Access 2007 Reports, Reader 8.0 to 9.0 error

We are running Windows XP SP 3 on 3,000+ systems at my location.   I had previously sent out certain reports from within Access 2007 as PDF files attached to emails.  Over the last few weeks we have been upgrading to Reader 9.0 and all of a sudden any reports generated on those upgraded systems are going out incorrectly.  The pdf files are no longer landscape even though the settings are still the same.  Has anyone seen this previously?  The only difference between the systems is the version of Reader.

The advice I have seen in this forum, many times, is that you do NOT have Acrobat and Reader installed together, since some components are the same (same module name?) and installing Reader causes problems for Acrobat

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  • Acrobat and Access 2007

    I got 2 problems, when i have an access 2007 report and use the function "create and attach to email", on the following mail window, i want that the transmission confirmation and the return receipt check boxes are activated already, unfortunately Outlook 2007 settings have nothing to do with it.
    Well, i have to send 40-50 reports each day by email, so it's kinda annoying to hit those 2 check boxes for every mail.
    Another problem, after i've sent the mail, the mailwindow isn't closing automatically, i have to close it every time by hitting the X button. Thats annoying too.
    Before, i used Acrobat 7 and Office 2003, and the mail window was closed after sending each time, now with Acrobat 9 and Office 2007 it isn't anymore :(
    Anyone got a solution for these problems?
    Kind regards and merry xmas.

    The first problem which you mentioned is more likely a MS Outlook bug. Try this. Launch Word and open any document. Now go to 'Office Button-> Send-> Email' option. This will create a new mail window with attached word document. Now check the options for transmission confirmation and the return receipt in the mail. Both of them are unchecked. So it's outlook which is not honoring the settings. This behavior is reproducible from MS Access as well (Office button-> Email option). Please check with MS support on this issue. Thanks.

  • Cannot open access 2000 MDB into Access 2007

    Hello Team,
    Please find the error message I am getting if I try to open a MDB file Access 2007 ,
    File is created in in Access2000.
    Error Message :
    Your Microsoft Office Access Database or project contains a missing or broken reference to  the file 'BCGDateTime.ocx version 1.0  
    If you have any idea on how to open it or alternative way to convert the DB in to readable form in Access 2007.
    Please mail me if you have any solutions @[email protected] 

    I use Windows 7 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.  There is a button in Outlook 2007 that converts either one message or a folder to PDF and then you can save that on your computer and delete the folder/email from your Outlook.  When you save them, you can go to the location where you saved them and click on it and it should open in Adobe. Unfortunately, mine give me the error that I stated above.

  • Reader X in Access 2007 form using VBA - GetPageNum

    I have inserted the ActiveX control for the reader into a form in Access 2007. How do I determine which page of the PDF is currently being displayed? I understand that the method "GetPageNum" is for AcroExch.AVPageView, how do I get to the AV page view?
    Thank you in advance!

    I think you need either the SDK or Scripting forums

  • Access 2007 very slow on Windows 7

    Access 2007 is running very slowly in on two new Windows 7 clients.  By slow, I mean the response time within Access - moving from screen to screen is dreadfully slow, taking 30+ seconds on Windows 7 to do what a computer with Windows XP will do in
    1 second.
    I cannot find any information that addresses the issue.
    We have been running Windows XP SP3 clients successfully for almost a year.  The speed is virtually instantaneous.  The Access file is hosted on a file server, Windows Server 2003, with SQL Server Express 2008.  Nothing has changed on the
    server.  The Windows XP clients previously and currently experience no problems.
    The first of 2 new computers were deployed with Windows 7, with OS pre-loaded from Dell.  Microsoft update was run to update OS and Access.  Once discovered that Access was running brutally slow, I used the other new PC to test.  Windows 7
    freshly installed.  Office 2007 freshly installed.  Tested - still slow.  Ran Windows Update, then re-tested.  Still slow.
    The issue reminds me of the slowness experienced when we were developing the Access database on my laptop which was running Vista.  So, it runs fine on XP, but not on Vista or 7.
    I'm convinced the problem is a conflict with Windows 7 on the client, but cannot pinpoint it.  I've searched these forums and Google for answers, but have not found any information that has specifically addressed this issue.  Can anyone offer assistance?

