2012R2 server System writer missing in the vssadmin list writers

I have some problem with a brand new 2012R2 standard server.
we were able to backup the server from the beginning without problems with the built-in windows backup application.
After installing Solarwinds and SQL server on it, now we have this error in the event logs if we try to backup system state:
The operation ended before completion. Detailed error: The system writer is not found in the backup.
If I check the VSSAdmin list writers, system writer is missing.
We also have this error in the event logs :
Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.
AddWin32ServiceFiles: EnumServicesStatusEx API for service enumeration failed
System Error:
The data is invalid.
I did not find anything on the AddWin32ServiceFiles: EnumServicesStatusEx API... and the problem for the system writer seems to start from this error.
Anyone have an idea ?

Hi Benoit,
As the error mentioned Cryptographic Service, please try to restart that service to see if it will help. In fact, system writer is registered in Cryptographic Service. 
• Any errors on system/application log?
• Run vssadmin list writers again to see if you can find System Writer?
If no system writer, try to run the command in command prompt:
• If the output is like below, that means it is missing the Service Logon User (missing the entry (A;;CCLCSWLOCRRC;;;SU) )
• Then you can reset the eventsystem permission:
• Restart both the COM+ Event System and Cryptographic Services
• Run VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS again and see if system writer is back.
NOTEs:If the problem on your side is indeed related to service permission, you can check the GPO setting on your side to see if there is any change on the COM+ Event System Service.
If the system writer is back, please test if backup function is back to work. 
If you have any feedback on our support, please send to [email protected]

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    On a Windows 2008 R2 we get a Windows Backup error while backupping System State (event id: 5, error code: '2155347997').
    We tried *ALL* solutions found on Internet regarding the same issue (and we also applied the suggested hotfix KB2807849) but without success. So we DIGGED INTO VSS to see what is happening.
    ***1) First we saw that an USB printer had a problem and this resulted in
    hundreds of entries in the following registry keys:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StillImage\DeviceNameStore\Canon MF6500 Series #100010]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StillImage\DeviceNameStore\Canon MF6500 Series #100011]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StillImage\DeviceNameStore\Canon MF6500 Series #100012]
    ***2) We completely removed ALL drivers/devices related to that printer (now the DeviceNameStore is empty and
    pnputil -e returns no driver related to the printer)
    ***3) Using process monitor we saw that during vssadmin list writers the system is searching for the DLLs related to that printer AND SEEMS CAUGHT IN AN ENDLESS LOOP: this is an excerpt of the scan:
    09:56:34,5205954    svchost.exe    324    RegSetValue    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services\VSS\Diag\System Writer\IDENTIFY (Enter)    SUCCESS
    09:57:18,2310377 svchost.exe 324 QueryDirectory C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\cnz005.icc NO SUCH FILE Filter: cnz005.icc
    09:57:18,2312877 svchost.exe 324 QueryDirectory C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\cnf6500m.icc NO SUCH FILE Filter: cnf6500m.icc
    09:57:18,2314854 svchost.exe 324 QueryDirectory C:\Windows\System32\cncmfp20.ini NO SUCH FILE Filter: cncmfp20.ini
    09:57:18,2316416 svchost.exe 324 QueryDirectory C:\Windows\System32\cnclsi20.dll NO SUCH FILE Filter: cnclsi20.dll
    ... and so on
    It seems that somewhere there is a catalog of system files which still contains the references to the (same) files used by the hundreds of devices that WERE present in the DeviceNameStore (see point ***1 above, but now it is empty),  and the System
    Writer continues to search/enumerate those files and fails.
    How can I fix it ? Is there a way to "reset" the System Writer and "rebuild" (???) the correct files that it should backup? (in order to complete a successfull system state backup)
    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance.
    EDIT: some additional (useful?) information:
    * we also ran chkdsk /f C: 
    * sfc /scannow completes without errors
    * in the vssadmin list writers the "system writer" is missing (but - as said above - when we run it the associated process repeatedly search printer dll files in the System32 directory)
    * perhaps those file are contained is some filemaps catalog ?!? Is there a way to "reset" them?!?
    ***EDIT 2***:
    I found that the reference to those missing DLLs are in ***C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3*** but if I move the file away the System Writer continues not being listed in vssadmin list writer (though the vssadmin command complete very fast).
    This is what is happening:
    svchost.exe    324    CloseFile    C:\Windows\inf    SUCCESS    
    svchost.exe    324    CloseFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\infpub.dat    SUCCESS    
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\infpub.dat    ACCESS DENIED
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\infstor.dat    ACCESS DENIED
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\infstrng.dat    ACCESS DENIED
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\drvindex.dat    ACCESS DENIED
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\INFCACHE.0    NAME NOT FOUND
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\INFCACHE.1    ACCESS DENIED
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\INFCACHE.2    NAME NOT FOUND
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\inf    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryBasicInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    RegCloseKey    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup    SUCCESS    
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev1    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev1    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev1
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev1    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev1
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev2    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev2
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev2
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev2    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev2
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3
    svchost.exe    324    QueryStandardInformationFile    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFileMapping    C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32\drivers    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\acpi.sys    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\rdpbus.sys    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\drivers\i8042prt.sys    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CloseFile    C:\Windows\System32\drivers    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    CreateFile    C:\Windows\System32    SUCCESS
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\cncc6500.dll    NO SUCH FILE    Filter: cncc6500.dll
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\cnci6500.dll    NO SUCH FILE    Filter: cnci6500.dll
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\cncc6500.dll    NO SUCH FILE    Filter: cncc6500.dll
    svchost.exe    324    QueryDirectory    C:\Windows\System32\cnci6500.dll    NO SUCH FILE    Filter: cnci6500.dll
    ... !!!!!GET CAUGHT IN AN ENDLESS LOOP!!!!!!!! (System Writer probably ends for timeout)...
    Is there a way to rebuild/modify that file C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.ev3
    Perhaps I can delete the catroot2 directory?

