Acquisition of fixed asset

Hi ,
When i am creating an acquisition in the fixed asset module,the acquisition is added successfully but no journal entry is created.
What am i doing wrong?

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  • Credit memo for subsequent acquisitions in Fixed Assets

    According to the Fixed Asset help file - section Credit memo for Subsequent Acquisitions it Says " Fixed Assets *DOES NOT* allow posting a credit memo for a subsequent acquistion.  What are the exactt circumstances in which Fixed Assets will block these credit memos. I have added subsequent Acquisitions and Fixed Assets appears to allow credit memo's where depreaction has not been run and also where depreciation has  not been run. How does this blocking mechanism work?

    Hi John
    It appears that there is no good answer to your question.  From my undertstanding, the SAP Fixed Assets add-on is a very basic solution, and does not anticipate many of the changes that can occur once an Asset is acquired.  Frankly, it is pretty basic when handling the initial acquisition.
    Not that this will help you with this particular install, but the Fixed Assets add-on from B1 Fixed Assets LLC does a very thorough job of creating Assets, where you can use any or all of Invoices, Credit Memos, and Journal Entries, mixing and matching to create the Asset.  Once the Asset has be added, making Cost Adjustments is almost as thorough, and provides considerably more options to recognize the Cost Adjustment.  You can see a viedo of a relatively simple Asset Acquisition on YouTube (   
    Let me know how you get this issue resolved - I am very interested.

  • Purchase Order and Fixed Asset Module.

    Hi all,
    I want to print my purchase order of fixed asset for record purposes.  But the thing, I can't link purchase order or any of A/P documents to my fixed asset.
    Meaning, if A/P invoice has been added into the system, it will not update my fixed asset master data.
    Therefore, I have to use PO for printing, since there's no way to print Fixed Acquisition as a document. By doing this, i need to maintain both Item Master Data and Fixed Asset Master Data with Fixed Asset items, which i find tedious.
    Is there a solution for this, like perhaps there's a way to copy info from PO to FA acquisition, or Posted A/P Invoice that contains Fixed Asset item will be linked to FA Acquisition, or perhaps there's a way to print FA Acquisition (like a PLD) that i am not aware of?
    Please do help.
    Thanks upfront!
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    Hi Kevin,
    I am afraid to inform you that the print layout function is not
    supported for Fixed asset transactions such as acquisition.
    As you mentioned, if you want to use it as PO document, you will need to create PO in business one since no integration is realized between Purchasing in business one and acquisition in Fixed asset addon.
    If you think this will have critical impact on your business process, please post your requirement in our SAP Business One Product Development Collaboration.
    /community [original link is broken]
    Please refer to SAP Note 1028874
    Ivy Zhang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Fixed asset acquisition report by month?

    We're using the fixed asset acquisition report thru tcode 'S_ALR_87012050 '.
    but there is only the report date input with the last day of the fiscal year concerned.
    Is there any standard report to see acquisition amount with month-end or specific date?
    Thanks for your help.

    I have just one more suggestion.  Even though you have to use a yearend Report date for a closed prior-year, you could define a range in the Posting date selection criteria.  In other words, if you would like to see the acquisitions for a given month or range of months in a closed prior-year, then give a 12/31/PY for the Report date and a specified date range in the Posting date selection criteria.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Chad Busbee on Feb 8, 2008 2:56 PM

  • DI API to import fixed  asset master data and acquisition.

    Environment : SAP B1 8.8 PL18 & Fixed Assets Add-on 880.236.00.18
    Have been used to add fixed assets, and would like to perform using the API to import fixed  asset master data and acquisition.
    The commands to access the table of fixed assets related to the API that is available?

    I have the same problem...
    Is there anyone who have tried these things?

  • Fixed Assets Report on Acquisitions & Disposals

    Dear Friends could you please advise as to how can we generate the Fixed Assets Report for acquisitions and disposals of assets? Also we need to generate a report on Fixed Assets giving the complete details on opening balance, depreciation, acquisitions, disposals and closing balances.
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    The following reports should meet your needs:
    Asset History Sheet - Tcode AR02 - opening balance, depreciation, acquisitions, disposals and closing balances
    Asset Acquisitions - Tcode AR05 - acquisitions
    Asset Retirements - Tcode AR06 - disposals

  • Fixed Asset Acquisition linking to Purchase Order

    I would like to know how the Fixed Assets Acquistion process can be linked to Purchase Orders created in SAP. The process of acquiring assets starts with the PO and they want to link the PO to the Acquisition process in Fixed Assets.

