16x9 HD FCP Quicktime Export to 4x3 with Letterbox in Compressor

Okay I'm sorry if this has been posted on here, but I've searched a bunch of post and no one seemed to answer this the way I need it done.
First I have a 16x9 HD file that was edited in FCP and rendered out to a "Quicktime Movie" (the one that renders it out to your timeline specs with no compression).
I then want to take this file and put it in Compressor. Because I want to give Compressor the best version of the file. I now want to render out a Quicktime H.264 file to 4x3 with a 16x9 letterbox. Meaning I DO NOT WANT TO CROP the image, but rather keep the 16x9 aspect ratio using black bars above and bellow the video to deliver a 4x3 SD video file.
I've played with a variety of settings and have had no luck. I
I've used the "Geometry Tab" and played with "Source Insert (Cropping) and Padding, but it always distorts the image.
I also have tried the "Letterbox" option in the "Filters" tab with no luck.
I find it hard to believe that this cannot be done in Compressor. So if someone could please walk me through this in Compressor I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading!

I did change those settings, but the section in the geometry tab that I need to change is still grayed...
Yes but the setting had changed as need right?
and the preview window shows the dimensions still at 16x9.
Switch between source settings and preview settings view (using the two buttons at top right of the preview window) and it should refresh the preview display correctly.
I don't understand why I things have to be grayed out. I wish I could have full control over everything.
Am not conversant enough with Compressor to answer as to the why Stew, it may be that it really is possible to enable the setting by some specific method ... but I appreciate your point that the controls as they appear to exist are not intuitive in this regard, display controls for frame size but making you switch to another tab to actually change those settings is bizarre ... but nonetheless you DO have the control over these settings, and that's the main thing.

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    Of course it can.
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    I've tested everything -- Regular commercial DVDs work fine in my DVD player, so it's not the DVD player that's broken. I haven't changed anything to do with iDVD. And finally, DVDs of the two types I'm using (Maxwell and TDK brands) once both worked fine in my DVD player when I exported from FCP and burned using iDVD, so it's not the blank DVDs that seem to be at fault.
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    Although I now choose "current settings" when I go to export, because I thought this would give me the old, preset standard settings that worked just fine in the past, I believe the FCP export settings must have gotten messed up, because nothing else has changed with my process, and yet now, the DVDs don't work in the DVD player.
    I am inexperienced/beginner level with the FCP program and don't know how to get back to the correct settings, and hope someone could be kind enough to help me. Especially since the help manual hasn't shed much light on this.
    Many thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
    G5 imac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   FCP5/iDVD 5.0.1

    Make sure your sequence settings are progressive to begin with.
    Here is more background:

  • Quicktime Export With FCP Markers

    Is there a plugin/program that would allow me to export a Quicktime that includes markers from the FCP timeline?
    I would like to be able to export a QT with a marker at every cut that would allow the viewer to jump to each one, and even loop between marks.
    What I am NOT looking for:
    DVD Chapter Markers.
    A QT tutorial of how to Trim to Selection and Loop.

    If you export with markers they will show up in the QuickTime file and the markers should show up in the pulldown in the QuickTime Player you can jump to the markers.
    But it sounds like you want to be able to author a QuickTime movie that adds something more than that (the looping or another means of jumping?)

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    thank you very much.
    any response will help .

    One thing that seems to solve a lot of these export problems in 10,9 is this: right click on the FCPX app file and choose Get Info. Check the box next to Prevent App Nap. You may have to close and re-launch FCP for it to take efffect.

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    I am able to work around the problem by using "Export Using Qucktime Conversion" and creating a smaller file, but I've never had to do that before. What in the world am I missing here? Shouldn't I be able to export as a QT movie, as long as the file is not gigantic? (the most recent one I used and had this problem occur was only about 500mb). Thanks for any help...

