A query to display sales orders with corresponding outbound deliveries

Hi Experts,
Don't know if this is the right place to post the question but i would like to know if a query, in SAP, can display sales orders with their corresponding outbound deliveries, i tried using table LIKP and VBAK, VBKD didn't help. the whole idea is to enter any specified sales order number and the query will return any outbound deliveries belong to the sales order.
Thanks in advance!

run the se16 transaction - table VBFA.
This table gives the Sales document flow.
Give the sales order nos. and in the subsequent document category select delivery.
You will get all deliveries.

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  • Creditreport that displays Sales Orders with Material Availability Date as

    I need input if the following requirement can be met in FSCM credit mgmnt.
    Currently In FDK43 there is a total sales figure that represents the Sales that are consuming the Credit Limit assigned to the customer, unfortunately there is no drill down on this number to see which sales orders are responsible for the consumption of credit
    Do we have any sales report that displays Sales Orders with Material Availability Date as an output in conjunction with Credit limit .

    Not in standard provided. Custom program is required.

  • Query in creating Sales Order with BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2?

    I am trying to create a Sales Order with the BAPI and have a contract as a reference. Do I need to explicity mention the line item details in case I need the data from Contract to be copied here. If not how do I acheive this functionality.
    P.S: I am able to create the Sales Order with the reference and I can see the Sales Order in the contracts workflow but not the line items in the Sales Order.
    Any suggestions?

    Hello, Karthik,
    By reading the documentation of BAPI
    the mandatory data to be supplied to the BAPI, in order to succesfuly create the the Sales Order are:
                    DOC_TYPE Sales document type
                    SALES_ORG Sales organization
                    DISTR_CHAN Distribution channel
                    DIVISION Division
                    PARTN_ROLE Partner role, SP sold-to party
                    PARTN_NUMB Customer number
    3. ORDER_ITEMS_IN..: MATERIAL Material number"
    The OSS note 93091 basically re-states the same thing.
    After studying this BAPI's source code, the conclusion seems to be the one the documentation points to: <b>the BAPI can only be used to create a sales order by supplying (manually) all the necessary data.</b>
    BTW: How did you manage to create the empty Sales Order with reference, you mentioned in your mail? Just by providing a reference document number? <b>And nothing more?</b>

  • Sale order with item category TAN not getting displayed in md04

    We have a sale order with item category TAN, Schedule line category CP, MRP type ND and availability check as 07. This is not getting reflected in md04. But item category TAB gets displayed under the PR number.
    Please let me know what checks to be made or changes to be done for the sale order with item category TAN to get displayed in md04 screen
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi all,
    I changed the MRP type to PD, and from the next sale order, line item onwards, it was getting displayed in md04 screen. The already created one anyway dint get reflected. So I had to delete the line item and create a new one.
    Thanks all for the help

  • All changes in sales orders with in a week

    Hi gurus,
    I want to display a report to display all the changes in sales orders with in a week,
    Can anybody help me .If anybody already developed this report can you send to me.

    Query table CDHDR and CDPOS with the following fields:
    CDHDR-TCODE = VA01 or VA02
    CDHDR-UDATE = <specified date range>
    Now select from CDPOS where
    The rest of the details for the change can be found from the other fields in CDPOS. like tablename, fieldname, old value, new value etc.
    Hope this helps.


    Dear All,
    I want to contol on creation of Sales order with reference to earlier SO?  While creation of sales order our enduser are creating sales order with reference to earlier month SO which I want to restrict. Recently I made changes in sales order like payment terms is grayed, system will atomatically pick pay terms from customer master.Now I am getting correct data also but enduser is using old SO no while creating new SO and old payment data is reflecting in fbl5n.
    I want to restrict enduser while creating new SO with ref. to old SO. Only for returns they should be able to use Billing refrence. Pl. suggest how to control the with reference to ealier SO.

    Nikhil Deshpande,
          If you dont want allow create a sales order in referent to other one, just delete the copy control between these sales order type, so when the user tries to create a SO in reference to other one a message is displayed that is not possible.

  • Select query help for Sales order

    Hi Experts,
    I have to write a select query to fetch sales orders which are open along with the quantities which are open ( not delivered). What would the best approach for this?
    Any help is appreciated. Expecting code samples....Thanks

    do like this,
    write a select query for vbak and vbuk as follows.
    delivery status field is <b>lfstk</b> from <b>vbuk</b>,
    and relation field is <b>vbeln</b> from the both the tables.
    reward points if useful,

  • Creation of sales order with reference to inquiry no.

