3 finger backswipe not working on safari

Well besides the 3 finger backswipe not working very well, and tempermental at best. Safari has also not been able to load certain pages (my firefox does just fine) , it has also been suuuuperr slowwwww. And just in general not working well at all. In other words it's been crappy.
So, uh, whats up with Safari.
I already did a permissions repair, and a 'Safari Reset' (multiple times), finishing always with a clean restart of the machine.
I do have snow leopard still, as my os (10.6.8). I have a macbook pro, 7.1
So hey everybody whats up with Safari, anyone know how to fix this?
Do I need to uninstall Safari and reload it? Is that possible?
Please only answer if you really know what is going on with safari, thanks

Yeah, I get no replies from any of the techs here. Everyone has usually always been friendly and cordial and helpful here. But , only silence regarding this issue.
I may have thrown some people off when I stated in my original question, "Please only answer if you really know what is going on with safari, thanks ""
Well the reason I said that is , sometimes I get people who say things like, "Do a permission repair" or, "Check your Prefrences for Trackpad."
,,,,,,Already did all that. Did that before I ever got on this forum, that stuff is like real basic protocols for me.
I want to know what the heck is really going on,,,,,,just like you.
Anyone else have a real clue?
thanks, all 

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    The lookup function is not working in safari like it used to. it just shows up and disappears. it can work in pdf and other web browser like chrome. here attached the video to show what it is like

    sorry for the slow reply.
    The problem did happen as soon as I installed 10.6. As I still work in 10.5 as well I do a lot of switching between the two. The problem has never appeared on 10.5, and has now stopped happening on 10.6
    Do you still have the issue after a reboot? I have not had the issue since I posted this topic and nothing has changed on my pack

  • Two-finger pinch zoom not working with safari

    Suddenly, the two-finger pinch to zoom is not working with Safari. MBP 13", SL 10.6.8 andf Safari 5.1. The View Menu Zoom control works fine, and the Pinch gesture works once thereafter, but then not. I have reloaded the Safari .plist. Gesture works with the Desktop icons and iPhoto. Any suggestions?

    Ditto with the Newsstand-blocks-the-Home-Screen bug.
    I was eager to see the revised New York Times layout and disappointed when Newsstand wouldn't pinch closed.
    The irony is, we can finally "hide" the Newsstand in a folder but now it takes over our Home Screens. I'm hoping this will be fixed in the first update.

  • YouTube will not work on safari for me on the ipad. Is there anyway to fix this? I can go anywhere else on the internet fine and it works on google chrome, but on safari it shows a blank screen with the bar on top after it loads.

    YouTube will not work on safari for me on the ipad. Is there anyway to fix this? I can go anywhere else on the internet fine and it works on google chrome, but on safari it shows a blank screen with the bar on top after it loads, if it's even loading at all.
    I do not know if it's relevant or not, but I got a message on my ipad while on safari saying that my iPhone has a virus. I looked it up and it seems it might have just been an ad from the website I was on, but it happened around the same time YouTube stopped working.

    You will find that using the YouTube app will provide a better viewing experience for YouTube videos.

  • Flash not working in Safari 5

    Flash has been buggy for me in Safari 5, ever since I updated the Flash player last week to "10.1 r53". Either Flash files don't play at all, or just the audio plays without video.
    Per the instructions on these boards, I have:
    1. reset Safari
    2. uninstalled flash player
    3. installed the flash player
    4. repaired permissions
    5. restarted
    The issue is still there. Firefox plays Flash files, YouTube, etc. just fine. Safari does not.
    I'm running SL 10.6.4, latest Software Updates.
    Any suggestions?

    I created a new account. Flash works in the new account. That's cool, but I really don't want to re-locate all my prefs, etc., just for a buggy plugin.
    So, I next...
    1. grabbed the Safari plist from the new account
    2. logged out of the new account
    3. logged into the old account (where Flash does not work)
    4. moved the old account's com.apple.safari plist file out of the Preferences folder
    5. moved the clean Safari plist file (from the new account) into the Preferences folder
    6. reset and restarted Safari
    7. Flash worked...for about two minutes. I tested on YouTube, Vimeo and Google Analytics. Back to Flash not working in Safari.
    I then tried repeating the earlier steps.
    1. reset Safari
    2. uninstall flash player
    3. install flash player
    4. repaired permissions
    5. restarted
    Still doesn't work.
    Just one other thing to note: whenever I pull up a web page with Flash, I get a "file not found" error in Safari's activity monitor (link is below)...could this be an error with Adobe's website rather than a Safari-permission thing?
    http://fpdownload2.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/update/current/install/version .xml10.1.53.64~os=Mac&osVer=10.6.4&playerType=pl&cpuWordLength=32&cpuArchitectur e=i386&lang=en

  • NYT videos not working in Safari 5

    NYT videos not working in Safari 5

    Work fine for me - they are just normal Flash videos.
    Make sure your Flash Player is up to date.
    The latest version of Adobe FlashPlayer can be obtained from here:
    (You can check here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS.
    You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here (make sure you use the correct one!):
    and also that you follow the instructions closely, such as closing ALL applications first before installing. You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe.

