5800 XM: video image freezes, after firmware updat...

After updating to firmware version 40, I have a freezing video problem.
When I play video file (.mp4), it starts playing as always but after a while image freezes but sound continues playing. No way forwarding video, the freezed image is always there but sound plays normally.
I have Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, firmware version
Everything else is working correctly in the phone after update to 40 firmware.
Is it a problem that could be solved? 
Thank you 

2) Use Smart movie
I downloaded this software but is unsigned. So using it means I must accept the possibility of damaging my files later... not an acceptable solution.
As its a paid for app their is no problem i run it on my 5800 .
) Format Factory.
What that this mean? Where is the expression taken from?
Itsa freeware converter one of many free .
I would really appreciate an official answer or proposal to solve this without wasting my time in converting those films that used to work in version 30.
320x240 to reduce space   Not a problem convert one and see .
Now to NOKIA:
Then you will need to contact Nokia and ask them this is a user to user forum only .
My Settings  that work on 5800 xm
AVC_H264   MP4
Video Quality Good 
14.98 fps
size 320x 240 QVGA
Audio 64kbps  wma2  22050 hz
Size from initial 25 mb clip is  2 MB
Pushing quality size etc  above this line often fails to work .
Best quality i use when needed is  .
Mpeg 4     nHD
Quality Superb
640 x360
25 fps
Mpeg4 aac
Noticeably better quality but with size of 15 MB .

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    I hope to god this isnt going to become one of those issues that is overlooked by Apple.
    If anyone has any suggestions, or ways to fix this or a similar problem, please do not hesitate to post.

    I too had this happen to me. Ipod works great before update. I install itunes7 and update firmware and then it starts freezing during song/podcast or video playback. It has to be reset by holding Menu and center button. I tried a restore on it thinking it didn't update correctly. I re-synced by entire library (which takes a while). That didn't help. So I went back to 1.1.2 update
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    if you didn't backup them, there is no way to recover them
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    Hi All,
    Nowadays we are receiving quite a few complaints that customers are unable to restore the application after updating their firmware.  I would like all to discuss to come up with some ways to restore their applications after firmware update.
    Before updating firmware
    Customer can backup his phone using Nokia PC Suite's Content Copier application.
    He can store his Contacts and Messages using Nokia Communication Centre as .csv file or .txt file.
    For his Contacts he can sync with pc suite supported sync applications.
    Messages he can store in Memory card and he can make a backup of memory card in PC.
    If he is using Nokia PC Suite for his Multimedia items he can use Image Store if he is using Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Photos if he is using Nokia OVI Suite.
    For Music he can use Nokia Music Manager or Nokia Music.
    Once after updating his firmware, if he is unable to restore he can get those from above said applications.
    If his calendar entries are not restored(as in case of some of Nokia e 71s and Nokia N 95/95 8 GBs), for God's sake if he has got one more similar device(or device having switch application on phone), he can restore the backup file to another phone having switch application, then he can transfer his data (Contacts, Calenders etc ) to his original phone
    Dear Forum members, if you have got any other work around please let me know regarding the same, which will help our customers

    If you have issue in Nokia PC Suites, [subject to your phone's compatibility with Nokia OVI Suite ],
    you can install Nokia OVI Suite and check if you can take backup and restore it later.
    Also i would suggest to use USB for taking backup, since it will be faster than Bluetooth.  Also you can select one category at one time(say backup contacts alone, then Calendar, then messages etc and so on ....)
    Its better to skip memory card backup while backup-ing other Phone data for faster backup.  Memory card backup can be done separtely(since it wont be affetcted while updating firmware, users can safely remove memory card while updating firmware)
    Nowadays though recent phones has got UDP(User Data Prevention i.e., even if you update your phone's firmware, your data wont get erased ), still it is recommended to backup your phone data.
    Hope this could help
    I welcome our experts to add more details related to this topic.

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    Router Linksys WRT160 v2.

    Thanks for the reply.  
    I't works ok now.  
    Thanks again.

  • Problems after firmware update 52.0.007

    I got my phone back after the shop fixed a problem and updated the firmware to the latest version 52.0.007.
    But now I have following problems:
    I can't get the calendar anymore to show up on the homescreen, even after checking the checkbox to do so
    The Radio app. is gone
    Does anyone has a solution for this?

    It may sound crazy but sometimes you need to "hard reset" device after firmware update (beware all data erased) by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by yourself). Sometimes UDP = User Data Prersevation feature of 5800XM can carry over corrupt entries when updating.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

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    After firmware update ovi maps don´t start-> "Cannot open application. Install latest version from nokia.com/maps."
    But Nokia Map Updater says, there are no updates for my maps.
    What´s wrong?
    Can I reinstall Ovi Maps 3? Or is it possible to install Ovi Maps 3 new?

    The Map Updater said: "there is no update for your phone" ...because maps 3 is already installed.
    But in the meantime I have found a solution!!
    I downloaded maps 2.0 from the German nokia page and installed it. Later I started Map Updater and could update to Maps 3 and now it works!!!
    I think the problem was: I first updated to Maps 3 and later updated the firmware. There was any older version of fixes included in the firmware update, so Maps 3 was damaged...
    sorry for my bad English

  • NBA2K12 freezing after IOS6 update

    My nba2k12 freezing after I update to IOS6

    Try a Reset [Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down together for 10 seconds or so (until the Apple logo appears) and then release. The screen will go blank and then power ON again in the normal way.] It is app and data safe!