    Hi gurus!
    Im having trouble in creation of sales order with reference to inquiry no. The scenario is like this one. In va11(creation of inquiry no.), in the field of <b>SERVICE LEVEL</b>, i indicated a value. after the creation of inquiry no, i want to create a sales order with reference to inquiry no. But the problem is, the <b>SERVICE LEVEL</b> field does not have any value. What is the main problem to this scenario? is it the VARIANT CONFIG or the program itself? please help its urgent

    Dear Machoy,
    In IMG under
    Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents -> Maintain Copy Control for Sales Documents -> Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
    or Transaction VTAA
    If you create a sales document with reference to a preceding document, the system copies nearly all the data from the preceding document. The data in the preceding document originally comes from the customer and material master records. Because the data is copied from the preceding documents into the sales document, any changes that have been made to the master data records since the preceding document was created are not included in the sales document. If, when you create with reference, you add another item to the document that was not in the preceding document, the system determines the data for it from the master records, such as the material master or info record.
    You have created an inquiry and a quotation with reference to this inquiry. Before you created the quotation, you changed some data in the material and customer master records.
    You have changed the material description in the material master record. This description is stored in the sales document at item level.
    You have changed the terms of payment in the customer master record from ZB01 to ZB03. These are stored in the sales document at header level.
    When you created the inquiry, the system copies the original material description to the item. If you enter another item in the quotation for the same material, the system displays the new material description for the new item.
    However, the system continues to propose the original term of payment, that is, ZB01, for all items including the new one. This is because it is copied from the header of the preceding document into the header of the quotation, and the change in the customer master record has no affect on the quotation.

  • Changing Price Conditions in Sales Order with SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE

    Hello there!
    I need to change the value of a price condition in a sale order ;I'm using the f.m.  SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE.
    It doesnt' work as I want, 'cause it creates an other price conditions instead of just changing the price value of the actual one.
    Waiting for your tips,
    This is how my code looks like:
    PARAMETER: p_vbeln LIKE vbak-vbeln.
    data: st_order_header_inx   TYPE  bapisdhd1x,
            st_conditions LIKE bapicond,
            st_conditionsx LIKE bapicondx,
            tb_conditions TYPE TABLE OF bapicond,
            tb_conditionsx TYPE TABLE OF bapicondx,
            tb_return TYPE TABLE  OF  bapiret2.
    st_order_header_inx-updateflag = 'U'.
      st_conditions-itm_number = '0010'.
      st_conditions-cond_type = 'PR00'.
      st_conditions-cond_updat = 'X'.
      st_conditions-cond_value = '100'. "Value I want to enter
      APPEND st_conditions TO tb_conditions.
    st_conditionsx-itm_number = '0010'.
      st_conditionsx-cond_type = 'PR00'.
      st_conditionsx-updateflag = 'U'.
      st_conditionsx-cond_value = 'X'.
      APPEND ls_conditionsx TO tb_conditionsx.
        salesdocument                = p_vbeln
          order_header_inx          = st_order_header_inx
          return                           = tb_return
          conditions_in               = tb_conditions
          conditions_inx              = tb_conditionsx  .

    Get the conditions records first from the Sales Order with BAPI BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST
        i_bapi_view          = lw_bapi_view
        sales_documents      = lt_order
        order_conditions_out = lt_conditions_out.
    Then populate the conditions internal table with the data that you get from the previous code
    move-corresponding lw_conditions_out to lw_order_conditions_in.
    lw_order_conditions_in-cond_value = '100'   " the value that you want to modify
    APPEND lw_order_conditions_in TO lt_order_conditions_in.
    CLEAR lw_order_conditions_inx.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-itm_number = lv_kposn.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-cond_st_no = lw_conditions_out-cond_st_no.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-cond_count = lw_conditions_out-cond_count.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-cond_type  = lw_conditions_out-cond_type.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-updateflag = 'U'.
    lw_order_conditions_inx-cond_value = lc_x.
    APPEND lw_order_conditions_inx TO lt_order_conditions_inx.
    You didn't populate the fields cond_st_no and -cond_count. Then just call BAPI SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE to change the Sales order.
    Hope that helps.

  • Create a sales order with reference to another one. (BAPI)

    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to create a new sales order with reference to another one (That's important because of the documents flow).
    I'm using 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2' but I couldn´t do it yet. I've read some ideas about this kind of creation in this forum; but I still haven´t found the solution yet.
    Some ideas about the BAPI parameters I nedd to complete?
    Thanks in advance!!

