Acrobat Pro 9 will not accept serial number

When I install Acrobat Pro 9 on Windows 7 x64 I recieved the error message invalid serial number.  I have called  and verified that the number is valid.  This serial number is part of the CS 5 Design suite.  The application will install in the trail mode but will not license.  I have used the CD and downloaded the application from the adobe web site.

How did you get the serial number for Acrobat 9 Pro?
I bought Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium student / teacher edition. I registered it using the coupon code and received one serial number, for the Design premium install. I have been struggling to obtain the serial number for Acrobat 9 Pro, see
Where do you find this elusive Acrobat 9 Pro serial number?
EDIT Forget all that...
OK I have figured it all out.
You buy Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design premium Student and Teacher edition.
You go to the Order Fulfillment page
You click on "Get you serial number"
(log in if you aren't already)
You enter all the information and attach your student ID etc, selecting your product as the design premium, and you get a support request raised. Within a few days you get a serial number for CS5 Design Premium (mine took 7 minutes to get).
But you need to repeat this process, entering all the same information, but choose Acrobat 9 Professional as the product. It then sends you a serial number on the second case you raised.
By this time, I had installed Acrobat 9 Pro as a trial, so I entered the serial number in and it all worked, then I clicked on Help - Registration and it all went through okay.
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    Since we are user volunteers and not Adobe Employees, I'll link you over to Customer Care.
    Click on "Contact Us" and either phone or chat. Contact Customer Care

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    Support is wrong. Only they can fix serail number issues since only they have access to the databases. Try again and request a different operator.

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    I have an iMac running Yosemite. I had to reinstall Adobe CS3 suite on a partition because I have some files that I need to keep the older software for, but when I open the program Acrobat Pro after the install, which went OK, it says my serial number is not valid. I also entered the serial number for the previous version of Acrobat Pro, and the serial number for CS2, but still get the same message. All the other programs opened OK and accepted the serial number, and I have reinstalled before on both Snow Leopard and Mavericks with no problem.  Any thoughts on the problem would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Hi rolandk43,
    Are you still facing this issue.
    Do you have separate serial number for Acrobat and CS3 suite?
    Also attach the screen shot of your problem when you reply.
    Ajlan Huda.

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    Support is wrong. Only they can fix serail number issues since only they have access to the databases. Try again and request a different operator.

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    When I installed the s/w, I entered the serial number. All was working ok until it decided I was on a trial and asked me to enter the serial number again. When I entered the serial number, it gave me an error saying the serial number is invalid.
    I tried the uninstall and install again - but to no avail.
    Now the "trial period" has expired and I cannot work with the product anymore. With a bunch of customer deadlines, I am stuck. This is really frustrating for a product that cost so much to purchase.
    Please help.

    You need to call support by phone. Nobody here can help you with serial number issues.

  • Adobe creator not accepting serial number given by identite

    trying to install adobe creator pro 11 and will not accept serial number

    Hi Wallpaper,
    Thank you for posting on the forums, kindly take a note of the information listed below and check if it is the same.
    1) The serial no. is a 24 digit numerical key
    2) Do not include dashes in between the numbers
    3) Also, try downloading a fresh installer from Download Acrobat products | Standard, Pro | XI, X for Acrobat XI pro and then try again.
    Vikrantt Singh

  • Trial version will not accept seriel number

    I was informed today in chat with online help. I wanted to download an update for my Acrobat 8 Proff, and was told/informed to order Adobe Creative Suite Danish.
    I have ordered, payed, I have got a seriel number by mail (today), and the person informed me to follow a link from chat for a trial version to download.. Now I have downloadet, and i have to choose to fill in the seriel number og choose the trial version. The trial version is not in Danish. When I fill in the seriel number, I get the message, that the number do not fit.
    Please help, I have to get the program to work to day!

    Hi Vikrant Rai!
    It is CS 5.5. Ordered and payed for to day.
    I think, I was misinformed by your colleges. Because in the chat I was informed to order the program, pay, and then I got a link in the chatroom for downloading a trialversion. Så I downloaded the trialversion, wich is in English, but I ordered a Danish version.
    my order number is AD002920900, my seriel number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
    I´m afraid, that you will tell me to uninstall (it took several hours to download) the trialversion, and then download the product, I have paid for.
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    Re: Trial version will not accept seriel number
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    Thank you.

    To check that it is an Acrobat problem, open Acrobat from the programs list and try to open a PDF from the file menu. I suspect this will work fine from what I read into your post. I suspect that somehow your OS is changing file associations. In that case, right click on a PDF and select Open With>Select Default Program and then select Acrobat. Be sure the check box for default program has been checked.

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    Tec company they send me to that wants big money to solve the problem.  Which they can't do.

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