    Please check if there are number of files in Temporary ASP.NET folders under "C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework". If so, clear these files then restart the server to check the results.
    In additional, you could try the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:
    1. Give NETWORK SERVICE Read permissions on COM+ Event System.
    a. Open the registry editor and navigate to HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventSystem.
    b. Right click on the EventSystem and then select ‘Permissions’
    c. Click on ‘ADD’ button and then type in ‘NETWORK SERVICE’ and give it READ permission.
    d. Reboot the machine and then run the 'VSS admin list writers' to check if it shows up the 'system writer'.
    2. If the step 1 doesn't work then move the contents of C:\Windows\winsxs\FileMaps to an alternate location. Then run the command 'VSS admin list writers' to check if it shows up the 'system writer'.  Is so, some of those files maybe corrupted and we
    need to identify them and replace the files from a healthy machine.
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Using invoke-command to run 'vssadmin list writers' on several servers, how do I sort the results from each server?

    Hi I am a PS virgin so be gentle with me. I am trying to run the vssadmin list writers command on 8 servers.
    invoke-command -computername srv-bx-hvc1, srv-bx-hvc2, srv-bx-hvc3, srv-bx-hvc4,
    srv-bx-hvc7, srv-bx-hvc8
    -command {vssadmin list writers}
    The command works but I cannot tell which response is from what server.
    The objective whould be to eventually have the command so I know which server has  failed vss writers if possible restart them automatically.
    Any thoughts on how to achieve this lofty ideal??

    This is a tweak to the example that JRV listed.  I am using this code to just pull the information about the Exchange Writers but you could adapt it for others.
    $servers | %{
    $writers=vssadmin list writers
    New-Object PSObject -Property @{Server=$_;Writers=$writers}
    $ServerName = $_
    $out = invoke-command -computername $_ -scriptblock $sb -Argumentlist $_
    $WritersData = $Out.Writers
    for ($I = 0;$I -le $WritersData.Count -1;$I++)
    $Data = $WritersData[$I]
    If($Data.StartsWith('Writer name:'))
    $WriterName = ($Data.Split(':')[1]).Trim()
    $WriterID = ($WritersData[$I+1].Split(':')[1]).Trim()
    $WriterInstID = ($WritersData[$I+2].Split(':')[1]).Trim()
    $State = ($WritersData[$I+3].Split(':')[1]).Trim()
    $LastError = ($WritersData[$I+4].Split(':')[1]).Trim()
    $info = [Ordered]@{
    'ComputerName' = "$ServerName";
    'WriterName' = "$WriterName";
    'WriterID' = "$WriterID";
    'WriterInstID' = "$WriterInstID";
    'State' = "$State";
    'LastError' = "$LastError";
    $object = New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property $info
    $object | Where-Object {$_.WriterName -like '*Microsoft Exchange*'} | Select-Object -Property ComputerName,WriterName,State,LastError


    I have installed win server 2012. On that server i have sql 2012 and sharepoint 2013. After a while my windows server backup stops working and system writer is missing now. I found that problem might be in subfolders in MICROSOFT.NET folder. It has more
    than 1000 subfolders in GAC_MSIL folder. Is this really true that system writer can't enumerate more than 1000 folders and that I cant have sharepoint 2013 and sql server 2012 installed on same server. Is there a solution which can fix this or I can have all
    of that on one server?
    Hope that someone can help with this.