    Go through this one
    *& Report ZSD_R_SALESORDER
    report zsd_r_salesorder1 line-size 132 message-id zmmbapi .
    *& Created By : shailaja
    *& Created on : 13.10.2007
    *& Requested By : vardhman
    *& Description of program :
    Internal table definition *
    data: gt_order_header_in like bapisdhead occurs 0 with header line,
    gt_return like bapireturn1 occurs 0 with header line, " Return Messages
    gt_order_items_in like bapiitemin occurs 0 with header line, " Item Data
    gt_salesdocument like bapivbeln-vbeln , "Number of Generated Document
    gt_order_partners like bapiparnr occurs 0 with header line, "Document Partner
    gt_return1 like bapiret2 occurs 0 with header line.
    Data definition *
    types: begin of ty_gt_ft_sales ,
    partn_numb(10) type n ,"Customer Number 1
    partn_role(2) ,"Partner function
    sales_org(4) , "Sales Organization
    distr_chan(2) , "Distribution Channel
    division(002), "DIVISION
    doc_type(4) , "Sales Document Type
    purch_no(020), "Purchase order
    material(18), "MATERIAL
    targetquantity(020),"Target quantity
    reqqty(020), "Req quantity
    reqdate(010), "req date
    ref_1(012), "Ref
    *PARTN_ROLE(2) ,"Partner function
    *PARTN_NUMB(10) ,"Customer Number 1
    end of ty_gt_ft_sales,
    begin of ty_header ,
    partn_numb(10) ,"Customer Number 1
    partn_role(2) ,"Partner function
    sales_org(4) , "Sales Organization
    distr_chan(2) , "Distribution Channel
    division(002), "DIVISION
    doc_type(4) , "Sales Document Type
    purch_no(020), "Purchase order
    end of ty_header,
    begin of ty_item,
    material(18), "MATERIAL
    targetquantity(020),"Target quantity
    reqqty(020), "Req quantity
    reqdate(010), "req date
    ref_1(012), "Ref
    end of ty_item.
    data : msg(240) type c, " Return Message
    e_rec(8) type c, " Error Records Counter
    rec_no(8) type c, " Records Number Indicator
    s_rec(8) type c, " Successful Records Counter
    t_rec(8) type c, " Total Records Counter
    v_matnr like mara-matnr,
    v_parvw type parvw.
    data : gt_ft_sales type standard table of ty_gt_ft_sales with header line.
    data : wa_gt_ft_sales type ty_gt_ft_sales,
    wa_order_items_in like gt_order_items_in,
    wa_gt_ft_sales1 type ty_gt_ft_sales,
    wa_header type ty_header,
    salesdocument like bapivbeln-vbeln.
    selection block for EXCEL UPLOAD FILE
    selection-screen begin of block b1 with frame title text-000.
    parameters file type ibipparms-path obligatory.
    selection-screen end of block b1.
    at selection-screen on value-request for file .
    perform getname.
    form getname.
    call function 'F4_FILENAME'
    program_name = syst-cprog
    dynpro_number = syst-dynnr
    file_name = file.
    skip 3.
    format color col_heading inverse on.
    write 40 text-001.
    format color col_heading inverse off.
    skip 1.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    write :/ text-002, 13 sy-mandt , 104 text-003, 121 sy-uname,
    / text-004, 13 sy-datum , 104 text-005, 121 sy-uzeit.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    skip 3.
    perform get_data.
    perform bapi.
    perform result.
    form result.
    t_rec = e_rec + s_rec.
    skip 3.
    format color col_total inverse on.
    write: /38 text-007, t_rec.
    format color col_total inverse off.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    write: /38 text-008, e_rec.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    format color col_total inverse on.
    write: /38 text-009, s_rec.
    format color col_total inverse off.
    *& Form get_data
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    form get_data .
    call function 'WS_UPLOAD' "#EC *
    filename = file
    filetype = 'DAT'
    data_tab = gt_ft_sales
    conversion_error = 1
    file_open_error = 2
    file_read_error = 3
    invalid_type = 4
    no_batch = 5
    unknown_error = 6
    invalid_table_width = 7
    gui_refuse_filetransfer = 8
    customer_error = 9
    no_authority = 10
    others = 11.
    if sy-subrc 0 .
    message e000.
    endform. " get_data
    *& Form BAPI
    form bapi .
    loop at gt_ft_sales into wa_gt_ft_sales.
    wa_gt_ft_sales1 = wa_gt_ft_sales.
    at new partn_numb.
    wa_header-doc_type = wa_gt_ft_sales1-doc_type..
    wa_header-sales_org = wa_gt_ft_sales1-sales_org . "'0001'
    wa_header-distr_chan = wa_gt_ft_sales1-distr_chan. "'01'
    wa_header-division = wa_gt_ft_sales1-division. " '01'
    wa_header-purch_no = wa_gt_ft_sales1-purch_no.
    wa_header-req_date_h = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqdate.
    input = wa_gt_ft_sales1-partn_role
    output = v_parvw.
    wa_header-partn_role = v_parvw.
    wa_header-partn_numb = wa_gt_ft_sales1-partn_numb.
    wa_header-unload_pt = wa_gt_ft_sales1-unload_pt.
    move-corresponding wa_header to gt_order_partners.
    move-corresponding wa_header to gt_order_header_in.
    append gt_order_header_in.
    append gt_order_partners.
    input = wa_gt_ft_sales1-material
    output = v_matnr.
    gt_order_items_in-material = v_matnr .
    gt_order_items_in-target_qty = wa_gt_ft_sales1-targetquantity . "'1000'
    gt_order_items_in-req_qty = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqqty.
    gt_order_items_in-req_date = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqdate.
    gt_order_items_in-ref_1 = wa_gt_ft_sales1-ref_1.
    append gt_order_items_in.
    clear : wa_gt_ft_sales1,wa_header.
    at end of partn_numb.
    order_header_in = gt_order_header_in
    salesdocument = salesdocument
    return = gt_return
    order_items_in = gt_order_items_in
    order_partners = gt_order_partners.
    if gt_return-type eq 'E' .
    e_rec = e_rec + 1.
    read table gt_return with key id = 'V1'.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    rec_no = e_rec + s_rec.
    concatenate text-006 rec_no ':'
    gt_return-message into msg separated by space .
    condense msg.
    write: / msg.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    elseif gt_return-number = '000'.
    s_rec = s_rec + 1.
    format color col_positive inverse on.
    msg = 'SUCCESS'.
    condense msg.
    write: / msg .
    format color col_positive inverse off.
    write :/ salesdocument, 'Has been created'.
    perform commit_mm.
    clear: gt_return[], msg.
    endform. " SLALE_UPLOAD_DATA
    *& Form COMMIT_MM
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    form commit_mm .
    call function 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT'
    wait = 'X'
    return = gt_return1.
    clear: gt_order_items_inhttp://].\"GT_ORDER_CONDITIONS_IN[.
    endform. " COMMIT_MM
    inthis pass re_doc field in header...
    Edited by: Naresh kumar