  • Cross-frame scripting is not working in Safari 3.0.4. Minimal example code.

    I've found that cross-frame scripting is not working in Safari 3.0.4, as it worked
    ok on Safari 3.0.1, and in other browsers I tried: Firefox, Mozilla, IE.
    document.domain property is set to "ds2ps.net", correctly to the best of my knowledge
    in the frameset and in both frames. Both frames and frameset are loaded
    from subdomains of the same domain "ds2ps.net"
    Please have a look at this mimimal example:
    Press buttons to get alert with value of a variable defined in the frameset
    and in the first frame.
    This gives "undefined" in Safari 3.0.4, and give following message in Safari
    JavaScript console:
    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://frameset.ds2ps.net/frames-test/frameset.html from frame with URL http://frame2.ds2ps.net/frames-test/frame2.html. Domains, protocols and ports must match.
    Works ok in all other browsers and in earlier versions of Safari.
    Apperently, I'm doing something incorrectly.
    I would appreciate if Apple Safari developers have a look at this problem and suggest solution.
    My company is developing web application which depends on cross-frame scripting,
    and we would like to continue supporting Safari browser.
    Thank you,

    Thank you, iBod,
    We've submitted this bug at http://bugs.webkit.org
    Bug 16444: Cross-frame scripting not working in Safari 3.0.4 despite proper document.domain set in all frames
    Thank you for your suggestion!

  • My youtube does not work on safari only when i try to play a video it says "This video is not available on mobile add to playlist" But i am using a mac air 11 inch it is not a mobile. Please Help. i have to use the youtube on firefox or chrome

    my youtube does not work on safari only when i try to play a video it says "This video is not available on mobile add to playlist" But i am using a mac air 11 inch it is not a mobile. Please Help. i have to use the youtube on firefox or chrome. At times it also say QuickTime Player can't open "video.3gp". and
    The file may be damaged or may not be a movie file that is compatible with QuickTime Player. when i try to open a video on youtube on safari

    I too am having the same issue as the OP.
    Your USER AGENT information is Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2) AppleWebKit/600.3.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.3 Safari/600.3.18
    Every webserver that receives a request from your browser is able to determine the HTTP USER AGENT information unless it has been removed by some software (e.g. firewall) before the request was trasmitted.

  • Google Voice Widget Not Working in Safari 5.1 which is Adobe flash wmode transparent based

    Google Voice Widget Not Working in Safari 5.1 which is Adobe flash with wmode transparent set. For that matter all flash text fields in Safari 5.1 are not working accross the web when wmode is set to transparent. This is a Safari bug! Other browsers work fine.
    Well after much research Adobe flash text field with wmode transparent set is not working in Safari 5.1 when any flash object has the wmode set to "transparent", or "opaque". The problem is many site must layer flash objects with html so the wmode transparent must be used.
    Affecting sites like BEST BUY, WALMART, CVS, STAPLES, Chechout their flash based weekly ads and find one that you need to update the quantity in the flash pop-up and the text field with keyboard strokes will not work. Flash text fields were all working fine until several month ago when Safari rolled out 5.1 working for Google Voice Flash based widget which uses the wmode transparent. HELP!
    John Hooper
    Techno Online Problem Solver

    All 3 examples seem to render just fine in IE and FF.
    See comparison photo:
    If not working for you, try clearing your cache to remove any old, non working versions.
    Test on some other machine besides yours.
    Code looks fine and seems to work.
    Best wishes,

  • Af:panelTabbed not working in safari 4 & 5

    af:panelTabbed is not working in safari 4 and 5 .
    On click of each tab it calls a javascript method.
    the javascript method do the functionality of watermark.
    The code i use for watermark is
    function adf$noValueText$intialize(event) {
    var component = event.getSource();
    component.visitChildren(adf$noValueText$replaceEmptyWithText, null, false);
    function adf$noValueText$onFocus(event) {
    function adf$noValueText$onBlur(event) {
    function adf$noValueText$replaceTextWithEmpty(component) {
    var noValueText = component.getProperty("noValueText");
    if (typeof noValueText != 'undefined') {
    var domNode = document.getElementById(component.getClientId() + "::content");
    if (domNode.value == component.getProperty("noValueText")) {
    domNode.value = "";
    function adf$noValueText$replaceEmptyWithText(component) {
    var noValueText = component.getProperty("noValueText");
    if (typeof noValueText != 'undefined') {
    var domNode = document.getElementById(component.getClientId() + "::content");
    if (domNode.value == "") {
    domNode.value = component.getProperty("noValueText");
    function refresh() {
    Can somebody tell me whether this javascript is correct and the reason why af:paneltabbed not working in safari 4 & 5 browser.
    Pls reply asap.
    Thanks in advance