    Well this is helpful information but unfortunately didn't solve my problem. The movie in question is only 5 1/2 minutes long. When I export it as a QT movie, iDVD "acts" like everything is fine; I can preview it within iDVD, etc.But when I burn the disc, it comes out blank. I then went back to FCP and exported it using QT conversion, and the DVD burned just fine. (I exclusively use Taiyo Yuden media and have never had a bad disc).
    This is just a simple 16:9 movie, shot at 720/30p on a Canon DSLR. I ingested with Log and Transfer using ProRes422, then dropped it onto the timeline, added a music track, rendered, and exported as Quicktime movie. It looks great on my desktop using the QT player, but it simply will not work in iDVD.  Still stuck here...

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    I am using Final Cut Pro 3 and would like to export FLV movies either directly FCP timeline or from Quicktime export.
    I have used systems with Adobe CS3 installed and they have a quicktime plug-in for encoding.
    However, I've just purchased Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium and I have not gained that functionality.
    Going to Adobe support is going to cost me more money (I would have thought that spending over £1700 would give me a little help).
    Can anyone tell me how to get export from FCP with what I have?
    Do I have use CS3 or CS4?
    Or do I have to export a quicktime movie from FCP then use Adobe Media Encoder to create FLV files?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your info. I'm already evaluating squeeze, but the trial version doesn't have the plug-in. I would have to pay for it to check it out. As I'm not planning to pay another $600 I suppose I'll have to go with the export from FCP. However, I might just save a reference quicktime movie.

  • FCP quicktime conversion export problem

    issue exporting still image instead of video
    FCP quicktime conversion export problem
    within the last 2 weeks i have exported from FCP studio 7.0.3  as quicktime conversion, the settings are:
    export as QuickTime Conversion:
    > Options> quality> set to Best>
    Standard Video Compression Settings
    Compression Type: H.264
    Frame Rate: Current fps
    Key Frames: Every 24 frames
    check Frame Reordering
    Quality: Best
    Encodeing: Best (Multi-pass)
    Data Rate:
    Filter… none
    NTSC 720x486 16:9
    Sound: (don't change anything)
    Format: Integer (Little Endian)
    Sample rate: 48.000kHz
    Sample size: 16-bit
    Channels: (L R)
    the results i get a odd. - the video exports fine, except for the beginning titles, instead a still frame image from somewhere else in the video occupies that intro, until the first transition- in this case- dip to white, then the rest of the video is fine. the portion of the beginning  that does not show are composed of:  livetype text credits in V2 - in which i have done a manual opacity fade up and down - so the livetype text fades in, over matte color solid in V1. in the exported video -i do not see any of this, all i see is a seemingly random still from somewhere else in the video. i can however hear the audio as it is supposed be.
    cant figure out why this is happening. anybody know?
    i think the livetype files are 1920 x 1080.
    my FCP sequence is 720 p
    this has only recently started happening and doesn't seem to be consistent.
    im wondering if it has to do with the live type files, or the white solid?…
    or the conversion settings above?

    Earlybird is exporting H264 ... the Key Frames setting is determining the GOP length. This value should really be determined based on the complexity of the video, to my understanding, the actual frame rate has no bearing on it. If you have very complex fast moving content then a low Key Frame rate is advisable to ensure good image quality (although it will adversely affect the filesize) whereas if you have slow moving or static content (like an interview subject) then a higher Key Frame rate will still produce a good image but at a smaler filesize. The default of 24 should be pretty much fine as a catchall starting point.
    Corrupted render files (and render references) can be a pain because FCP will use those files and references  in place of the original media when building the export. And so it should as it does't want to waste time re-rendering sections that are apparently already rendered. Unfortuantely, as noted, if the render file has gone bad and/or starts referencing the wrong media then you'll get these wierd flashes of completely unexpeced and unwanted footage showing up where it shouldn't be. When you trash those files then QT / FCP will just go back and re-reference the original media ... so it's usually a worthwhile step to take just in case thats the problem.  The worse case scenario is that it only that doesn't work and you spend some time unecessarily re-rendering.
    As to why these files go bad? That I don't know. Why do Preferences get corrupted? That I don't know either but it definitely happens :-(

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    I exported my 18 minute video with FCP quicktime (instead of quicktime conversion I did export quicktime video in FCP). When I try to add this video to DVD Studio Pro, The first thirty seconds of video import and all the sound imports but no video imports after that first 30 seconds.
    Does anybody have any idea what this is?

