ACS 5.3 - how to join to domain

can anybody clarify me how it is possible join ACS 5.3 to windows domain?
from cisco doc:
Active Directory Domain Name: Name of the AD domain to join ACS to.
Username: Predefined user in AD. AD account required for domain access in ACS should have either of
the following:
• Add workstations to domain user right in corresponding domain.
• Create Computer Objects or Delete Computer Objects permission on corresponding computers container where ACS machine's account is precreated (created before joining ACS machine to the domain).
Password: Enter the user password. The password should have minimum of 8 characters with the combination of atleast one lower case alphabet, one upper case alphabet, one numeral, and one special character. All special characters are supported.
That means:
- Active directory must be windows DOMAIN name, or AD-server dns name?
- username must be domain user, or domain administrator?
another settings:
- time on ad-server and acs must be synced (I'm using the same NTP)
- ip name-server for acs must be AD-server?
I can't join ACS to ad-domain. error message is 'can not resolve network address', but from acs-cli it is possible. where can be a problem?

Hi there,
In the Active Directory Domain Name field you enter the domain name, for example:
The username field, it will be better if you try with a domain admin account, otherwise you can use a domain user but with privilege enough to add/delete computer objects.
The time zone and clock must be synchronized using NTP or manual clock configuration should work as well.
The ip name-server must be your DNS server, if your AD-server is the same DNS then use the AD-server.

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    You cannot join the Domain Controller to your SharePoint farm.  You must instead join each server from that farm to the domain that is served up by that DC.  You will want to uninstall SharePoint and probably SQL before you do this.  If it's
    an option, I would re-provision your VMs completely and start fresh.  Once you login to a new server, join that server to the target domain like this:
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    I trust that answers your question...
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  • How to join local computer to virtual server domain ?

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to Window Azure cloud computing. I found many articles and tutorials available online but I am kind of lost because I don't what I need to do to achieve my scenario.
    Scenario: I want to migrate my servers to cloud and retire all local servers such as DC and file server. At the same time, I wish to control the network traffic to limit the clients access to Internet resources. I am not sure retiring the
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    2. Created a VM in the VNet. (I can ping the VM from computers connected to TZ205)
    3. Installed active directory and configured the domain forest.
    What I need to do:
    1. How to join the local computers to the virtual server domain controller with S2S and P2S VPN. (Some Internet resources mentioned I need to install Connect agent in order to do this)
    Extra questions:
    1. Is it possible to request the clients to provide account credentials before the point-to-site VPN to VNet is established ?
    2. How do I configure the TZ205 VPN router to send all the Internet traffic to the VNet instead of the ISP gateway? The computers connected to TZ205 firewall router public IP address doesn't change to the VNet gateway IP.
    Thanks for your time reading my questions. It will be helpful if you can provide me some useful links or ideas.

    I assume there is connectivity between on-prem device and DC on Azure VM.
    You can set the Internal IP of the DC as DNS on the on-prem device and trying joining it to the existing domain. Please note to use S2S VPN.
    It is not possible to provide user credentials while connecting to vNet via P2S VPN. It's a certificate based authentication (which is so by design).
    With regards to your query to send all internet traffic to vNet instead of ISP gateway. Please refer to Forced Tunneling:
    Hope this helps.
    Thank you,

  • How to join a lot of computers to a domain?

    I join a computer doing this
    i go to system, change settings, network id, and the wizard ask me for: 
    username and password and the domain then ask me the same but for the administrator of the server and that's what i do to join a computer to a domain, now the problem is that if i do this with i don't know maybe 50 machines this going to take me a lot of
    time and i have to do it with one computer at a time.
    How can i do this more easy, maybe exist a tool to join a bulk of computers in the domain or some script?
    if you know some easy way to do this please help me XD

    Hi Bastian,
    Calin provide you correct link. Please refer to that link and check if help you to solve this issue.
    Just addition, please also refer to following article.
    PowerShell to Replace netdom Commands to Join the Domain
    If more issues for batch file or PowerShell script, you can also post those issues which were related to scripts
    in the
    Official Scripting Guys forum or
    PowerShell forum. I believe we will get a better assistance there.
    If any update, please feel free to let us know.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Justin Gu

  • What does acs 4.1 appliance join a domain????