    After reading numerous forums , I was able to resolve 
    the following issues (Screens Freezing, Screens Lag/Flickers, combo/list boxes freezing whilst searching for data) by carrying out the following:
    Creating a brand new copy of the MS Access database in MS Access 2007/2010 using the Windows 7 image
    Importing the database objects (tables queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) into MS Access 2007 /2010 d/b within the Windows 7 image.
    Setting the
    MaxBufferSize of 16384 (Decimal), HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (regedit) onto various PCs as recommended by various forums.
    Making sure that the relevant reference libraries have been selected for MS Access 2007. This should automatically set throughout the default
    installation as demonstrated below:
    Visual Basic For Applications
    Microsoft Access 12.0 Object Library
    OLE Automation
    Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
    Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library
    Also by typing in the following words into Google, provided me with some solutions, however the instructions above allowed me to rectify the issues
    experienced above.
    MS Access 2007 slow in Windows 7
    MS Access 2007 and Windows 7 issues
    MS Access 2007 freezes
    Performance slow with MS Access and Linked Tables
    Slow performance windows 7 using MS Access

  • Std 9.0 + Access 2007 + network connection, PDFMaker not working anymore

    when i try to create a PDF file from an Access report, it isn't working anymore when i have a network connection. It worked for months, but yesterday Access 2007 crashed and it asked to deactivate the COM Add-In from PDFMaker and my Co-Worker clicked on yes while i was absent. So even after reactivating the Add-In and reinstalling the whole Acrobat Standard, i can't create any PDFs anymore from Access 2007 while i have a active network connection. When i plug off my network cable, it's working, as soon as i plugin the network cable again, it's not working anymore. And it only happens in Access 2007, PDFMaker in Word, Excel etc is still working fine.
    Anyone got some ideas or solutions?
    Best regards

    Can you create a PDF by printing to the printer? It sounds like you may simply need to do a repair to Acrobat.

  • Hyperlinks Truncating on Export from Access 2007

    I have a report in Access 2007 that includes a memo field in RTF format.  Quite often part of the text in this field will include one or more hyperlinks.  The hyperlinks work fine in Access.
    I export this report to .pdf using the following line of VBA code, attached to a button on a form:
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, vrtSelectedItem & "\" & title & ".pdf"
    This code works fine, and the report is exported to the selected location properly.  And if the hyperlink text all fits on one line in the .pdf file, then the link works correctly there, too.
    The problem is when the hyperlink text ends up being wrapped around to a 2nd line or more.  The entire link still LOOKS like a link in the .pdf file (it's still blue/underlined), but only the first line is actually a hyperlink.
    For example, if the link text were:
    ...then the only part that would actually be a hyperlink in the .pdf document would be "" and the 2nd line of the link is lost.
    We have thousands of these hyperlinks all throughout our data, and many of them are more than one line long.  It is not feasible for us to shorten all of them using  Nor is it feasible for us to make our users copy and paste the broken links from the .pdf's into their browsers.
    So, does anyone know how to fix this so that the hyperlinks we pass to .pdf from Access remain complete hyperlinks, even if they are more than one line long?

    Finally figured out the solution myself, after 2 days.  It's surprisingly simple.
    If the URL is surrounded by double quotes in the data, then it works as a complete link when exported to .pdf, even if the link wraps to a 2nd line or more.  The quotes show up in the .pdf, too, but that's a small price to pay to have working links.

  • Set Datasource Location - Crystal XI to Access 2007 DB

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to Set Datasource location for a Crystal XI report to an Access 2007 DB?  I have reviewed the postings and can not find an answer.
    Edited by: Karen Arena on Jun 23, 2009 3:24 PM - I have resolved this on my own, it is possible, see library documentation.

    Resolved through documentation in Library.

  • Oracle Streams b/w MS-Access 2007 and Oracle 10g.

    Can we set up Oracle Streams between MS-Access 2007 and Oracle 10g? Ms-Access as source and Oracle 10g as destination database. If so, can any one please give me little heads up with supported doc's or any source of info.

    Help Help....!!!

  • Discoverer Report  Can i Access these report vie Internet

    Dear Sir,
    Can i access the report from cyber cafe(Web Enabled) that is generated with oracle 9i Discoverer. If YES then How ?
    If NO then Why
    any other version from which we can access the report from cyber cafe that created with discoverer

    Hi Felix,
    of course. this works. In the customer exit you can read in step 2 the variables from the input screen.
    function z_bw_e_zepcfiscyvvg.
    *"*"Lokale Schnittstelle:
    *"  CHANGING
      data: wa_e_t_range     type line of rsr_t_rangesid,
            wa_i_t_var_range type rrrangeexit.
      data: l_month(2) type n,
            l_year(4)  type n.
      case i_step.
        when '2'.
          read table i_t_var_range
               into  wa_i_t_var_range
               with key vnam = 'M_SEV_01'.
          l_month = wa_i_t_var_range-low+4(2).
          l_year  = wa_i_t_var_range-low+0(4).
          if l_month = '01' or l_month = '02'.
            l_year = l_year - 3.
            l_year = l_year - 2.
          wa_e_t_range-low  = l_year.
          wa_e_t_range-opt  = 'EQ'.
          wa_e_t_range-sign = 'I'.
          append wa_e_t_range to e_t_range.
    Variable 'M_SEV_01' is a input variable for calmonth. From this variable the coding extract the fiscal year.