  • Create sales order with reference to a contract

    Is there any BAPI/FM which can be used to create a sales order with reference to a contract.

    Hi Maninder/Srinivas ,
    Could you please provide your valuable inputs on the below query . I have posted a new thread , but haven't got any reply till now . Sorry for posting it again.
       I want to  create an order with reference to a sales contract using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2  .
    1) I passed the contract number to the field REF_DOC at header level , But I got the error message in return table  " Document 4000003639 doesn't have document category " where 4000003639 was the contract number . am i missing anything ? Is there any other values that has to be passed ?
    2) I also tried passing the contract number at item level  but the sales order was created without any reference to the contract .
    Thanks in advance

  • Sales order with reference to purchase order

    I have a scenario where i need to create a sales order from PO raised in another company code
    My client has 4 company codes
    1000 company code
    2000 company code
    3000 company code
    4000 company code
    2000 company will raise a PO on company code 1000
    So in company code 2000 i need to create a sales order with reference to PO from compcode 1000
    where all the data has to copied from PO with schedules
    so when i create a order in VA31 i have to create scheduling agreements with refernce to PO all the schedule line items should be copied?
    Is there any standard process or do i need to go for development?

       As per my Understanding,
    I guess, you can do this same as creating Purchase Order-NB ( In ordering Company code)-ME21N,
    Vendor- Plant of Supplying Comp code ( Create this Plant as Vendor in ORdering Comp code)
    Purchase org/Group-
    Comp Code - Ordering Comp Code
    Plant - Receiving Plant.
    Try n Revert-
    No Need to go for Userexit,
    My Query is: -
    Why you want to create Scheduling agreement wrt "PO" of Diff Comp Code.
    We can use the PO from Ordering Comp Code is a ref for any dispatches ( To Pass the PO requirements to Production in Supp.Comp code, while creating PO by maintaining Checking rule )

  • Replication of Sales order with Credit Card data from CRM to R/3

    We are on CRM 4.0 version.
    We are getting the sales order management system implemented in CRM 4.0.
    Simulation for credit card authorization has been set up CRM system.
    When we maintain the credit card in the sales order,the replication does not take place.The outbound Queue in the R/3 system is getting stuck with the error 'VBERROR'.
    Can you please advice if we can replicate the sales order with the credit card maintained on them to R/3 system.