    Hi all!
    I'm first do acs 4.1, i have a problem as What does acs 4.1 appliance join a domain????
    I lab with acs 4.1 on window server 2003 is ok, but when work with acs 4.1 appliance, i don't know join domain for this appliance so not use window database
    I want setup window database but not successful
    Please help me !!!!!!!
    thanks very much

    Use ACS appliance remote agent:
    ACS SE remote agent installation guide:
    ACS SE RA:

  • Wired PC's with PEAP and RADIUS - how to join to a domain?

    I realize this seems like a 'chicken vs. egg' question, but I'm wondering if there is an answer.
    <br />
    <br />We're in the process of implementing RADIUS authentication using PEAP and IAS on our network.
    <br />
    <br />(Server 2003, WinXP Pro, and Cisco hardware)
    <br />
    <br />My test network is working well, however the one glitch that we've come across is joining new PC's to the domain. Because the switch will not authenticate the machine or the user - we can't get access to join the machine to the domain controller.
    <br />
    <br />Is there a simple workaround for this, or do we have to disable AAA on the switch temporarily, every time we want to join/rejoin and machine?
    <br />
    <br />Thanks in advance!
    <br />Rob

    If you are running 802.1x on your switches for wired users, then you either need to stage the machines first by having them join the domain and then pushing out the appropriate certificates to the machine. You can always have ports that don't have 802.1x configured to get this working.

  • How to use different domains in SharePoint

    i am having a SP 2010 environment with a single domain now i need to add multiple domain to this same environment how is it done
    Alen Austin

    is it possible to add other domain user without creating trust between domain. we can not create trust domain relationship between 2 domain.
    i have some different requirement. i have 2 domain domainA and domainB.  domainA is being used for user authentication, farm join this domain and did all installation and configuration.
    same user id is being created on both domain.
    domainB contain user email address and all user profile hierarchy like manager. department, team and so on.
    pls tell how do i get user profile details from domainB. 

  • How to implement a domain?

    1 virtual network(192.168.0.x/24). 1 subnet: to 2 DNS Servers: and (DNS address when a new VM is created).
    I have 10 VMs. 1 DC. By powershell the VMs has been set static IP addresses (the DC is
    The VMs were domain joined.
    The problems are:
    very slow or null internet speed (when the VM is new, the internet speed is fast).
    domain joining using netbios name is impossible (need to use FQDN name for domain joining OK)
    when domain joining a VM, occurs the following error(first welcome message, the error message):
    The questions are:
    How to implement a domain and mantain fast internet?
    Is normal behavior the above error at domain joining?
    Thanks in advance!

    Joining a domain should not affect your internet connection.
    Try removing the second DNS address and see if your machine joins the domain.
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  • How to Join Primary site to CAS server

     Hello All
    Can any one please let me know to how to join Stand-alone primary server SCCM 2012 R2 to CAS server 2012 R2

    Different domains don't have to be a reason for extra primaries, see for more information:
    In case this is really the way you want to go, you can only expand one primary to a CAS. Every other primary that already exists has to be rebuild, or migrated to a newly build primary.
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  • How to join client to windows server 2012r2 remotely

    Hi.. please.. 
    My Company Just got a new branch far from our recent location.. i am surpose to connect new computers as users from the new location to the domain controller in the head office.. i need to add this client so as to be able to use the Software used in the
    headoffice ...
    i will appreciate a quick response.. please help

    Based on your description, I understand that you want to join some remote client computers to a domain. Would
    you please let me know how setup the connection between the remote client computers and the domain controller?
    If connected in LAN, you can change
    Workgroup to Domain in “Member of” option in System Properties. For more details, please refer to following article and check if can help you.
    How to Join Your Computer to a Domain
    If connected via internet, you may need to establish a VPN connection with the domain from client computer, then
    join the client computer to domain.
    Please refer to following thread and check if can help you.
    remote computer to a domain
    If anything I misunderstand or any update, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Justin Gu
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  • Could not provision the RemoteApp collection. Error: Could not join the domain. Unable to reach the domain.