    Sounds like a corrupt file. You should try opening it in QT and then saving it out with a different name if it works OK there. Be sure to make a self contained file, not a reference file.
    However, you may find it better to export from FCP through to Compressor and create your MPEG2 files there before bringing them in to DVDSP. This is a better work flow for lots of reasons, ensures you use a dedicated encoder and releases DVDSP to concentrate on what it does best (which certainly isn't the encoding, IMO!)

  • Open a 16x9 quicktime not in 4x3

    I have shot and captured items in 16x9.
    wondering since quicktime always open it in 4x3 if there is a way to change that so it shows the right aspect ratio?

    Open your movie with QT>QT Main menu>Window>Show movie Properties (apple+J)>Presentation>Conform Aperture>Production or Clean.

  • Embed Quicktime export with hyperlinks in web page

    I've got a project I exported from Keynote with hyperlinks -- forward, back, return to menu, etc.
    The links work fine in the Quicktime export playing in the player. They work fine if I open the file directly in a web browser.
    If I embed the file in a web page, however, the link functionality goes away, and it ends up as a 'click-to-advance' movie. Does anyone know if there's a parameter I need to include in the embed code to enable hyperlinks? I couldn't find any likely candidates in Apple's official list...

    My apologies; something must have gone wrong with my export. Tried again, and it works fine!

  • Premiere Pro CC can't open audio from QuickTime exports with Animation Codec

    Exported a file with format: QuickTime VideoCodec: Animation, with an alpha channel. When I opened the exported file back up in CC it doesn't recognize or play back the audio, but when I opened it in cs6 it worked.

    Hi LeGrandCorbeau,
    I had the same issue and solved, here is how:
    Opened a new project and instead of choosing presets I selected resolution as 2048*1152 and 25fps which was the same with my ProRes footage and preview file format to I-Frame Only MPEG everything everthing got just fine!
    Good Luck

  • FCP Pro HD: Export talking head with transparency!

    I've read through a number of posts about this, but what I'm trying to do is this:
    I've shot video of a talking head on a green screen.
    I've keyed the shot.
    Now I want to export the movie with the Flash Video Encoder and just get the talking head with no background. The background will be transparent so that when I import to Flash, I can have objects moving behind it.
    It seems like everyone points to After Effects for this type of work.

    Do not render before export. If you do, you will get the flat rendered output - no transparency...
    Are you talking about a FCP 4.5-specific issue?
    (I ask because I'm able to export an alpha channel for a sequence, even though it's been rendered, in FCP 5.0.4)

  • IMovie to Quicktime using expert export settings - help with size settings

    I want to produce PAL DVDs in widescreen format using iDVD. The original video was recorded in standard size and I want to use iMovie HD to produce Quicktime movies for these DVDs.
    I am using the expert settings to export to Quicktime files. I am using H.264 compression.
    It is the size settings that I need your advice.
    Which do I use? PAL 720x576 4:3, or PAL 720x576 16:9, or one of the HD settings?
    Do I preserve aspect ratio?
    I have looked through many posts, etc but none readily answers my issue with size settings.

    Yes - footage is in 4:3
    I want to show the DVDs on widescreen TVs but not sure if TVs automatically adjust 4:3
    movies into widescreen ratio (say with letterboxing).
    For my standard footage video,I guess I am not sure of what ratios I should be using at the iMovie export to QuickTime stage, and then whether to set the iDVD project into 16:9 format, or leave it in 4:3 format and hope to widescreen TV do the converting.

Maybe you are looking for