    Hi Bokhal,
    Please consider my answer from your recent thread dealing with apparently the same issue :
    Hi Bhokal,
    For filters in uploads please consider below:
    For Filtering the BP-upload, use the Administration Console
    (tx. SMOEAC) in the corresponding subscription of the "All Business
    Partners (MESG)" publication assigned to the R/3 site.
    Some publications (and the replication objects they are based on) are
    delivered as type "Simple bulk" which does not give you the opportunity
    to assign criteria values for filtering.
    You might have to re-create the publication. To do that:
    1) First delete the subscriptions "All Business Partners (MESG)" and its
    publications & the replication object.
    2) Recreate the replication object as type "Simple intelligent".
    3) Afterwards you can create a new publication via wizard of type
    "Simple intelligent (msg)" assigned to the BDOC-Type BUPA_MAIN. Then,
    you will be able to select some "filter criteria".
    The reason for deleting the "old" publication is, that you
    are not allowed to assign a BDOC-Type to more than one publication.
    4) But please keep in mind that there is no realignment supported. So
    you should only use fields for filtering, which cannot be changed
    This is the "simple" solution for filtering on fields. This
    will not provide complex filter criteria.
    If you need this, you shall create a filter function in R/3- and/or
    CRM-Inbound and -outbound.
    If you want to keep the control about the upload trigger, you can add an
    additional module in transaction CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU, position > 200000.
    BUPA_MWX_BDOC_BPS_FILL_CENTRAL. Within this new module, you can delete
    all partners within the complex structure that you don't want to upload.
    Hoping that above will be helpful.
    Best regards
    Christophe Sturzel

  • Issue in creating sales order with ref contract(quantity)

    hi friends,
           I am creating sales order with reference contract using
    my issue is with quantity field when i am entering quantity as  1 then it is taking as 0.001
    i am also declaring its unit field too but there is no change.
    in my program i am taking quantity as parameter.
    field description is like this Order qty in sales units - 00009001 corresponds to 9.001
    is there any chance of changing the quantity .
    please help.

    There is another similar post...look at those comments.  Consider the data types in use...in true numeric fields with decimals, the decimal is implied, so look at how you're sending and/or converting any value....  For instance, if I were sending data to a quantity field described as curr 15, decimals 3, I would expect that I needed to send 1.000 (or perhaps 1000, depending on my testing) in the input to get a quantity of 1.

  • BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 for creating sales orders with configurable

    Hi All,
    I want to create sales order with a material which in turn triggers a configurable network order.
    I am using the following BAPI : BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.
    After reading the "[Variant Configuration (LO-VC)|http://help.sap.com/printdocu/core/print46c/en/data/pdf/lovc/lovc.pdf]" documentation, I thought I had to populate the
    The call function return no errors and the sale order is well created. However, I have no values in the network.
    If I created a sale order in VA01, a network is created with value. So the customizing is good.
    Do you have any idea how to populate this tables ? Sample code will be very helpful.
    We found in this forum a lot of sample code about configurable material, with obj_type populate with MARAu2019. But no example with configurable network.
    Actually I complete these tables like this :
    " E1CUCFG
      ls_order_cfgs_ref-posex = '000010'.
    *  ls_order_cfgs_ref-config_id = '000010'.
      ls_order_cfgs_ref-config_id = '000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_ref-root_id = '00000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_ref-complete = 'T'.
      ls_order_cfgs_ref-consistent = 'T'.
    *  ls_order_cfgs_ref-cbase_id = '4ECADFC4BE9F03A6E10080000AC4AB76'.
    *  ls_order_cfgs_ref-cbase_id_type = 'G'.
      APPEND ls_order_cfgs_ref TO lt_order_cfgs_ref.
    " E1CUINS
      ls_order_cfgs_inst-config_id = '000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_inst-inst_id = '00000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_inst-obj_type = 'PLKONET'. u201C(in replacement of MARA)
      ls_order_cfgs_inst-class_type = '300'. u201C(or 020).
      ls_order_cfgs_inst-obj_key = '01000000801'.
      APPEND ls_order_cfgs_inst TO lt_order_cfgs_inst.
    " E1CUVAL
      ls_order_cfgs_value-config_id = '000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_value-inst_id = '00000001'.
      ls_order_cfgs_value-charc = 'XXXX'. u201C(corresponding to Flag DTA)
      ls_order_cfgs_value-charc_txt = 'Flag DTA'.
      ls_order_cfgs_value-value = '0'.
      APPEND ls_order_cfgs_value TO lt_order_cfgs_value.

    Have a look to OSS-Message 567348. There is sample coding for using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE, but the parameters should be the same to yout BAPI
    Best regards
    Torsten Manhardt

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