sep instead of seperate exchange rates for each month.
    We compared all configurations for this RA key with existed RA key .All the setting are  one and the same.in OKG2,OKG3,OKG4,OKG5
    PLease help ...

    Hi srikanth,
    It is not daily exchange rate.
    Actually we copied PS LCR RA key to PS IAS.
    PS LCR is working fine and it is picking correctly for the respective months.
    Where as In PS IAS it is taking starting month and same continuing for other consecutive months.

  • My adobe exchange is not update!!!

    I use ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC,adobe exchange is not update!!!

    To resolve this issue, please open the Creative Cloud Desktop client and choose the settings icon in the top right hand corner and exit the application.
    Then restart the Creative Cloud Desktop client. I would expect there to be a Photoshop update available to install. Install the update and then restart Photoshop and open Adobe Exchange.
    Please let me know if you experience any further issues.
    Kind regards,

  • Updated exchange rate not captured in sales order

    We have updated exhange rate type from 'M' to 'S' . However even after refreshing the sales order new exchange rate type not captured in the sales order

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "picked up wrong exchange rate". Normally in the "Sales" tab in SO header you have a place where you can enter / see the exchange rate.

  • Problem: Exchange rate in Update rules with DELTA mode

    Hi experts,
    During the loading since the ODS13BIL towards the CUBE, I use in the update rule the function
    "CONVERT_TO_LOCAL_CURRENCY" to convert a currency. 
    The loading mode is DELTA.
    If I modify an invoice in the system source (R/3) for example:  "change on" (0CH_ON), during the loading delta since the ODS towards the cube, the exchange rate is reversed (sign), which implies that the values of the ratios during the conversion with the function module " CONVERT_TO_LOCAL_CURRENCY" are false. 
    How could I resolve this problem?
    1-First load:
    Key figure 1       :100
    Exchange Rate      :-1,2
    Document currency  :USD
    Local currency        :EUR
    Change on          :00.00.0000
    Key figure 1       :100
    Exchange Rate      :-1,2
    Document currency  :USD
    Local currency        :EUR
    Change on          :#
    Key figure 1  :100/1,2
    Currency      :EUR     
    2-Seconde load:
    Key figure 1       :100
    Exchange Rate      :-1,2
    Document currency  :USD
    Local currency        :EUR
    Change on          :06/01/2006
    Key figure 1       :100
    Exchange Rate      :-1,2
    Document currency  :USD
    Local currency        :EUR
    Change on          :06/01/2006
    Key figure 1   :100/1,2
    Currency       :EUR
    Key figure 1   :-100*1,2      <-- False
    Currency       :EUR
    Thank you for your precious help.

    Thank you for your answer but that still not works: Give erroneous data is corrected but the data which are not erroneous become erroneous.
    I think that if I manage to return the field "Exchange misses" (0EXCHG_RATE) nonmodifiable by the DELTA mode, I cross that will resolve the problem. 
    With what is used following fields in the definition of the ODS, and it is what impacts it on the existing data:  "Non cumulative value" et "Cumulative value"
    thanks a lot.

  • Business Hub rate not updating.