    <af:panelTabbed id="pt2" >
    <af:showDetailItem text="Team Members"
    id="sdi2" immediate="true">
    <af:clientListener method="refresh" type="disclosure"/>
    <af:outputFormatted value="TEAM MEMBERS" id="of49" />
    <af:subform id="s2">
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage label="FIRST_AND_LAST" id="plam1"/>
    <af:inputText id="it1FnLastValid" value="#{ForgotUsernameBean.initials}" required="true"
    maximumLength="2" autoSubmit="true" requiredMessageDetail="ENTER_FIRST_AND_LAST">
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText" value="Ex.AA"/>
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus" type="focus"/>
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur" type="blur"/>
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg" label="BIRTH_DATE(DD/YY)" id="plam2"/>
    <af:inputText value="#{ForgotUsernameBean.dateOfBirth}"
    autoSubmit="true" id="it1">
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur"
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg"
    <af:inputText label="" id="it3ValidnRestNo"
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText" value="****"/>
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus" type="focus"/>
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur" type="blur"/>
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg" label="POS_ID" id="plam3"/>
    <af:inputText label="" id="it4InpPosIdValidn"
    requiredMessageDetail="POS ID">
    <af:validateLength minimum="3" maximum="4"
    messageDetailNotInRange="POSID NOTINRANGE"/>
    <af:validateRegExp pattern="[0-9]*"
    messageDetailNoMatch="POSID INVALID"/>
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur"
    <af:commandButton styleClass="pollsVote backBt"
    partialTriggers="it4InpPosIdValidn it3ValidnRestNo it1FnLastValid it1"
    <af:showDetailItem text="RESTAURANT MANAGERS" id="sdi3" immediate="true">
    <af:outputFormatted value="RESTAURANT MANAGERS" id="magH"/>
    <af:subform id="s1">
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg" label="RESTAURANT NUMBER"id="m3"/>
    <af:inputText label="" id="it5"
    requiredMessageDetail="RESTAURANT NUMBER">
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur"
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg" label="BIRTH DATE(MM/DD/YYYY)" id="m9"/>
    <af:inputText value="#{ForgotUsernameBean.rmdateOfBirth}"
    requiredMessageDetail="BIRTH DATE" id="it6" maximumLength="10">
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur"
    <af:panelLabelAndMessage styleClass="label-msg"
    <af:inputText label="" id="it7"
    <af:clientAttribute name="noValueText"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onFocus"
    <af:clientListener method="adf$noValueText$onBlur"
    <af:commandButton styleClass="pgrl_loginbutton login_button floatL"
    partialTriggers="it5 it6 it7"
    this is the code i used for paneltabbed.
    refresh method is called after each showdetailitem <af:clientListener method="refresh" type="disclosure"/>
    when i remove this clientlistener which calls refresh method,panel tab is working fine in safari.
    But the problem is watermark functionality works only if a refresh is given
    So now im stuck up.. :(
    Can somebody pls provide me a soln for this issue.... ??

  • Uploading files to website not working with Safari in Windows 7

    Safari version: 5.1.7
    OS: Windows 7
    I am a website owner, and I have a feature on my site where users can upload large (up to 50MB) music files to my server. The feature works in Firefox on OSX & Windows platforms and it also works in Safari on OSX. The uploading feature is not working with Safari for Windows. Do you have any idea why and how to fix this? It can't be an issue with my server as it works in other browsers fine and works fine in Safari for OS X.
    If you have any information on how to solve this or things for me to try to rectify this for use with Windows operating system it would be much appreciated.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!
    I have solved this issue myself with some help from my a user on Microsoft Forums. The issue stems from the mime type of each Browser Chrome, IE, & Safari for Windows defaults as audio/wav. When the mime type is changed to audio/x-wav everything works. Firefox defaults to audio/x-wav and when changed to audio/wav it DOES NOT work.
    Once I input some code in my .php upload page to change the mimetype if audio/wav is detected everything works GREAT!!!
    So Here is what you need to do: Find your upload page and input this code:
    echo "<p>MIME Type: ".$_FILES["file"]["type"]."</p>";   
    right before your "If/then" statement of file type. For me it was near line 30 in my upload.php page, but I'm sure this is different for everyone.
    This will detect and DISPLAY the default mime type of your browser on the error page when your upload doesn't work. Once you know what mime type works for your file type then you can change your "if/then" statement for mime type upload to change your mime type to the correct one.
    I don't want to give the code here, because I'm sure it's specific to your file types and your site construction, but this should lead you on the right track.
    ***This is the solution if you ARE NOT ABLE to upload any certain file in a certain Browser. It has to do with mime type construction***
    I hope this helps others like it helped me!!!!!