    It seems to be a known issue, some other Technet forum users have experienced the same problem.
    Check this post and see the solution.
    Missing VSS System Writer and CAPI2 error in Event Log
    I've got this problem about a month ago. I refer to MSP.
    The problem was caused due to stack full. When we list system writer using “vssadmin list writers”, it will go through all the system files. To do that, the OS use a  search algorithm with a stack which has a size limitation of 1000. When the stack
    was full, it failed to continue listing files and log an event in the application event log.
    In my case, the following folder contains too many subdirectory and caused the problem.
    C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\*
    1. Open C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\CONFIG\Web.config
    2. Add tempDirectory attribute to compilation tag. For example:
    < compilation tempDirectory="c:\ASPTEMP">
    And also grant the folder with the same privilege with as “C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files”.
    3. Restart the IIS Service.
    4. Backup and delete all files under “C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework64\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files”.
    5. restart the Cryptographic Service.
    6. Try “vssadmin list writers” again.
    Hopes this brings idea for you to solve it.
    And also refer to this thread:
    Howto Restore VSS Functionality on Windows 2012 Server with SQL 2012 and Sharepoint 2013 installed?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
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    LINSZ  INT4     10     Creating lists          Line width in a list
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    LISTI    INT4     10     Processing lists       Index of the chosen list

  • Vssadmin list writers empty

    On my Windows Server 2003 when running the command vssadmin list writers it is returning an empty list. So no writers at all.
    I found a support article that mentioned to re-register the following:
    regsvr32 ole32.dll
    regsvr32 vss_ps.dll
    Vssvc /Register
    regsvr32 /i swprv.dll
    regsvr32 /i eventcls.dll
    regsvr32 es.dll
    regsvr32 stdprov.dll
    regsvr32 vssui.dll
    regsvr32 msxml.dll
    regsvr32 msxml3.dll
    regsvr32 msxml4.dll
    The thing is I have no msxml.dll and no msxml4.dll in my %windir%\system32 folder. MSXML6 is installed because this is a SQL 2005 server.
    I also found an article which suggested to remove the subscriptions through the registry. This didn't help.
    When running the command I get error events:
    ID 8193
    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance. hr = 0x80040154.
    ID 20
    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: A critical component required by the Volume Shadow Copy service is not registered. This might happened if an error occurred during Windows setup or during installation of a Shadow Copy provider. The error returned from CoCreateInstance on class with CLSID {faf53cc4-bd73-4e36-83f1-2b23f46e513e} and Name VSSEvent is [0x80040154].

    This one solved!
    When re-registering the components we didn't ran the command from the root instead of %windir%\system32. Now everything is okay.

  • Objects hidden (missing) in the Hierarchy list of SE80

    Hi Experts,
    The situation is, I have seen many times in my programs that, out of all the objects declared in the ABAP program some are found missing in the objects hierarchy list. Example, there will be a selection screen delcared and the program is working fine, but in the objects list, either screens node is not shown or if screens tab is shown, the number 1000 screen will be missing. another instannce is, out of the internal tables declared usinf the "data" statment, one or two of them will not be seen under "fields" node. Can any one please tell me why this happens practically when it should not happen ideally.
    Is there any way to make them visible again?
    All the satisfying and justifying answers will be rewarded.
    Thanks & Regrads,

    Open the report in se80.
    From menu, choose : Utilities->Update Navigation index
    = Or =
    Right click the report program; from the context menu choose
    Other Functions->Rebuild Object List
    This will regenerate the program object list.

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    You can read more here.

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  • My Adobe Acrobat plug in is missing from the Addon list. I use Acrobat 9.0 Standard version.

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    Beta 10 was OK.
    Also note that when I click on tools then Options then Applications - Acrobat is not there also.

