24" iMac for Good for Pro Use?

I am considering getting a 24" iMac. I would like to get a Mac Pro with a pro display but my budget does not stretch that far. I have no worries about the speed of the Duo 2 Core 2.4Ghz, my concern is about the DISPLAY. I am going to be working in Photoshop editing images. I am a professional photographer. I went to my local Apple Store and took a look and I did see on the 20" the gradient thing. On the 24" it looked better but with a flat grey background image it did look completely uneven.
Are these displays up to handing pro work? Does the glossy screens render colors badly, even after a calibration. How concerned should I be about this?

I recently faced the same dilemma. I am also a pro photographer and need to have my monitor calibrated to my Epson 2200. I decided that the glare from the new IMAC LCDs was unacceptable and would make it difficult to edit my photos. In addition, the new glossy screens have more impact than the matte screens due to increased contrast and color saturation which would also make calibration difficult. About 4 weeks ago, I bought a white 24" previous generation IMAC with a matte screen since I didn't want to spend the additional money to buy a Mac Pro.
The screen on my new computer has a light to dark gradient going from left to right that is not optimal for photo editing. This seems to be a common issue on both the new aluminum 24" and the white 24" LCD screens. Hopefully Apple will come up with a fix for this issue.
The screen is also too bright but thats just another issue.

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    and maybe a copple of games such as the elder scrolls online, gta 5 (when it comes to Mac/PC) and skyrim (with mods)

    Yes, I'd urge  you to visit your local Apple Store and ask your quesitons. You may want to speak to their business professional who may have more expertise than your everyday consumer sales people.

  • 24" iMac any good for games (compared to Mac Pro)

    I'm on my second Mac Pro and after no end of trouble so i'm hoping to exchange it for a 24" imac but i was wondering if it's any good for games?
    I would probably configure it with the 7600gt and maybe the 2.33ghz proccessor.
    My mac pro with the x1900xt ran Quake 4 and Doom3 etc at full stettings really well but i've just had to much trouble with it!

    The iMac would be fine for games for now, but you are stuck with the configuration that you purchase as there is no way (for now) to upgrade the video card.
    There is a thought that some OEMs might make an upgrade card, but as of now there are none.
    The big advantage of the Mac Pro is that it has the PCI-express video card that you can remove the stock card from and add a newer, better card.

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    Lastly I noticed some they sell are AU and some are stand alone. Is one better than the other?

    Thanks for the link but if you read the review of it on the site, it is terrible. The users on VT hated it. It got 1 star out of 5. I was looking for a recommendation of one that someone has actually "used" themselves and likes it from experience using it.
    There was a link that someone posted there for a free tuner from emagic that they said is great, but all the links I found with google run to a dead end unfortunately.
    BTW: boy do those 12 strings take forever to tune. I was jamming with a friend over new years weekend and it took him forever to tune up, (and he has an excellent ear).

  • Is iMac 5K good for games !?

    Hello, I want to ask you  is the new iMac good for video games. By video games I mean games with very good graphics like Far Cry 4, GTA 5, CoD AW, Dying Light and other like them   or I should get a cheeper gaming pc? Please, answer me if you can.

    The only way to play high games with high response times on an IMac is to get an IMac with high end specs and that'll make it a very expensive gaming machine.
    You need to check the sites for the games you play for the nominal (average) hardware specs as well as the higher end hardware specs.
    None of the 21 inch screen IMacs will hack it for high end gaming as their GPUs top out at 1 GB VRAM and the i7 CPUs are NOT the fastest available.
    The only 5K retina iMac is the 27 inch screen model that starts at $2500 U.S.D. and the 27 inch screen models are the only models to get all of the bells and whistles needed like maybe a top of the line i7 CPU(for games the i7 CPU is really needed over the more common i5 CPUs), top of the line GPU (or  see if you can get away with the base (2 GB VRAM GPUs) and faster 7200 RPM hard drives (the 21 inch screen iMacs only come now with laptop standard 5400 RPM hard drives, now) or faster/larger Fusion or SSD/Flash based drives.
    You'll be close to the $3000 mark or more if you go with both the fastest CPU (4.0 Ghz) AND the 4 GB VRAM GPU.
    If you are trying to compare an iMac gaming machine to a cheap PC for gaming, it sounds as if to me you do not have the budget for a $2500 IMac???
    Even the non-retina 27 inch iMacs will set you back, at least $2000 U.S.D. for the higher spec'd. model.
    If you are really considering the cheap PC route (which won't be as cheap as you think for a comparable PC with good gaming hardware specs), maybe just stick to your PC for gaming.
    It seems to me that the budget is not there or realistic for a IMac with the specs you are going to need.
    Good Luck!

  • IMacs are good for gaming

    Im thinking about buying a 21'' Imac for gaming and other stuff, would it be good for playing some games?

    Buy a dedicated gaming box, instead.
    Better for gaming than a Mac and less expensive.
    The 21 inch screen iMac models won't cut it for gaming if you need high resolution, fast refresh graphics.
    The 21 inch screen iMac models only come with a 512 VRAM GPU.
    Not enough GPU power for high end gaming with high resolution graphics requirements.

  • I m trying to transfer my data from my imac to my macbook pro using transfer manager i m connected to wiifi it says that the process will take above 55 hours ? I have only 38gb to tranfere ? Why so long isnt normal

    I m trying to make a transfer to all my data from my imac to my macbook pro with wireless ... And using my transfer manager as requested but it show 55 hours time to download ? Whats wrong ?