  • Text entry boxes in CP6 - Enter key to validate input does not work in Safari?

    I'm using Captivate 6 to create a step by step walkthrough of some different processes that are commonly completed in my workplace. Some of the example processes have portions where text is entered to simulate a process the end user might need.  I have text entry boxes in these slides that require validation of the input to move along, with Enter used as a shortcut key. This works great in Firefox, Chrome and IE all the way down to 8....but if the course is run in Safari, the enter key does nothing.  Is this a known issue?
    Additional info: For many of these text entry boxes, the point is that it is a search field that has a little binoculars icon next to it that executes the search in the actual software we are simulating. For these slides I actually have the submit button associated with the text box made invisible (no fill, no stroke) and placed on top of the binoculars icon. This is an acceptable method of doing the task we're demonstrating, and just so happens to be a workaround for the enter key not working in Safari. However, a few places we have text entry that doesn't have the search/binocular icon next to it because there is a different goal on that section of the software we're visualizing. In those cases, there is no place for me to put an invisible submit button, and I can't make the submit button visible because that's not how the software we're demonstrating would work (thus defeating the purpose of the training).

    Sorry, this is a known bug with no fix available yet, but the makers of SwiftKey are aware of it and we will work with them to fix it: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=617298
    For now, the only solution is to use a different keyboard when using Firefox.

  • Skype click to call is not working in Safari 6 wit...

    My Skype click-to call is not working on Safari 6 with OS X 10.7.4.  The number highlights, but when I click on the number, nothing happens. I do have Skype installed on the computer and it works fine. I am running Skype for the mac and skype extension for safari I have two other macs which are running OS X 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.7 and the click to call ( works great on both of those. I can not get it to work on the mac running Lion. Any help? Thanks

    I reverted back to Safari 5.1.7 from Safari 6 and now Click To Call works.
    For anyone wondering how I did this, you can view instructions here:
    I am new to using Macs and was able to follow these simple instructions. Takes a while for Pacifist to install 5.1.7, but it's worth it to have Click To Call working now.
    You will not be able to do this if you have Mountain Lion as Mountain Lion requires Safari 6.
    Lastly, the next time you update your Mac and it asks if you want to upgrade to Safari 6, say NO. At least not until you see that a fix has been posted here in these forums by either Skype or Apple.
    P.S. I posted this reply using OSX 10.7.4 and Safari 5.1.7

  • Flash Player will not work in Safari on Mac OS X 10.5.8

    Mac OS X 10.5.8
    Safari 5.0.6
    Flash Player
    Flash Player10.3.183.10 will not work in Safari on Mac OS x 10.5.8
    The instillation says that it is successful, however when using Safari I'm informed I do not have flash player installed. When I check the hard drive, flash player in no where to be found. I have tried all of the troubleshooting from the Adobe website, and I am still stumped. I was able to get the Flash Player to run in firefox 5.0, but not Safari.
    Please Help!!!! I have searched the discussion boards for days now in my spare time and have not been able to find an answer.
    I am not the most savvy person with computers, what am I missing here??

    In my Library/Internet Plug-ins folder I have a file named Flash Player.plugin (it's 22.8 MB however, not 23.9mb) and another named flashplayer.xpt (it's 4 KB however, not856 bytes).
    I am unable to open the Plug-Ins menu (the browser pops up but wont load)...is there another way to check for Shockwave Flash?? When I do a search for "Shockwave" on my hard drive I do find a plug-in named "DirectorShockwave.plugin" (76 KB)
    Also...The "Open using Rosetta" checkbox was already unchecked

  • Back button not working in safari

    back arrow button not working in safari.

    Safari 6
    Empty Caches
    1. Safari > Preference > Advanced
        Checkmark the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
        "Develop" menu will appear in the Safari menu bar.
        Click Develop and select "Empty Caches" from the dropdown.
    2. Quit Safari if open.
        Option click the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.
        Select "Library" and then "Caches".
        Look for the folder 'com.apple.Safari"
        Right click "com.apple.Safari" and select "Move to Trash"
        Relaunch Safari.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Am i right that this phone is not compatible with Skype? That is the asnwer got from skype.com. I installed already Opera Mini browser in order to see veoh.com videos. However, the videos can't be watched because of the wrong Nokia flash  Player. Is