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    Safari has also not been working well since the update. Certain links (java links maybe) simply no longer work. Or even within this forum, Topics are no longer displayed. I had use Camino to view these forums.
    The only reason I suspect that these issues are related to the firmware updates is that all of these issues arose immediately after installing the firm ware updates.
    So far I have repaired permissions and used OnyX to run all of the maintenance scripts and empty all of my caches, but no luck.
    If anyone can suggest something more to try or provide any insight, that would be great.

    Not only these issues, but my iMac has reverted to its original problem of having random freezes. Twice now I have had the screen completely lock while my music/video continued to play in the background, forcing me to force re-start and lose work.
    I don't have a clue what Apple thought they were fixing but if anyone knows how to downgrade firmware or if it's even possible please post up!

  • MBP 2011/MC724 performance decreasing after firmware updating

    On the third day after buying a suddenly degraded performance.   No additional software installed (except for the adobe flash player). 
    Perhaps the problem is caused by a firmware update.  I've Installed it from the standard upgrades. System Restore from DVD (with full HD cleaning), not solve problem.
    Current performance can not even watch videos on youtube.
    Who else is having the same problem with apple mbp 2011?
    What do I do with it?  How to fix the problem?
    thank you in advance for your help.

    youtube, safari, showing spaces and so on.  Heavy freezes. Even during the first boot (after recovery from the DVD) when the music plays, there are freezes and crackling sound.

  • Freezing Imacs: Firmware Update 1.0

    Could this be the cure?

    I found out about the update from the MacUser RSS feed. In fact, I was the anonymous user the author referred to in his piece:
    Yesterday, in my "Apple bombs the Mac" post, an anonymous commenter opined:
    +Wonderful. Now how about them putting some of their resources towards coming up with an improved iMac video driver to stop all of the **** freezing/blue screen/black screen issues we're having?+
    Apple apparently reads MacUser's anonymous comments because--brace yourselves--they today made good on their promise to remedy that issue (which apparently still plagued some users even after a initial attempt at a fix), and released a firmware update for some 20" and 24" aluminum iMacs. Apple says the patch "updates the graphics firmware on the ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro to improve system stability."
    Anyway, I ran Software Update and the ATI firmware update didn't show up. According to Apple, if your machine needs it, it will show up there. They also said that if you download it yourself and try to install it (and it doesn't need it), the install will come back with an error message.
    Well, having nothing to lose (I've been dealing with this s--t since I bought the computer), I downloaded the firmware update anyway and installed it.
    No error message. It installed fine.
    I've been testing the computer, running every graphics-intensive program flat-out and it hasn't frozen yet. FrontRow. iTunes with visualizer at the same time as I made a movie in iPhoto. iTunes with visualizer at the same time as Medal of Honor on its highest settings. Basically I loaded up everything I could, including Activity Monitor, and so far it's going well.
    The irony is that this morning the computer froze when I first turned it on, and that was the last straw. I spent all afternoon on the phone with AppleCare and finally got a Return Merchandise Authorization, and NOW they come out with a fix.
    Even with this "fix", though, I'm probably going to return the machine. And those of you who are unsure about whether or not to do a return, let me tell you why I'm going to.
    When I was on the phone with the Customer Service guy (the TOP of the AppleCare hierarchy; first, basic rep; then, Product Specialist; then, Sr. Product Specialist; THEN the Customer Service people who can actually authorize returns), he told me something interesting. I said that I wanted to make sure I didn't encounter the same problems with a new machine and asked him if people with new machines seemed to be satisfied.
    He said, "Yeah, cause they're getting the ones with the new [graphics] cards in them."
    "So there were a few bad cards," I said, playing dumb.
    "Yeah," he said. "But you won't have any problems now. What I hear, they pulled them."
    I'm not saying the above is gospel. All I'm telling you is what I heard from the Customer Service person setting up my return authorization.
    The sense I'm getting from all of this is that they know there are a number of machines out there with bad cards, and the reason why the firmware update doesn't install on all machines is that it somehow tests the card first to see if it's faulty. If it is, it does the firmware update, maybe deactivating part of the card or creating a workaround. Otherwise, why wouldn't the update be mandatory for all computers with that graphics card? It's very fishy to me. I'm going to assume that the update merely put a patch on an otherwise bad card and press forward with the return.
    Hope my rambling here helps somebody.

  • After firmware update ipod touch not working with my Sony Home Theater DAV HDX287WC any suggestions

    Is there a solution to play music from my iPod touch on my Sony Home Theater System DAV HDX 287WC after recent firmware/software upgrade? However, I am still able to play music through my ipod classic, but I am really missing the the functionality of the iPod touch with my home theater system.

    - Check to see if there is a firmware update for the theater system
    Sometimes this works but sometimes an IOS update breaks compatibility.
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync
    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up           
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Can't stop Thunderbolt display from flickering white lines after firmware update (Yosemite)

    I am having serious issues after the Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update 1.2. Running Yosemite on MacBook Pro and I am now getting white lines that gradiate from the bottom to the top of my screen across multiple browsers, apps and even the finder window anytime I move my mouse. I cannot take a screenshot (it stops when I try) but I posted a video here:
    It is impossible to work this way and after 20 minutes of watching my screen constantly refresh anytime I move my mouse I am feeling nauseous.
    Is there anyway to UNINSTALL this firmware update? I was not having this kind of problem before. Every once in awhile I was finding my Thunderbolt display would not wake up after sleep and I thought the firmware update would fix that, not cause more, crazier problems. It is causing this gradiating line problem on my Thunderbolt display AND my MacBook Pro screen, which is even more bizarre.

    I updated and no issues with my 2012 Mini so may be computer related.  I believe once a firmware has been "burned" into the chip it cannot be redone.

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    ...(Copyright  bla..bla ...bla) 
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    I'm haveing exactly the same problem with my Thinkpad.
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