    So there are several factors that may point to why your transfer is going to take so long.  First and foremost it is going to be the type/speed of wireless you're using.  Your router and computers should all be using the same type of wifi (ie 802.11G or 802.11N).  That will ensure the best "theoretical" transfer speeds across your network.  Depending on what type of router you have and what type of wireless cards your computers have that will determine the max theoretical transfer speeds you could achieve.  For instance the fastest available wifi is currently 802.11N at approximately 300MB/S maximum transfer speed.  Realistically you'll probably see about 10% of that. 
    Secondly the speed of the computers and their hard drives will also play a large factor in the transfer time.  If your computer has a slower processor or uses a lot of virtual ram (which uses the hard disc drive) you will experience slower transfer speeds. 
    As seventy one said you will experience MUCH faster transfer speeds over ethernet.  You will especially noticie faster speeds over gigabit ethernet.  Gigabit speeds require both computers to have a gigabit ethernet port and a router with a gigabit ethernet switch. 
    With all of that being said depending on other variables the connection may speed up and slowdown depending on current network traffic and your transfer time may increase/decrease accordingly.  I would suspect it won't take 55 hours.

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    I have created a smartform that prints barcodes on a label.
    My tests print successfully to the Printronix thermal label printer.
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    /SMB40/M07DR does not exist on my system. and I am going to use output type WEE1 - for LABEL Printing
    Awaiting your feedback.
    Thanks in advance geniuses!

    Good luck dude,
    In that same program I noticed We01 that will print a smartform GR. I think if you use form entry_we01 in your output control you should do well.

  • IMac any good for Architects ?

    Hello guys,
    I am an Architect and i am planning to buy an iMac soon. Unfirtunately not all architecture software works on Mac OS.
    Is it sensible enough to install windows 7 on iMac and use for aechitecture purpose ?
    Please comment.

    Running Windows under BootCamp, a true dual boot configuration, is just as fast as on a PC. Running Windows as I do with Paralells, a virtual machine, is slower than a PC. The applications that I run aren't extremely intensive and I need to switch back and forth between OS X and Win frequently so I don't care that I'm taking a speed hit. When you run BootCamp your Mac IS a PC. The beauty of it is that when you're done with windows for the day you can reboot into
    OS X and run your Mac stuff.

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    This website is very useful

  • "Best" configuration for new Mac Pro used for Aperture?

    I'm getting ready to order a new Mac Pro and would like to configure it to optimize Aperture performance.
    On CPUs - I have found no benchmarks which show whether Aperture would benefit from 2 quad core processors versus 1. Does anyone know of any benchmarks or have any experience using a single quad core? I don't want to spend $500 on a 2nd processor if Aperture can't use it.
    On Graphics cards - I was sold on the GForce 8800, due to it's supposed blazing speed for gaming and it's larger on board memory. However, after reading the following review http://www.barefeats.com/harper10.html , these guys seem to imply that applications such as Aperture actually run faster with the standard Radeon 2600 video card! If anyone has any experience or opinions on this review, I'd love to hear them!
    On memory - I know from experience that Aperture will use all of the physical memory you make available to it. I plan on ordering the standard 2GB from Apple, then adding 8GB from 3rd party for total of 10MB.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I can only say that when faced with the same decision last month, I went with a 2.8 8-core/8800GT/10gb RAM/library stored on 2nd internal drive setup and am completely satisfied with Aperture's speed. Beyond satisfied, really, borderline thrilled to be honest. No beach balls, perfectly responsive adjustment sliders, smooth and quick scrolling through images (even with Quick Preview mode turned off). Aperture 2 definitely takes advantage of all 8 cores - I have MenuMeters installed and can watch its CPU usage across all 8 cores. Exporting, for example, is fast and uses all cores for background processing.
    I have seen a couple small anomalies though...when moving photos around in a light table, I get some odd flashing artifacts on the right side of screen that could be graphics card related. Visually annoying but it doesn't affect performance. I'm also seeing some weird behavior with keywords not appearing in Tooltips and in the Viewer, but it's intermittent and is most likely a software bug and not my hardware setup.

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  • IMac any good for gameing?

    I've just returned my faulty Powermac G5 2.3GHZ Dual Core with the nvidia 6600 256mb graphics card and am thinking of replaceing it with a 20" iMac Core Duo with the 256mb Graphics card upgrade.
    I currently have Quake 4 and Doom3 both of which ran ok on the G5, does anyone have any experiences of these and other games at reasonable quality settings etc?

    I have bootcamp on an iMac and its awsome.
    I have unreal tournament on both OSX and XP, on XP it is around 50% faster, don't believe the hype apples graphics handling for games is appalling compared to XP, simple fact when its there on the same computer. Open GL is broken compared to Direct X, even MacWorld admitted it.
    I am currently running Oblivion on XP and it runs well (Although frankly I don't know what the fuss is about if I look at someone funny I am slammed in jail and its starting to get tiring!)

  • TV Display for Mac Book Pro using DVI to VGA Cable

    Have connected my Mac book Pro (2007) to Sony Bravo TV using the dvi to vga cable.  The TV monitor only displays the startup screen.  It does not display subsequent screens.  It appears to be frozen and  ignores any further displays or activities on my computer


  • HT1338 How do I download the Epson Perfection 1670 drivers for my Macbook Pro using MAC OS X 10.8.x?

    Can anyone help me? I need to download the drivers for an Epson Perfection 1670 scanner. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

    Here you go >  Epson Perfection 1670 Photo, Drivers & Downloads

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