    There is no integration of Fixed asset acquisition and Purchase orders and therefore no way to link the two.
    Look at this thread as well Purchase Order and Fixed Asset Module..

  • Fixed Assets - Acquisition created doesn't show

    Hi all,
    i am having a strange problem while using the SAP Business One Fixed Assets module. Basically i have created a Fixed Assets Acquisition (with no supplier). As soon as i press 'Add' the system shows a message at the bottom saying 'Acquisition posted successfully'. Even though this message is created when i go back on the Acquisition screen that Acquisition which I have just created doesn't show. In fact if you go on the Fixed Assets Master Data details for that Fixed Asset which you used in the Acquisition document, nothing shows under the Documents tab.
    Do you have any idea of what might be going wrong?

    Dear Marvin,
    After you create the acquisition, go to journal entries and check the last journal entry to verify if posting has been done in terms of accounting

  • Fixed Asset: Current Year Depreciation

    Dear Experts,
    Previously, fixed assets was managed manually in an excel sheet and depreciation was calculated manually in the excel sheet.
    My client wants to start using the FA Addon in March. I managed to import all the fixed asset master data with its Cost, Acc. Depn and NBV. They all tally with the GL balances as at 31.12.2010 which is the last day of the accounting year.
    However, I have problem with the current year accumulated depn figure. When I run depreciation for Jan-Feb, the figure does not tally with the GL balances as at 28.02.2011.
    For example:
    Fixed Asset Cost: $5,859.00
    In SAP B1
    Depreciation method: Straight-line depreciation
    Calculation medthod: Percentage of Acquisition Value
    Percentage: 33.33%
    Planned monthly depreciation: $162.77  <-- Not sure how B1 get this figure
    Therefore, accumulated depreciation for current year as at 28.02.2011 = $325.54
    Manual via Excel
    Depreciation method: Straight-line depreciation
    Calculation medthod: Percentage of Acquisition Value
    Percentage: 33.33%
    Accumulated depreciation for current year as at 28.02.2011=  ($5,859 x 33.33%) / 12 x 2 = $325.47 
    How do I get the current year depreciation to tie with the GL?

    Hi Joyce,
    I understand the issue you are facing is that
    accumulated depreciation for current year as at 28.02.2011(calculated by Fixed assets addon) = $325.54,
    accumulated depreciation for current year as at 28.02.2011(calculated by excel)= ($5,859 x 33.33%) / 12 x 2 = $325.47
    you want to know how system calculate the accumulated depreciation as $325.54?
    in order to make it clear,
    please let me know how did you define the FA master data,such as the net book value,useful life,remaing life and so on.
    Please check the FA master data->general tab and calculation tab,as it is not possible to attach the screenshot to show the relevant data,please log a SAP message for the further assistance.
    Kind regards,

  • Fixed Asset usefull life problem

    Dear Experts
    I have import fixed asset master, then when I created acquisition, I see the planned depreciation calculation quite strange,
    SBO recognize usefull life as month, not as total depreciation month
    for example :
    acquisition date : 31 July 2011
    acquisition value : 9.000
    usefull life : 9
    depreciation type : LINP
    planned depreciation :
    Jul 2011, depre value: 3.000
    Aug 2011, depre value: 3.000
    Sep 2011, depre value: 3.000
    system made the depreciation from Jul to Sep, because the usefull life is 9 (September)
    suppose to be the usefull life is total depreciation month, so in above example, suppose to be the depreciation is:
    Jul 2011 - Mar 2012 (9 months), depre value = 1.000 for each month
    Please kindly advice, how I can make usefull life as total depreciation month ?
    I really appreciate your help
    Thank you
    Best Regards

    Dear JeiMing,
    B1 always use the first calender day in the year to calculate depreciation.
    In your case, the depreciation start from 01/01/2011. That is why the useful life has become 3 months only.

  • Fixed Asset import - Life Parameter

    Hi All.
    I'm attempting to import legacy fixed assets. In the log file I am getting a Life Parameter error.
    Can you please check my logic and / or correct me.
    End of Financial Year is 30/06/09 (2009-06-01) . Useful life = 48 months. Depreciation start date = 2009-07-01
    I am attempting to upload a remaining life of 47 months
    Capitalisation date = 2009-06-01
    Depreciation Start Date = 2009-07-01
    Remaining Life = 47
    Have I got this right? Anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue?