    Hi guys, me again!
    It's been a little while so I thought I'd post a problem I've been having with my Business Hub. Effectively when I first got the business hub, the Rate would always match the Max Rate, I.e. when the line capacity changes (which can do because of the length of the line) the rate would change with it. I was happy with this as my Max rate rarely dropped below 1150kbps and so I stayed in that profile. Often it would go up to above to 1300 and the rate would follow even if it didn't mean a change in IP profile.
    However, now things have changed. It seems as though the rate doesn't follow the Max Rate and it's actually causing problems. For instance, for the last 2 weeks my rate was stuck at 944kbps (which gives me a profile of 750kbps) while my rate was 1250 with 6.4db noise (which gives me a profile of 1000kbps). I checked the diagnostics and Max Rate dropped below 1150kbps only once for a very short time and it was soon up again to 1200+. What's annoying is that for the last 2 weeks I could have been on a higher IP profile but it simply wasn't updating. Then yesterday the rate went up to 1360 (still in the 1000kbps profile range), yippee I thought, but to no avail as it was down to 1050 (back down to 750 profile) again this morning, despite having a max rate of 1200. It seems as though it rarely updates the Rate if Max Rate is higher, but instantly updates it if it has a lower value.
    I don't know why it's begun doing this but as you can see it shouldn't be doing this as its stopping my IP profile from rising despite my Max Rate increasing.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    unless you are on a non adsl-max/adsl2 line then what you seem to think happens does not sound at all correct, certainly it is not how either of my lines work (both business hubs),
    What happens is that you get a sync, fine, at that stage it determines the amount of data that can be send and that becomes your rate, over the length of the connection the max rate value can vary due I believe to bitloading and fluctuation normal interference on the line but this does not alter the sync rate on any of my lines EVER.
    You seem to be losing sync then due to some reason and this causes you to swtch to another rate, either you have a line issue, an internal wiring issue or your target margin is set to low for the line you have (which would mean you get a really good sync during the day but at night it would tend to drop).
    Now when you get a new sync and it is in the different IP profile band to the last ones(s) then two things can happen
    1 - your sync means you drop a band and in which case this happens within 75 minutes, normally much quicker
    2 - Your sync means you should go up a band and this should happen eventuallly.
    When going up a band (unless you are on the CN21 88.2% method (which you are not by what you say) then there are two methods that would apply to you depending on your exchange.
    Method 1 - 3 days. After 3 days of having a sync rate ALWAYS within the new higher band the profile should change, it does not matter despite what others saty if you have resyncs in between but every single one of them must be in the same band or greater.
    Method 2 - Adaptive max. Same rules as above re syncs but the timeframe is much reduced, At the speeds you are talking about it basically works out at 24 hours if jumping 1 band and 12 hours if jumping more than 1 (allow 2 hours extra that these since the update seeems to be a scheduled task).
    IN either of the above your profile can stick so if it has not updated within 3 days then you need to contact the mods on this site, posting the results of a bt speedtester and your hub stats and ask for the profile to be checked. They will be able to see the correct value on their systems and the wrong value on the speedtest and so know it is stuck or not.
    Stuck profiles in my experience do occasionally get unstuck without any help but so far when this has happened it has been at 3-3.5 days only and if after that time then it never happens.
    If my post was helpful then please click on the Ratings star on the left-hand side If the the reply answers your question fully then please select ’Mark as Accepted Solution’

  • Exchange rate not reflecting in PO created thru bapi for foreign currency!

    hi friends,
    am creating PO thru BAPI_PO_CREATE1...in the input file, i have given currency as USD and Exchange rate as 0.5, but in the created PO, i am able to see only 1 as the exchange rate...i even tried changing it using BAPI_PO_CHANGE, but no luck..but in case of local currency, which is EUR, am able to translate from the file whatever the value as exchange rate of the PO...this problem only comes if it's a foreign currency..am i missing something? pl advice

    Try like this:
    If you are populating Header conditions you must divide it by 10 as following:
    wa_hdrcond-cond_value = wa_hdrcond-cond_value / 10.
    If you are populating Item level conditions you must follow as:
    IF wa_itmcond-currency IS INITIAL OR
         wa_itmcond-currency EQ '%'.
        wa_itmcond-cond_value = wa_itmcond-cond_value / 10.
    This will solve your problem. In the BAPI, it multiplies exchange rate by 10 for the header conditions.
    Where as Item condition value(exchange rate) is multiplied by 10 when it satifies the above conditions.
    So we must follow the same criteria as we did above.

  • Outlook 2010 clients connected to Exchange but not updating

    Hi, I am running a single Exchange 2013 server at CU6, with clients running Outlook 2010 with SP2.
    Clients are connected to Exchange without a problem, but Outlook is not updating, even though clients are set to do a full send/receive every 2 minutes. Users are getting new email on their phones but it doesnt arrive in Outlook even after a full 2 minutes. 
    By disabling Cached mode, Outlook then updates correctly. Checking the Connection Status, I find only 1 connection to Exchange. Ran the Auto-configuration test, and it's clean.  Ran tests at https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/ and all was fine. I
    would appreciate any assistance.
    Regards, Mike

    From your description it sounds like there may be some corruption in the OST file (or maybe for some reason something else has the OST file locked).  Some things to try:
    Shutdown Outlook and make sure there are no Outlook.exe's running in task maanger.  Once that's done try to rename the user's OST file.  If you get an error saying the file is locked that's your issue.  You should be able to figure out what
    process has a lock on the OST file wiht either something like handles.exe or my personal favorite procmon.
    If you can rename the OST file without issue then that would point me to an issue with the OST file.  At that point I would try to create a new Outlook Profile in cached mode and recreate the OST file. 
    It also might be worth while installing the latest updates for Outlook 2010 if you haven't done so already (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn803988(v=office.14).aspx)

  • Exchange mail not updating?