    I am trying to set up an Azure RemoteApp Hybrid solution.
    I have created RemoteApp net and uploaded a custom image and all that is fine.
    When I link my template to my Collection it fails after provisioning for about an hour.
    I recive the following message: Could not provision the RemoteApp collection. Error: Could not join the domain. Unable to reach the domain.
    The join domin works fine and I have tryed with account with different lvl of access to my AD.
    Any suggestion how to solve this?

    Hello Eric,
       I am landing into the same Problem and i read your guidance on this issue. Let me answer it point by point. 
    1. Check the VPN state to ensure it is active or connected state:
    Sundesh:My Azure RemoteApp Virtual Network after successfull S2S configuration shows as Ready. Is that what you mean by Connected State? Earlier to S2S, it was just under connecting state.
    2. Verify your VNET configurations have proper IP address ranges
    Sundesh: The VNET address range, the Local address range and DNS has already been verified twice. In fact the same address ranges(with exception to VNET) are working fine on a VENT config on Azure VM instance. Verified.
    3. Verify your DNS IP configurations are valid, (often this is the problem)
    Sundesh: Yes its done and verified
    4. Verify the credentials entered for domain join are valid.
    Sundesh: Tested these credentials by joining a regular Azure VM to domain and it works there.
    5. Make sure your VPN endpoint that Azure RemoteApp service is connecting to is not blocking traffic.
    Sundesh: Can you please let us know the specific port numbers that we need to consider and i can have it checked with the Network team

  • Delegate specific domain user to do add/remove hardware&software, join to domain feature only.

    Dear team;
    I want to Delegate specific domain user to do two things add/remove hardware/software, join to domain feature only without give him Local admin
    Best regards

    Please understand that if you want make some specific domain users add/remove hardware/software on domain computers, you should grant these users the local admin right. We could grant the local
    admin right using Restricted Groups Policy Settings or Local Users and Groups GPP setting. For details, please refer to the following articles.
    Restricted Groups Policy Settings
    How to use Group Policy Preferences to Secure Local Administrator Groups
    You also mentioned that you want to delegate the
    Join a computer to a domain task to these specific users. Regarding the request, we could delegate the task via Delegation of Control Wizard. For details, please refer to the following article.
    Delegation of Control Wizard
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards,
    Andy Qi
    TechNet Subscriber Support
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    TechNet Subscription user and have any feedback on our support quality, please send your feedback
    Andy Qi
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to join GRPO with AP invoice thru query ?

    hi all,
    How to join GRPO with AP invoice in sql query ?

    Hi Jeyakanthan
    Are you using query in SAP Business One or outside the system? If you select the tables in SAP Business One as OPCH and OPDN then no inner join will appear, as the links sit on the line level. You will need PCH1 and PDN1. The link can be found in both directions, but bear in mind that 1 AP Invoice could be based on more than 1 Goods Receipt PO. For this reason the best approach is to start at the AP Invoice line level and use the BaseType and BaseRef fields to view which lines were pulled from which Goods Receipt PO's.
    Kind regards
    Peter Juby

  • Tecra A9: Cannot join a domain or view websites wirelessly - Vista

    I'm having a problem with wireless networking on this new installation of Vista.
    I can view & connect to a wireless router no problem but when I try to join a domain or view most web pages it just will not play ball.
    I can ping both local and external addresses and some web pages work with no problem at all.
    I have tried updating the wireless drivers from the toshiba web site and when that did not make a difference from the intel website but to no avail.
    If i plug in a network cable everything works fine.
    I have another notebook running XP which connects to the same wireless router and has none of these problems.

    Seems that there is nothing wrong with your wireless lan device at all. I think there are some settings of Vista, that prevent some internet pages from working, maybe built in firewall or antivirus program. Internet Explorer 7 has built in some security features as well, so you might take a look at this.
    Perhaps the first thing you could try is to use another internet browser, like firefox and check firewall settings.

Maybe you are looking for