    The import functionality is mainly designed to import legacy data , meaning that user wants to have start of fiscal year values of a fixed assets with capitalisation-start depreciation date in a year earlier than fiscal year of the import
    In your scenario, the Fiscal year of start depreciation is 2009 and you want to import values at start fiscal year of 2009, logically this
    means that start depreciation date is not earlier than first day of fiscal year 2009, so the reamining useful life must be equal to total useful life.
    For acquisitions in current fiscal year I would recommend to use the module 'adquisition' rather than import
    I stronlgly recommend to visit in SAP Channel portal, Business One, SELF-HELP & LIBRARY, Financial Add-ons: There, under root cause , there is one item dedicated to Fixed assets problems and in particular to import processes.
    Jose Antonio Castillo
    SAP Business One Support Consultant

  • How can we import Fixed asset of the current year ?

    Hi ,
    in 1272578 note , SAP Support explain that's it's not possible to create fixed asset of the current year( example = acquisition date = 2009-02-01 )  using import , but they gave no workaround .
    does it mean that we have to manually create all assets of the current year ? or there is another way ( using DI-API for example ) ?

    Good day
    The fixed asset master data import functionality in SAP Business One is used to import assets of the previous year. If you are to force the importation of current year assets some of them might load but system will not be able to calculate planned depreciation for that year, which will give u problems when u try to run depreciation forcing u to post manual depreciation.
    With manual depreciation will not look good on the Fixed Asset Master since it sort of duplicate depreciation ONLY on the Master your report will be fine.
    Capturing Current year assets manually will be the safer road.

  • Import Fixed Asset on Previous Year

    Hi experts,
    I would like to know, is it possible to upload fixed asset on previous year as fiscal year. For example I want to upload asset per June 2010 as beginning period, I tried several ways to upload but I couldn't find the right one.
    I tried to upload fixed asset data with depreciation start / capitalization date before Jan 2010 and succeed
    Asset: Printer
    Acquisition date: 01 Feb 2009
    Depreciation start date: 01 Feb 2009
    APC value: 22000000
    Useful Life: 36
    Remaining Life: 25
    Ordinary Depr: 8066667
    But it didn't work out with the depreciation start / capitalization date on Jan - Jun 2010
    Asset: Printer
    Acquisition date: 01 March 2010
    Depreciation start date: 01 March 2010
    APC value: 2100000
    Useful Life: 36
    Remaining Life: 36
    Ordinary Depr: 0
    Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks

    Yes, I did. It said "We recommend you to import fixed asset master in the past years. If you insist on importing an asset for the current fiscal year, make sure the depreciation start date is the first date of current fiscal year and the Remaining Life is the same as the Useful Life." This case is different, the company wants to upload asset as per June 2010 as its beginning balance =) Thx for your reply Julie

  • Fixed Asset - Clients out of Sync.

    I am doing a fixed asset migration and I am having an issue.  In the asset explorer I am getting the following message "No postings for selected fiscal year".  I have supplied the system with a acquisition value and a net book value for both book depreciation and ACRS/MACRS.  In the Development system I am getting values for depreciation when I follow the same procedure using AS91/AS92 to supply the acquisition and book value.  I am piggy backing off of configuration done by a consultant and the transport path has since been changed so I can see his transports but cant move them through as the CTS path is incorrect.  I am trying my best to compare the core configuration and get the clients in sync but have not been successful so far.  I am looking for any help and or advice on how to proceed.  Thanks!

    AJRW -->Asset Fiscal Year Change
    AJAB -->Asset Fiscal Year Close
    OAAQ -->Check the Status of Asset Fiscal Year
    F.07 -->Vendors/Customers Balance Carry Forward
    F.16/FAGLGVTR -->G/L Balance Carry Forward
    OBH2 -->copying number ranges to next fiscal year

  • Fixed Assets

    Hi experts,
    I did a acquisition with vendor through fixed assets add-on but I cannot see the particular invoice when I run the Purchase Analysis report(by Purchase Invoice)?So the report is inaccurate.
    Why the fixed assets add-on is not linked with SAP standard modules? or I missed out some important settings?
    Please advice.
    Thank you.

    The addon will create a journal but not an AP Invoice to the vendor.
    If you want to see an invoice, create a service invoice to the vendor where the GL account is your defined Fixed Assets clearing account, then do your acquisition without vendor to the clearing account.

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