  • Cannot connect to Access 2007

    I got an exception error for connecting to Access 2007 (.accdb) . However, I can connect to the Access file with the .mdb file. I am using window vista. I would like to know is there anything I need to configure to be able to connect to the Access (.accdb).
    Error:java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
    How do I specify a driver?
    Thank You

    BB81 wrote:
    I do print them? what should I do. I have no idea how to connect to the database I have now. I am wandering whether I need to download a driver? where can I download it? Does sun offer a free download driver for connection to database using ODBC?
    Your code looks something like this.
    con = DriverManager.getConnection( DB_URL ,"","");
    Your code needs to look like this.
    System.out.println("DB_URL=[" + DB_URL +"]");
    con = DriverManager.getConnection( DB_URL ,"","");
    Once you have run that then you post all of the line that println() prints here. You copy and paste it (do NOT retype it.)
    Then you also post the full stack trace.

  • Simultaneously Connecting Multiple Tables of the same Database to Textboxes of the same Form using a single ADO Control Code using VB6 Enterprise Edition and MS Access 2007

    Iv 10 Tables consisting of atleast 10 fields each in a single Database. Bt, Im only able to connect 1 table at a time to a form using an ADO Control. Im able to add data from table 'student' to text-boxes in my form. Bt, hw can I add data from field(0) of
    Table 'Student' to Textbox1 and data from field(0) of Table 'Marks' to Textbox2 using VB6??
    This is the current sample coding iv got to connect a single table to a form:
    Global con As New ADODB.Connection
    Global rs As New ADODB.Recordset
    Public Function Connect()
    If con.State = 1 Then con.Close
    con.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + App.Path + "\bca.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
    End Function
    Private Sub Add_Click()
    If rs.State = 1 Then rs.Close
    rs.Open "select * from student", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic
    rs.Fields(0) = (Text1.Text)
    rs.Fields(1) = (Text2.Text)
    rs.Fields(2) = (Text13.Text)
    rs.Fields(3) = (Text4.Text)
    rs.Fields(4) = (Text5.Text)
    rs.Fields(5) = (Text6.Text)
    rs.Fields(6) = (Text7.Text)
    rs.Fields(7) = (Text8.Text)
    rs.Fields(8) = (Text9.Text)
    rs.Fields(9) = (Text10.Text)
    rs.Fields(10) = (Text11.Text)
    MsgBox " Record Added"
    End Sub
    What can I do to add fields from 2 different tables to different text boxes within the same form using a single ado control using vb6 and MS Access 2007??

    Since VB6 product is not supported in this forum, you may go to these forums for support:
    #Where to post your VB 6 questions
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Best regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Error encountered while signing: The Windows Cryptographic Service Provider reported an error: Access was denied because of a security violation. Error Code: 2148532330

    Last night when i tried to sign a document i received the mesage below and after that it says this document can't be signed what can i do to fix this problem.
    Error encountered while signing:
    The Windows Cryptographic Service Provider reported an error:
    Access was denied because of a security violation.
    Error Code: 2148532330

    I assume you are implying "biztax" application here, right?
    I have contacted their program lead, with no result at all.
    Past days I have been searching for a solution - reinstalls / new systems - no solution.
    This issue appeared a week or two ago only.
    I found useful - but no positive results either. obviously didnt help either.
    If anyone finds a solution to this issue, please do let me know - any help is appreciated.
    Biztax tells to use the "signature", not the "authentication"  - but it is only Auth. that is showing up as option to sign (that works)
    ps, did you fiddle with the Adobe Reader XI security settings and import that PKI etc as well? I hoped that would be the breaktrough. Sadly i'm still crying in my chair.
    Oh, and dont forget: they claim nobody else got this issue. Maybe one or two people. (We got about 8 customers experiencing exactly the same symptoms at the same time )
    >  I noticed that when I try to open the pdf  document that is 'signed' by the government it is not showing the filename in the title bar, but only " - Adobe Reader".    every piece of info helps I guess.
    Obviously last version of Reader   11.0.03

  • Reg : Error in Portal while accessing BI Report.

       When I am trying to access BI report in the portal I got the following error  in Portal
       User #### has no RFC authorization for function group SYST.
    Please assist to resolve the issue.

    This is an authorization issue.
    Either include SYST in authorization object S_RFC.
    Or assign SAP_ALL role to the user and then try.

  • Disappeared Acrobat in Access 2007

    My computer is running Windows 7 , CS5 (acrobat 9 pro) and Office 2007 suite (Access).
    I did not have any problem with Access07 until last Friday.
    Today I found that Acrobat tool bar is gone in Access 2007.  So I want not able to convert any Access files into pdf file.
    When I checked, all other office programs (word, excel, etc) retained Acrobat tool bar.
    It seems that Acrobat was disabled in Access2007 during last few days.  I wonder how this happened and how to restore acrobat toolbar.
    Need your assistance.

    I was too busy to visit this forum.
    As [email protected]  mentioned, I could make pdf file using PDFMaker.
    Anyway, I solved the problem today.   I have a mirror image of C-partitions saved two weeks ago using Acronis True Image.
    I restoed it today.  Bingo!.  Disappeared Acrobat tool bar is recovered today.

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