    Error "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Creative Suite

  • Windows Server 2012 VSS error "The system writer is missing"

    Hello All,
    I have a HP server that I have just installed Server 2012 standard, SQL Server 2012 and Sharepoint 2013.
    When I try to take bare metal backup I get the error: "The system writer is missing", I have tried the backup as the local admin and domain admin.
    The backup will only work if I decide to back up C:, once I select "Bare Metal" or "System State" the backup fails.
    I have tried this solution: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc734021.aspx but have not had any luck yet.
    When I run the command "vssadmin list writers" I can not see "System Writer" listed.
    How can I add/turn on the System Writer?

    The system writer fails due to the fact that the trusted installer & system accounts are missing permissions to files in the directory %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\.
    To resolve this issue, please run the following commands from an administrative elevated Command Window:
    CD c:\windows\system32
    Takeown /f %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\* /a
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(RX)"
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "NT Service\trustedinstaller:(F)"
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "BUILTIN\Users:(RX)"
    For more information, please also refer to the following links:
    Discussion Forum FAQ: VSS System Writer is missing. 
    Failure during Windows Server 2008 System State Backup & System Writer Missing
    Arthur Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Missing VSS System Writer and CAPI2 error in Event Log

    I'm having problems with making full system backup of Windows 2008 R2 x64. It looks like this is related to missing VSS System Writer. When I'm running command "vssadmin list writers" there is no System Writer in writers list and in event log CAPI2 error (event ID 513) is showing with this description:
    Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.
    TraverseDir : Unable to push subdirectory.
    System Error:
    Unspecified error
    <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-CAPI2" Guid="{5bbca4a8-b209-48dc-a8c7-b23d3e5216fb}" EventSourceName="Microsoft-Windows-CAPI2" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="0">513</EventID>
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-03-14T01:06:35.639125000Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="968" ThreadID="11588" />
    <Security />
    <Data>Details: TraverseDir : Unable to push subdirectory. System Error: Unspecified error</Data>
    any idea what could be wrong?
    Thanks in advance

    Hello ,
    Based on the research, the VSS System Writer runs in the context of CryptSvc service on Windows Server 2008. To make the system writer works normally, please open services
    console to verify that the Cryptographic Services logon as the credentials of the "Network Service" account.
    The VSS system writer can be missing due to several reasons,  to isolate this issue, please refer to the following steps to boot the problematic server with clean
    boot mode to perform the test.
    Steps: Clean Boot
    1. On a problematic server perform a clean boot and check if the issue still exists
    2. Click Start->Run...->type msconfig and press Enter
    3. Click Services tab and select Hide All Microsoft Services and Disable All third party Services.
    4. Click Startup tab and Disable All startup items
    5. Click OK and choose Restart
    After the server reboot, please run "vssadmin list writers" to check if the "System Writer" can be displayed.
    If the issue still exists, please open a CMD prompt as Run As Administrator and type the following commands to see if it the system writer will be occure.
    CD c:\windows\system32
    Takeown /f %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\* /a
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(RX)"
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "NT Service\trustedinstaller:(F)"
    icacls %windir%\winsxs\filemaps\*.* /grant "BUILTIN\Users:(RX)"
    Moreover, based on the experience, it has been reported that there is some permissions issue which can cause this kind of issue. Please follow the steps below and check
    if it can be helpful.
    On domain controller
    1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
    2. Click View and then "Advanced features"
    3. Right Click built and click properties.
    4. Click security tab.
    5. Grant read permission to 'Authenticated Users'
    6. Click Apply and OK.
    7. Restart Cryptographic Services.
    Note: By Default, it should have read permission for the system to take system state backup.
    Hope this can be helpful.
    MCTS: Windows Vista | Exchange Server 2007 MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician | Server & Enterprise Admin

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    So can anyone explain what happened to my tv artwork in iTunes? It's not only the artwork that is messed up, but there are now multiple copies of each tv show in my iTunes, all the shortcuts in them work as well. Album artwork seems to have crossed o

  • How to view syntax code errors in firefox

    When coding in php if I made a coding error I used to get the error details in the ff window - now I do not see that and can not find anywhere to view the errors. I have now written a small bit of php with the wrong table name - I used to get a messa

  • DBCC SHRINKFILE: Page 4:11283400 could not be moved because it is a work table page.

    Hi, I issued this command on Tempdb but it doesnot shrink the file. dbcc shrinkfile (tempdev_3,1) go Messages: DBCC SHRINKFILE: Page 4:11283400 could not be moved because it is a work table page. I have  checked that there are no tables associated wi