    The company I work for recently changed over to Outlook. I can check my email on a PC via outlook or I can go on through the web exchange. I use a mac for work but unfortunately IT does not support mac. The lady did tell me however I could still probably set up my email account through mac mail and then she left me to my own devices.
    I clicked on the mail icon to set up a new exchange account, typed in the information, and it seemed to work just fine. That was on 10/10. Then I didn't get any emails on 10/11- 10/16. Today (10/16) a wonderful thing happened. I got the emails I missed up til 10/14.
    I know I am getting emails because they are forwarding to my outlook account on my pc, the exchange account via the web, and my iPhone. Does anyone know why the mac mail updates at random? Also I am running a mac pro with a 3.2 ghz quad core intel 8gb of ram and Mountain Lion (ROOOAAAR... or growl I guess... whatever mountain lions do. I hope they don't hisss.)
    Also I ran the Mail Connection Doctor and it told me my connection is just fine. I show a little green bubble and everything.
    Thank you,

    My guess then is that it's an issue with Exchange Web Services on the mail server, and if your IT group won't support Macs you may not be able to get much help. You could try removing the account and re-setting it and see if that makes any difference. Any idea what version of Exchange they're running?

  • Microsoft Exchange is not updating local Outlook - Send and Receive issues.

    Hi everyone,
    Our office has just moved to using Office 365 business edition where we are sending and receiving emails via Microsoft Online Exchange. 
    It has been running for 3 days so far and we do love the product however we are having a major issue at the moment and that is our local outlook 2010 and 2013 folders are not constantly synching with the exchange.  We are finding that it can be hours
    before emails push through to our inbox and we will receive 20 emails all at once.  It is also occuring when we send emails, they will sit in the Outbox and the only way it seems to get them to send or receive is to close Outlook and re-open the program.
    We also find that sometimes when we are out of the office and using the 'Outlook Web App' that emails we send to clients via here and not always synching with the local Outlook its a bit of a mess really.  This is not great as we are a legal office
    and need to attend to emails urgently at times and must have all emails arrive locally.
    Can anyone shed some light on how this matter can be fixed urgently?

    As far as I know, for the sync issue in the on-premise Exchange server environment, we can check if we have selected the option ”send immediately when connected”:
    Outlook 2013: file>options>advanced> send and receive> send immediately when connected
    However, since your server is Exchange online, I recommend you ask for more professional help on our Exchange online forum:
    Angela Shi
    TechNet Community Support

  • Exchange calanders not updating ical fully

    We have a microsift exhange server and I am trying to sync the calander with it. The mail has worked fine but the calanders have not property or completly updated.

    I received this same complaint by the Vice Chair of Psychiatry here at UCSD. I went to check the issue and it was plain as day. An event he created on his MacBookPro was not reflecting on any of his desktop iMacs or his iPhone. I tried refreshing and all of that none of this worked. I had to close and open iCal. Then it worked. His Mail.app also does the exact same thing. he is running 10.6.4 and is all up to date. A fix for these obvious Mac Bugs would be appreciated.

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  • ITunes 6.0.5 crashes with older CDs!

    I am running a PowerBook G4 550mhz (yes an oldie but goodie) and i have discovered a new problem with my iTunes 6.0.5. when i insert an older CD (from maybe pre 1996?) and hit play or import, it crashes my iTunes. I have to do the whole Force Quit ro

  • Real time collaboration issue after Kerberos authentication setup

    Hi, We are using SPNego (kerberos) authentication for our portal (EP 7.0 SP10). When user clicks on log off link, he comes back to the portal home page again so there is no way for the user to log off from the portal. I don't see this as a problem fo

  • Trying to install presets but can't find presets folder

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