AA XI Standard: No "Share" button to simply attach pdf to email without asking for review and comment?

In AA X, there was a "Share" button which would allow me to attach a copy of the current pdf to an email to be sent out. The pdf wouldn't be for "review" or "comment." Just a plain, vanilla, "Here's a copy of a document."
I can't find that capability in XI Standard. I found a way to send for comment and review. How can I just send? (Other than creating an email in my client (Outlook) and then attaching from there, which then requires me to navigate to the desired pdf).
Many thanks.

Thanks for your response. However that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Doing that invites the recipient to comment. As my original post said, I'm not looking to invite comments on the document. I just want to send it by email, as I could with Acrobat X.
Is there no way to do that simply? As my original post said, the only way I can see is to create an email in Outlook and then attach a file, which means I have to navigate to the location where the pdf is stored. A lot of extra steps.

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    Just found the answer here
    So if you are using Outlook no luck. if you are using mail app it has to set to be default.
    What I did is created Automator Send Email...so right click and gone...easy
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    So, no further help needed.
    Kind Regards,

    If you upgrade to 10.4 there is a widget that will let you compose and send mail without opening Mail.
    Here's two other options.
    1. Does your isp have a web based email?
    2. Download a program like thunderbird for email. When you configure it end phony information for incoming mail and only fill in the correct infor for outgoing mail.

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    Hello Graphicsguy123,
    You would need to first create the form ( or Widget in EchoSign) first to generate a url which you can paste it in the email being sent to customers. You would need to make sure you have a Document Cloud Enterprise Premium account in order to create a Widget. If you don't have the account, you can use the trial version to test it. Here is the link:
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    Message was edited by: nater85

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    Mac's can access the share without needing credentials.
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    Searched these forums see a few other people with similar problems yet no Answers
    Help please!!

    Try this on your PC:
    You will be prompted for your username and password.
    'My Computer'->'Tools'->'Map network drive...'
    in the 'Folder' field.
    Click 'Connect using a _different user name_.'.
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    There is no reset functionality and if you use a button with a reset form action, resetForm JavaScript, or JavaScript that sets field values, it won't work.
    An alternative is to create a duplicate of the blank form and work with the duplicate.

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    Hi again,
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    http://urlsc/_layouts/15/aclinv.aspx?forsharing=0&lsDlg=1 where only displays SharePoint Groups.
    Anyone knows why this difference? It is a bug? What is the behaviour?

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    I'm using OSX Yosemite version 10.0.6.
    Do I have to go back to Mavericks to solve my problem?

    EuropaIS wrote:
    Please help!!! It's a brand new iMac for work and we basically bought it to use the iMovie...can't believe it!
    Please read the warranty paperwork that came w/your computer.
    You have 14 days to return the computer w/no questions asked.
    You have 90 days of FREE phone tech support on top of your standard 1 year warranty unless you also purchased AppleCare which gives you an additional 2 years of coverage plus FREE phone support.
    Strongly suggest that you take FULL advantage of the above before it runs out.  Let Apple deal w/the problems & your concerns. It's what you paid them to do.

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    If you use the standard facebook like widget, and turn on the 'show send' option, you'll get a share button in addition to the like button.
    If you want just a share button, you can generate the HTML for one one facebook's site:
    Then you can copy that HTML and paste it into Muse as embedded HTML.

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    I didn't need to remove the iCloud account, I simply disabled the account in Messages.app and re-enabled it. Now I have the Messages share button

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    I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2,  7", model GT-P3113, wifi only (not on my Verizon plan).  It's currently running Android 4.2.2; the share buttons on the site you listed above seem to work for me...I didn't actually go through and "share" anything, but I did get to this screen and it appears that all I need to do is log in to whatever service I want to  use to share the post :

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